Mile Chapter 60: Return

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Mile Chapter 60: Return

ED: Lowe, Cyan

Next day.

Originally, today was supposed to be a free day to visit the city for the first time, but it seems we will be invited to the lord’s manor in the evening.
For that reason, the 『Red Oath』 was planning to take a look at the guild in the morning, get the reward from the guild and then go visit the city.

Since we came all the way here, we want to see what kind of city this is.
I also wanted to buy souvenirs for Reni-chan.


“Well, Mile-chan, please go around the city with us …” (FW’s members) (T.N: How shameless, stop disturbing Mile)

“Back off, you three!”  (Vera + Jeanne)


Three people of『Flame Wolf』 trying to talk to Mile were driven away by Vera and Jeanne.


“Well, let’s go!”  (Vera + Jeanne)

“Yes, …”  (Mile)


First, we will go to the guild,『Flame Wolf』is also going with us. We are a joint party after all.


“It was awful. We’ve been working a lot.
This is the reward from the guild.
Because there’s no subjugation quest, it isn’t much.
But you will get the rewards for each bandit,
it is 3 gold coins as a permanent request issued by the merchants.
7 gold coins from selling them as a criminal slave.
There’re 7 people in total so you will get 70 gold coins.
Those 40 people weren’t bandits but were each equivalent to a bandit, also 3 gold coins per person, but there’s no money from selling them as slaves.
40 people will be 120 gold coins.
Although it is less for credit, it is the money that merchants in this city have offered, be patient with this.
After this, the lord will also reward you.
(Guild member)


After we come to the hunter guild, we have a meeting at the conference room on the second floor, the guild master tell us such.
And gold coins were handed over to Mile.

About 16 gold coins per person.
It is less than 1,600,000 Yen.
This escort quest reward when we get back to capital will be 24 small gold coins, equivalent to 240,000 yen …

All the reward for four people of 『Red Oath』are more than 60 gold coins.
It’s over 6,000,000 yen.
Everyone happily nodded.


“Pass gold coins to everyone, and then Mile, I leave all the money to you” (Rena)


Rena also seemed uncomfortable carrying large amounts of money and instructed to put most of the rewards received in Mile’ storage.
Besides more than sixty gold coins is a bit heavy.

Originally, Mile is the one who keeps the party’ money.
All expenditure for the party is shared funds.
Like the inn fee, dinner fee, … purchase and repair of armors, weapons etc.
Especially for vanguards like Maevis.

The reason for that is because Hunter vanguards usually have a heavier burden than the rearguards.
Whether they attack or defend, their armor and weapon are the ones that get the most damaged and frequently needs repair or replacement.

If everyone else in the party doesn’t cover the fee for Vanguards.
Every vanguard will change their job soon.
Except for income from the solo action is for the individual.

Regarding personal expenditure when they act as a party.
Only a small amount of reward is divided into four portions, and each girl can spend it on anything she wants.

Depending on the party, there are places that make a difference depending on the rank of individuals, the period of subscription of the party, etc, but 『Red Oath』 is synchronous, so it is equal.

Originally, other hunters also don’t like changing the payment amount by job type or strength.
As a result, Mile’s share from carrying 2 tons of goods for merchants became the income for the party.
Even if all of the party’ money and items are carried by Mile’s storage, the money management itself is the role of Pauline.

And when there’s a large income which she didn’t hear. Pauline lost her calm a little.
Every night, Mile always take out the party’ money in a large drawstring bag and gives it to Pauline.
She has always counted every single coin while spilling an eerie air…


“Each of us will get 1 gold coin, you can spend it however you want” (Rena)

“Ou!” (Mile + Rena + Maevis)


Three people cheerfully raised their voices to Rena’s words.

However because the girls are still young, they won’t go drink like other hunters or visit the suspicious shop. 

At most, they will eat delicious food or buy souvenirs.

Since all luggage will be stored in Mile’ storage, everyone was going to enjoy shopping as much as they want.


“Well, let’s go!” (Everyone)






“Sigh, in the end, I didn’t even use 10%” (Rena)


Rena got tired after returning.
Originally, everyone except Maevis is poor.

Rena wasn’t used to spending money.
In the end, she only eats food in this town but with the stomach of a small girl, she can’t eat a lot.
And if she wants to buy clothes, hunter equipment, preserved foods etc.
She is better off buying them in Kingdom capital that has better quality, so there’s nothing else she can spend money on.

They have no luggage because everything is in Mile’ storage so they only need one quadruple room to stay.
Mile has purchased a large amount of fish processed goods like dried or smoked fish, which are special products of this town that’s close to the sea.


“Shall we be going soon …?” (Mile)


The sun already set and the time to go to the lord’ manor is approaching.

On the way back to the inn to meet with other Hunters, Mile proposed to other members.


