Mile Chapter 71: New Battle


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Mile Chapter 71: New Battle

ED: Lowe

◎ Talesu Town – Beckett Merchant’s Shop

Baron Boodoman’s side has 13 soldiers (of which four were slightly injured, others dropped out due to injuries) versus 12 people on side of Pauline.

Pauline, Rena, Teresa are not included in the number.
The Earl insists to settle this with swords.
Royal Knight Captain Santos was firmly included in the warfare by his own wish.

At first glance, it looks almost equal.
No, it is certainly equal.
The number of “People” is.

However, the strength difference was out of the question.
One side is military soldiers of a low rank noble.
The other side is 6 escort knights, the military commander the Earl himself
And 2 of his sons that were the strongest knight in their land, the Royal Knight Captain,
(Average) C-ranked hunter Mile and Maevis.

It was just bullying.

And… It ended in a moment.
The Earl beat two soldiers at once (TN: he must quite angry), everyone else beat one soldier.
Everyone had sufficient ability power, so they didn’t kill the soldiers, only knocked them down to give less serious injury.

In order to do it, a certain level of ability difference is necessary.
Just like what Maevis talked with Rena before, when we are much stronger than the enemies, we don’t need to kill them.


“… Well, then I will have you accompany us, Baron-dono” (Captain Santos)

“What, … I have no obligation to obey such a thing!” (Baron)


Daunted by Captain Santos sudden speak, Baron Boodoman hurriedly denied.


“If it had been a while ago, it certainly was.
『Red O』… *cough*
The actions of『Red blood is justice』are individual actions, that were not instructed by anyone else.
And the king only wants me to investigate the testimony of the rogues, we captured in the capital, that was concerned about that merchant.
We have no suspicions or testimony against Baron Boodoman-dono.
We only came to calm the trouble in the territory and just tried to seize the guilty parties” (Captain Santos)


Baron Boodoman became calm as he heard that.


“Hmm, you are truly a captain knight of the royal palace, you understand well!” (Baron)


However, Santos continued.


“That was before you attack us.
But right now, you are a rebel who ordered your subordinates to kill the Earl, the Kingdom capital’s Guild Master’s Agent, and the Captain who received the delegation of His Majesty the King.
That is a serious crime.
No matter how great a noble you are, you cannot avoid felony charges.” (Captain Santos)

“What …” (Baron)

“Well, do you really think you can get away after trying to kill us.
Earl-dono, If you please.” (Captain Santos)


Nodded at the request of Santos, Earl Austin ordered his subordinates to capture Baron Boodoman, who is trembling with a pale blue face.

The Baron silently tied up without resistance.


“Let’s search the baron’s house and secure evidence properties.
You also have to confirm whether the Baron’s family and relatives, aides, etc. are guilty like him” (Earl)

“Yes, that’s right” (Captain Santos)


Santos affirms the word of Earl Austin.

The result of this confirmation will be the judgment of whether the Boodoman Baron, children, and relatives will be crushed or not.

Also, even if the heirs were decent but the aides and the like were corrupted, it was still necessary to replace the upper part themselves.

Along with the elimination of many accomplice merchants.

The Earl who tried to head to Boodoman’s house with Santos, the two sons and the subordinate, looked back and talked to Maevis.


“The carriage of the captive squad from the Kingdom’ capital will arrive in two days.
We will deliver the sinners.
And Maevis, you will be going back home on the third morning.
Until then, enjoy the last moment with your friends.” (Earl)

“Eh …?” (Maevis)


Maevis doesn’t understand what her father said and has a confusing face.


“The store will return to the hands of the daughter’s family.
From now on, the three of them, the mother, the son, and the daughter will have to defend the shop together by themselves.
It is the important shop left by the father after all.
The play “Great Adventure of the Brave Maevis” will be over with this.
And Maevis, if you want I will arrange a worthy marriage partner for you.” (Earl)

“SUCH A THING IS NOT NECESSARY!” (Maevis, Yuan, 1st Brother)


Maevis, Yuan, and the eldest brother’s voice overlapped.


“We will never need to prepare a marriage partner for Maevis!” (Yuan)

“That’s right! Maevis will stay at home with us forever …” (1st Brother)

“No, that’s kinda …” (Maevis)


The three brothers and sister denied the words of the Earl together.

But Meavis also didn’t want to live the rest of her life at home, so she declined her brothers’ words for the time being.


“Anyway, I don’t want to see you to face dangerous things like this again.
I will forgive you for running away from home this time.
If you want to do the knight’s facade, I will let you do that at the mansion.
When you become a noble’s wife, you will need minimum ability to protect yourself and your children after all” (Earl)


After the Earl said that, he accompanied his son and his subordinate and left.

After the Earl’s departure, the girls returned to the inn.

Yuan and Teresa are heading to the baron’s house with the Earl.

◎ Talesu Town – inn’s room

And in the room of the inn, the girls are just silent.


“…” (Maevis + Mile + Rena + Pauline)


Maevis will soon leave the party, goes back to her house and lives her life there as a noble’s daughter.

It was not a story that others could speak lightly.

Eventually, Mile, who can’t stand the silence, asked Maevis.


“Maevis, what are you going to do?” (Mile)

“We have barely done anything yet!
To think I need to give up everything like this.
I’m quite frustrated” (Maevis)


Maevis answered half crying.

Pauline already solved her family’s problem.

And it was supposed to be a happy event.

But this situation is also caused by it to make everyone silently depressed.

And for Rena, she feels depressed as she thinks.


