Mile chapter 61: Returning to the Kingdom’ capital

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Ah… I hate puns. It takes me a long time to check.

死んでれらぁ: Shin dere ra ~a = She’s died.

シンデレラ: Shinderera = Cinderella.

赤ずきん: Akazukin = Red Riding Hood.

歯がズキン: Ha ga zukin = Tooth-ache.

By the way to avoid mistake Rena and Reni. I will always keep Reni as Reni-chan. Reni-chan is the daughter of the inn.

Mile chapter 61: Returning to the Kingdom’ capital

ED: Lowe (late Meatbun delivery)


The night of the second day.


“An old woman came to sell an apple to a girl, who had escaped from her wicked stepmother and lived with small people in the forest.
And the woman said 『looks like a piece of apple is stuck on your gum, do you want to use this toothpick?』
And the toothpick brought from an old woman stabs the girl’s index finger and she died…” (Mile)


Because Mile had never seen snow in her home country or this country, she replaced the name of this heroine with the name of the heroine of another fairy tale that matched the situation. 

The name of the heroine of this story was … “Cinderella” = (I am dead) 


“And to kiss a woman’s corpse, The prince is a pervert Corpse lover (necrophilia)” (Pauline + Rena + Maevis)






The night of the third day.


“The girl who delivered to the grandmother’s house in the forest. She wore a red cloth over her head and tied under her chin with her cheeks covered. Because the red cloth was tied too tight, her teeth hurt.” (Mile)


And her name is “Red riding hood” = (Toothache)






And the night of the fourth day.

We finally get back to the Kingdom’ capital.
The nine days quest was finally completed.
Although it is a short-term escort mission, for『Red Oath』 it is the first time they had a joint quest with other parties, they learned a lot from experienced hunters like Bart.

However, the girls were quite tired.
Both mentally and physically.
They have a long journey on the horse carriages after all.

At each merchants’ personal shop, four merchants, in turn, one at a time saying goodbye and part with us.
And each time Mile withdrew the goods from her storage.
As they handed over the goods at the store of the last merchant.

They received a fee for carrying the load by storage, a certificate of completion of the request, and a report the request wasn’t performed with『Dragon Breath』 but the request was completed.


“Thank you very much, everyone.
I’m really grateful.
If you weren’t there, the merchant corps would be annihilated and we would not be able to get back alive.
I will not forget this kindness” (Old merchant)


That said, the old merchant lowers his head to everyone.


“Oh, Mile-chan, if you do not mind, we are going to adopt …” (Merchant)

“Rejected!” (Rena)

“Rejected!” (Pauline)

“Rejected!” (Maevis)


Before Mile said anything, Rena, Pauline, and Maevis’ voices rejection.

The old merchant became depressed.






When we went to the guild, the familiar receptionist said in a loud voice.


“I heard all about it! It was a great battle!” (Leria)


With her voice, everyone’ eyes are gathered on us.


“Please give me a break…” (Mile’ inner thought)


Even Mile is troubled, but the other members had a proud expression.

Of course, there are also three members of 『Flame Wolf』


“It’s all thanks to the five people of『Dragon Breath』 and three of『Flame Wolf』”  (Mile)

With Mile’s words, Rena, Pauline, Maevis remembered the plan and nodded.
However, the guild staff and other hunters who have had a long relationship knew the power of 『Flame Wolf』
『Dragon Breath』  is certainly close to B rank and are strong hunters, but it isn’t a ridiculous party who could win against 40 soldiers without a scratch, let alone capture them while protecting the merchant group.

Of course, in that case, there is curiosity about the unknown element,『Red Oath』

However, interrogating hunter fellows was prohibited, no one dares to question in front of the guild.

And a loud voice calling out to 『Flame Wolf』


It seems that it was a big success, congratulations.
I have been proud to be in the same party as you!
We have to celebrate today while consulting about the party’s future!” (???)


Mile was surprised with the loud voice all of a sudden.
When she looked there were two girls.
Apparently, they seem to have been waiting here forever.


