Mile chapter 62: Announcement


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Translator’s note: In case you don’t know

Onee-san = big sister

Anii-sama = esteemed big brother.

Just like my site. Imouto = little sister, I will not translate Onee-san to big sister or Anii-sama to esteemed big brother.

1 tatami = 1.6529 square meter (6 tatami = 9.9174 square meter)

Kawaii = cute.

Noire Pokan Face
Pokan, white circle eyes when surprised.

I decided to use the girls depend on the situation.

Thank you, readers.

So fast. Reader Susu already likes my chapter and I do not even add the chapter on NU yet.

Mile chapter 62: Announcement

ED: Lowe


Then, after that days’ dinner.

In the courtyard, there’s a hut about 6 tatami mats (10m^2 or 108ft^2) made in the courtyard.
Reni-chan, her mother, 『Red Oath』and the female guests are interested in seeing what Mile wants to show.

Before their eyes are wooden huts and a water tower built beside them.
The water tower had four irregular tanks placed on a table 2 meters (6’6”) in high.
The tanks were two large wooden tubs.
The other two were huge pots that could even be used for the military cooking.
A bamboo cylinder extended from a hole opened in each tank, and all of the bamboo cylinders were connected to the cabin.

Mile goes up the stairs attached to the water tower and was explaining from top to everyone.


“This is a water supply system.
We will add water to the wooden tub and hot water to the iron kettle.
When we finished using all of the water in 1 tank.
We will supply it while using the other tank.
Hot water will be supplied by magic, so we don’t have to boil water.”


While saying that, Mile used magic to create water and hot water, and filled all four tanks.


“In this way, you can prepare boiling water by creating hot water directly by magic or by striking a fireball into normal water.
Please be careful, so you don’t break the tank” (Mile)


Then Mile comes down from the water tower.
And next, Mile opens the door of the cabin.


“This is the changing room, you can take off your clothes here” (Mile)


Then Mile slides the next door sideways.


“Here is the bathroom, bathtub, washroom, and shower.
To get the temperature of the hot water you want, please mix water and hot water in this part.
And please be careful not to burn yourself!” (Mile)

“Oooooooooooh!” (Everyone)


Yes, it is the completion of the bath.
However, it is for women only.
With this, there is no reason for the 『Red Oath』 to change the inn.


“Thank you, onee-san!” (Reni-chan)


Reni-chan’s eyes are wet as she thanks Mile.


“With this, the number of customers will increase and we can make money with bathing fee” (Reni-chan)

“You can charge for bath usage and use it for water and hot water resupply cost” (Pauline)

“Uu…” (Reni-chan)


Pauline is saying that with a smile, and Reni-chan’s face becomes a little foggy.


“Ah, when we aren’t there, you can ask a magician who can use fireball or create hot water as our replacement.
You can pay them with coins.
And if that magician is staying at the inn, I think you can pay them with free booze and food”


As Mile say so, this time she becomes a model for the magician who can’t create hot water directly, she puts a fireball in the bathtub and fireball gently submerge in the bathtub without breaking it.


“Ji ~yuwa” (SFX)


And the water in the bath became a little hotter.
As Mile repeated it several times, the steam began to rise from the bathtub.
The bath had no windows, and the steam was designed to escape from the ceiling.
And while its appearance is just a wooden hut there are the stainless steel plates were sandwiched between the wooden boards.

In addition, there is an emergency lever in the bathroom,
When it is pulled, the stainless steel plate drops down from the top to the part of the door and is completely blocked from the outside.
A part of the wall of the bathroom slides and opens, inside Clothing, Weapons, and Armor, that is easy to wear, come out.

Because there might be people who plan to attack us in the places where we don’t have weapons, Mile was preparing to make sure it won’t happen.

Also, for the time being, there are escape routes on the ceiling and the floor.
Of course, they were also trapped to stop the pursuers.
What on earth is Mile trying to fight …
(T.N: Un-popular male cast that always peeks at girl bath in onsen chapter?)

Even if Mile doesn’t buy or collect the materials, she can still make it all from scratch with Earth magic.
However, if she makes it with earth magic, it will stand out and she will make others suspicious.

So, she changes it to “buying up materials and making it by hand”.
As usual, Mile only does what an Average C rank hunter can do to avoid standing out.

But Mile did not notice.