“After losing Pauline and Maevis, 『Red Oath』party will be disbanded.
Even if we gather new members together with Mile.
They won’t be any companion who has worked hard in training, a companion who binds with a soul and pledges eternity friendship together.
Then, we can’t name the party 『Red Oath』anymore.
We had to change the name and start again as a new party.
Besides that, Mile may not come with me.
Because of fate, we became a party with four people in the same room.
In the first place, can Mile let the new member know about her ability and can we be sure they will not be tempted?
Also, With Mile’s ability, she will be invited to many high-ranked parties.
No, it won’t happen, Mile already refused 『Mithril Roar』
Beside, Mile has always been holding back… Even Maevis has always been with them, in the end, she was a noble daughter.
She has 『Obligations as a person born of aristocratic family』 to fulfill.” (Rena’s inner thought)


Rena thought so, she couldn’t say anything to Maevis.

And the girls became silent again… 


“Well, let’s drive back Maevis’s family!” (Mile)

“…Hah?” (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)


Maevis, Rena and Pauline instantly reacted to Mile’s words.


“Well? Don’t you think it will be bad if Maevis comes back to her parent’s house and wasn’t allowed to leave anymore?
Then, for those who think that it is better for Maevis to remain in the “『Red Oath』, please raise your hand!” (Mile)


Baba~ba (SFX)


Four girls, including Mile, raised their hands.

Four girls look back on each other’s face.


“But, how could we do it! Chichiue will not listen …” (Maevis)


Mile answered it with a smile.


“He~ he~.
There is such a saying in my country
『If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles』” (Mile)


It was a saying that they listen for the first time, but the girls are hunters that have a lot of battles.

They could understand what the word says.


“We know a lot about Maevis and about her family …” (Mile)

“Ah…” (Rena + Pauline)


Rena and Pauline, at the point, realized what Mile wanted to say.

Only Maevis is blind to that fact, she doesn’t understand the meaning.

Over half a year, Maevis seemed to have no consciousness of how much she talked about her family.

And the three girls: Mile, Rena, Pauline knew every detail about Maevis’s family.

It is probably the best in this world except for Maevis and her family.

◎ Talesu Town

“Chichiue, will you have a sword battle with my Shishou, the strongest swordsman?(Maevis)

“What?” (Earl)


The next day, Maevis come to ask the Earl, who already prepares to bring Maevis back when the carriage arrived.

The Earl was surprised with his eyes black and white.


“What, are you saying?” (Earl)

“What am I saying is… Chichiue will lose against Shishou.” (Maevis)

“…” (Earl)


Before getting angry, the Earl is surprised that he can’t utter any words.

The two older brothers and the six escort knights were also surprised.

Earl of Austin is famous for being as strong as the head of a fighting faction.

He is an opponent that even if we count the whole Kingdom, there’s barely anyone who can win against him.

The Earl awoke from the surprise and thought that Maevis was just saying nonsense.

He smiled in his mind that he had a good reason to bring back Maevis.

If he can show that her master is weaker than him, and Maevis will not get strong with a master like that, he can completely stop the objections.

Even he was forceful to bring Maevis back like yesterday.

But the fact, that only his sons know, he also doesn’t want to be disliked or grudged by Maevis.

Right now he has a chance to persuade Meavis.

He will absolutely use this chance to take her back.


“Haha, that is a great teacher.
If your teacher is really that strong, I also would like to have a fight with him.
Even if that person is really stronger than me.
You also need to prove that you can keep up with the teaching, that you can follow your master’s guidance.
However, if you can’t do that, then you will go back home with me” (Earl)

In case Chichiue lost to Shishou and I can win against eldest Ani-sama, I will not return home, and you will let me do as I like!
All of the people here will be the witnesses!” (Maevis)

“Huh…?” (Earl, 2 Siscons, 6 knights)


When Maevis replies with a full smile, the Earl, the two brothers and the Knights also lost their words.

The Earl is planning to conveniently use this to bring Maevis back but Maevis is one step ahead.


“Then, in that case, invite him to our house …” (Earl)


For a nobleman, he must take safety measures to avoid danger no matter how low the possibilities are.


“No, we cannot afford to tie Shishou at our house.
In that case, it would be natural for me to follow Shishou.
Or Chichiue don’t have the confidence to win?” (Maevis)

“…Fine by me! When are you going to start?” (Earl)

“… tomorrow evening.
After finishing the hand over of the criminals and merchants.
We will have a fight at the stadium in this town” (Maevis)

“Your master is also coming with you, right?
… Well good, fine by me.
Then tomorrow evening.
You should enjoy the last night with your friends.” (Earl)


The Earl caught up with Maevis’s provocation and dared to forsake the safety measures, but the Earl wasn’t stupid to that extent.

He does not know who the opponent is, but there’s little possibility that he will lose to an unknown person, who might be a high ranked hunter like rank A or S.

But there was no possibility that Maevis could beat the eldest son.

Even if there’s a miracle in this world, it will not happen twice in a row.

The Earl thought so.


“Mile, was it really good?” (Maevis)


At the same time as the Earls gone away, Maevis lose confidence that she had before, and she feels uneasy.


“The rest is up to Maevis, so let’s go!” (Mile)


And Mile headed to the stadium in this town.

There is always a stadium in a town to a certain extent.

It is nothing compared to what is in the royal city, just a spectator seat was set up on a simple ground, but it is an indispensable facility for people with little entertainment.

Then, special training was started.


That’s where you’re supposed to grin and say:
『Did you think I needed any special training to learn such a simple killing move?』
Okay, once again!” (Mile) 

“…” (Rena + Pauline)

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    However, if you can’t do that, then you will go back home with me” (Earl)

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