Mile Chapter 67: Strategy

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I just simply put this picture here and if you ask about the meaning.

I will leave it to your imaging.

After thinking I decided to change Tiriza to Teresa.

In case you don’t know

Anii-sama = esteemed big brother.

~de gozaru = the way samurai speaking after each sentence.

父親: chichioya = esteemed father.

母親: hahaoya = esteemed mother.

Mile Chapter 67: Strategy

[ED: Cyan, Lowe]


At the first night, in the carriage to Talesu.
The girls have had their meetings to a certain extent.
But because Teresa and Yuan joined, they needed to confirm with them about their plan.

The place is in a simple tent that Mile pulls out from storage, as usual.
For caution, Mile used magic for soundproofing.


“… That’s why we have to reveal his crime first.
We still don’t know if those men are telling the truth or not.
And even if those men speak the truth, it still takes a lot of time to confirm everything” (Mile)


With Mile’s explanation, Rena was quite upset.
Even though we all knew that merchant is a bad guy, but it can’t be helped because we still need evidence.
We already talked about this at the last meeting.
In the end, Rena agreed.

Besides, it will take a lot of time and effort to confirm the facts of the request.
Regardless of the case of a past robbery, it’s obvious that he hired those C-ranked hunters.
It is a sufficient criminal act with kidnapping and killing the kingdom’s citizens.

So, if we can confirm it, there’s nothing wrong with conviction.
Of course, they also ask the authorities to torture and ask about their past crimes.

Teresa originally didn’t intend to help or stop the girls’ actions.
But she still keeps listening to the plan so she can be a witness later.
And Yuan never opposed it because he also thought that a careful investigation in advance was necessary.

And on the evening of the fourth day, after departing from the kingdom, the horse-drawn carriage arrived at the hometown of Pauline, a town where she grew up, the town where Beckett’s company is located.

Even though it isn’t as big as the capital city, it is one of the biggest cities in the kingdom’s territory.


“Well, for the time being, we should find an inn.” (Rena)


As usual, Rena was the one who decided everything, and after a while, we reached the inn.

The inn is recommended by Pauline


“A guest house isn’t good.
We should stay in a shady one.
One quadruple room and two single rooms.
As a matter of course, Yuan-san will get a separate room, Teresa-san will also take a separate room.
Because we will not be able to talk if Teresa-san is in the same room” (Pauline)

“One quadruple room, two single rooms, do you have free rooms?” (Rena)


Rena asked the receptionist so, the man was surprised with his eyes wide opened.

This inn isn’t an inn that young women want to stay.
However, because it’s cheap, even a slightly staggering will be okay.
Customers will not notice it and can stay normally, sometimes female customers will come.

But what the man was surprised with was the appearance of a girl behind Rena.

Short black hair overflowing from the covered hood.
And two eyes looking through the gap of the bandages wrapped in her face.
Even though this receptionist, who is accustomed to shady customers, this girl is a first.
This girl must be the strangest customer of this month.

However, he is also a receptionist.

Even if he is surprised, he still answered calmly.


“It’s okay, how many nights will you stay?” (Receptionist)

“Undecided, I will tell you the day before we leave.” (Rena)


Rena answered so, confirmed the accommodation fee, meals etc, and received the key.

That dubious girl with black hair is, of course, Pauline.

Her hair had been dyed with dyed powder before getting on the carriage;
But the bandages are after they leave on the carriage in the city.
Pauline wasn’t wearing the bandage before getting on the carriage because it wasn’t good to draw attention from other passengers while traveling
And Pauline couldn’t bear the shame.
(T.N: And I thought Pauline was a Chuuni)

The hair color could be solved if she dyed it.
If she use dyed powder, her hair will be damaged, but either Pauline or Mile can fix it with healing magic.
They can also erase the dyed powder with cleaning magic to remove the color.
The four girls went into the room quickly and took a break until dinner time.

If you are riding a horse-drawn carriage, you get shaken up, painful buttocks, and become both physically and mentally tired.

Yuan seemed to be taking a rest in his own room.

Teresa put the luggage in her room and went out to report to the guild.






The next morning, we all went out after breakfast.
Because it would be rather conspicuous if the six people moved in together, we divided the team into three.

Besides, today is only information gathering. If we divide our members, we will gather more information.

First, Maevis and Yuan. We knew that Yuan could not go with anyone else.