A normal, Average girl, who is a C-ranked hunter, will not be able to make a bath by herself, let alone just in a day or two…


“And Reni-chan, as a memorable first bather, please give a demonstration to everyone!” (Mile)


While saying that, Mile starts taking off Reni-chan’s clothes.

Mile has a complex about her body and she’s afraid that role will be given to her, so she use Reni-chan as a scapegoat.


“Uhm, Onee-san, what’s wrong, why did you stop …?” (Reni-chan)


Mile was shyly taking off Reni-chan coat and her shirt …
Suddenly, she has stopped her movement and was frozen.
Mile and Rena were amazed as they’re seeing it.

Reni-chan had good growth at the age of ten.
Yes, more than Mile.
And more than Rena …

After that, all the other female customers eventually took a bath together.
Reni-chan was pampered by everyone.

Just before “that” happen, Mile and Rena were happy with “Bathroom” or “Baths are ladies’ taste”
But right now Mile and Rena are immersed in hot water to the ears in a corner of the bathtub and remained there.
And everyone happily gave their thanks as they left…



A moment later, back at their room



“Japanese Fukashi talk … ” (Mile)


Mile isn’t energetic. It seems like she’s still in shock.


“Wyvern’s Repayment … ” (Mile)


And the story goes forward.


“Wyburn pulls out his feather one by one …” (Mile)

“Wyvern’s wings have no feathers!” (Maevis + Pauline)

“Ah…” (Mile)

“Child of the Goblin that was called Ugly…” (Mile)

“Children of the goblins were originally ugly!” (Maevis + Pauline)

“…” (Mile)


This is bad. If it was the usual Mile, she should have changed to “dragon’s repayment” and peel his own scale to repay.


“Let’s … sleep” (Mile)

“…Me too” (Rena)

“Well then, I will also sleep …” (Maevis)


Following Mile and Rena, Maevis also stumbled into the bed.

And alone, Pauline didn’t have anything to do besides counting the gold coins which is a daily routine.



Next morning



“Oh, good morning …” (Reni-chan)


The next morning, when Mile and Rena went to eat breakfast, Reni-chan greeted them with a slightly awkward face.

Well, because of the clothes she always wears that make her looks small. But with what happened last night, Mile realized for the first time that it was a concern for them.

However, her concern hurts Mile even more …


“Good morning, Reni … san” (Mile)

“Why, why did you call me with 『san』?” (Reni-chan)


It seems like the damage done to the loser Mile was really serious.



A few days later



The receptionist gently whispered to Mile when 『Red Oath』came to report their material collection quest (the orc’ meat and so on materials).

“… Please go to the Guild Master’s room” (Leria)

The『Red Oath』 silently nodded and went up to the second floor of the guild.



Guild Master room



“Actually, recently, there seem to be some people who are asking about you.
They don’t seem to be people from this town, but their purpose isn’t clear.
And there are some things about them that we don’t understand” (Guild Master)


Four girls after were told by Leria to enter the guild master’s room.
The first thing, the Guild Master’s talking about is some suspicious people searching for us.
Well, there are a lot of things they can think of.
The graduation test, the storage of Mile and now the defeat and capture 40 empire soldiers intact.
There are quite a lot of possibilities.


“I’ll keep an eye out for this, but be careful. That’s all I have to say.” (Guild Master)



Guild hall



“Who are you, are you investigating us …?” (Mile)


As Mile says so, she’s staring at the corner of the inn, where a young man stood.
He’s about twenty years old, a handsome young man with a fearless aura.
When the young man saw everyone, he came running all the way toward the girls.
Mile reflexively entered the defensive stance…


“Huh?” (Rena + Pauline + Mile) (あれ: Are?)


Blond hair, oval face with glittery eyes…
Three people Rena, Pauline, and Mile feel like this is someone they know despite this being the first time they met.

And Maevis calls out to him


“Third Ani-sama!!” (Maevis) (Maevis have 3 big brothers and she calls all of them Ani-sama)

“I knew it…” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)


They knew about Maevis and her family really well.
It’s probably the best in the world, except Maevis herself and her family.
For half a year at a training school, they had heard about her family dozens of times?
The young man’s suddenly stopped to look at Maevis.


