Mile chapter 72: Mysterious master.

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Mile chapter 72: Mysterious master.

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◎ Talesu Town

And the next day.

The captive unit which arrived in the afternoon was small because they heard that they only need escorting a single merchant.
Only one man and three soldiers were on one horse-drawn carriage.
There were no thieves wanted to attack the captive unit, and the person in charge didn’t think that they need to waste the human resource.

Originally it was enough.
But as they need to escort the criminal nobleman, there aren’t enough people.
Besides, when they caught a nobleman, they had to explain to the upper side about the situation.

After the Earl explained the situation to the arrived captive soldiers
He even offered to go together to the kingdom’s capital, the soldiers looked relieved.
He planned to either take Maevis back together with him through the Capital.
Or leave her to his sons and they will head straight to home from here.
In order to separate Maevis with the fellow girls, it took time to think the best choice from now.

Time passed, the time of the simulation match with Maevis was imminent at hand.

The Earl tell his sons and his subordinates, heading to the stadium located on the center of the town.


“… what is this …?” (Earl)


And the Earl who got to the hall saw the shops, stalls, and the merchants gathered in a large crowd.

They seemed to have people in the town gathering.

It was a Big sale.


“Ah, Earl-sama, I will show you to the waiting place!”  (Pauline)

“Hey, what is happening here, what is it ?” (Earl)


Earl Austin seeking an explanation from Pauline who is the guide for the Earl and everyone else.


“Oh, the people in this town are hungry for entertainment.
And this is also a very good opportunity to let people know the owner of our shop had been replaced.
Did anything matter?”  (Pauline)


It was indeed right, it was not a lie.
However, just there are other reasons.
First of all, the girls can be sure the Earl will keep his promise when it relates to Maevis. (T.N: he keeps his words with other people though)
It was almost certain from many episodes that they had been heard for more than half a year.
And her older brothers didn’t know what to do when it comes to Maevis.

For this reason, the girls prepared a large number of witnesses so the Earl can’t break the promise.
And Pauline also talks with commercial guilds to collect 20% of net profit from store openings and stalls.
We need money to rebuild the store.

Earl was convinced by Pauline’s first explanation.

In order to rebuild the shop where the name fell to the ground, it is essential to notify that the manager has changed.

That was a true fact.


“Where is Maevis?” (Earl)

“Oh no, because we are in a simulated match, she will be waiting on the other side. It’s not good for the enemies to meet before fighting.” (Pauline)

“Fu fu, tell me more …”  (Earl)


Earl said that as he seemed to have a little fun.


“She is already ready over there.
As soon as Earl-sama is ready, we will start with a match between Earl and Maevis’ Shishou.”  (Pauline)

“I understand”  (Earl)


As he answered, the Earl started preparing equipment.

◎ Talesu Town – stadium

“Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting!
We will now start the battle between the hunter girl, who cooperated in the extermination of the evil deeds in this town.
And her family, who is trying to bring her back in preparation for the marriage.
The battles that bet on her freedom will be held!”  (Pauline)

“Oooooooooooooh!” (Audience)

“Wait a moment!”  (Earl)


The gathered audience raises a scream and rises from their seats.

Pauline heard a protest voice, but she doesn’t care about such a thing, Pauline’s moderator continues.


“The victory condition of the hunter girl is:
her master needs to win against her father.
And she needs to win against her eldest brother!
By the way, it seems that her father is a renowned master of the sword in his fighting faction, and her eldest brother is a renowned captain of the Kingdom Army.
How exciting, isn’t this a one-sided condition?”  (Pauline)

“Hey !!”  (Earl)


She felt like someone was complaining, but Pauline, who is doing an important job, doesn’t care about that.

She is carefully on not to give out family names and individual names, keep the moderator.


“The first match is the hunter girl’s father vs her master!
First of all, (On the blue corner) is her father, if you please!” (Pauline)


It was a very bad introduction, but the Earl still accept it.

He can’t afford to back out in this battle.

Earl Austin walks to the center of the stadium with a stupid face.


“And your opponent, (on the red corner) the hunter girl’s teacher, if you please!” (Pauline)


From the opposite side of the Earl, one person goes to the center.

As soon as everyone saw that figure, the noise of the audience stops, and the silence spread to the stadium.

It was a petite girl like a child. A child.

