Mile Chapter 53: Thieves

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Translator reports:

First: I don’t have enough time to release 1 Mile and 1 Arge per day. And Arge will be caught up with the raws soon. So from now, I will release 1 Mile’s chapter in a day and the next day will release 1 Arge’s chapter. When I have enough time I will release both but don’t expect too much.

Second: Right now, I’m re-reading Mira (Sage’s pupil) to remember the event and the name of the characters.

I tried translating Mira. There are many sentences doesn’t make sense and I can’t guess what it means when checking the raw because I don’t remember everything yet.

Mira is … even I understand all the word Author use, it still hard to make sense. If only I’m better at English to re-write the whole thing from my understanding. I will try my best but I think Mira will take a long time to release 1 chapter (like a week or two).

Mile Chapter 53: Thieves

ED: Lowe, Cyan, Bluegraine


“It’s nice that you can use the slingshot” (Vera + Jeanne)


Mile answered Vera and Jeanne’s questions by showing a slingshot and explained that it’s not magic or a special weapon,
it’s a very simple thing like a toy.
And they lose interest.
By the way, explaining “this thing needs a lot of power to use” is a trick to deal with people like Rena, and this time is Vera and Jeanne.
And just like Rena, when they learn that they can never use it for themselves, they quickly lost interest.
The experience with Rena was helpful. After all, Mile is a child who could learn.

(TN: O(≧∇≦)O I always love this sentence)


In fact, Hunters are forbidden to pry on other’s past and abilities.
Karam, Vera and Jeanne’s persistent questions were clearly ruled violation.
If Mile is concerned, she could demand an official apology from the party 『Dragon Breath』
In fact, both leaders Bart and Maevis should stop those three, but Bart himself also wanted to know about Mile and the other members of the『Red Oath』 as well.
As for Maevis, it was impossible for her to get on with three experienced C rank hunters, and since she knew that was the original slingshot that Mile prepared for when she needs to explain.

Maevis thought Mile could handle it so she left Mile alone.
Of course, other members of the『Red Oath』 were always ready to stop the three of 『Dragon Breath』if they went overboard.
But Vera soon stopped Karam who was having such an attitude.
Vera and Jeanne are just like overexcited fangirls and it’s also hard to interrupt.
After Mile explained, Vera and Jeanne immediately lost their interest.
Mile was released from Vera and Jeanne, so she could finally eat the grilled Orc meat.


“Now, Bon appetite!” (Mile) [itadakimasu!]

“Lend it to me for a moment” (Bart)


Bart came.

When he saw Mile’s despaired expression, Bart apologized in a hurry.


“No, I’m sorry. You can eat.
I was looking when you explained to Vera a while ago …
and I’m curious about it” (Bart)


Tired of trouble that keeps on coming, Mile silently delivered a Slingshot.


Pashun! (SFX)


That’s a surprise, Bart was able to draw it and the iron ball blew off a branch of the tree.
If you think about it, it is nothing strange.
Back on earth, Slingshots could also be used by ordinary people for hunting.
Because the nanotube is stronger than rubber, the one using it needs a reasonable amount of power to pull it.

Until now, only weak women had tried it.
By the way, even though Vera also used a bow, the strength of her arm was still not enough to draw it.
Then again, it seems that Bart was a bit abnormal.
As expected of a B rank Hunter who uses a greatsword.
Did he think it was interesting or something?
Bart began picking up more pebbles.

Mile ignored him and devoted herself to eating dinner.
Then, when she tried to get back to the tent …


“Mile, please!” (Vera + Jeanne)

“Yes, … I understand” (Mile)


It was a request for a hot shower from the women of 『Dragon Breath』



Next morning



As Mile woke up, something smelled good.
After fixing her clothes, she went to the bonfire and Mile saw…
Bart was grilling meat.
And behind him, birds and horn rabbits, and foxes.


(Wow…) (Mile)


Apparently, it seemed that he went hunting early in the morning.
Bart, a swordsman, was in a good mood, this must be his first experience of hunting small animals at long distance.


“Wow, it is easy to get prey! If you have this” (Bart)

(Oh no, stop it! Don’t say it!) (Mile)


Unable to understand what Mile wants to tell him, Bart smiled and said.


“You don’t need bows or attack magic!” (Bart)

(Aahhh, now he’s gone and done it…) (Mile)

[ED: we got a sword idiot here]

Pon! (SFX)


Bart’s face became swollen.

Behind him, 『Dragon Breath』 archer Vera and magician Jeanne were clearly angry.


“Uhm…” (Bart)


Bart-san came to Mile and handed over the slingshot.