Next, Rena and Teresa.

Last, Mile and Pauline.

It’s unlikely that anyone other than Pauline will be in danger since no action has yet taken place.

So, Rena and Maevis decided to attach Mile, which is the most powerful person among the four, to Pauline.

Teresa seems like she wanted to go with Mile, but she has not made a statement.
Besides, Teresa plays a minimum role as a party member and doesn’t intend to participate in the dispute.
Teresa was chosen for this role only because she has an appearance similar to the four girls of 『Red Oath』.

Besides, there will be a problem with pairing with Pauline, which is most likely to be disputed.

So Teresa and Rena, Mile and Pauline, we could not think of anything other than these combinations.


The three teams diverged and headed to their assigned search locations.

Rena went to the guild with Teresa.

Maevis and Yuan went to the marketplace.

And Mile went down the residential area with Pauline who had disguised as much as possible by wrapping her face with bandages and covering her face with a by the hood.






That evening.

After finishing each survey and returning to the inn, they got together into a quadruple room after having dinner.


“Well, I will put together the information that everyone gathered” (Rena)


As always, Rena is the one who starts the talk.


“First of all, we have information from the guild.
It seems that the five C-ranked hunters were occasionally hired by Beckett.
And they haven’t been seen for about ten days.
They were hired frequently when they needed illegal work done, not through the guild.
From their names and appearances, they must be the hunters that attacked us.
Also, apart from that, he seems to hire other people without hunter qualifications.
And this time he also hired an expert hunter as his personal escort.” (Rena)

“People in the shopping area have seen the same thing for the last six months.
As usual, even if Beckett uses brute force for business and crime and no matter what he does, he doesn’t get caught.
And it seems that the victims are always punished by the constitutional authority for some reason.
It seems that there are many shops and people feeling disgusted with the inconvenience from Beckett.
My third Ani-sama heard it from the female clerks” (Maevis)


With Maevis’ report, Yuan makes a proud face.

And four girls other than Maevis are drawn to the fact that Yuan’s info is limited to women.


“The testimony of the captured men in the capital seems to have not changed.
If anything happens, the guild master should inform us immediately.
It has already been seven days since we left, and if they use a fast horse, the message can arrive in a day and a half from the kingdom’ capital.
Those men will probably be sent directly to the royal palace’ torture room.
I don’t think they can bear that much interrogation.” (Teresa)


Teresa’s explanation is decisive.
It seems like we can be sure about Beckett’ crime.
Initially, Mile was afraid that Beckett can pretend like he doesn’t know those hunters that undertook illegal works to avoid punishment.
But it looks like that’s not the case.
The legal system here is different from the modern earth judicial system, so circumstantial evidence alone is sufficient.
Mile thought so.

And Mile suggested that the four of them will go get revenge and kill Beckett but everyone rejected it.
Because it’s useless to just defeat the bad guys with assassination.
We must do it without collapsing the company and so both Pauline, her mother and brother can properly get back to the shops.

And so,『Red Oath』 racked their brain.






The next day, when the second morning-bell (morning 9 o’clock) echoed in the town.

There are four people in front of Beckett’s newly opened store.

They are four girls.

And the smallest among them, a girl from about eleven to twelve years old, took out something like a cymbal from no-where.


Ja~n! (SFX)


Suddenly, the surrounding people stopped and focused on the girls with a loud sound that was unfamiliar to them.


Ja~n! Ja~n! Ja~n! (SFX)


After a further sound, the girl shouted loudly.


“This girl is a victim ~de gozaru.
And today she came for revenge ~de gozaru
Her『Chichioya』was killed.
The shop left by her 『Chichioya』 was robbed.
Her 『Hahaoya』was forced to marry her husband’s killer ~de gozaru!
Everyone (皆々様: Minaminasama), please don’t get in the way.
And please be careful that you won’t get hit by magic!” (Mile)


It was a revenge battle in the morning.
People’ eyes are shining.
This is a world with less entertainment.
This seems an interesting thing that they are unlikely to see again for many years.

Besides, the protagonists are pretty girls.
The enemies are unscrupulous evil merchants that everyone felt disgusted with.

They don’t even need to confirm which one is right and which one is wrong.

People began to gather and the Beckett’s shop was filled with a large crowd.

And Rena muttered.


“What is『De~ gozaru』?” (Rena)


Author’s Note:

I got tripped by a stone while wandering around and need to go to the hospital

and the update pattern collapsed. I’m sorry.