“Party companions, haven’t the two of you already joined another party?
They are a group of four handsome men, right?
We are nothing but some fools who were abandoned because we aren’t cool enough.
We are not companies, we are former companions.
It is irrelevant.
If we want to celebrate, we will do it with friends who fought together this time.
Besides, alcohol is not good for children in your belly.” (Brett)


Brett, Chuck, and Darryl are looking at the girls with a cold eyes.


“Ah…” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


Not only 『Red Oath』 but everyone in the guild was watching the two girls with painful eyes.

The two girls noticed the glances directed to them and decided to quickly leave.


“Will they come again?” (Chuck)

“Well, even if they come, it doesn’t matter because we aren’t planning to party with them again.” (Brett)

“Okay…” (Darryl)


And we submit a report on 『Dragon Breath』commissioned from the merchant to the receptionist.
And with that, we complete the quest with an A evaluation.
Mile was praying “Please don’t gather attention” as she receives the rewards.

96 small gold coins for 4 people.
Leria gave Mile 4 gold coins and 16 small gold coins to easy divide among 4 people.

Since the soldiers and bandits’ reward have already been received in Amuros, only the request from the original merchant will be received here.
At last, all of this request has been completed.


“Oh, by the way, we received the letter.” (Leria)


Heard the words of the receptionist, all members of 『Red Oath』dropped their shoulders and sighed.
The messages were duplicated and given to 6 places.
One of them was in the guild’ hand now.

And when Mile and the party are about to return to the inn…


“Why, aren’t you going to have a drink to celebrate with us?” (Brett)


That, for the invitation from Brett.


“I will refrain” (Maevis)

“When we are in this town, Reni-chan will be angry if we don’t eat at the inn …” (Rena)

“I, I can not drink alcohol …” (Mile)

“Because I have to count the money …” (Pauline)

“Well!” (FW’ trio)


Three people of 『Flame Wolf』 watched the girls of『Red Oath』with a blank face.


“I came back” (Mile)

“Welcome back!” (Reni-chan)

“Reni-chan welcome us at the counter as usual.
However, when I think about it, I have never seen anyone other than Reni-chan at the counter.
No way, is it really her job?” (Mile’ inner thought)


After thinking for a moment, Mile took out the dried fish from storage.


“This is the souvenir” (Mile)

“Uwa~wa, that’s a fish!
Have you been to the sea?
Uwa~a, I should’ve asked you to buy some smoked fish…” (Reni-chan)


Mile feels sorry for Reni-chan that seems unhappy.
So Mile took out some smoked fish from the storage.


“Oooh…” (Reni-chan)


Apparently, she didn’t want to serve it as a meal for the inn but just wanted to eat.
The owner and his wife came out to say thanks and gathered the ingredients.
And after dinner, the guests who only had meals went home and the guests who stay returned to their respective rooms.
A battlefield was spread on the first floor of the inn.


“I forgot my gratitude so far, that is too much work!” (Reni-chan)

“No, that would be a legitimate deal, it should have been an agreement that mutual interests were in agreement.” (Pauline)


Pauline returns to the sorrowful voice of Reni-chan.
Yes, the deal to stay in this inn for a month, and the term of the prepayment is “to make it cheap by contributing to the customer”
That was Mile’ mistake when she thought that the future is uncertain and to save even a little, she has pre-paid one month’s fee in advance.


“Anyway, I’m tired of entertaining other customers already.
Since we could afford the money, we should move to another lodging with a bath…” (Pauline)

“Well, that kind of …” (Reni-chan’s parent)


When they heard what Pauline says, the owner of the inn and his wife were stunned as well.
Since the 『Red Oath』 began to stay, the interests of the inn were steadily rising.
The number of guests staying and guests who only had meals increased.
In the nine days when they were absent, the guests kept asking the question “What happened to those children?”, and sales were also falling.

When they finally came back but they suddenly declared that they will be moving.
It was as good as saying “we are dissatisfied with this inn, so we changed to another inn” and it was natural that the owners were stunned.


