Arge Chapter 109: Manager of the Big safe

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Uhm, I want you to help me, is that no good after all?
Uhm, I want you to help me, is that no good after all?

Arge Chapter 109: Manager of the Big safe

[ED: Cyan & Lowe]


“Haa~ … Honestly, so persistent” (Igu Jisuta)


After finishing all the battle, I looked around the burned land and I sigh.
Cyril coins which are the only currency in the world. This is the only place in this world that can make it.
Stupid greedy people are constantly trying to occupy this place.
It is my responsibility to prevent them. Because I’m the guardian spirit of this big safe.


“In the first place, if this big safe falls, this world’s economy will collapse” (Igu Jisuta)


Cyril coin is recognized as the only currency because of its safety and forgery prevention.
You need a massive amount of magic power and the method that Cyril left behind to create Cyril coins. So if people want more coins, the only way they can do is attack and rob this place.


“They often come here to attack but to think … that they dare to get in the way of my time with Cyril who just came back …” (Igu Jisuta)


An important time with Cyril.
It is enormously unpleasant that I was robbed of it even a second.
Indeed, the bandits have done it now. The most irritating part is that I can’t catch them or kill all of them. (T.N: maybe Cyril ask Igu not to kill, and the safe don’t have prison)
At the moment they realized that it was impossible to attack, they pull out. It was such a regulation that I couldn’t believe that they are a bandit group.


“Why can’t you see that it’s meaningless to attack here. You even wear those stupid bandit clothes” (Igu Jisuta)


A strange bandit group led by a leader who seemed to want me to suspect that they were really a bandit.
With the thought that they will never come again, I order the golem.


“Sprinkle the salt at the entrance and also do some maintenance to the surrounding topography” (Igi Jisuta)


I still remember Cyril asked me to spread the salt long ago, a ceremonial ritual.
We should also clean up the rough terrain so that Cyril will be able to see the outside pleasantly.

Golems never talk, but they’re always faithful to my words.
In the same way, we are sharing feelings for Cyril, and we can feel the same as what we have seen and heard.


“… I can’t see Cyril anywhere” (Igu Jisuta)


I couldn’t find Cyril even if I looked for her with that power. (Golem’s visual, just like camera)
The number of golems is large, Cyril has established a production line that creates a fixed number of Golem even if I don’t do anything.
Right now Cyril is still in the big safe, even the golems are looking around everywhere but still don’t know where she is…


“Was she in the bathroom?” (Igu Jisuta)


There’s someplace that the surveillance is thin. This due to the problem of privacy.
Cyril is the one that made and designed the golems not to go to those place.

Should I wait for a while? As I thought, I went back into the big safe.
Behind the door, I heard footsteps coming toward me.
I know the footsteps are from two people. It was just now reflected in the eyes of Golems.


“I want to borrow a bit of your time, is it alright?” (Felnote)


From the back of the corridor, a heterochromia woman speaks to me. Who is she again? I don’t remember anyone except Cyril and of course, I don’t even know the name of the fox ear girl beside her.
Originally I would like to ignore them and to return to Cyril, but they are friends of Cyril. I can’t turn them down.


“Do you need something, my customer?” (Igu Jisuta) (なにかな、お客人)

“I’d like you to guide me around here for a while, may I ask you to do that?” (Felnote)

“If you want, you can ask the golem, they don’t say anything but they will listen to any of your requests, they will take you anywhere you want” (Igu Jisuta)


The golems that Cyril made are truly excellent, they do most of the miscellaneous things.
If it comes down to a fault, it can’t talk. That is the only drawback, just a little, I feel lonely because I have no-one to talk to.
When I said that, the fox girl came forward.
She has a brilliant golden hair, this fox ears girl. She’s looking up to my face to face and tilted her head.


“I want you to give me a tour around this place with commentary …is that no good after all?” (Kuzuha)

“Hm…” (Igu Jisuta)

“Since we came to place like this, it seemed like she wants to see how Cyril built this place, it was such a rare chance that we visit this place, is it no good after all?” (Felnote)


Both the parent and child are asking me.
I’m in trouble when they told me so far.
Commentary cannot be done by the golem. They can’t talk, the function is missing.
I used a few seconds for thought. In order to decide what I should do and I struck the floor with my favorite cane.


