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Translator’s Note: Look like this author sometimes does the narrator and call MC as “Mira” or “She”. Sometimes the MC does the narrator and calls herself as “I”.

Please help me with the names. If I’m the first translator, I can choose any name I want from the original Katakana.

But right now, I’m continue from other translation. And I don’t remember the name at all. Whenever you spot a name I translated differently, please tell me in the comment so I can fix to avoid confusing.

This Author must be bad with grammar too, just like me. His word is easy to understand but the grammar structure is a mess.

Mira is speaking like an old man. But I can’t use Shakespearean so I will translate like normal dialog. One reader just sent me Shakespearean translate.

Reader-san-tachi, could you tell me what’s you prefer. Normal dialog or Shakespearean?

  • “What are you doing?” (Mira) => “What art thee doing?” (Mira)
  • “Just what was that?” (Mira) => “Just what wast yond?” (Mira)

Chapter 48: Swordsman

ED: Lowe (yay I’m back!)

MR: Just fixing a couple things Lowe missed and trying to fix sentence flow. If I see people like the olde English style for Mira, I’ll go back through and add that as well.

After Mira and Solomon went their separate ways, she tried to confirm the distance to the next destination on the map as she walked.
As Mira walked, there was one maid watching her from the shadow of the pillar.
It’s Lily. She wanted to hear Mira’s impression of the magic robe set.
She had finished her work faster than usual.
She had been waiting at that spot ever since because she didn’t want to disturb Mira and Solomon’s talk.


“Hm, the neck of the coat really fits her.
Her thighs are exposed occasionally and it’s really beautiful.
The length of the skirt is neither too long nor too short,
it swings constantly as she walks” (Lily’s inner thought)


Lily carefully observed Mira in the magic robe set as Mira moved.
But she could keep hiding for long.
Lily looks like a stalker and she draws attention from the people in her surroundings.
As the people become noisy, Mira looked back and saw her.


“What are you doing?” (Mira)

“…uhm…I’m following you for… observational purposes?” (Lily)


Lily came out from the shadow of the pillar, and then she answered my question with an inexplicable answer while posing in an incomprehensible pose.


“Just what was that?” (Mira)

“It’s not only that!
By the way, it’s about time for lunch soon.
Why don’t we have lunch together?
And while we’re at it, let me hear your impression of the clothes as well!” (Lily)

“It’s true that I need to tell you about it. I understand, let’s go” (Mira)


After closing the map, Mira confirmed the time.
It was around noon just as Lily said.
After Mira nodded, Lily guided Mira to the maid area in a hurry, before Mira has a chance to ask anything else.


“Why are you guys gathering like this?” (Mira’s inner thought)


The way to the dining room is blocked with people.
Mira is surrounded by over a dozen maids.


“Are there any problem with your movement?” (Maid A)

“Are there any inconveniences with the size?” (Maid B)

“Are the fabrics comfortable on your skin?” (Maid C)


Mira was bombarded with many questions before she could have her lunch.
She wants to have her Apple Au Lait.
But she just can’t ignore the maids, as a result, she answers all of them, one by one.
It took about an hour before she could eat.

After eating, Mira sighs as she starts sipping her Apple Au Lait.
Most of the maids have returned to work.
There’s only Lily, who already finished her work beforehand, left.

Lily’s younger sister also went to Alkite Academy (Arukaito).
While we were talking, I learned that her father died in the Three God Nations Defense Battle.
And she went to Alkite Academy to find out more about her sister.

(T.N: Wait, … I don’t remember Lily have a little sister in Academy) (リリィの妹はアルカイト学園に通っている事や、父は三神国防衛戦で亡くなったという話を交わし、リリィという人物について知る機会にもなった)


“By the way, I meet Amaratte at the Academy, she really liked these clothes.” (Mira)

“Ah, Amaratte-sama, right ?” (Lily)


While putting the cup of Apple Au Lait on the table, Mira started talking about Amaratte.
Lily got surprised when Mira suddenly changed the topic, but she was happy and leans closer to Mira.


