Chapter 75: Siblings Showdown

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Ground Dasher

Chapter 75: Siblings Showdown

ED: Lowe

◎ Talesu Town – stadium – the day of fighting

“What, don’t say stupid things …” (Weiln)


For a moment, he was stunned to say anything, but Weiln quickly recovered.

Certainly, he was surprised to see his previous attacks were handled with ease.
However, until eight months ago, he had been handling Maevis’s training for many years.
Weiln had completely grasped the ability and talent of Maevis.

She certainly was quite strong for a young girl, but she can’t become that strong in a matter of months.

Although I’m looking like this, I’m the most powerful knight that live through a lot of battle.
Besides, the other party is my beloved sister Maevis.
I must have been unconsciously dropping power and speed.
And, Maevis just happened to be able to handle my attack successfully.

Weiln judged so.


“I can’t let you overestimate your own power.
It will be easy to get yourself killed if you keep it up…
I will let you know that …” (Weiln)


As he said that, Weiln goes for an attack again.
This time, although his power was suppressed, he used his full speed, three consecutive blows aimed at Maevis’ body.


Gin~ gin, gi~n! (SFX)

“What …”  (Weiln)


Not only Weiln is surprised, but also the Earl, Yuan and the six knights and the audience. Everyone was stunned at the scene of the two fighting.

Maevis perfectly blocks 3 consecutive hits without even moving.
No, as Maevis provoked Weiln before, people wonder whether it was an「invitation」

A great cheer rising from audience seats.
Although Weiln was a dignified handsome knight, for some reason, the cheers from young women and girls were mostly directed towards Maevis.


“Impossible…” (Weiln)


While he’s actually experiencing it, he still can’t believe that fact.
If he believes it, his common sense will be confused, and confidence will crumble.
He couldn’t afford to accept it.
It will just mean that he was overtaken by his sister…


“This time, I will be the one who attacks” (Maevis)


As she said, Maevis changed the sword to her left hand.


“Secret Technique! Urban splash! (Maevis)


Maevis impaled the ground with the tip of her sword.
Urban Splash is a skill that can use in urban areas where the ground is covered with grass, obstacles, and soil.
Stabbing her sword in the ground, Maevis puts force into it and scoop the ground with her sword and swings the sword towards Weiln.
This skill is what Mile remembered from reading a shounen manga.


“Ku~” (Weiln)


Although he was surprised, he is really the strongest swordsman in the territory. He completely avoided and parried the splash of the soil.


“Well, you think you can beat me with such small pebbles!”  (Weiln)


However, it seemed he was pretty upset because it was dangerous.


“To think you can avoid the Urban Splash.
As expected from Eldest Ani-sama, you were really the best swordsman.
If it was a monster or normal people, they are already defeated by that one skill.
However… ”  (Maevis)


As Maevis said that, she dashed toward Weiln and attacked.


“As promised, I will have a sword clash with you (Maevis)

“Uoo~”  (Weiln)


Although he can somehow block that attack, Weiln flinches with at the slash far stronger than he expected.

Even Maevis had trained with the sword for a long time, she’s still just a noble girl.
Her power is as most as strong as an average knight in their clan.
But the power of her current slash is …

But he is a knight, he won’t let a surprise take him down.
Even if the slash was strong, he tried to bluff with a flat face.


“Well, just this degree, isn’t it quite weak for a finishing blow?”  (Weiln)


As he told Maevis, Weiln pretended to be calm, but Maevis gave a speech from her Special Move technique with a flat face, too.


“Eldest Ani-sama.
Don’t look down on me like that.
Did you really think I needed special training to learn such a simple killing move?”  (Maevis)

“What?”  (Weiln)

“True god speed sword, 1.4 times!”  (Maevis)

“Ooooooooooooooooo!”  (Weiln)


Maevis used not just a single attack but a consecutive rain of attacks.

This 「True godspeed sword」 is true mortal hard work of Maevis, that she acquired after more than 6 months training with Mile.
And her hard work pays off now.

No matter how much the nerve’s response speed is increased by the nanomachine and the muscle output is temporarily reinforced.
If the original body’s ability can’t keep up with it, the body will self-destruct, such as rupture and fracture.

However, with her effort and discipline, Maevis had the physical body that could withstand the harsh movement even though it was only a few minutes.

