Mile Chapter 70: Pau-san, Re-san, Please do it.

Mahou Shoujo pair
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Translator’s note:

Please calm down.

I just testing the new format.

How would I know you will love or hate it If I don’t try it even once. Just like Mile, I’m the “Trial and error” type and learn from mistakes.

Don’t worry, It won’t happen again. Just like Mile, I’m a girl who can learn from her mistake.

~Sigh, another failure. Ah, don’t mind me.

Wait, just a small spell icon like this still distract you?


In case you don’t know:

Chichiue = esteemed father.

Ani-sama = esteemed big brother

Mile Chapter 70: Pau-san, Re-san, Please do it.

◎ Talesu Town – Beckett Merchant’s Shop

“Yes, with the enemy’s intention to attack by approaching and pulling out the sword, I got the condition for legitimate defense.
Thank for the meal! (戴きました~: Itadakimashita)”

“Huh?” (Baron, Beckett, Citizen)


The Baron, Beckett, and the crowds raise their doubt voices without knowing what Mile’s talking about.
In the first place, they didn’t understand the meaning of the word “conditions for legitimate defense”.

Anyone, who tries making any kind of harm to the others, will be retaliated right away.

Otherwise, no matter how many lives they have, it won’t be enough.

In such a world, it was enough for retaliation with if the other party tried expressing harm, handling weapons.

So, strict “condition of legitimate defense” like the Earth is mere self-satisfaction to the last.


“Pauline, Rena, please go ahead” (Mile)


Miles was blowing several soldiers away for the time being.

But it’s impossible for her to truly fight with this number of soldiers from the front because Mile is just an average C rank hunter.

So, naturally, it was the turn of other two.
Pauline is the leading role in the first place.

And Rena, whose father was killed by bandits, in the same manner, was also remembered a little.

It was dangerous if we don’t let her take it easy.
The soldiers didn’t have any magician.

Although in military fighting, there’re magical soldiers who can do magic warfare, but they are the very rare existence.

The magical soldier is not only rare but also high paying.

Even if the Baron is a noble, he is quite in low rank.

As expected, he can’t afford to have that kind of magical soldier.

Instead of paying for one magical soldier, he can use that payment for several ordinary soldiers.

As a clerk who ran into contacting the Baron thought that Mile was a swordsman, it was reported that magicians were only two girls.

And, no matter how good magicians are included, they will be helpless before the soldiers several times their number.

And in the report, only a few little girls who rampage.

It never occurred, the Baron can never imagine the power of the girls.

That is Pauline and Rena’s Prowess.


“Flare” (Rena)


The magic that Rena used isn’t a normal flame spell.

It’s only merely stroking the enemy, and it doesn’t explode or penetrate.



“Aaaaaaa!” (Soldiers)


The moment the flame is in contact with the parts covered with armor and clothing, it’s heating up that part and spreading to their skin and hair.

Their skin is still good.

Although the surface turns red and flickers, it is commonly called “burn injury”.

It will be cured in 1 or 2 weeks.

But their heads are burned up.

Ignoring the rolling soldiers, Pauline also uses magic on other soldiers.


“Ultra Hot Mist!” (Pauline)

“Aaaaaaa!” (Soldiers)


A red fog covers the soldiers.

By the way, “hot” isn’t “temperature hot” but “spicy hot”.

Previously, it was a mist version of “Water ball · Ultra Hot” that Pauline used on those men who attacked them before.


“Ugyaaaaaa!!” (Soldiers)


Apparently, it seems that the fog was also applied to those who had burned their head with Rena’s magic.

Their Screaming echoed in the surrounding.


“Wha…attt!?” (Baron)


Due to the girls, about half of the soldiers fell and roll on the ground within a moment.

The Baron was surprised, but the rest of soldiers got near with the opponent’s magician.

Because both of them have just cast magic, it takes time to complete the next cast.


“Capture them before their next chant!” (Baron)


When Baron shouted, Mile and Maevis already had a step forward.