“What are you complaining about!” (Reni-chan)

“Not that, I said it many times already, I hated entertaining guests and I can’t have a bath” (Rena)

“…then, with no entertainment, at normal price …” (Reni-chan)

“Well, there’s no reason to continue staying here where there’s no bath even if it’s at a normal price?
It would be a bit higher but we would rather move to an inn with a bath!” (Pauline)


With Rena and Pauline’s words, Reni-chan is silent.


“…then the fee is as it is now and I can lower the level of entertainment a little …” (Reni-chan)

“No, I don’t have trouble with money anymore, so I don’t want to entertain guests!” (Rena)

“Besides, it’s expensive as it is now.
After all, one-third of the month we haven’t stayed at the inn.
And unlike other hunters, we didn’t leave any luggage for you to keep safe, keep renting the room was a wasteful expense…” (Pauline)

“Gu~u …, um …” (Reni-chan)


She has noticed.
So, Reni-chan chewed on her lips.
Reni-chan who often entered the room for cleaning.
When the 『Red Oath』 on the work of the previous rock lizard, she has noticed at that moment when she saw that no baggage was left behind.

They don’t have to keep renting the room for a long time, do they?
Therefore, even though it seems like a wonderful discount, considering the actual number of staying days, work as a customer, etc.
It was not really a discount anymore.
Moreover, Mile sometimes gives her souvenirs.

Regardless of the wholesale price, such as the tail of the rock lizard she got last time, it’s quite high if it is the final retail price.
It couldn’t be used up just for meals, it was considerably profitable, including dried meat, smoked foods,…
The orc’ meat and the fish this time…

Is there no choice but to give up giving profits from their accommodation expenses, taking other added value …
Reni-chan thought so.
By the way, Reni-chan’s parents are in a panic.


“Then quadruple room, six silver coins per meal!
The price of staying was only the number of days you stayed.
And for other customers, just ordinary correspondence as a lodging…” (Reni-chan)


Reni-chan’s presenting the conditions with a face that you could imagine she bleeds blood while chewing.
But that was just a discount.
Other conditions are very common regardless of where you stay.
Certainly, the discount rate is quite large, but…

Reni-chan looks like in despair with the cold reaction from Rena and Pauline.
If importance is attached to add value, there was also a method of free accommodation expense.
But Reni-chan could not choose that way.


“This is an inn, which gets money from guests.
So, if I have the guests stay for free, it is not an inn.
Depending on the circumstances, I will give a discount, and I will be grateful to receive the benefits of the customers’ kindness.
However, we can’t go against the idea of ​​the inn.
Even if 『Red Oath』 is made free, more profit can be obtained.
Even so, I can not choose that method.
I was a daughter of an inn, I couldn’t yield” (Reni-chan’ inner thought)


Even though Reni-chan’s father, who is next to her releases the Aura “such a thing does not matter, let them stay over for free”, 


“About that…” (Mile)


Mile, who hadn’t been talking anything until now, finally talking because she can’t take the “almost crying face” of Reni-chan anymore.


“I think that it is okay to continue staying here if you can accept two more requests under that condition …” (Mile)


Rena and Pauline are turning to Mile with “What did you say?”
But Mile just keeps talking.


“First of all, erase the condition 「When we are in the kingdom capital, we must eat here」
It’s not that it isn’t delicious!
But, I want to eat a variety of things at various shops
Moreover, sometimes there’re invitations from friends and…” (Mile)


Following the owner who seems to have been shocked, hearing that his dish isn’t good, Mile keeps on talking.


“And the other one is 「lending us some space in the courtyard」…” (Mile)


In the inn, mostly the backyard and the courtyard are wide.
It’s for those who stay at inns like hunters and soldiers who are interested in learning some kind of technique.
They often borrow this place to train their routine in the morning and evening.

It is also a space to dry a lot of laundry during the day.
There is a courtyard of sufficient size also at this inn
And even if 『Red Oath』 occupies a corner part, there seemed to be no problem.

