Mile Chapter 68: Accommodation

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If you expected a massacre. Sorry to disappointed you but it wasn’t like that.

It’s a comedy gag.

Mile Chapter 68: Accommodation

[ED: Cyan]


“What’s the matter!” (Beckett)


Maybe it was the shop clerk who informed the store situation, the chairman chief Beckett, the man who is the enemy of Pauline came out of the store with the guards.

And he’s looking at the crowd surrounding the store and the four girls standing in front of it.


“Pa, Pauline!” (Beckett)


In front of him was Pauline, with her real face after cleansing the dye powder with magic, returned it to her original brown hair and also took off the bandages.


“Did you come back by yourself! So what is this all about?” (Beckett)


The chairman looked around the crowd and questioned Pauline.


“Everyone, this man is a criminal. In the name of justice, I will arrest and punish him…” (Pauline) (T.N: No Pauline, only Mile, and Rena are justice. :V )

“What?” (Beckett)


Beckett raised a voice of anger to the unexpected words from Pauline who should have been obedient.


“Two and a half years ago, the bandits you hired to kill my father, forged the document and took over the shop.
I can’t do anything because there’s no evidence!
But this time, it is obvious that you tried to kill us, the hunters that belong to the capital’s guild which is the property of his Majesty the King.
This is an act of harming the property of his Majesty, a rebellion!” (Pauline)


An angry voice began to rise from the crowd to an extraordinary extent from the accused contents.


“No, I don’t know about it! What on earth are you talking about …?” (Beckett) (T.N: sorry my bad, this isn’t earth)


Beckett, while panicking denied everything in front of the masses.

But Pauline kept on speaking.


Didn’t you think it was funny that there was no news came from those who you ordered to kill my colleagues?
Yes, they were all caught and being interrogated by the royal torturer.
No, should I say “they have been interrogating”?
Perhaps, they already vomited everything by now, the king’s guards must be on the way here …” (Pauline)

“What …” (Beckett)


The crowd understood, looking at the reaction.
“Oh, the contents of the accusation are all true”
Pauline purposely talked about the matter of the past and this time.
Even though she’s only talking about evidence and witness in the present case, it also makes others believe Beckett’s crime in the past.

And it was already late when Beckett noticed that “If I denied it while in panic, it is as good as approving my own crime”

The perception that the accused contents were facts had spread among the crowds.

There was no choice but to crush down everyone with brute force.

Actually, a lot of people already knew about his wrongdoing before but he was okay because he has a connection with the authorities, they have been bribed by him.


“How dare you spread such malicious lies, catch them!” (Beckett)


The chairman sent a signal by hand while saying to the escort guards at the back.

It is a signal to “kill” that he has used several times before.

The five guards silent nodded and start pulling out their weapon.

Four of them pull out their sword and the last person pull out a staff.


You’re going to kill us in order to shut us up!
It is as good as admitting your crime!
When someone pointing their swords at us with killing intent, we can’t avoid fighting to defend ourselves.
This is a legitimate defense!” (Mile) (T.N: she talk like normal now, not ~De gozaru)


Mile shouted out loud the long explanation lines and pulled out the sword.
The other three also ready their weapons.
Rena and Pauline start chanting.

Those guards silently try to attack without saying anything unnecessary such as “prepare to die”!

And apparently, the guards seemed to be second-rate proficiency.
From what we heard from Rena, they don’t have a hunter qualification.
Apparently, they were not due to lack of ability but it was due to something else.
Rena and Pauline focused their consciousness on opponent’s magician.

It is better to take safety measures than to know how to take his magic attacks head-on.
And they also have absolute confidence that Mile and Maevis would completely prevent the opponent’s vanguards.
It will be dangerous if Rena and Pauline are attacked by the enemy’s vanguards when concentrating on the magician.
Rena and Pauline finished chanting spells, and then they kept only the magic words that trigger the spells.

The enemy’s vanguards are approaching.

Their simultaneous attacks are one for Mile, Maevis, Rena, and Pauline respectively.

They want to take care of the four girls all at once, and the magician will prepare his magic just in case.

Apparently, all the girls were little girls, the enemies underestimated their sword skill, magical power and casting speed too.

However, both Mile and Maevis took down the two vanguards immediately and they also took care of the other two who are still surprised.

Mile aside, Maevis has been training together with Mile for more than half a year.

That Godspeed movement can easily take down the enemies instantly.

The magician saw it and he triggered the magic in a hurry toward Maevis.


“Icicle Javelin” (Guard E)


It is necessary to choose magic which has no influence on people other than the target because he is shooting at close combat.
And this magic was suitable for that.

Besides, if it is an ice spear with an entity and kinetic energy.
It has an excellent breakthrough ability against the magic defense.

The situation is bad for him.
He has no vanguard left, he has no one left to protect him, he doesn’t know how strong the magician girls are
But at least he must take out one vanguard and plan to avoid the two girls’ magic.
If the magic aim to vanguard instead of magicians, it will be harder for magicians to defend it.

However, Both Rena and Pauline were “somewhat out of common sense” for a magician.


“Earth Shield!” (Pauline)

“Icicle Javelin!” (Rena)


The two spells were activated at the same time.

The enemy’s Icicle Spear that is aiming at Maevis was prevented by the wall of the soil raised from the ground.

And Rena’s Icicle spear which has a round tip heading toward the enemy magician.

The Icicle spear strikes the magician in the abdomen, the magician collapsed and fell down and all four guards were also rolling on the ground.

The crowd is excited with cheering and Beckett’s face becomes pale.