“Eh? Mae…Vis, your hair …” (Maevis’ 3rd Anii)

“Ah, I cut it because it gets in the way” (Maevis)

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (Maevis’ 3rd Anii) (T.N: Insert Dark Vader meme)


Mile somehow managed to calm the confused young man, and they brought him into the inn.
It wasn’t good to put the man in the room of four girls, so we decided to talk by the corner of the dining room.
After a while, it seems that the young man has finally calmed down a little, Maevis spoke to him.


“Ani-sama, why are you here?” (Maevis)

“Because no matter how many letters Father sent to you, there’s no reply from you at all.
So this time, I was sent to have a direct talk with you.
Well, we should return home soon, please make the arrangements!
(Maevis’ 3rd Anii)

“No. Right now, I’m not the Austin’s eldest daughter, Maevis von Austin
But the leader of the new C-ranked hunter party,『Red Oath』
And I’m aiming to be a knight someday.
I’m just a swordsman, Maevis” (Maevis)

“What are you talking about, Maevis is Austin’s …” (Maevis’ 3rd Anii)


Pauline cut off halfway.


“Please wait a moment, Ani-sama” (Pauline)

“… Pauline, you don’t have any reason to call him『Anii-sama』” (Maevis)

“Ah, yes …” (Pauline)


Pauline replied so obediently.

Because whenever she’s talking about her brother, Maevis is always 『1st Anii-sama, 2nd Anii-sama, 3rd Anii-sama』
And because she never told them her brothers’ name so Pauline didn’t have a choice but call him 『Anii-sama』


“So, Yuan-san.
Maevis’ dream to become a knight was denied by her family and she ran away from home.
And right now, you plan to bring her back.
So what will happen when she gets back home?” (Pauline)

“Such a thing can not be tolerated!
Maevis is… no, the Kawaii Maevis our eternal Kawaii Imouto!
We will not allow Kawaii Maevis to become a knight that risks her life to protect others.
She will be the eternal princess that was protected by us!
All of us, brothers have become knights only for that reason!” (Yuan)

“Uwaa a …” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)


Three people’s minds were blown away, and Maevis have a troubled face.

Reni-chan was listening with her mammoth ear (which is equivalent to 『耳ダンボ: Mimi danbo』 word on the earth) and has her eyes open widely.
And the other guests have a face like hearing a peculiar thing.


“Well, this is certainly Dumbo ears『ケロッグ: keroggu』” (Mile’ inner thought) 


It is regrettable!
Mile thinks she has something in common with Maevis, but they are completely different.


“What was that?
You don’t believe me?
Okay, I will show you this!” (Yuan)

“Stop it, give it to me, please stop it!” (Maevis)


Yuan-san doesn’t listen to the desperate Maevis, he takes out a small package from his pocket.


“How about looking at this!” (Yuan)


Yuan-san said that as he presented, it was a palm-sized picture of a pretty girl about ten years old.

Young Maevis

Blond hair extending to the waist, crisp eyes, pretty smile.
It looks exactly like a fairy tale princess.


“…Who?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)

“…It’s me.” (Maevis)


Maevis scratched her cheeks and shyly said.


“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” (Mile + Rena + Pauline)


When hearing a lot of noise, Reni-chan, who was supposed to be behind the counter, unwittingly came near and looked at the picture.


If you extend the hair of Maevis onee-san, put her in a dress, opened her eyes wide and had her smile, she will become a princess like this …” (Reni-chan)

“That’s right!” (Yuan)


Yuan-san is proud when he hears that Reni-chan understood him.


“Ah, yes. It was just like Yuan-san said…” (Reni-chan)

“I don’t mind letting you call me with 『Nii-sama』” (Yuan)

“Huh …?” (Reni-chan)


Reni-chan has a blank face.


“Also, I don’t mind letting you call me so” (Yuan)


And Yuan pointing to Mile.


“Huh…?” (Mile)


And Mile also has a blank face.


Pishi~! (SFX)


Everyone’s ears seem heard some hallucinations.

When they’re looking, beside the fearless handsome young man 『who felt as if he could hear the sound』, there was a figure of Pauline and Rena with blue veins.


“Woah ah ~ ~!” (Everyone’ inner scream)





Guests at the dining room moved from the tables and chairs…
In the direction away from the table of 『Red Oath』

『Never turned Pauline and Rena into enemies』
Now everyone knew what it meant.
Both the innkeeper and the guests.