“Well…she has a favor to ask. Would you please make these clothes for her, too?” (Mira)

“Of course, if Amaratte-sama also wants it …Well, if she is okay with us, we will gladly accept it!” (Lily)


For a moment, I can see Lily’s eyes shine dubiously and instantly returning to a serious look.
For Lily, Amaratte is a famous high ranked person.
So Lily is anxious just from talking with her, let alone making clothes for her.
But now, Mira’s personally asking her in Amaratte’s place
There’s nothing that can stop Lily, who just got a formal request.


“Hm, I see, I will let her know that you agreed to help.” (Mira)

“Would you like to do it now?
If so, I would like to measure her precisely.
If you’re busy right now, then please tell me whenever you want.” (Lily)

“I understand.” (Mira)


After finishing the lunch, Mira begins to walk away.
Lily had already run off to have an official conference on Amaratte’s costume as soon as possible with the other maids.


“After experiencing that wagon, I feel a bit depressed …” (Mira’s inner thought) (MR: I think she’s trying to say she feels sorry for Amerette, but the wagon bit has me confused)


She ends up at the square in front of the Alkite Castle gate (Arukaito), where Garuda’s landed before.
And then Mira looks up to the clear sky, she begins taking out the fur coat she had prepared and imagines the comfortable ride she will have on Garuda’s wagon.


“I will be patient until my wagon is completed.” (Mira)


Mira mutters to herself. Then she sets the base point of summoning.


[Summoning: Pegasus] (Mira)


The blue magic circle appears in front of Mira.
It’s shining, rising up to the sky and calling down bolts of lightning and loud, raucous thunder.
In the flash of lightning, a pure white shape slowly begins to form.
The creature spreads its beautiful, pure white wings and slowly comes out from the magic circle.
The lightning and magic circle slowly fade away, the thunder grows quiet, and the Tenma Pegasus (天馬ペガサス) is gently landing on the ground.
The Pegasus folds up its white wings. And as soon as his eyes meet with Miras, he’s pouting.

Mira Pegasus.jpg

“What’s wrong?” (Mira)


Pegasus is a summon that doesn’t use the Rosary Formula, so he can’t speak even if he can understand speech.
I have something I want to tell him, but what’s with that attitude?


“It’s been a long time, how have you been?” (Mira)


As Mira walks up to the Pegasus, she’s talking while making eye contact, but the Pegasus in question once again turns his head away.
There are no words spoken, but Mira was aware of the Pegasus’ attitude.
It somewhat resembles her sister when she got angry.


“You are angry, aren’t you?” (Mira)


As Mira says so, the Pegasus glares at Mira’s face in a cranky manner.
His eyes contain the loneliness from being unable to meet her and the frustration of her having left him alone for a long time.
Even though she can’t understand everything, Mira sees the Pegasus’s appearance and realizes why he’s angry.


“He is a sweet child….but he has been waiting for me for thirty years, it’s obvious that he would be angry…” (Mira’s inner thought)

“I am sorry, I know this is just an excuse but I haven’t been in this world for thirty years.
I just came back to this world recently and that’s why I couldn’t contact you until now,  I’m really sorry.” (Mira)


Mira sincerely apologizes to the Pegasus.
And then, the next moment, the Pegasus turns his face back to Mira.
The Pegasus pushes his face into Mira’s chest while making a small cry.
He then closes his eyes in sadness and tears overflow to the point where Mira’s clothes get wet.
Although Mira suddenly disappearing isn’t really her fault, the Pegasus was still lonely.
As she felt a little disheartened, she put her arms around the Pegasus’ neck and gently stroked his mane.
After a while, Mira decided to face Pegasus and had an honest talk with him.


“I want to fly to a faraway land, will you let me ride on your back?” (Mira)


The moment Mira said so, the Pegasus opened his eyes wide.
He near instantly kneels down and pushes his head toward Mira’s waist, as if telling her to hurry up and ride on his back.


“Oh, so you do want to help me? Good child.” (Mira)


Mira gently strokes his head, as well as petting the soft furry back of the Pegasus.
When the Pegasus felt a bit of Mira’s warmth on his back, he slowly stood up and spread his wings widely.
He turned his head to Mira to say that he is ready.


“Pegasus, let us fly away” (Mira)


While stroking his soft mane, Mira points to the west-southwest direction where the Ancient Forest of Prayer is.
The Pegasus gradually accelerates, his wings spreading, fluttering up and down.
When the sound of the wind from his wings reaches climax, the Pegasus takes off, Mira flying towards the sky on his back.
Unlike Aizen Farudo, there are no viewing obstacles beneath her so Mira can see the square in front of the castle gate just under her.