“Everyone, this time we will report that『Red Oath』only supported from behind and everyone in『Dragon Breath』and『Flame Wolf』will be the one who did most things in this quest?” (Mile)

“Huh?” (Rena, Maevis, Pauline)


Three people Rena, Maevis, and Pauline are surprised with Mile’ proposal.


“Why must we do such a thing! If we get this achievement, it will be easier to aim for B rank!” (Rena, Maevis, Pauline)

“Think about it, If we become B or A rank hunters while still young, there is a possibility that the country might pick us up as soldiers or knights …” (Mile)

“We don’t care about that…” (Rena, Maevis, Pauline)


Rena, Maevis, Pauline didn’t seem to be convinced. Well, It was natural.


“I think that if we take achievement this time, it will be troublesome in various ways.
Such as the Royal Palace, Albarn empire, Other countries aristocrats, politicians, wars …
The war won’t happen anytime soon, but there are various troublesome things …
Imagine if there’s a rumor like 『four of the twelve escort hunters defeated the forty soldiers. And all of them are young girls』.
Our names and faces will be known in all country.
Maevis and Pauline might be taken back to her family
Besides, we are still just C-ranked hunters, so B-ranked is still a long way to go.
We shouldn’t stand out too much” (Mile)


With Mile’s explanation, Maevis and Rena begin to reconsider.


“Well, it certainly might happen …” (Maevis)

“Well, … that’s true ” (Rena)


Rena reluctantly agreed with the words of Maevis.
The 『Dragon Breath』and 『Flame Wolf』’s member after hearing our proposal just replied with “Ah …” but they agreed without asking anything else.

After all, it is necessary for someone to take the honor achievement.
And『Dragon Breath』is a party close to the B rank so they are graceful with our proposal.
And the story we all agree is 『Dragon Breath』was the main force, along with『Flame Wolf』, they defeated all the soldiers, and『Red Oath』kept the merchants safe while giving support from rearguard.

Merchants and coachmen were hiding in the carriage, so they haven’t seen the details of the battle.
So, we don’t have to worry about them.

『Flame Wolf』 is very happy to get a big achievement.
They even plan to use this to recruit more members


“What are you thinking, trying to boast the strength beyond your ability?
Don’t you understand the meaning of the ladies trying to conceal their skills?
You may get yourself killed.” (Bart)


『Flame Wolf』’s members became depressed with Bart’ words.


“Well, just don’t cross the line.
It’s okay to say『we get lucky and were able to do our best this time』, and when discussions with applicants, explain your abilities to them.” (Bart)

“Yes…” (FW trio)


They knew enough that『Dragon Breath』and 『Red Oath』 had extraordinary abilities and they will be annihilated if they didn’t get helped this time.

Bart was relieved to see that they were obediently reflecting.






The lord has the same name as this town, Earl Amuros.


“You did it well! Our trade route with the Capital and other towns had ceased for quite a long time and you even captured most of them.
On behalf of Amuros citizen, allow me to thank all of you” (Amuros)


Cornelius and his soldiers under the guards said their lord is “usually stingy”.

But the lord honestly says thanks for the hunter’s help, he seems to be a decent people for an aristocrat.

He wasn’t looking down from on high but has equal seats surrounding a big table, where food and drinks were lined up.

It is an ordinary dish served on a large table so that hunters don’t have to worry about manners. Apparently, it seemed that he really welcomed us.


“It is really a big deal to defeat 40 soldiers and still be intact, you have four young girls as well.
So if you like, why don’t you stay in this town like this? I can promise hospitality” (Amuros)


It is an attractive proposition for any other C rank hunters.
However, it was not a very attractive proposal for a party that is near B rank,
or a young party who is looking for cute ladies and burning with the ambition to sell their name from now on.

Especially with『Red Oath』, they want to avoid this in the first place.
If hunters have potential, they will choose The Kingdom capital, where the guild is the main branch, which has abundant types of requests.
Some difficulty quests are only available in the main branch guild that will give us higher reward and promotion points.

The lord was kind of disappointed when all of us declined but he understood and doesn’t pursue any further.

After that, He gave out 300 gold coins as prize money.
Everyone, especially 『Flame Wolf』were delighted.

Because that means each party will get 100 gold coins.
With that money, it’s enough to live for a while even if you spent some to repair or change equipment.

If this was the only bandit act, it would not become such a big deal.
It seems the lord valued highly this achievement because we stopped the other countries while the damage was small, we also took prisoners of war and uncovered the whole picture.

… Well, even if they are only bandits, we will get the money when we sell them as a criminal slave.

The lord must consider that and give out an amount that exceeds what we should have. (T.N 34 x 7 =238 gold coins < 300 gold coins)


And all of us are grateful for his consideration.
We heard later that night, that the lord has already interrogated the prisoners directly
And he will send a letter to His Majesty early in the morning about the result.