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      We have a crimson mage in the midst… Boiling water also burs, ya know~ the water demon mage is there as well~

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    Since there is a direct translation into English available, why not use that. “Mile and everyone” still sound natural in English. Unlike “older sister” or “older brother”. I never heard a native speaker calling their siblings like that, so it would sound unnatural. At least to my ear.


    • Well, obviously, that would be unnatural. It would be “big/little sister/brother” instead. It rather stand-out as an English idiom because a “big” sibling can be smaller than a “little” sibling… It is very common when conversing with people who are not acquainted with the person in question. It is also very common in introductions. It is rather uncommon after introductions have been established but it is not impossible if a continued relationship is not expected and their siblingness is highly relevant. It is worth noting that some people do not refer to parents as “mum/dad/mother/father” and are on a first-name-basis which is also uncommon. Granted, referring to a sibling as a sibling when addressing them directly is odd, but only so far as it would be placing unusual emphasis on the relationship, and it could become natural with exposure. I do not think that it would be the least-bit unusual after 62 chapters of immersion…

      Still, Translator’s prerogative. They clearly enjoy the terms and I have no inclination to deprive them of that. Again, there is clearly differences in usage too, but I just feel that they are minor enough that someone translating them would not be in error. And they could even go so far as to insert the siblings’ names where appropriate and available.


      • Still the different nuances between oni-sama, oni-chan, aniki and others would be lost. And calling someone older directly by name without honorific is viewed as disrespectful in many Asian cultures.
        Having a Japanese character calling an older sibling by name would seem as off as having a British character calling an older female character they respect, “Big Sis”. There may be exceptions, but it’s very uncommon.
        Personally I don’t like it when work of literature (or any other media) from one culture is made to conform to another culture.

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      • Nut it is made to conform by changing the language. Just think of all the poor puns that died so that you could read this! They died so that you could read something that was penned in another language and you would just throw away their sacrifice as “well sure, that lot of losers died, but all the important people are still here.”. Think of the puns! A Japanese character speaking to someone by name is no more weird than them speaking to someone in English. It is inherent to the language that some things are handled differently. Japanese people who move to English-speaking cultures often change their way of referring to people because that is just part of adapting to another language. Thse that don’t change their method of referring to people end up being even more weird because they are using cultural norms that don’t have a place in their environment. And the language is part of the environment, if the translator was fully translating then these things would be resolved, likely with great difficulty. It is the same as speaking in languages in which all nouns have genders. Should they use the native nouns, just not translating any nouns at all that aren’t gender-specific in English, in order to preserve the fluid references? Should they preface every noun with a gender identifier? It would be ridiculous. You translate “anvil that is female” into “anvil” because that is the legitimate equivalent for someone speaking in English.

        It is fine and good to have your own culture where you play with Japanese terms because you enjoy doing so. People should be free to have fun with such things. And changing a language can legitimately make things very difficult. Some things are very easy to convey in one and become hideously awkward to convey in another. An English writer would most likely never use self-references to identify someone having a gender-identity crisis because English doesn’t have many self-referential gender descriptors. Japanese writers on the other hand can easily play the Watashiore game so they do so. This sort of thing does dump the translator in a sticky pickle and I have no right to ask them to resolve it by completely rewriting the scene, nor even to suggest that such would be appropriate. Just not translating some terms is a convenient way around this, and I do not begrudge the translator for doing so. In moderation people can become accustomed to a few small terms from a different language and so long as the context is clear it is not that difficult, but it is still a clear failure to fully translate the text.

        There is nothing wrong with niche cultures. And there is a culture around the usage of these terms and it basically works. And a volunteer’s efforts are their own business, they are free to translate however they want. If they want to translate in this way then that is a lot more than anyone has any right to expect of them. That said it is not a complete translation and it is not the most accurate translation possible. Language and culture have an effect upon one another, it is impossible to completely sever a change of language from a compromisation of cultural references. It is clear that the conversations have lost some of their attitude. It is clear that some of the characters are ever-so-slightly altered. No amount of lamentation over the fact will change that the culture will absolutely definitely be made to conform. And the closest to a way of stopping that is to completely understand the original scene in its native language and then rewriting the thing almost from scratch to convey the same meaning in a different language, conforming to that language’s cultural limitations. It is entirely possible to convey respect in English. It is not generally so blunt, but there are ways. It is entirely possible to convey that a sibling relationship is very important to a character and a scene. You do not need to remove the greater emphasis on sibling and relative age relationships when losing the respective terms. The culture does not need to be made to conform just by losing those terms. The language may become awkward as a result, but leaving these terms in is also awkward to anyone who is not intimately familiar with them, and it is inherent to a scene from another culture that the cultural clashes will produce awkwardness, so there really is no loss there.