“This is nice, it was comfortable” (Mira)


The cold that Mira was concerned about is easily negated with the fur coat.
The view especially is a great enjoyment. Aizen Farudo is too big for me to see below, and the way the Pegasus runs in the air looks very wonderful.
The air his hoofs pass through leave small particles of light.
Mira puts her arm around the Pegasus’ neck.
The view of Lunatic Lake is getting smaller by the second.
There’s also five-line mechanism other than the academy. (MR: No idea what this is supposed to say.)

The Pegasus keeps flying onward and in just a moment, they’re already far away from Lunatic Lake.
Beyond the big mountain ranges, Mira has to occasionally check the map and the sky to fix the direction.

Several hours later, Mira’s butt became rather sore since she is not accustomed to riding horses.
They set down in a village she saw from the sky and went to the nearest tavern to rest.


Hmm, at this pace, it is likely that we will arrive at our destination in the middle of the night. (Mira’ inner thought)


Mira gathered a lot of attention from customers, due to her appearance, which was too well-arranged.
However, because she wore the bracelet that was proof she was a senior adventurer, there was no man who had the courage to talk with her.
They could only watch from afar.
It is extremely rare for senior adventurers to come to this village, as its far away from major cities, and has neither famous dungeons nor hunting ground nearby.
Mira calculated the travel time while matching the distance from this place and to her destination from the map.

As a result, we will arrive at the destination at around 10 p.m. It is a forest at night, it’ll be too dark to see.
If she searched with that condition, there’s a possibility of missing clues.
Also, there is no reason for Mira to work at such time in the first place.
Occasionally taking small sips of her Apple Au Lait, she tries to find a place suitable to rest near the Ancient Forest of Prayer with the map.


“This village here will be good enough, I guess.” (Mira)


It’s about two hours of riding from the current village on the Pegasus to the village that is close to the Ancient Forest of Prayer.
The Ancient Forest of Prayer is very vast and it is our final destination.
I won’t be able to find what I need anytime soon. There’s no need to rush.

After a short thirty minute break, Mira left the village after paying and washing her hands,
she gets back on the Pegasus and resumes her travel in the sky,
while watching the sun going down on the horizon.
She let out a soft gasp as she watched the sea of stars gradually began to shine. (MR: Was originally leaked a small voice of admiration.)

Then, after a while, in the jet-black forest, she found the artificial light that shines in a certain place.
It is the fire in the village that she decided to stay the night at.
The Pegasus descended, using the lights as a guide.
When Mira’s getting down to nearby grass she returns the Pegasus to the particle of light. (MR: Uhh…I guess she’s dismissing him back to wherever summons go? I’ll just leave it be.)

The village isn’t very big, and if you check the name on the map, it’s called Hunter’s Village.
There’s only 1 inn in this village.
(MR: Reminder as to where I left off. 912)

And when Mira opens its door, the vibrant voice of a man resonates with the light bell sound, “Welcome!”
It is a classic management style of an inn which also serves as a tavern, and it seems that this is quite a busy inn.
Judging from what people are wearing, most of them are adventurers.
Several of them stop their hands for a moment and reflexively look back to the visitor.
Mira heads to the counter quickly while gathering a lot of attention.
Her impression of this innkeeper is a homely owner different from the greeting she first heard when entering.


“This is a rare customer, how many are you and your friends. Do you want meals, or staying?” (Innkeeper)


Mira sits down in a vacant counter seat.


“I want to stay and a meal for one person” (Mira)

“Oh, you come here alone.
It’s strange that a young lady alone can come to such a remote place.
Are you … a warlock (術士), warlock is really amazing, isn’t it” (swordsman)

(T.N: the word he uses isn’t Mahou Tsukai or Mahou Shoujo so I translate different with magicians)


A young man sitting next to Mira, when hearing that Mira come alone, he’s turning toward her and tries to say his impression with her.
The young man is carrying a big sword on his back.
He’s wearing a black leather coat. And he keeps smiling when he’s looking at Mira.