And for us, those who persuaded the POWs to co-operate were asked to explain directly to the escort troops from the kingdom.
They also want to ask the merchants about the details.

And as a result, we’re returning to the inn and consulting with the merchants.
The merchants agreed, in the worst case only『Flame Wolf』 and 『Red Oath』will escort the merchant back, 『Dragon Breath』will remain in Amuros and explain with royal troops.

And the messengers that Fagas hired may deliver the message to the royal palace.
They may take action one day ahead of the Amuros Earl.
『Dragon Breath』may have some trouble because of this.

Regardless of how much a good lord the Earl seems to be, there are things we must be cautious, so Bart didn’t tell the Earl that he already sent a message independently.


“Let’s say that we have asked the『Dragon Breath』to deliver those messages to the guild by request completion, and also the request this time you get an A evaluation” (Merchant)

“Thank you, I was saved” (Bart)


In a word of a merchant, Bart lightly lowered his head.

Well, we’re not going to tell the merchants about that “bargain contract” in this battle.

And the meeting as a whole was dissolved, but 『Flame Wolf』 and 『Red Oath』 remained in place. It is for consultation on escorts role on the way back tomorrow.


“Is it okay for me to take the command on the way back?
Although there are many people here and we are all rank C, but we need someone with experience command to work better.
I understand the power of the『Red Oath』 so I will not issue strange instructions, so please be relieved in that respect.” (Brett)


Four people of 『Red Oath』 acknowledged and nodded in the word『Flame Wolf』’s leader, Brett.


“Thank you … I will explain the escort plan.
First of all, Mile-chan seems to be able to search for enemies with magic in the first carriage.
Rena-chan, who is good at attack magic in the last carriage, so that she can pursue the following enemies.
Maevis-san and Pauline-san are on the third carriage and ready to support both front and behind.
Each of us will stay with you in the carriage, we can be the vanguard to protect the magicians.
(T.N: Brett in the 3rd carriage with Maevis and Pauline, Chuck in the 1st carriage with Mile, Darryl in the last carriage with Rena, they plan to get closer)
It is a pure joint duty, so exchange with other parties and fight together is also a learning experience.
Do you have any questions or opinions?” (Brett)

“I have no complaint with it, but can I ask for one thing?” (Rena)

“Oh, what is it?” (Brett)


Rena asked while staring at Brett.


“Whatever you called Mile is fine, but why did you call me with 『chan』 and Pauline with 『san』?
I am older than Pauline.
Tell me your reason for calling me with『chan』!” (Rena)

“Huh…!?” (FW’s trio)


Three members of『Flame Wolf』are surprised by the fact that they just discovered.


“Aren’t you 11 ~ 12 years old, then …” (Either Chuck or Darryl)

“Well then, we will see you tomorrow, thank you …” (Brett)


Brett cut off halfway and left with the other two.






“How did you get to know the other three, Mile-chan?” (Brett)

“Everyone was in the same room in the hunter training school, so ….” (Mile)


Chuck is sitting on the coach of the first carriage with the merchant and coachman.
With three people lined up side by side, the coach was a little narrow.

Mile is sitting on the top of the carriage.
And Chuck never looked back when talking to Mile.
Position and height, if he looks back, he will look up the skirt of Mile from below.
Mile was unprotected, even if Chuck looked back, it didn’t matter at all.

But once Chuck tried to look back, he had a strong elbow hit…
…from the old merchant who sat next to him.

And he whispered with a small but deceptive voice that could not be heard by Mile, with a scary face turned over from the smiling face that he always had.



“…I will kill… you …” (Merchant) (殺すぞ、テメェ: Korosu zo, teme~e  | teme is the vulgar way of saying “you”) [ED(Lowe): this is scary as hell merchant old man!]


After that, Chuck has a very gentlemanly attitude.
Chuck talks about various things with Mile to comply with strategy “invite the cute girls to join on the way back to the Kingdom capital” which is the strict command from Brett.

Even without being told by Brett, Mile had saved him from the soldier slash and healed his left arm that’s injured.
And she is obedient, bright and cute.
To top it off both her magic and ability with a sword are as good as B rank.

He’d love to be in the same party and he hopes to have a relationship beyond that if possible.
In two or three years, he will be 20 years old and she will also be an adult, so if he can deepen the relationship slowly until then …
Such speculation is unknown, Mile is happy to talk with Chuck, and Chuck raised his expectation.

If that old man wasn’t here, it would have been. He muttered so.


“Fu fu fu, Mile-chan is such a sinful girl …” (Merchant)


A similar scene was also happening on the 3rd horse carriage and the 6th carriage.
Pauline just continues to write notes, completely ignoring him so he gives up early.