“Okay, let me guide you.” (Igu jisuta)


This Big safe and the machines around here are Cyril’s Wisdom Crystal. (シリルの英智の結晶)
Even if you’re searching the whole world, there is no other place that can use the same “Technology”.
I cannot explain the whole thing, such as the line producing money or the golem. Still, I can talk about the overview.
I’m glad that Cyril’s achievements will be spread to many people.


“So, you agree! Thank you very much!” (Kuzuha)

“Uhm, you are such an avid daughter, you are really interested in it.” (Igu Jisuta)

“… Just a little, she isn’t my daughter” (Felnote)

“Hm? Is that so?” (Igu Jisuta)


Because they are close with each other, I thought they were parent-child or something but it looks like they aren’t.
It isn’t uncommon for half beastkin and a human being parent-child. Also, their appearance is somewhat similar.
It seems that I will step on some mine if I’m digging too much, so, for now, I will apologize mildly and end it.
Cyril will also come out while I’m guiding them, and let’s quickly end the job.


“Allow me to show you, customer” (Igu Jisuta)


This place is the entrance. If you guide from here to the top, it will be the shortest and best route.
If Cyril comes out, I will know right away from the golems. For now, I will guide the guests.


“First of all, let me guide you to the hall where we first met, that place is where guests are entertained, Cyril was thoughtful about it.” (Igu Jisuta)

“Yes, I didn’t look around well last time, so I’m looking forward to it.” (Kuzuha)

“Well then, next place is stable, it is the place where guest horses are connected. This place was carefully built to help the guest. Even outside light can’t go through, but the stable is comfortable for the horses” (Igu Jisuta)

“Is this place also built by Cyril?” (Kuzuha)

“Of course, Cyril is always attentive to our customers” (Igu Jisuta)


This Big safe is of course built to prepare for an attack from the outside, but it is also made with consideration to the comfort of the people and the guests who visit and lives in.
This is an embodied example of Cyril’s dream, a place to spend a peaceful time and a house to spend time with friends.
Since Cyril was missing, there were only peddlers who used merchant magic to visit this place. But from now on, opportunities to call others will also increase.

I was able to guide them properly. But…
By the time we came to the middle floor (silver), more time had passed than I thought.


“Next … the library is close by. Since most of the collections are in republican, you can read it. Sometimes it was written in ancient spiritual languages, but those books are collected for Cyril’s hobby, I don’t know what it is about.” (Igu Jisuta)


I was born as an artificial spirit, I grew up here and I lived here.
The language Cyril taught me was republican language, and I don’t know the ancient spiritual language.


“Ah … no, we don’t have to go to the library, because I just visit it earlier” (Kuzuha)

“Oh, is that so?” (Igu Jisuta)

“… Yeah, I peeped in that place while searching for you.” (Kuzuha)

“Um, you’re only peeping in, right? Then I will show you again.” (Igu Jisuta)

“Wait a moment, please!” (Kuzuha)


I tried to guide them, but the fox girl stops me.
Is she in a hurry, the girl seems to be restless.
She’s restless looking around as if searching for something and finally she shows a relief face like just found a salvation.


“O, it’s a toilet!” (Kuzuha)

“Ah, I see” (Igu Jisuta)


Even after I see her fidgeting, I still can’t figure out something like that.

… I did not care enough.

Cyril repeatedly said that “I must be concerned for others”, but even though I was told that repeatedly I still don’t remember it
I think that was because I didn’t have contact with other people for a long time. Even she is just a child, I have considered her as an adult, that was my mistake.


“Sorry, just take your time, I will guide you again soon” (Igu Jisuta)


I lower my head to apologize and I turn my feet around to run a certain place.


“Just a little, okay?” (Igu Jisuta)  (少し、いいですか?)


At that moment, I forgot everything.
It was because I heard a voice come from the library.

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Next chapter.

Something will happen. And we will need 12 chapter to resolve it.

One thing I can say is:

I love Kuzuha the most, way more than Arge.

She steals Arge’s spotlight.

She is like the main protag in the shōnen manga with Arge is the main heroine.

Mile chapter 59 is 40% translated.

I hope I can finish today

and if I can’t I will release it tomorrow.


  1. Thanks, it’s fluffadise!!! xD Read too much Dragoon lately…xD

    And the answer to the pics up top…..絶対にだめええっ!!!


  2. What an average safe.
    What an average A.I./manager.
    What an average mental state of said manager.
    What an av- AAAARGH! I crossed the streams/themes/memes! We’re all doomed!

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