Because they heard she is a master of hunter girl, they think of tall or strong swordsman.

But this girl isn’t like that at all.

Some adults are petite, and if they are elves or dwarfs, the appearance and age may be far apart.

If you think so, it is strange but still acceptable.

There was nothing strange about it.


The girl even has a dubious mask around her eyes.

And the girl declared with a loud voice.


“My name is Evening dress mask!”  (Mile) (T.N: Evening Dress is in katakana, Mask is Kamen)

“WHAT WAS THAT!” (The whole stadium)


The whole stadium screamed.

In the first place, the woman was equipped with an ordinary hunter gear and she doesn’t wear the evening dress.

No, perhaps, maybe she has a problem with language.

Yep, that must be it.


“Well, it’s amusing …
For a little girl like you to be Maevis’s Oshishou-sama!” (Earl)

“Say whatever you want.
You are but a fool, who mistake your own child’s talent …” (Mile)

I knew everything about my daughter…
That child certainly had a sword talent more than other people.
However, it is merely『more than average talent』
I also know that half of the swordsmen have less than the average talent.
The other half have more than average talent.
Beyond the crowd, more than the average, everything else is just that extent.
It is by no means special.
I don’t plan to let her walk down such a dangerous road!
For her, to live as a daughter of an aristocracy and a wife of an aristocracy will be the best way …” (Earl)


Evening dress masked when hearing the Earl words, for some reason had a sullen look.

Even if she wears a mask, everyone can clearly see it.


“Foolish…” (Mile) (Orokana)

“What!”  (Earl)


Earl whose faithfulness to her daughter is called as foolish became angry and raise his voice.

But the evening dress mask keeps on speaking.


“You’re fond of pickled cabbage, aren’t you?
And you always try to force Maevis to eat it too.” (Mile)

“Eh? what wrong with that …?” (Earl)


When the Earl heard an unexpected reply, his arm was shaking.


“Do you know?
Because you are just one-sidedly decided everything like that, you’re blind to the fact that you are hurting Maevis!” (Mile)

“What, it’s a lie!” (Earl)

“It is not a lie.
And the thing that you think that Maevis is happy is actually making her suffer.
You are but a fool” (Mile)

“Shut up!
It’s a lie.
It shouldn’t be such a thing …” (Earl)

“Then why does she want to be with me, not you?” (Mile)

“Well… you’re getting on my nerve.
I will just make you realize of the fact that you are weak and wake Maevis from her dream!
Here I go!” (Earl)


And Earl Austin unleashing the sword.

The mysterious evening dress mask also pulls out her sword.

The Earl stepped in quickly, he entered a stance so-called “Bamboo split (唐竹割り)”, swung the sword down over the head of evening dress mask.

Women with inferior height could not catch up with disadvantageous posture.

And “Bamboo split” is a technique that makes full use of height and weight difference.

However, instead of avoiding, the evening dress mask took that attack head-on with a practice sword on a single hand.


“Inuyuuuuu …” (Earl)


The small woman opponent, the Earl thought that she could be crushed by force, kept putting his strength.

Everyone including the Earl is in surprise that the small girl has that kind of strength, although she is in a disadvantageous position that is difficult to put power.

5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds …

The Earl’s face became red and a sweat drop floated on his forehead, but there was no sign of the sword moving.

And after a while.


“Boring! Te~ya” (Mile)


Mil… Evening dress mask swung her sword and bounced both the Earl and his sword backward.

The Earl is in panic.


“Ku~…, who are you, a dwarf or a half?” (Earl)


With that power that doesn’t suit her physique, the Earl judged that the little girl in front of him isn’t a normal human.



“Well, I am just an ordinary, average human girl you can meet anywhere” (Mile)

“You are lying!” (Audience’s inner thought) (Usodaaa~aaa)


Well, the latter half, “human girl” may be true.

But the first half is a lie.

Absolutely a lie!

But the little girl doesn’t have the consciousness that she is lying, that girl should re-learn our national language.

Everyone thought so.


“Well, I will be serious soon …” (Mile)


Mile will not use magic in this match.

It is meaningless unless she wins with sword skill alone.

And, Mil… Evening dress mask begins the battle.

Moreover, it is fun as when she fought with Guren. (T.N: the A rank hunter in graduate battle)

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