Kazane Chapter 51: Eat hot spring buns

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I’m thinking about taking over Manowa because I really love this novel.

I translate this chapter like this by this page’s influence

Kazane Chapter 51: Eat hot spring buns

◎ Toruda hot spring town – Louise hotel courtyard 

Kazane: “Gugugu gugugu” 

Kazane’s body is pulled by the vibration.

Yumika: “How is it, Kazane?”

Yumika seems worries about Kazane.

Kazane: “Gugugu, It’s okay Yumika”

Kazane is smiling at Yumika and told her that she is okay.

Kazane: “Shoulder, waist, legs. I am adjusting the vibration by adding hands around. Originally it is a golem for restraint, but this one is effective, isn’t it?”

What the girls are working on now is the improved version of the default restraint golem, Meiden-chan. This golem is Masa-san, a massage chair golem.

Yumika: “Uhm, Kazane?”

Kazane’s face is slightly distorted.

Kazane: “Mu, it’s too strong,  gu, a ga ga ga ga, it hurts.”

Yumika: “Wait, Kazane, are you OK?”

Kazane: “I’m fine, thank you,  I will release it”

Kazane breaks the golem. The chair where the Kazane was sitting broke down in a boring manner.

Kazane: “Uuu, failure, it is difficult to moderate after all, Yumika”

Kazane’s eyes are teary as she says that to Yumika.

Yumika: “Well, just improve it slowly, It’s hard to do everything perfect right away”

Kazane looks at the chair that crumbled with a disappointed face.

Zinray: “What are you doing with that, girls?”

Mefirs: “Well, I don’t know well, but from what I see, she was trying to build a golem that artificially rubbing her body.”

Zinray and Mefirs are watching from a distance.

Mefirs: “You think of strange things”  

Zinray: “Nevertheless, that high flexibility is the secret of  her power”

Zinray: “I see”

Yumika: “But you will cause trouble if you make such things in other people’s hotel garden”

Kazane: “Well”

As the three people say so, Kazane make a golem and return the collapsed rock to its original position.

By the way Tiara is going to a hot spring alone. It seemed that she liked the hot spring the most.

◎ Toruda hot spring town – Louise Hotel S-Class Room – Next day

Kazane: “Let’s start the 6th party meeting!”

Kazane starts the meeting. There were Louise, Yumika, Tiara, Zinray, and Mefirs (small bird).

By the way, the 5th is the night before we went to the kingdom. At that time, Zinray was furiously angry about the case of Hanabi, and Kazane must become the moderator with teary eyed.

Kazane: “Well, members have also increased since last time. Tiara has became an official member, and oji-chan will be the observer”

Tiara heard her name called and had a full smile.

Kazane: “Louise-san is newly joining from today, so do you really want to come?”

The reason for this meeting was to decided the party action, but before that, Louise said to go with them.

Louise: “Of course, there’re Zinray and Mefirs, how can I not go?”

By the way, Kazane is 15 years old, Yumika is 15 years old, Tiara is 17 years old, Zinray is 58 years old and Mefirs is 62 years old. The average age is about 33 years old per person. But by adding Louise who is 126 years old. It jumped to 49 years old. It feels like this is an aging party.

Zinray: “Louise-san is mainly based on defense magic and recovery magic and also can use summoning for support”

Kazane: “Then, she can teach Tiara about summoning”

Mefirs: “If it is about summoning, only one is enough. Ruby Griffon can handle everything the best.”

Louise: “If you teach it will be biased due to the emphasis on power. For girls, summoned beasts are more subtle”

While saying something nice, the hand of Louise makes a strange gesture.

Louise: “Eagle should not complain.”

And this time, it was Zinray.

Zinray: “To be honest, in the fight with the Ruby Griffon, I think it was something too powerful and hard to control”

Zinray was thinking if only they have Louise at that time. Zinray thought that we needed someone who could support Kazane.

Kazene: “Well then, let’s decide it like that”

Kazane ends the meeting.

Louise: “We will continue as we go back to Winland. And because today is a holiday, we will enjoy the hot spring like we planned before. We will start traveling tomorrow. I’m thinking about challenging the dungeon a bit.”

As Louise say so, Kazane is looking at Zinray. If it is related to battle, Kazane always want to ask Zinray’s judgment.

Zinray: “As expected from Louise-ane, you suggest something like this now.”

Louise: “It’s terrible that you think of me like that, I just suggest something afford-able because it’s nearby.”

Mefirs: “I also think it is okay, so how many times had you dived in Dungeon, Kazane?”

As a matter of fact, a reminder of the Ogre suppression has arrived from the guild.

Kazane: “About twice, I only want to experience something, I will be back in the next day and then then we will leave.”

Louise: “There is a nice spa town from here to Winlnad”

Zinray thought it would be her aim but he did not put it into words. Mefirs is also silent.

Kazene: “I understand, but I want to hunt Ogre on the way there.”

Kazane is considerate for the guild rather than the title of the Ogre killer … she wants to do it.

Zinray: “Yeah, I got it.”

When it doesn’t seem anyone objects Kazane’s proposal…

Louise: “But, Ogre is a dangerous demon, hunt it is quite a bit…”

And Louise was quite of in a worry.

