Cathy Chapter 2-8: Invasion from the sky

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Cathy Chapter 2-8: Invasion from the sky

ED: Lowe


“Cathia, it’s an emergency! Please get up!” (Neil)


I woke up with Neil’ voice and the sound of knocking on the door.

I get up from the bed and check the situation.

As far as looking out of the window it’s still early in the morning.

Finish the dressing quickly and finally put the hair in the back of the head.

I suddenly got up to my head got a little cranky, but I opened the door apologetically with a spirit.


“Cathia-san, it’s Wyvern! The place is a village in Tesca, it seems to be struggling with unusually strong individuals, a request of reinforcement!” (Neil)


Wyvern …… What is a strong “individual”, is it?

Wyvern is a demon that acts in herds.

There are many individuals who were kicked out and lost in the top battle of the flock.

It is almost this pattern that comes down to the village.

From the strength of the second group of Wyvern in the herd, although it has a chance for it to occur, it usually causes hundreds of casualties in the village.


“I will head out right away!” 

“Horses are ready!” 


While taking equipment I left off, I leave the manor house.

It seems that Mr. Gail has already gone to the soldier guild.

I ride the horse that brought me to the garden and rides through town in the early morning.

The cold air in the morning caresses my cheek.

Neil-san leads her because she does not know the location of Tesca village.

I noticed that the footsteps of the horse were increasing at the point where I passed through the town.




Looking backward while being shaken by a horse, Fina-san was there.


“Fina-onee-san! why?”


Neil-san is also surprised.
In other words, she came along without permission?


“I will also go! It will not disturb you!”


There is no time to answer.
Switch your head.


“Fina-san, what magic can you use?”

“……! Wind and water, both advanced!”


Fina-san who seems to be pleased with the same synonymous question as accompanied by the bank.

I reply while aligning my horse.

After all, it is a mage.


“Since Wyvern is a flying type demon, depending on the situation you can rely on magic, is not it good?”

“Yeah, leave it to me!”


Fina-san put the iron wand with a jewel on the tip and made a fight.

Aura has the property of becoming extremely weak when the aura dissipates.

So soldiers of Vanguards have poor methods of attack at long distances.

Because bow and arrow are hard to strengthen with aura, it seems that it is not popular in this world too much.

Even that grandfather, the flying enemies were somewhat weak.


“I saw it!”


One wyvern He is swirling over the sky raising crowning cries.

When entering through the gate of the village, a terrible sight spread around in our vision.

Some people who have suffered major injuries on their bodies have collapsed.
A lot of blood on the soil made some puddles.




Fina-san murmured.

It is a terrible situation that makes me want to turn my eyes.

However, it is strange.

I felt unnatural in the state of the body.

One of them is “not seen as predisposed”.

Most of the stray Wyvern attacked the country because of hunger.

Wyvern attacking large monsters and animals with herds is not good at hunting alone.

Therefore, people with low alertness towards the sky are often attacked.

For that reason, the corpse that has not been lost due to laceration is unnatural.

There is a possibility that they have finished eating before we come, if the belly is full, it should have returned to the mountain long.

It sounds like killing itself is the purpose … ….?


“… Release” (Captain)


And then, my thought was interrupted.

Magics are released to the sky at the same time under the command of a captain.

Various magic of wind, fire, earth, water rush to the Wyvern.

And the Wyvern showed an amazing move. It properly avoided all magic both from the front and the back.

This Wyvern, it isn’t normal!


“Roar!” (Wyvern)


The Wyvern is roaring. And it’s flying toward an unprotected soldier after he shoots magic.

A vanguard tries to protect guard the magicians with a shield, but he is too far to help.

I kicked the horse’s belly and ran. The Raza siblings are screaming from behind but I just keep riding. I can’t afford to wait there.

I advance while releasing the flame magic to the sword. At I reach a sufficient distance, I pull out the sword and jump toward the Wyvern from the horse’s back.


“Take this” (Cathy)


I swing down the sword at the Wyvern. My Orichalcum black sword showed its performance and slashing down one side of Wyvern before the soldier’s eyes.


“Guge~e!?” (Wyvern)


The frightened Wyvern flying back to the sky at once.

I rolled over the ground with the slash’s momentum.


“I’m sorry! Are you okay?” (Captain)


A soldier who has left his position and come to me.


“I will buy you some time, please re-arrange the formation!” (Cathy)


Speak loudly towards the middle-aged captain who had commanded just now.


“Soldiers from the town? It seems you only have three people, what’s your rank?” (Captain)


Reinforcements will be coming from the town, but it still takes time for them to get here.


“2 Rank-B and 1 Rank-C!” (Cathy)

“Okay! anyone who runs out of the magical power retreats to the back, who can keep going is re-assembling the formation!” (Captain)


As far as I can see, the evacuation of the villagers is done.

However, if we don’t stop that Wyvern here, the number of dead will be increasing.

This Wyvern is abnormal.


“Cathia-san, are you okay?” (Fina + Neil)


Neil and Fina-san are running toward me.

The reason is unknown, but Wyvern’s intelligence is high. After avoiding magic, it knows to aim at the soldier with the gap after shooting.

It has no sign of descending. It must be cautioned right now. I can attack if it descents like before, but there’s no guarantee that the soldier won’t get hurt next time.

If possible, I would like to proceed from here. To do that I need to approach it.