“Oh, I’m sorry for suddenly talking to you. I am Alfair (アルフェイル: Arufeiru), as you can see I’m a swordsman, I’m longing to be a warlock”


The young man’s introducing himself to Mira, Alfair is staring at Mira with both envy and admiring gaze.
He had encountered several warlocks during the adventure and is calling out to them each time.


“Well, can I ask what kind of magic did you use?” (Alfair)


Alfair still smiles when he asks Mira.
She shows her familiar but carefree expression, and proudly reply.


“I’m a summoner!” (Mira)


With her answer, the voices of surrounding adventurers cease.
And they are looking at her with pitying gaze.
To see such reactions, Mira signs in her heart.
Looks like the revive of summoner class will take a long time.
But there was a person who showed a different reaction.


“Summoning magic is strong enough to come this far alone, the summoner is amazing!” (Alfair)


Alfair admires Mira with his eyes that deepened longing.
As the words suggest, this Hunters Village is a resting place for the hunter that coming to『Ancient forest of prayer』,
It’s never a place that a newbie adventurer can come alone.
Adventurers inside the inn are surprised when they heard what Alfair said.


“Alfair, you should ask that young lady later, right now she seems to be hungry.” (innkeeper)

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry.” (Alfair)


The shopkeeper realized that the story would not end soon as other adventurers began to get excited.
And after stopping Alfair, he went and give a food menu to Mira.
After looking at the menu, Mira ordered 「herb tea」,「honey tart」and「chicken soup」
Alfair really seemed to admire a warlock.
He talks about the convenience of useful intangible technique in everyday life.
He also explains a lot of about the tools possessed magic as a substitute for technique and how he wants to taste the feeling of the warlock even a little.

Tools possessed magic as a substitute for the techniques are mainly called magic tool (起動術具). (T.N: I don’t know if they were called seal gems or magic tools or something else in the previous translation)

There is a limited number of uses, but even those who don’t have mana can still use it, so it is very useful among adventurers.
Even so it’s impossible to make an Advanced skill magic tool.
Most magic tools are lower grade techniques.
There’s also no magic tool for summoning and Yin Yang, god blessing technique even with the lower level. Alfair was lamented a lot in that.

After the dish ordered by Mira is finished.

Alfair is talking about summoning with only a few users and no magic tool.
He would like to see the summoning art of a skilled summoner.
A young man who begs a young girl “show me!” over and over again and he even lowers his head.
Adventurers in the inn from the beginning they only make a bitter smile.
But if any person saw the sight right now will misunderstand him as a pervert for sure, a young man begs a young girl to show him what he wanted to see.

After finishing her supper, Mira went with Alfair to the training square in Hunters Village.
In the darkness of the night,  Alfair use his magic tool to illuminate the surroundings.
Alfair explains that this place was prepared for self-discipline of adventurers and hunters.
And here it would be possible to use summoning to its full extent.


“Well, allow me to show you what you are interested in so far.” (Mira)


Despite her voice seems tired.
Mira is in a good mood that someone interested in summoning art.
And what she’s choosing is the basic summoning Black Knight.
The Black Knight appears from the magic pattern, it has an intimidating aura as usual.


“Oh! This is a summoned Black Knight, it looks strong!” (Alfair)


Alfair sees the summoning art for the first time in his life, and he’s excited looking at the black knight from all directions. After a while, he turned back to Mira.


“Can I have a battle with this Black Knight?” (Alfair) (T.N: Battle Maniac)


While saying that, Alfair is looking at Mira with full of expectations.
The facial expression of Alfair was like a puppy and it seemed like he won’t give up no matter how many time Mira refuse.


“Well, I’m okay with that” (Mira)


As Mira answer, Alfair is literal jumping in joy. Mira gazes at such a frenzy youth and confirms his status.
What I could read is his ability value as a swordsman is first grade, but magical power is less than ordinary people.
With this, there will be considerable concern over his resistance to art.
After all, as this is a sword fighter, there is technology to make use of the ability value.
Alfair is holding his sword and take few steps away from the black knight.
The blade shines silver and it is slightly cold.
And in Mira’s eyes, she could see the power of the spirit lie in that sword.