Weiln under Maevis attacks, he can’t do anything but try his best to defend.
The attack speed of Maevis is abnormally fast.
It takes all his might to defend himself.
He doesn’t have a chance to counter-attack.
Just like his father, Weiln has gradually become impatient.

The brother can’t use magic.
On the other hand, Maevis thought she [control the body with her own will], but the magic of the body strengthening was used.

Fatigue substances were also decomposed, endurance increased.

However, the basic performance of her body was too different from her oldest brother, who is a male and has spent much longer training time than Maevis.
While Weiln gradually becomes exhausted and the fighting power gradually decreases, Maevis also will hit her limit soon.

That’s what Maevis was testing with Mile yesterday.
And that time limit was close.
Yes, Maevis also didn’t put it on her face, but she was way more impatient than Weiln.

When the limit comes, everything will be over.

And, there is no after.
When she thought so, she made up her mind to do the last attack that she wouldn’t want to use if possible.

Pauline came up with this attack.
Rena and Mile also guaranteeing the effect.
A killing move against her older brothers.
If this doesn’t work, everything will be over.

Betting on her own future, Maevis used the last attack.


“For a man, you are so persistent, Ani-sama.
I hate you!
I will never talk to you anymore!”  (Maevis)

“Huh!?”  (Weiln)


Weiln is shocked and is now just standing still with a face like being wrapped in despair.


Ba shii~ (SFX)


And Maevis gives a decisive blow on Weiln whose movement stopped.


“Huh…”  (Audience)


Spectacular spectators.


“What’s with that? Aaaaaaaaa!” (Audience)

◎ Talesu Town – stadium – after the fight

Even if they regret it, Earl, Weiln, and Yuan have no other choice but return.
They couldn’t do anything in front of a lot of witnesses like this.
They are aristocratic and knights, they can’t break the promises.

As for Teresa and Captain Santos, they are on the side of Maevis because both the guild and the kingdom still need her to work as a hunter.

The Austin family went away from the stadium.
Mile saw the Austin families return, but for some reason, Pauline stood with a dark face.


“Well, Pauline, what’s wrong?”  (Mile)


Pauline cried out to answer the question of Mile.


“Ah… how regretful, I could make money by betting money on this game…
Oh, if I can return to yesterday!
Only if I could return to yesterday!”  (Pauline) (T.N: she repeat it twice)


At that time, a gentle breeze blew the fragrance of flowers in front of the stunned Mile.

It resembled the smell of lavender flowers on the earth.

Mile hits her hand with Pon*.


“Ah, 『 The girl who leaps through time』!” (Mile) 

Author’s note:

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ISBN 978 – 4 – 8030 – 0922 – 4
Earth Star Entertainment (Earth · Star Novel)
Release Yasufudo to be released May 14th thank you. (^ ^ ゞ

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Translator’s note:

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Maevis use “Ani-sama, I hate you”. It’s super effective!


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  1. “If he believe, his common sense will be confused, and confidence will crumble.”
    He brought common-sense to a reincarnator fight…

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  2. The last line was a play on “The girl who leaps through time”. In case you don’t know, its an anime about a girl who somehow found out that she could leap through time (Literally… she jumped down a stair to do it) to redo things in the past. quite an interesting anime.

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    This one has 2 possible corrections so pick whichever
    Weiln had completely grasped of the ability and talent of Maevis -> Weiln had completely grasped the ability and talent of Maevis
    -> Weiln had a complete grasp of the ability and talent of Maevis

    he used his full speed, three consecutive blows aim at Maevis’s body -> he used his full speed, three consecutive blows aimed at Maevis’s body

    Is it a typo that Perfect is written with a capital starting letter?
    Maevis Perfect blocks 3 consecutive hits without even moving -> Maevis perfectly blocks 3 consecutive hits without even moving

    he still can’t believe that fact. If he believe it -> he still can’t believe that fact. If he believes it

    Not sure but I think it should be like this
    Weiln flinches with the slash far stronger than he expected -> Weiln flinches with at the slash far stronger than he expected

    Even is the slash was strong, he tried to bluff with a flat face -> Even if the slash was strong, he tried to bluff with a flat face

    Eldest Ani-sama, don’t look on me like that -> Eldest Ani-sama, don’t look at me like that

    Yes, Maevis also didn’t put it on her face, but she was impatient way more than Weiln -> Yes, Maevis also didn’t put it on her face, but she was way more impatient than Weiln

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