It is not surprising that there are magicians who have a competent skill that doesn’t match the age. 

Even 15-20 years old prodigy can have the magic power like a 45-50 years old magician.

But right now is sword skill.

There’re two girls, one is about 10 years old, the other one is not even 20 years old yet.

They can’t win against half the soldiers left, after defeating the vanguard, the soldiers can catch the magicians and they will win.

The Baron thought so, but he heard a sudden voice out of the crowd.


“I will have you stop at that position!” (???)


There can’t be any soldiers who will stop moving with just that. 

The soldiers simultaneously slashed at Mile and Maevis.

And they were stopped by the two while both Mile and Maevis won’t bother to move a little.

And with that little time, it was enough time for Rena and Pauline’s chant to be completed.


“Explosion!” (Rena)

“Slimy!” (Pauline)


Pauline’s original magic “slimy”, which also served the purpose of preventing the fire from spreading

It was burst immediately after Rena’s explosion magic to reduce its power and scope to the surroundings.

Several soldiers got blown by the explosion, and the remaining soldiers were also in a big mess.


“Ku~, it’s slippery! I can’t grasp the sword!” (Soldiers)


Awesome, the magic “slimy”!

It was fortunate that there were no female soldiers. (T.N: Of course, this isn’t an ecchi fan service Novel)


“Stop it right there” (???)


The battle was temporarily interrupted, the Baron looked at the group of visitors that appeared.

They look like a noble family, and there were a few knights enclosing to protect the man in the middle.


“Baron Boodoman, just what are you trying to do with my daughter…?” (???)


And Maevis speaks.


Also, 3rd Ani-sama and eldest Ani-sama …” (Maevis)


Primary idiot parent, Siscon part 1, Siscon part 2 appeared.

The next morning of the day he met Maevis in the kingdom’s capital, Yuan sent a letter to their father, wrote the details.

He also sent another letter yesterday morning, when the girls decided to confront Beckett.

And their father was furious.


“How dare you try to attack my beloved daughter, who grew as a beauty exactly like my beloved wife …” (Maevis’s father)


And, after receiving the letter, he left the estate, with six knights and his eldest son who pressed all work of the territory army to his second son.

They met Yuan, who is waiting outside the city and joined up as soon as possible.


“Who… who are you?” (Baron)

“I am that beautiful girl over there, Meavis’ father…
Well, let me hear your reason why did you protect the people, who attacked my daughter, in the kingdom’s capital…” (Maevis’s father)


The Earl with a look of anger desperately held down his trembling arms in anger and said to Beckett.


“Those who tried to hurt Maevis von Austin, the treasure of Earl Austin’s family and her colleagues.
I and my clan will take responsibility and deliver him to the bottom of hell…” (Maevis’s father)


Baron Boodoman was pale when he heard that name.

He is the one who controls this city.

He can threaten any families, relatives, and tax increases, and those who still do not listen or even kill them.

Most of the hunters as well as the officials of the guild branch in this city are also people of his territory.

If anyone dares to turn the Baron into an enemy, it was a stupid enough person not knowing what treatment is waiting for relatives, friends, and colleagues at work as well.

However, the “Earl” is bad news.


“Da… daughter?
What is it?
I just heard that there was a group that attacked a merchant of my territory.
Besides, this is a problem within my territory.
Even if you are the Earl, you can’t just interfere as you like!” (Baron)


Baron Boodoman is desperately trying to deny but the Earl didn’t stop with just that.


“Hohou, I have heard that my daughter and her friends are the capital citizens who were attacked.
And there’s no reason for you to interfere.
Because it is a matter within the kingdom involving my daughter, who is the citizen of the capital, which is in direct jurisdiction of His Majesty, the King” (Earl Austin)

“Wha, what nonsense…
Why did the King tell you, you are only one of the aristocrats who keeps the territory…” (Baron)

“You trying to say that your Majesty’s certificate is necessary, aren’t you?” (???)