And Brett tries to talk with Maevis about swordsmanship.
And Spearman Darryl, no matter how much he praises her appearance and magic, Rena didn’t respond.

『Flame Wolf』’s strategy ended in complete failure.

During their break, they try to talk about various jobs and tips on monster suppression.
Since the girls realized that it was good information, they also join the discussion.

It certainly good to hear various stories from hunters that are little older than 『Red Oath』 themselves, and Mile served Orc’s meat for dinner as thanks for 『Flame Wolf』


“But it’s always the Orc’ meat…
are there any other good monster meats that seem good for health…
But I will not eat Goblins…
Then, how about the meat of the Ogre (Ooga)?
There’s less fat than the orc and it seems good for your health.
Ogre’s meat (Ooga Niku), healthy (Ogre’s meat) Organic dish…
wait, 『(Ogre’s meat) Organic dish』?” (Mile’s inner thought)

[ED: badum tesss. dayum org   anic dish Orge  anic dish XD don’t mind me.]

(Soyokaze: in Japanese, Ogre is pronounced “Oogaa” and the word meat is “Niku”. The word “Organic” is pronounced “Ooganiku”. So “Ooga Niku” is “Ooganiku”)


She noticed that there’s no one in this world who knew the ideal that she came up with a lot of thought, and Mile nodded disappointedly.

And after dinner.


“Today’s Japanese Fukashi talk ~!” (Mile)


The familiar opening of Mile’s old-fashioned series, the 『Red Oath』 ‘s eyes are shining with expectations, but the 『Flame Wolf』 doesn’t have any reaction, they don’t really care about that, and Mile started talking about it.


“The story tonight is the story of a three female beastkin knight 『Three Beastkin Sisters.』” (Mile)


And the story of Miles goes forward.


“…In this way, the fox girl Arasa, known as 『Aramis』(『アラミス』), encounters a cat girl with nickname 『Embrace Nyan』 (『抱いたるにゃん』), a beastkin who has a habit of hanging in the province” (Mile) 

Bu fu ~o! (SFX of flame wolf members)


Several people get blown off, but regardless of that, Mile’ story goes on.


“And 『Embrace Nyan』 asked 『Aramis』,『How old are you, onee-sama? 』…
Then Aramis awkwardly answered『… 34 (34 pronouns the same as three Beastkin Sisters, which is the name of Mile’s story』” (Mile)


『Flame Wolf』’s members are surprised that the food in their mouth spat out. 

Tonight’s story, there was no trace of the original, and it was a story not related at all to Japan.

Please remember this is “Japanese Fukashi story” in the first place.

(Soyokaze: the story at the end. Notice that it’s the story of the “Three Beastkin Sisters” but there are only two of them? That’s because it’s a joke. The kanji for “Three Beastkin Sisters” can be pronounced “San Juushi”, and similarly the word “34” is pronounced “san juu shi”)

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     help, he seems to be {}->{a} decent people for an aristocrat
    looking down from {the}->{on} high {place{->{} but {have}→{has an} equal
    where food and drinks {were}->{was} lined up.
    It is an ordinary {style}->{} dish served {in}->{on} a large table so that hunters
    really a big deal to defeat 40 soldiers {}→{and still be} intact
    for {the}->{a} party that is near B rank
    the guild is a main branch, {}->{which} has abundant {kinds}->{types} of {request}→{requests}
    Some high { difficult quest}→{ difficultly quests are} only available in {}->{a} main
    and doesn’t pursue any {longer}->{further}
    Because that means {every}->{each} party 
    because we stopped the {plot of}→{} other countries {plot} while the damage was {little}→{small}, we also took prisoners of war and uncovered the whole picture.
    lord has already {investigated}→{interrogated} the prisoners directly, and he will send {the}->{a} letter
    those who persuaded {}->{the} POWs to co-operate
    are surprised {to}->{by} the fact that they {learned for the first time}->{just discovered}
    half way and {leave}->{left} with the other two
    {}->{With} three people lined up side by side
    And Chuck never {looks backwards}→{looked back}
    invite {}->{the} cute girls to join on the
    Mile had {helped}->{saved} him from the soldier slash and {heal}->{healed} his left arm that’s injured. {And Mile}->{she} is {}->{also} obedient, bright and cute. {And}→{To top it off} both {}->{her} magic and {}→{ability with a} sword are as good as B rank
    same party and he {hope}->{hopes} to have a relationship
    just continues to write {on}->{} notes
    And Brett {try}->{tries} to talk with Maevis about
    {On the}→{During their} break, they try to talk about various {works}->{jobs} and tips on {a}->{} monster suppression
    stories from hunters that {a}->{are} little older
    seems good for {}->{your} health

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