Hou … a spirit sword of ice?” (Mira’s inner thought)


When Alfair holds the sword, his aura begins to change that is clearly different just now.
His battle aura is transmitted to Mira.
Even though he lowered his head to Mira, the sense of intimidating that Alfair releases is more than what it shows in the status check.


“A skillful hawk always hide its claws, isn’t it” (Mira)

“Young miss is the one that I can’t grasp your power though. I can feel that you are very strong.” (Alfair)


They laugh lightly. And then Mira leaves the spot and leans her back on a wall.
Alfair breathed in and out heavily several times as he grasped the sword with both hands.


“Well, may I start?” (Mira)


When Mira says so, the Black Knight throws his big sword toward the sky.
But in the next moment, there’s a new big sword appeared from the magic pattern floated in the air.
The black knight picked it up and points toward Alfair.
The large sword dancing in the air reaches the peak and begins to fall.
The big sword that sharply cuts the wind and makes a loud sound as it gradually lowers the altitude.
A large sword drops from the sky. (T.N: maybe you will easier to understand if you play Garen in LOL)

While being illuminated by the lighting of the magic tools, the large sword penetrated deep into the ground leaving a black trajectory.
As he noticed, Alfair lowers his posture and drives it.
Alfair use his sword to drive the large sword away.
And Alfair closes the distance in a matter of seconds, he tries to counter by slash his sword into the black knight’s torso.
First stroke from the beginning. That speed was really first grade.
Normally, he would defeat the black knight that unarmed but the sword of Alfair is blocked by the black blade and does not reach the main body.


“His ability is good… He is certainly better than Emerala, he may even above Dark Knight” (Mira’s inner thought)


Mira is measuring the ability of Alfair from where she’s standing.
She is testing how far she can bring out the power of the dark knight.
The Black Knight is pressing his sword toward Alfair when the two of them have a clash.
Alfair can’t resist that intense force, and his sword was blown away to the air.


“Strong, this Black Knight is strong!” (Alfair)


Alfair cries out without upset.
While he’s stepping back to pick up his sword, his expression was shining, he must be happy.
Immediately after Alfair settled, the black knight’s sword was swung down.
The shock is not something that Alfair experienced before, and the voice leaks with agony.
However, at that time, a smile appeared on Alfair’s face.
And in a moment after accepting all the kinetic energy of the big sword,
Alfair slid to the Black Knight’s back and slashes the Black Knight who became vulnerable.
His sword the slit the Black Knight’ back deeply.


“Miss, you shouldn’t go easy on me like that, please do it seriously!” (Alfair)


Alfair raises a voice while still turning his back against Mira.
As it is, the Black Knight wasn’t the best.
Because this is matter of life and death.
Also, Mira wouldn’t use the Black Knight’ full power in a situation where his opponent’s precise ability wasn’t met.


“Have you ever used all your strength but still lost?” (Mira)


Mira asks Alfair before a final decision.
Alfair answers the question by shaking his head sideways.


“The last time I lost was about five years ago” (Alfair)


Mila stared at the back of Alfair and understands that he is a battle maniac.
That man is hungry for the strong.
From his words, it seemed like he has challenged a lot of battle like this time.
And he won every time.
Still, he isn’t satisfied with his current power and looking for a stronger opponent. That insatiable improvement of his, Mira has a little remembrance.
She put her hand on the head in an apology manner.


“I’m sorry for doing something like this, then I will let you experience something you don’t in those five years” (Mira)

“That’s … I’m looking forward to it!” (Alfair)


Alfair raised his mouth corner to Mira ‘s words, and the ice fog began to cover the sword as if to respond to his spirit.

Author’s Note:

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for your support.

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Translator’s Note: Please tell me if my translation is any better than the old MTL-ed chapter 48.

If positive, I will continue to translate.

If negative, I will stop.

This Novel is really hard to translate (I blame the author).


  1. Totally Shakespear like! Its just such an important and visible character trait, also it ads a lot to the fun with a cute girl talking this way


  2. I think it’s better, just change the way she talk, ” you ”
    you-thou- thee
    If it is not too difficult to understand for those who do not speak English like me XD


  3. I have a translation for the following phrase:
    We talked about various things, such as how Lily had a sister studying at Arukaito Academy, and how their father perished in the Three God Countries Defensive War. It was a chance to learn about the person named Lily.

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