Because the wound was less than 1 cm in size, there is a possibility of naturally discharging, I can come home without even having a pain killer.

(^ ^ ゞ

Also, I may be delayed in updating due to pain and other hospitals and other errands, but please pardon me.

(^ ^ ゞ

Translator’s Note:

Sorry for the delay everyone

(^ ^ ゞ

I have a shift change yesterday.

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    • Aren’t those the ones that sound like (chi-chew-way) and (hah-hah-way)? I remember it’s how some people that either respect and/or fear their parents say it.


      • Here’s a rundown:

        Basic Forms:
        Otou-san (Father)
        Chichi (My Father)
        Okaa-san (Mother)
        Haha (My Mother)

        Advanced Forms (Add/Change suffix; you hear these with nobles and such):
        -sama (esteemed)
        -ue (high esteemed)

        Note that -sama is usually used with Otou/Okaa and -ue is usually used with Chichi/Haha.
        So you’d hear Otou-sama but not Otou-ue.
        And Haha-ue but not Haha-sama.

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    • Chichi/Haha are old fashioned words for father/mother. The oya is an appendix similar to -san, something that doesn’t translate into english…
      …Something like that?


      • “oya” means parent or parents. It’s respectful but old fashioned to use it as a suffix to chichi or haha

        You also hear it in “oyaji”, which is something a delinquent might call his father or father figure. It ends up translated as ‘old man’ (like a delinquent calling his father ‘my old man’ instead of ‘my father’.)

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  1. Teresa was chosen for this role only because she had appearance close to the four girls of 『Red Oath』.

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  6. {edit}->{editing}

    on the carriage{.}->{:}
    The girls {}->{have} had {done}->{} meetings
    they need to confirm {again}→{with them} about their plan.
    The same {}->{thing} was said
    about {the}->{their} past {criminal}->{crimes}
    {Probably}->{} This girl is {}→{probably} the strangest customer
    the {bandage}->{bandages} are after they leave {}->{on} the carriage
    wasn’t {tying}→{wearing} the bandage before
    powder with {clean}->{cleaning} magic
    you get {strong vibrations}→{shaken up}, painful buttocks, and {}->{become} both physically
    put {the}->{her} luggage in {the}->{her} room and went out to report {with}->{to} the guild
    Because it {is}->{was} conspicuous that the six people {move}->{moved} in together
    could not {approve to part with other people}→{go with anyone else}
    danger, {now that}->{since} no action has yet taken place
    but she has not {put in any words}→{made a statement}.
    only because she {had}→{has an} appearance {close}→{similar} to the
    headed to {the place according to their search purpose}→{their assigned search locations}
    went to the {area where many stores gathered}→{marketplace}.
    with {bandage}->{bandages} and {cover by}→{covering her face with a} hood
    survey and {returned}→{returning} to the inn
    Rena is the one who {start again}->{starts}
    rank hunters {}->{were} occasionally hired
    when he {need}->{needed} illegal work {}->{done}
    must be {those people}→{the hunters} that 
     also {hire}->{hired} an expert hunter {for}→{as a}
    area {is almost the same}→{have seen the same thing} for the last
    Beckett {use}->{uses} brute force
    he {won’t}→{doesn’t} get caught
    Maevis {draw}→{are drawn} to the fact that Yuan’s info is limited to {female}->{woman}
    It {is}->{has} already {}->{been} seven days since
    in {one}->{a} day and a half
    they can bear {so}->{that} much interrogation
    Initially, Mile {}->{was} afraid that Beckett
    hunters that {undertakes}->{undertook} illegal work to avoid {crime}->{punishment}
    But it looks like {a miscast}→{thats not the case}.
    {It}→{The legal system here} is different from the modern
    go {to}->{get} revenge and kill
    guys with {the}->{} assassination
    collapsing the {shop}→{company} and
    And {the}->{so} 『Red Oath』 {squeezed}->{collected} their wisdom
    when the second {}→{morning} bell {of the morning}->{}
    world with less {amusement}→{entertainment}
    girls, {}->{the} enemies are unscrupulous {bad deeds}->{evil} merchants that everyone {feels}->{felt} disgusted with

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  7. suggestion:
    hometown of Pauline, a town where she grew up, the town where {Beckett’}->{Beckett’s} company is located.


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