Wyvern will lose most of its power when you cut its legs … 

Although it’s not like I can guarantee to succeed, I will earn some time even if I fail.

And I told the two of them the strategy.


“Cathia, are you serious? To be honest, I can only think of it as a foolish strategy! What would you do if you fail?” (Fina)


Fina-san is rejecting my strategy withBaka…”, Well, that’s it.


“I know you do this in order to reduce the damage …, But won’t Cathia-san be in a most dangerous situation then?”


Neil-san is aware of the danger and he’s kind of hesitant.

Fina-san is looking the dead bodies around the village and she furrowed her eyebrows, points her index at me and talks with a serious tone. 


“Let me tell you, Cathia-san. The lives of others are important but so is yours, don’t take your own life so lightly, okay?” (see translator’s corner)


I appreciate your thoughts, but you don’t need to worry.

My body carries the lives of two people. I will not let go of it easily.


“I am okay, I won’t die here just like this.” (Cathy)

“Well … I believed in you” (Fina)


Although she’s still uneasy but looks like she understands.
Well, should I do it? The wyvern is still flying over the sky.
The state of the unit hasn’t come back to normal yet.


“I don’t know anything about this!” (Neil)

“It should arrive soon with its current altitude.” (Cathy)


Right now, I’m getting ‘ready to jump’ on Neil’s Bastard Sword.
Although Neil-san is restless, it can not be helped.
Let’s start!


“Eeeeeee!” (Neil)


Neil wrapped his aura around the bastard sword and made a centrifugal force to throw me to the sky with full power.

In my past life, this movement is impossible, but anyhow the aura makes it possible. I also strengthen leg strength with aura and jump together.

My aim is slightly above the Wyvern. It seems hard to balance with this terrible wind pressure.


The Wyvern noticed me.

Was it remembering the person who slashed one of its legs earlier?


“Roar!!” (Wyvern)


The Wyvern roar somewhat joyful as It’s flying toward me.

The sky is its territory after all.

The Wyvern is approaching while opening its big mouth.


“Gee!?” (Wyvern)


The Wyvern lost its balance.

Fina-san’s magic hit it.

Advanced wind magic usually hard to aim with. Fina-san’s magic control must be very good to aim precisely like this. There’s no effect on me who is flying nearby.

My strategy is to become a decoy in the sky and restrict the Wyvern for Fina-san to cast magic. As a result, the Wyvern become vulnerable in the air in front of me.

Then, there is only one action to take.

I raise my sword with both hands and I coat it with my aura and magical power.

A torrent of overflowing power from my body is poured into the sword.


“Kure!!” (Wyvern)


I swing down the flaming black sword to the stiffing wyvern’s brain!

At the same time, a powerful wind generated by magic pushes my back against the wyvern.


“Nice Assist! Fina-san” (Cathy)


There is no resistance, my sword cuts through the Wyvern.

The flying Wyvern gets sliced into two burning meat lumps crashed to the ground without stopping screaming.

Translator’s corner:


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  1. meatbun delivery~! sorry can’t edit today cause i have to go to celebrate my own birthday with my family. XD good luck other editors~!


  2. So, i just saw the reelease dates on the chapters. And I was wondering if you are going to translate more or if this is just a chapter pr year thingy? Thanks for atleast translating and editing this 🙂


  3. So the only question now is wyvern meat tasty, and do you prefer light meat or dark? (I assume it tastes like chicken since most things do xD)


  4. Please don’t advertise machine translations as translated material? Shit like this results in real translators never picking up a series because it’s “translated” already while all you did is slightly edit google translate output resulting in an unreadable mess.


    • Please don’t advertise machine translations as translated material(?)->(!)
      Shit like this results in real translators never (picking)->(pick) up (a)->(this) series ()->(again) because it’s ()->(already) “translated” (already)->()
      While all you did is slightly (edit)->(editing) google translate output ()-(, and) resulting in an unreadable mess.


      • Nearly every single change you suggested here is flat out incorrect. Some drastically change original post’s meaning.

        Are you trying to show you make mtl output even worse with your editing?

        It’s fine to translate as part of the process of learning a language, and no one’s going to complain if you publish the results – but at least admit to not being fluent in the output language. Your mtl pretty much removed any possibility of this webnovel ever receiving a translation. 😦


        • So you can even speak proper English.
          I can understand it right away, unlike the last comment.
          Sorry, my bad, my mistake.
          I thought you are just one of the countless childish haters with worse english knowledge than me that I met before.
          That’s why I mocked you.

          But have you ever checked what you said to see if it was really true?
          Or you just blindly insulted anything that doesn’t suit your taste?

          All novels, which I translated, were LONG DEAD.
          Readers asked me to translate and I translated it.
          That’s all.

          By the way, my “Grammarly” suggests change mtl to MTL.


  5. “Even that grandfather, the flying enemies were somewhat weak. ”
    => Even that Grandfather, was somewhat weak against flying enemies.
    If not, the whole situation as no sense at all. And this is not the only sentence for the meaning is lost, or totaly inverted. A little re-read or even simply try ot understand what is said in the chapter will be enoug to coorct this kind of thing … so please, because this need just a little more time, and not so much work more to do it. Changing from “under average and almost bad trad to “better than average, and good” one need nothing more thant that. A little work of re-reading and editing.

    Other than that, thank for the trad and work on this novel


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