“…return” (Bart)


Because his face was swollen, he couldn’t talk properly.
Today was the third day since everyone left the capital.
If nothing happened, we would arrive at Amuros in the evening tomorrow.
We were far enough from the kingdom capital and it was still far from Amuros.
If robbers planned to attack, they would probably be attacking today.
Thinking that way,『Red Oath』was sitting on the coach same as yesterday.
The place of the attack could be freely chosen by the thieves.
Of course, they would choose a place advantageous to them.
Topography, and degree of fatigue on the merchant’s side.


(Perhaps it will be around the evening, the time when we feel the most tired and have relaxed our guard…
Will they come during the move or come to attack the camp? …) (Mile)


While Mile was thinking, there was a reaction to her search magic, humans …, their number was seven people.


(Less than expected, are these people scouts and the main unit is separated?) (Mile)


But it was the role of the commander, Bart to decide what to do about it.
Mile flipped the canopy and reported to Bart on the cargo.


“Seven people ahead, the distance is 300 meters” (Mile)

“How do you know?” (Bart)


Bart had a shocked face halfway through.


“Stop at once, arrange the formation.
One group will go check while one group keeps watching forward, backward, in cases of thieves ambushing.
when it comes to battle, 『Flame Wolf』 will go hide in the carriage in preparation for the enemy’s separate force to come to steal when we’re fighting with their diversion force.” (Bart)


The merchants said that “they don’t need escorts” but the hunters can’t afford to do that.
Unless there were unavoidable circumstances like the bandits were too strong,
we had to protect ourselves and couldn’t spare any hunters to protect.

Mile nodded at Bart’s instructions and jumped to the top of the canopy.
And she sent a pre-determined hand sign to the carriage behind.
Of course, it was just one of several correspondence patterns we decided in advance, so it was only a simple signal.
After finishing sending the signal, when all of the horse carriages stopped, Mile moved to the fourth carriage at the back.

It was for changing clothes.
Without wasting time, Mile had to change clothes on the spot, just wearing a simple armor over the uniform, or even fighting with uniforms.
But even if she had time, she would not change clothes.
She didn’t have the service spirit.

When Mile went to the fourth carriage, Rena who was sitting on the third carriage also came to change clothes.
Pauline was originally on the fourth carriage, Maevis didn’t need to change, and she was waiting on the coach of the second horse carriage.


“It’s finally time, isn’t it?” (Mile) 


With the words from Mile, while changing clothes, Rena and Pauline became silent.
After changing clothes, Rena, Pauline, and Mile headed for the first carriage.
And when Mile returned to the first carriage, all the members of 『Dragon Breath』 got off from the carriage and were on standby.
From here, the escorts would go to check. However, the 『Flame Wolf』 would stay behind in the carriage as a concealed force.
One of the 『Dragon Breath』had told the 『Flame Wolf』about their strategy while Mile was changing clothes.


“Okay, then, let’s go!” (Bart)

“Please wait a minute!” (Maevis)


It was Maevis who blocked Bart’s departure instructions.


“Can’t you please leave it to us from here?” (Maevis)

“What did you say?” (Bart)

“For now, it seems they are only scouts because they only have seven people.
I want our party to gain interpersonal fight experience.
So when we deal with their main force or their reinforcements, it will be easier for us to avoid mistakes.
Besides, if we come alone, the bandits may lower their guard.” (Maevis)

“… Okay, you can try it, but I will intervene as soon as I think it is dangerous.
Also, if their reinforcements come, we will intervene right away. Got it?” (Bart)


Bart, after thinking for a while about what Maevis proposed, accepted it.


“Yes, I’m sorry for saying something selfish.
Let’s go!” (Maevis)


Three people nodded to Maevis’ instruction. This was what everyone consulted and decided in advance.
Finally, 『Red Oath』’s first human battle had arrived.
Six carriages were going slower than usual.
Four young girls who were walking ahead on foot.
The five people of 『Dragon Breath』 were hiding in the first and second carriages, ready to jump out as soon as there was a signal from Bart.

After a while, the road was blocked with rolled logs.
With this, the carriage could not pass, the road was narrow, and it was difficult to change the carriage’s course in this place.
When the carriages stopped, the bandits appeared.


“Okay, you guys … you?” (Thief A)

(TN: I bet they plan to say, “surrender everything to us if you want to live”)


The Thieves who appeared looked at the 『Red Oath』


“No Hunter? Some sort of rich students …
Damn, lookout guy, what are your eyes for?” (Thief A)


I see. It seems that they picked their prey by watching the highway from somewhere.
If the lookout thought the target was an easy target, he would signal his comrade to ambush the merchant.
But the thief seemed to think that the lookout made a mistake in seeing.