“Huh?” (Earl Austin + Baron)


Suddenly someone cut off his line, both the Baron and the Earl of Austin are surprised and turned around. 

There was a man in the middle of his 30s who dressed like a lower aristocrat.

He is holding a sword on his waist.


“I’m sorry for the sudden appearance.
I am the captain of Royal knight 2nd platoon, Santos.
I received a report from the Guild Master of the Hunter Guild, Kingdom Branch.
He reported that the people, who are directly under his Majesty’s protection, are attacked and I came here for the investigation.
His Majesty had ordered me to confirm the situation.
We have prepared our troops for capture and escort the mastermind.
Because it was a raid on the Majesty’s citizen in the territory of his Majesty, I have permission to capture Masterminds under the name of His Majesty the King.
His Majesty’s faithful minister, Earl of Austin and party『Red Blood is Justice』, who was educated at the Kingdom’s capital Hunter Training School with 『free of charge』, are under his Majesty’s direct protection.
We have investigated the merchant Beckett and found out he was the mastermind.
We have permission to eliminate anyone, who tries to obstruct it, under the name of His Majesty the King” (Santos)

“What …!?” (Baron)


Baron Boodoman has his eyes black-and-white, unable to think of anything to change the situation.

The girls also thought about the possibility that Maevis’ parents would intervene, but they never imagined that the royal palace would even do this much to them.

Baron Boodoman stunned.

And desperately thought the result.


“Well, that’s the way it was, so let’s take care of that merchant until the captive soldiers arrive …” (Captain Santos)


Beckett’s pale blue face became a relieved face.

Perhaps he thought that the knights came to save him.

But Pauline tells him with a heartless voice.


“Oh, is that the face when you feel comfortable?
Well, when the captive soldiers came, you will be arrested and tortured by royal torturer until you spill everything.
Even when you spill everything you still can’t escape the capital punishment.
Enjoy your last moment in comfort” (Pauline)


His face becomes blue again, and Beckett starts to shake with rattling.


“What … is there nothing to do …” (Beckett)

“For now, I will keep the merchant here.” (Captain Santos)


The Baron thought while staring at Santos the captain of the Royal Knight 2nd platoon.

In this way, Beckett will be escorted to the king’s capital, and he will spill everything after being questioned.

This man can not bear the torture of the royal palace.

In the first place, there is no reason for him to withstand that much to protect the Baron.

Even though he is the owner of a noble family, he is still a lower aristocrat. 

If things that he had done so far are revealed, there are possibilities that the house will get the capital punishment.


It is very bad, bad, bad!


“Eee, what are you playing!?
Is there any reason why your Majesty likes such girls!
What’s more, the hunter is a Daughter of the Earl?
If you want to lie, make it a more credible lie!
A felony person who deceives the name of a nobleman and defames His majesty, kill them all!” (Baron)


Tomorrow, captive soldiers will arrive, he will be arrested and will be killed.

If he can kill everyone here, he can make any kind of excuse.

If suddenly, there was no explanation or witness. 

I can bribe the soldiers to report something else.

The Earl and the Royal Knight 2nd platoon captain must also be eliminated.

If everyone dies, he can say anything, he can do anything.

Baron Boodoman had no choice but to believe so.

Even he didn’t believe that it would work, but he only had to do it.

The soldiers who had relatively little damage and the knights group set the sword.

And Mile thought.


“Last 10 minutes of the show …” (Mile’s inner thought)


And Pauline thought.


“Why did he emphasize so much about 『we got an education for half a year』 with『free of charge』at the hunter training school?
No way, so it was like that so he can tie us to work.
The King is sneaky!” (Pauline)

Author’s Note:

Today, the cover will finally be released!
Published by simultaneous publishing company web: Earth Star Entertainment – Earth Star Novel, Official Twitter, Amazon, etc.
Brave appearance of Mile! (^ ^) /

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