Mile Chapter 69: Impeachment

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Translator Note: Please calm down.

I just testing the new format.

How would I know you will love or hate it If I don’t try it even once. I’m the type “Trial and error” and learn from mistakes.

Don’t worry, It won’t happen again.

Notice: the lord rank is Baron so I will fix everything again

Mile Chapter 69: Impeachment

◎  Talesu Town – Beckett Merchant’s Shop

“…Pauline?” (Mile)

“It’s okay, even if I look like this, I’m a 『Red…” (Pauline)

“Geho ~geho~ geho~” (Mile+Rena+Maevis)


Mile, Rena, and the extraordinary big cough of Maevis interrupted Pauline’s words.

Yes, this time, they decided not to name themselves 『Red Oath』but make it a mere 『Pauline and friends』.
They don’t want to spread the fact that the『Red oath』was involved in the gray zone incident so much.
Because this time it’s a member’s personal matter, not the party’s quest.

Pauline remembered that and immediately corrected her words.


“… This one is a member of 『Red Blood is Juctice』 group” (Pauline)


Mile’s group was staggering with how Pauline forcibly changed it.

But the audience is getting excited.


“You, what kind of party are you …” (Hunter B)


Escort hunter was also wondering.


“This time, this one’s party is irrelevant.
They aren’t party member but this one’s sisters who joined for this one’s personal grudge.
They are just the friends of this one” (Pauline)


Mile noticed.
The way Pauline talks is a bit monotonous than usual.
The audience, who are meeting her for the first time, will not know
But with the people, who stay with her all the time, like『Red oath』, they will realize right away.


“This one’s name is Pauline
That man is this one’s father’s killer
And it’s all thanks to this one’s friends that this one can stay alive
Now is the time for revenge …” (Pauline)


Actually, what Pauline is trying to do, isn’t to have a conversation with the other person.

As Pauline’s talking, her brain is preparing something else.


“Here I go!” (Pauline)


Pauline raised her staff, and the hunter grasped the handle to pull out the sword.


“It’s hurt~tttt!” (Hunter B)


The hunter shouting loudly and letting go of the handle.

His palm was wet with red blood. 
When the hunter looks at his sword that is still in the sheath, thorns grew on its handle. 


“Wha…t …” (Hunter B)


The Hunter seems to panic.

But if he is afraid with just this degree, he can’t call himself a B rank.


“Damn it.
『Shadow casting』!
It’s a non-chant advanced technique.
You chant in your head while talking about something else!?” (Hunter B)


The hunter looks at his dagger, which is his spare weapon.

When he saw nothing was growing on it.

He quickly grasped the handle of the dagger…


“It’s hot~ttttttt!” (Hunter B)


And, at that moment he pulled it out, he threw the dagger away.


“Secret technique 『 Heat Sword』!” (Pauline)


Pauline shouting the skill name (magic name) with the cold face.

Yes, just as that Hunter said.

This is a higher technique that chanting in the head secretly while pretending not using any magic by talking about other things, 『Shadow casting』.

As expected, it is difficult to talk with the other person normally.

But right now, Pauline can use it because she is talking mechanically with the dialogue that was prepared in advance.

It’s still a big deal.

And “Heat Sword” is magic with reference to weapons used by the gigantic golem that appeared in Mile’s Fukashi Japanese story.

But the way Pauline used the spell, the 『hot parts』 was opposite to the blade part. (See translate’s note)

Mile thought so as Pauline spoke that skill name.


“That isn’t a heat sword. that’s a heated grip” (Mile’s inner thought)

“Wow, damn it!
But if this distance, I can just use my bare hands …” (Hunter B)


The hunter is trying to beat Pauline with his fists as he says so.

But all of sudden he is screaming.


“Ahhhh, this is…, what are you doing…?” (Hunter B)


The Hunter fell down on the ground as he was.


“…Actually, it isn’t only the handle of your dagger that can raise the temperature.
I also raised your body temperature little by little.
And you broke down rather quickly …” (Pauline)

Please put some water on the person’s head!
Or he will die!” (Mile)


Several spectators near there caught a desperate cry of Mile and hurriedly pour water on the head of the hunter with water from the shop’s water tank for fire protection.
Thinking about it, it would have been better if Mile used magic, but Mile didn’t remember about it.

After a while Mile noticed, she hastily multiplied the cooling magic and healing magic.
She was quite desperate because she wasn’t sure whether the anomaly of the brain will be restored to its original state with curative magic.
This hunter just tried to do his escort request.
He isn’t a bad person.

In this case, we are more like the bad guys here.


 “What, …” (Beckett)


The last trustworthy escort is defeated. Beckett is shivering in fear.
But luck has turned to him again.


 “Make way, make way!” (???)


A carriage arrived with a cavalry of a few horses

And behind it, there were figures of soldiers walking, it’s about 20 people.


“Fuhahaha, stupid, you think you have won?
Now that the soldiers have arrived, you will be killed.
Prepared yourself!” (Beckett)

For real?
To think we can proceed smoothly like this” (Rena+Pauline+Maevis)

“Just according to the Keikaku” (Mile) (T.N: Keikaku mean plan)

“What is this commotion? Explain yourself!” (???)

“…you are?” (Mile)


Mile asked the person who came down from the carriage.


This man is Baron Boodoman-sama!” (Soldier)


A soldier who came down from the horse responded.

And Beckett is talking to the Baron.


“Baron-sama, these are the rogues that attacked me!” (Beckett)

“What is it supposed to be?” (Baron)


And, Mile answered quickly.