“Oh well, at that age, they will be at most D-ranked, and with this number of people,
you can’t do anything, surrender quickly and give me your weapons and armor.
When we earn enough money together with what you get from the merchant,
I will not do anything more than that.” (Thief A)


A man who seemed to be their leader said so, but when I saw that disgusting face, I could not believe what he said.


“Even if you say such a thing,
when we hand over our weapon, you will capture all of us.
And after you’re done playing with us, you will sell us as slaves, won’t you” (Rena)


With Rena glaring at him while saying that, the thief leader was laughing.


“Heck, in that case, I will just capture you by force, the result will not change anyway.” (Thief A)


Following their leader’s command, the bandits surrounded Mile.
Maevis and Mile pulled out their swords, Rena and Pauline began casting spells.


“Let’s do it!” (Mile + Maevis + Pauline + Rena)


In order to prevent the magic, four thieves came to attack Rena and Pauline.
The last two were attacking Maevis and Mile.
Yeah, it was natural that they should be wary of the magician whose power was more unknown than the sword of a little girl.
And, because it is magic used by underage girls, it will take time to cast, and there won’t be much power. If they attacked quickly, they could easily suppress them before the magic was invoked.

But that was only true with normal girls.


“Stupid, the magician should be in the rear guard, coming to the front like this is just asking for …Gue~!” (Thief A)

“Oh, yeah!” (Pauline)


Pauline’s staff struck the thief’s’ stomach, and Rena’s staff upheld the other thief ‘s jaw.


“Well!” (Rena)


When the leader backed down a few steps from Pauline’s attack, the two who were attacking Maevis and Mile were already lying on the ground and only three people, including him, were still standing.


“… 『  Hydrogen Bomb 』 (『水爆』)” (Pauline) [ED: hydrogen bomb’s meaning in the bottom]


Not wasting even a second, Pauline cast the magic right away.
It was magic with an incredibly dangerous name, but it was magic that commands『Water, strike with explosive vigor』, there was no nuclear fusion done.
The creator of the magic was Mile.
Besides it, there is a bomb that comes out in a manga with a round and a fuse line, which was used in the medieval period in the history of the earth.
Mile was thinking about making such a name when reproducing that.


“Medieval history bomb”. (『中世史爆弾』)


Two thieves were blown away by Pauline’s『Hydrogen Bomb』 (『水爆』) they hit the trees and fell to the ground, respectively, they stopped moving.

There was only the leader left. Rena was casting magic toward him.


“… Flame heat” (Rena)

“Stop it !”  (Mile and Pauline)


Mile and Pauline cried out loud, Maevis jumped and closed Rena’s mouth.
That’s what it was.
It was a spell that Rena’s opponent mage used at the time of the graduation test that burned their opponent to nothingness.
It seemed the thief leader had guessed the situation from the state of everyone, he kneeled with his head to the ground on the spot in that place begging for forgiveness.


“… just some loser…
It seems there wasn’t any separate force, and they didn’t seem like our target bandits.
Perhaps, they were only some ordinary thieves.” (Bart)


Bart came down from the carriage and came over to check the situation.
And then Mile and Pauline said.


“Is that so~……” (Mile + Pauline) (ですよね~……) (desu yo ne~……)


Rena and Maevis were still struggling.


“Let me shoot him! let me shoot!”  (Rena)

“Stop it!” (Maevis)


ED: this is the general idea of it:

Hydrogen bomb or, an H-bomb, employs the fusion of isotopes of hydrogen to create an explosion. The first full-scale thermonuclear test was carried out by USA in 1952. the concept has since been employed by most of the world’s nuclear powers in the design of its weapons. They were first tested by US but first detonated by USSR (currently the Russian Federation)

Basically it is a nuclear bomb as for the name that generally people know. (its from thermonuclear bomb but welp its shorter to call it nuclear bomb)

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  1. (いよいよですね)
    Directly it translates to “It’s finally time, isn’t it?”
    “It is a magic with incredibly dangerous name, but it is magic that commands『Water, strike with explosive vigor』, there is no nuclear fusion done.”
    勢い can mean vigor and momentum but I can’t imagine Mile explaining physics to Pauline.

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  3. Medieval history bomb refers to a gunpowder-stuffed cannonball, the image of which would be familiar from cartoons and video games. Think, “Bomberman.”
    There are a lot of ways to translate it… The shortest might be too call it a “mortar shell,” but it might not be exactly what the author described.