『Red Oath』, after finishing a quest, decided to take a rest for several days.
Each person is free to act as they like.
Meanwhile, Mile is wandering around all alone at the place like:
Blacksmith, timber store, and the garbage dump…

And after one day, the innkeepers and guests noticed, a dubious structure was finished in one corner of the courtyard.


“Oh, did you finish it?” (Reni-chan)


Mile reply cheerfully to Reni-chan who came to see the situation.


“Yes, I will show you tonight!” (Mile)


Translator’s SPOILER:

Before anyone asking.

I will answer for you

Yes, reader-san-tachi.

Mile just does something she thinks an AVERAGE girl can do again.

Even I know you can’t wait to read but there’s no more chapter today.

Tomorrow, okay?

ED (Lowe): sorry for the late Meatbun delivery dear customers, I’m too immersed at playing fate/GO lately and I have an illness that called Gacha addict syndrome, so, please tolerate my late delivery service.

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    looks like a piece of apple {}->{is} stuck on
    woman stabs the girl’s index finger{, she’s}→{and she} died
    the first time they {have}->{had} a joint {duty}->{quest} with other parties, they {have}->{had} learnt a lot {of}->{from} experienced hunters like Bart.
    They {have}->{had} a long journey on the horse
    Mile withdrew the goods {in}->{from} her storage
    report that the request {didn’t accompany}→{wasn’t preformed} with
    would be annihilated{,}→{ and} we would not be able to {go}->{get} back alive
    I heard {}->{all} about it! It {is}->{was} a great battle!
    everyone’ {line of sights}->{eyes} are gathered
    the other members {have}->{had} a proud {face}→{expression}
    there are also three {}->{members} of 
    remembered the {settings}→{setting}(LN: plan may be better here) and
    However, {}->{the} guild staff and other hunters who have {}→{had a} long {relationships}→{relationship}
    is certainly close to B rank and {}->{are} strong {hunter}->{hunters}, but it isn’t a ridiculous party {to}→{who could} win against 40 soldiers without {}->{a} scratch
    {In that case, of course,}→{Of course, in that case} there is {doubt on the uncertain}→{curiosity about the unknown} element
    I have been proud {as}→{to be in} the same party {with}->{as} you! We have to celebrate today while consulting {}->{about} the party’s {policy in the}->{} future
    the loud voice all of {}->{a} sudden. {looking}→{when she looked} back there were two girls
    Party companions, {aren’t}→{haven’t} the two of you already {join}->{joined} {other}->{another} party
    but some fools who {are}->{were} abandoned because we aren’t cool {}→{enough}
    directed to them, and {they’re quickly leaving}→{decided to quickly leave}.
    complete the quest with {}->{an} A evaluation
    16 small coins {for}->{to} easy divide {for}->{among} 4 people
    One of them {are}->{was} in the guild’ hand now
    asked you to buy {}->{some} smoked fish
    but just {}->{some} wanted to eat
    LN: I do hope her parents are feeding her!
    guests who only {have}->{had} meals {go}->{went} home and {}->{the} guests who stay {return}->{returned} to their respective rooms.
    that the future is uncertain and {saving}->{to save} even a little {any}->{has} pre-paid one {months}->{month’s}
    absent, the guests {keep}->{kept asking the} question
    they finally {come}->{came} back, {but}->{they} suddenly {declare}->{declared} that they will be moving
    natural that the owners {was}->{were} stunned
    like hunters {}→{and} soldiers who are interested in {}->{learning} some kind of technique{,}→{ dp} they often borrow this place to train {the}->{their} routine in the morning and evening
    store, and {}->{the} garbage {dumping ground}→{dump}
    a dubious {thing}->{structure} was finished in one corner

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    In the words of the receptionist, all members of 『Red Oath』drop their shoulders and {sign}->{sigh}.

    “{So}->{No}, I don’t have trouble with money anymore, so I don’t want to entertain guests!” (Rena)

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