        It is good and proper for Imouto here to use these terms, and I have great respect for their abilities and efforts, but it is not the most accurate nor complete translation while it has those terms. The purpose here is not to have a perfectly accurate nor complete translation, the purpose here is to share fun stories with a community, and that purpose is served marvellously, and that is excellent!


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  16. Just realized I should also localize the units for those of you who use weird units
    Localization note: This chapter has a rather bad case of third person narrative with a conversational tone, this is very odd in western literature, but it can’t be fixed without a total rewrite. In most books I have read the narrator usually sticks to a formal tone. I will make more thorough notes on this for the current updates.

    Then, after {dinner of the day}→{that days dinner}.
    hut about 6 tatami mats {}→{10m^2 or 108ft^2} made in
    , 『Red Oath』{,}->{and the} female guests are interested {to see}->{in seeing} what Mile {want}->{wants} to show.
    placed on a table {with}->{} 2 meters {}->{(6’6”)} {in height}->{high}.
    that could {}->{even} be used even {in}->{for} military {cooks}->{cooking}
    {And the}->{a} bamboo cylinder extended from {the}->{a} hole opened in each 
    and hot water, and {fill}->{filled} all four tanks.
    However, {}->{it is} for women only.
    for water and hot water resupply {fee}->{costs}
    I think you can pay {}->{them} with free ale and {snack}->{food}.
    LN: I think booze might be a better term than ale, for tonal reasons, but I am not sure.
    And the water in the bath {raised the temperature a little}->{became a little hotter}
    {the}->{} steam began to rise from

    {And}->{While} its appearance is just a wooden hut{, but in fact, the}->{there are} stainless steel {plate was}->{plates were} sandwiched between the wooden boards
    when {pulling it}->{it is pulled}, the stainless steel plate {comes}->{drops} down from
    {from}->{} inside {}->{which is} Clothing {and}->{,} weapons{,}->{ and} armor {which}->{that} is easy to wear {come out}
    {at}->{in} places {that}->{where} we don’t have weapons
    time being, there are {also}->{} Escape Routes on the
    Of course, {there was}->{they were} also {a trap}->{traped} to stop {the pursuer}->{pursuers}
    Even if Mile {don’t}->{doesn’t} buy or {pick up}->{collect} the material, she can still make it all {out}->{from scratch} with {the}->{} earth magic.
    and she will {be}->{make others} suspicious.
    A normal, {mediocre}->{average} girl {with}->{wo is a} C rank hunter will not
    LN: Disappointed about the lack of averages
    please give a {model}->{demonstration} to everyone
    {she’s stopping}->{she has stopped} her movement and {}->{was} frozen
    water to the ears {at the}->{in a} corner of the bathtub and {remain}->{remained} there.
    their thanks as they {leave}->{left}
    A moment later, back {to}->{at} their room
    don’t seem to be people {in}->{from} this town
    isn’t clear{, there’re}->{ and there is} various
    storage of Mile and {this time}->{now the} defeat and
    corner of the inn, {}->{where} a young man stood {in front of the inn}->{}
    despite this {is}->{being} the first time they met
    They {knew really well}->{} about Maevis and her family {}->{really well}
    school, they had heard {over tens of times}→{about her family dozens of times}
    somehow managed to {call}->{calm} the confused young
    decided to talk {at}->{by} the corner
    home soon, please {}→{make the} {arrange}→{arrangements}
    knight that {risk}->{risks} her life to protect {someone}->{others}
    All {our}->{us} brothers have become
    It {is}->{looks} exactly like a {}->{fairy tale} princess {that appears in a fairy tale}->{}
    Maevis {scratch}->{scratched} her cheeks and {}->{said} shyly {said}→{}.
    who was supposed to be {in}->{behind} the counter unwittingly came near and looked {into}->{at} the picture
    put her {on}->{in} a dress, {opening}->{opened} her eyes wide and {smiling}→{had her smile}
    Yuan-san is {proudly}->{proud} when {hearing}->{he hears that} Reni-chan {understand that}->{understood him}

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