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  4. thanks for the update

    Probably be complicated to translate is the main reason that few people has tried to translate Mira’s story

    But as I said before, a chapter per week is much more than several translators, so take easy till either you can turn in your main project or appear a more crazy-like translator wishing to translate it

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  5. ““Medieval history bomb”. (『中世史爆弾』) [ED: is this TNT? The fuse line bomb that they start using in WW1 for war?]”

    Author is talking about early grenades. They go back way before WWI. The term ‘Grenadier’ originally meant a soldier who specialized in lighting these things with a slow fuse and lobbing them into the enemy line. The very oldest were probably incendiaries (like molotov cocktails) filled with greek fire, but the Chinese discovered you could fill them with black powder and thus invented the first true bombs.

    The greek fire ones were Medieval period, but the Chinese invention didn’t come into regular use in Europe until the 17th century.

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    • the Chinese one is like 9th centuries right? and first used in warfare at 11th centuries…. why does it take so long to arrive at europe…. i don’t know much about history


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  7. “Hydrogen bomb”, “Water, Blowing up with an explosive momentum”…
    Might be an explosion made by separating hydrogen and oxygen from water (H2O) and applying a spark to those gases.
    It can start from a simple electrolysis reaction but if you do it with a lot of water and accumulate all the hydrogen and oxygen produced it can make a really loud bang (no fire just a deafening blast and the byproduct of this is water, so quite eco-friendly ;o) ).

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    • well this is a magical medieval world. and if i remember mile tried to not explain those scientific things to others. but good idea tho. well if a container full of water and all of the water suddenly evaporates it can create explosion. in the first place explosion caused by over accumulated stuff, i think. but most of them are gas substances and it will explode if the container can’t hold it. i don’t know if liquid or solid stuff can suddenly increases their volume inside a container to explode… unless they became gas or some substances that can expand really fast as explosion needs momentum too…. sorry i got over excited from explosions…. i love this kind of thing even tho i’m not that good at physics… i love them but i’m a mediocre on this kind of thing so i can be wrong too… ugh why am i not born a genius at things that i like…


  8. [ED: is this TNT? The fuse line bomb that they start using in WW1 for war?]
    its not, if its medieval bomb then the referal should be the bomb used by the otoman infantry units, this also the main cause that later on european have grenadier units… the main function of this kind of units is for deterence or creating chaos in the enemy line (by its large sound and moderate casualties damage) while the heavy casualty damager is the cannon… it seems not much as they still need to get on certain range(wich rather close) and throw the bom, but this kind of units can strike fear to the enemy (wich make their morale drop and sometime decide the battle outcome)

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  10. the hydrogen bomb was first detonated in the USSR in August 1953, and in 1952 American staged thermonuclear explosion (sorry, translate)

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    Sure, darling, whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night ^^


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    It would be appreciated if you point out stuff here tho…

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    • Is there any bomb in real life History of Earth that names “Water Bomb” ? And was listed as dangerous ? and create a nuclear fusion reaction ?

      We can’t just translate it as how it look like but check if it fit the situation.
      What I translate is what I search from google and other readers suggested info.


    • well if you translate it in word by word, “sui” And “baku” can indeed become Water Bomb or Water Blast, i imagine it like the Water pulse move from pokemon, that sphere of water that thrown and explode

      but if they translate it like that, it won’t match the following line

      “It was a magic with an incredibly dangerous name, but it was magic that commands『Water, strike with explosive vigor』, there was no nuclear fusion done. The creator of the magic was Mile.”

      because they bring the nuclear fusion thing, Hydrogen bomb fit better, though i bet people of this world don’t even understand chemistry and i don’t think Mile willing to explain that deep

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      • Well, Mile just need to show Pauline how it done and nano-machines do everything else.
        It will be a little spoiler but later Mile teach Pauline a water spell. “Water Ball –
        Ultra hot” and “hot” from “spicy” not from “temperature”
        Red Chili Spicy boiled ball.

        Spoiler: Later Mile teach Pauline to control that spell and use it for spicy for cooking.
        Pauline already use it but she doesn’t know that spell create red chili spicy.

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  14. Nope. You can’t just say hydrogen bombs are the same as “nuclear bomb” since early nuclear bombs were atomic bombs which exclusively used fission. It’s just that we figured we could use the energy released from that to trigger a fusion reaction to give it that extra kick. There is a difference between the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb.


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    I want {to accumulate experience of an interpersonal fight for our party} →{our party to gain interpersonal fight experience}
    their main force or {}->{their} reinforcements
    and second carriages {and were}->{,} ready to jump
    used by underage girls, it {takes}→{will take} time to cast
    there {will also not}→{won’t} be much power{,}->{.}
    easily suppress {it}->{them} before the magic was invoked
    test that burned {the}->{their} opponent to nothingness

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