“This man had hired bandits to kill the owner of this store and made a forged document to hijack this store!
The officer, who admitted the forged document, is also guilty.
I’d like them to be executed!
What sort of officer that acknowledged such fake forged documents!
You should also look for him, Mister Baron!” (Mile)


With Mile saying everything out loud, the audience all has a bitter smile.


“What did you say?” (Baron)


In a hurry, the Baron tried to silence Mile.

But it was too late after everything had already been said.


“That’s why, catch this criminal, Mister Baron!” (Rena)


Rena shouted to the Baron as well.


“Shut up, shut up, shut up!
It’s you guys, who will be arrested!” (Baron)


The Baron was conscious of the crowd, he shouted out loudly.


Isn’t this strange?
How can you decide which is wrong without examining it?
It was as if you knew about the officer, who refused to investigate forged documents.
And when people raised an objection, you didn’t investigate this merchant.
It is strange.
Oh, maybe…” (Pauline)


This time Pauline joined in with a more irritated state.


“Well, I will shut you up then!
Catch them quickly!” (Baron)

“That will be a problem.” (Teresa)


A young girl walked out of the crowd.


“Who are you!” (Baron)

“I am Teresa, a member of the Hunter Guild, Kingdom capital Branch.” (Teresa)

“A little girl like you is a guild’ member, are you kidding me?” (Baron)

“Yes, because that merchant is a criminal, who ordered the hired men to kill these hunter girls.
These girls are the victims.
Furthermore, just now that merchant ordered the men, who were rolling in the floor, to kill these girls.
So I can’t afford to let these girls be taken away by the Baron, who seems to be a friend of that merchant” (Teresa)

“…” (Baron)


Teresa told Beckett ignoring the Baron.


“In the Hunter Guild, there is no capture right for those, who aren’t guild members, except for the wanted guilty members.
But since you have ordered the underling to kill the guild’s hunters.
That it is a clear hostile action against the Guild.
You will not be able to request anything from the guild for your business.
Because the guild is a united organization.
All the guild branches in all countries will blacklist you.
Regarding the instructions for the killing of the guild’s hunters.
It has already been reported to the Kingdom capital guards.
Because it is an illegal act against the citizen’s residents, that is an illegal act against the property of His Majesty the King.
Even the residents of aristocratic territory are subject to the capture of the Kingdom capital guards.
Because the royal soldiers for captivity have left the kingdom long ago, I think they will arrive soon.
That concludes the notification from the Hunter Guild’s Kingdom branch.” (Teresa)

“Nooooo…” (Beckett, Baron)


Both Beckett and the Baron screamed their despair voice out loud.
Beckett had heard about soldiers from the kingdom capital from Pauline earlier.
But he thought that he can still manage.

Shut these little girls up after capturing all of them.
He will hand all of them with a reason “The people who dare to deceive the citizens and rubbed off of sin”.

And as usual, the person under the Baron will torture all of them.
After killing them, he will spread the rumor:
“They confessed everything, after that, they all committed suicide”
just like what he has been doing all the time times.

Even with evidence and witness, he thought that it would be impossible to capture him even if the soldiers of the kingdom’s capital are coming.
He is the inhabitant of the aristocratic territory.
In any case, there is evidence, witness, the confession of the real culprit, and the Baron certifies his innocence.

However, the guild is bad.

Unfortunately, the guild has no obligation to obey the command of the royal palace.
And receiving a request or not is the freedom of the guild.
Even if he denies the fact that he ordered those men to attack the hunters.
Once the guild judges that “he is an enemy,” he will no longer be able to request anything from the guild.

Moreover, he was told that not only his own shop but also a place to do business with his shop will be denied as well.

It’s already over.

Escort for the merchant.
Collection of material.
Everything is requiring guild hunters.
Once the guild refused everything.
It will be a fatal blow for merchants.
And the only way to avoid it is really easy.
All merchant must not have any deal with Beckett.
With this, who will keep dealing with him?
… His life is ruined.


“Mi Lo…ord.
Catch them and execute them all!
Such a little girl can’t be the messenger of the guild.
She is just trying to deceive us!” (Beckett)


In order to argue with soldiers from the kingdom and insist that was a false charge. Beckett is desperately trying to catch the girls and dispose of all evidence.

And the Baron has the same idea.

Certainly, it is strange to leave such an important mission to a little girl between 13 and 15 years old.

Besides, it was bad for him to linger a bit more.

He must catch everyone quickly and prepare to deal with the soldiers from the kingdom.

Otherwise, Beckett will be caught and brought to the Kingdom, and if he speaks everything in interrogation, the Baron’s crimes will come to light and his position may be lost.

Until now, he had done various things for Beckett.

If the Royal Palace knows everything, not only his position, he can also get the death penalty.

Besides, these girls are all pretty well-rounded.

Body shape… well, there are places that are somewhat unsatisfactory, but it is within the allowable range.
The Baron who thought so and ordered in a faint laugh at all his soldiers who finally arrived.


“Capture those girls, don’t scratch them too much” (Baron)


No matter how good these girls as hunters.

Five girls from 10 years to 17 years old can’t win against more than twenty soldiers.

While pulling the sword and intimidating, several soldiers begin to approach the girls.


Chi~yudo~n! (SFX)


And they were all blown away.


“Yes, with the enemy’s intent to attack by approaching and pulling out the sword,
I got the condition for legitimate defense.
Thank for the meal! (戴きました~:  Itadakimashita)” (Mile)

“Huh?” (Baron, Beckett, Soldier, Citizen)

Translator’s note.


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