Zinray: “Well, Louise-ane just didn’t know about it yet.”

Zinray answer to Louise.

Louise: “What?”

And Louise tilt her head, but Zinray finished the conversation saying

Zinray: “You will understand if you see it.”

◎ Toruda spa town – central square – square stone monument

Kazane: “Hot Spring Bun is delicious”

Yumika: “Yeah, well.”

Kazane and Yumika were trying the special products sold in the town together.
Kazane and Yumika were interested in the manju on the way to the hotel, they bought some and was eating. Tiara has gone to a hot spring again.

Kazane: “My uncle likes hot springs and I was getting souvenirs a lot, didn’t I?”

Yumika: “You sometimes share it with our classmate”

Yumika feels nostalgic.

Kazane: “It really was hard to build the same thing like this”

Yumika: “I guess he made a lot of effort from the beginning, what kind of face did you think he had?”

Kazane: “I’m sure he has the same face as us.”

Yumika: “I don’t think so”

Yumika was crying. Kazane was also crying. They looked at the stone monument in the central square of the city and they were crying.

Toruda spa town.

It was about 600 years ago when this city was built.

Until then, it was said that there was no culture called hot spring in this region.

Partly because even the hot springs are springing up, adventurers may have soaked in the hot water. But it wasn’t a fun thing for ordinary people to be wary of surrounding demons.

A foreigner who came from a distant country said “If we have hot spring here, then it would be better to build a town where hot water gushes out” and began making it. That gentleman was a high ranked adventurer and he built this town with huge wealth that he gained in the middle of various knowledge and journeys.

Initially, people who don’t know about thing such as hot springs have challenged it, but they also succeeds in raising awareness by calling various heroes and royal aristocrats as guests in the connections of that gentleman.

And that gentleman eventually married to the princess of this country and became king with the achievements of his adventure. The ring of the Ruby Griffon was also brought to the princess by this gentleman.
The name of the king is “Tatsuyoshi Tsurugu Tsvala”. King Tatsuyoshi put a stone monument in this town and left his own words.

『My compatriots may come someday. People of the same hometown.

I try various things here and made various things.

Unfortunately, I could not return to the former world, but I can say that it was a life without regret.

And this probably was the will of God that we came to our world.

Then we have the right to survive here.

Perhaps now it may be painful. Or maybe you can return to the original world if you die. However, I would like to say that I enjoyed the life here.

If you know Zekishia Heart game. That world was here. I lived here. It is not a game. It is a reality.

Enjoy the world and enjoy life. I were not blown away.

I came here.』

Yes, it was written. The meaning is unknown to the people in this world, but it was a painfully understandable word for Kazane and Yumika. And under the stone monument where the sentence was written, there were letters engraved in this words.

『PS: TATSU ☆ YOSHI for those who know

Yukko-ane , Kazane, Yasu-kun, JINJIN e.
I wrote this and wish that someone around will see it.

Sorry, I couldn’t go home.
I did various things but it was impossible.
The end of the dungeon was not even able to help me go back.

But I was happy. I also want you to be that way.

I will leave a gift though it is small.

BY Ken Wakashi Tatsu Ryō』

Kazane’s tears are falling down as she reads the written Japanese. That sentence was certainly a sentence of a man who knew Kazane well. It was his offbeat like that

After finishing reading everything, Kazane muttered.

Kazane: “600 years is too far Tatsu Ryō-kun”


Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman


  • Ogre Killer Princess


  • Cane Cane 『White Blaze』
  • 2h sword.png Two Handed Sword 『Black Fang』
  • Breast Plate Silver Breastplate
  • Gauntlet Silver gauntlets
  • Clothes.png Silver sheep Clothing
  • Trouser.png Carapace Bull trousers
  • Gleaves.png Berserk Ogre Greaves
  • Cloak.png Indestructible Cloak (and Futons)
  • Pound.png Mystery Pouch
  • Medal.png Crimson Saint Casket
  • Ring Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level: 20

  • Vital Vitality: 70
  • MMP.png Magic Power : 114+300
  • STR Strength : 27
  • AGI.png Agility : 22
  • END.png Endurance : 16
  • Wisdom Wisdom : 27
  • STR Dexterity : 19

Spell :

  • Flying『Fly』
  • Toucher『Torch』
  • Fire『Fire』
  • Healing『Heal』

Skill :

  • 『Goblin Language』
  • 『Night Vision』
  • 『Crushing Blow』
  • 『Dog’s Sense of Smell』
  • 『Golem Maker』
  • 『Rush』
  • 『Fire Principle: Second Chapter』
  • 『Healing Principle: Second chapter』
  • 『Air Jump』
  • 『Killing Leg』
  • 『Fear Voice』
  • 『Invisible』
  • 『Tiger Eye』


Name: Tachiki Yumika

Kanaze 1 “…  So he was like the second prince, isn’t he?”
Yumika 1 “Tatsu Ryō that survives 600 years, he is like a curse”

Kanaze 1 “Yumika, did you know about Tatsu Ryō-kun?”
Yumika 1“I was hesitant to say it… well now, it doesn’t matter anymore.”


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