When Pauline tried to question Beckett again, there’s a voice from behind him.


“Hey, what’s all this fuss about?” (???)


The one who speaks seems to be a hunter in the mid-thirties.

He seems to be a vanguard swordsman because he carries a sword in his waist.

Beckett was relieved as he saw that man, Mile realized everything.


(Ah, with this situation, it will be the cliche “Sensei, please help me!”) (Mile’s inner thought)

“Sensei, please help me!” (Beckett)

(Oh, I knew it) (Mile’s inner thought)

“So, you guys are hunters, what were you all doing this for?” (Sensei)


Beckett called him sensei, he didn’t seem to be under the employer’s compliance and he asked the girls about the situation.


“Capture the criminal” (Rena)

“What criminal?” (Sensei)

“Well, that man behind you hired the robbers to kill our friend, Pauline’s father, robbed her fortune in forged documents.
And a few days ago, he also hired hunters illegally to kill us” (Rena)

“…Really?” (Sensei)


The man who heard the story of Rena turned around and asked Beckett.


“U, that’s a lie!” (Beckett)

“Well, you will soon see the escort carriage coming from the kingdom within a couple of days.
So, what are you planning to do?” (Rena)


Rena lightly treats Beckett who desperately denies, and asks the hunter man.


“Unlike the guards who are rolling over there, I’m an escort formally requested through the guild.
If you girls are officials or soldiers, or someone who has received a request from our country or the lord, I’m willing to hand him over to you.
If you aren’t, I have to protect him according to the contract, because I’m a hunter” (Sensei -> Hunter)

“… It can not be helped, but right now we have 4 and you only have 1, can you just surrender?” (Rena)

“I can’t do that, what would people think of me if a Rank B hunter surrendered to four new faces.
Besides I don’t think that we will lose in the first place.” (Hunter)

“Humm … shall we do it then …?” (Rena)


While Rena said so, Mile stops Rena who readies her staff.


“Rena, stop it, we should settle this with one vs one fight!” (Mile)

“Huh?” (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


Three girls are amazed that Mile has said something strange.


“Because we fight for justice.
I don’t admire bullying the weak with many people.
If we’re doing so, we can’t entertain the audience!” (Mile) (T.N: Mile please remember your setting)


Three girls saw the crowd silently nodding, and were convinced by that.


“… I understood … well then …” (Rena)

“Wait! Wait a minute!
What’s with that line 『we fight for justice』 and 『bullying the weak』?
Did you mean I’m an『Evil』 and a『weakling』?” (Hunter)

“What is wrong?” (Mile)


The hunter shouted loudly to Mile who still doesn’t realize what she just said.


“It’s totally wrong!
Didn’t I say everything a while ago?
I got an escort hunter request properly through the guild!
If you are one of public order, I will silently give him up to you.
But you girls are doing this for personal revenge, you girls are just raiders who move with a grudge!
In addition, even my party have separate action and I’m doing this quest alone, but originally I’m a leader of a B rank party.
So, only an A rank Hunter can call me a weakling or have a solo battle with me.” (Hunter)

“No, because you said so desperately, it is rather suspicious …” (Mile)

“No, it’s not a lie!” (Hunter)


An escort B rank hunter who screams desperately to suspicious words of Mile.


“Well then, it seems that the audience is getting excited, we should begin our fight soon …” (Mile)

“You are doing deliberately!” (Hunter)

“Your opponent is this normal magic swordsman beautiful girl, Mile …” (Mile)

“Huh ?…Where is she?” (Hunter)

“Eh?” (Mile)


Mile, who was trying to talk with the escort hunter’s complaints, was puzzled by his unexpected words.


“So, where is that 『Beautiful girl』 who is supposed to be my opponent?” (Hunter)


While looking around in a hurry, the escort hunter gives faint laugh at the end.


(This guy …) (Mile’s inner thought)


There are a lot of people in the world who self-named as 『Pretty girl』 or 『Prodigy magician girl』.

Because that was just self-named, the people in reality maybe isn’t really pretty or a Prodigy.

However, He purposely emphasizes the『Beautiful girl』part to embarrass me

I will not go easy!

So thinking, Mile chew in her heart.

With full anger …


“I will do it” (Pauline)

“Eh?” (Mile + Rena + Maevis)

“This is the fight that I should do.” (Pauline)


As she said so, Pauline took a step forward.

T.N: In case you don’t get what Mile and co. doing

Right now the girls are doing a show with the theme “four beautiful Mahou shoujo come for revenge”. [ED(Lowe): this is quite dark when you phrase it like that…. for Mahou shoujo to seek revenge….]

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    I would have been okay with it if he seriously asked where is this beautiful girl is, but since he said it on purpose to spite our Mile, I wanted him to regret taking that “legit” guild request.

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    • She didn’t explicitly tell them because “mile is a child that learns” from her experience at her first school. She guided her team in a way that they solidified their mental image without knowing the cause of their growth.

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  11. suggestion:
    Didn’t you think it was funny that there were {no figures of}->{no news/message came from} those who you ordered to kill my colleagues?

    Yes, they {are}->{were} all caught and {}->{being} interrogated by the royal torturer.
    No, should I say “they {were interrogating}->{finish interrogating}”?

    before but he was okay because he {has a connection for that, he has bribed people with authority for that.}->{has connection with the authorities, they have been bribed by him}

    “How dare you spread a {malicious hoax}->{such lies}, catch them!” (Beckett)

    If you are {a public position}->{one of public order}, I will silently give him up to you.

    {I’m going for retaliation}->{I will not going easy}!


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