Mile Chapter 77: Triumphant


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In case you don’t know

Onee-san is the normal way to call your big sister or a girl older than you.

Please, do something, Onee-san.

Mile Chapter 77: Triumphant

ED: Lowe

After talking for a while, the girls can finally leave.
Maevis told her family that she would ask her master next time.

After that, the girls and the merchant team returned safely to the Kingdom without any problems.

Castle Gate.jpg
◎ Kingdom’s capital

There’s no bandit attacking so far.
Bandits only aim a foolish stingy merchant that don’t hire escort hunters or weak people who can’t afford to hire them.
However, Mile and Maevis were preached by Rena in the carriage.


“Both of you, I have something I really want to say …”  (Rena)


Rena kept on speaking to the two:


“… Well, the pickled cabbage is delicious!
Especially when you eat it with boiled sausage!”  (Rena)


That’s what Rena wants to talk about


“As a snack when drinking ale …”  (Rena)


Why is she concerned about pickling cabbage this much?

It seemed like they couldn’t listen to it somehow, both Mile and Maevis became a yes-man while listening to Rena’s complaints.

◎ Capital’s hunter guild branch

When they return to the guild, there is nothing in particular.
Because the escort unit hasn’t returned yet, they still don’t know anything.

The report to the guild will be done by Teresa later.
So『Red Oath』 didn’t have to do anything.
The girls only received the completion report of the return escort request and the reward.

Teresa also tried to get the reward but her hand was grasped by the Guild Master.


“It’s time for your report” (Guild master)


◎ Capital city – Reni-chan’ inn

“We came back!”  (Mile + Pauline + Maevis + Rena)


As they came back, the girls said their greetings.
However, they don’t hear the usual cheerful reply of Reni-chan.
And the counter, there’s no-one sitting.


“Is she in the washroom or something?”  (Mile)


At the same time Mile tilted her neck, she heard the big footstep from the far side. Reni-chan came running.


“Uwaaaaa Onee-san~nnnn!!” (Reni-chan)


Reni-chan runs toward Mile and hugs her as she’s crying.


“What, what’s wrong?”  (Mile)


From what Reni-chan explained while crying, it seems her trouble is from the bath.

… Because of the bath, it seemed that Reni was going to die due to overworking.

After Mile left the capital, Reni-chan has searched for magicians for hot water on behalf of her busy parents at the inn.
Even though this is the capital, the number of magicians is small.

Reni-chan can still find the water magician or fire magician hunter though.

They also agreed to help.
Because those hunters don’t have to worry about the remaining magical power while they are in the royal city and they can use most of the magical powers after dinner.
As soon as they go to bed they will be recovering the next morning and they can get some extra money or free drinks and snacks.

It should have been.

However, a big problem occurred from there.
The amount of water that ordinary magicians can produce is small.

Reni-chan always saw that Mile would easily supply 2 tanks of hot water and 2 tanks of normal water.
But in fact, it was quite a pain to put out water with magic. (RIP Reni-chan common sense)

When trying to create water with magic,
especially when there is no other water source nearby.
At first, the nanomachine will coagulate from the air in the reachable range of magic.
In other words, the range where the thought wave reaches.

However, water will not come out anymore when the humidity reaches zero
Nanomachine will automatically cut the production of water in that case.
So it is impossible for a person with a short range of thought waves to produce too much water.

And if you want to create more water,
you must bring it from another place this time.

Yes, it is a space transition or space-time magic.
This magic also involves the distance to the water source
If it is sea water, the nanomachines must remove the salt first.

In larger quantities, transfer gates must be formed and maintained for a while rather than instantaneous transitions.
And to make them we must order nanomachine with specific instructions or image it in our head.

the amount of magical power and thought that is required really large.
In other words, only the excellent magicians, who have a wide range of thought wave, can extract the moisture contained in the air in a wide range.

However, the amount is still only several times compare to average magicians.
And once taking out moisture from the air, they still need to wait some time for that air could flow and replace it with new moisture-containing air.
They will not be able to create water continuously.

In other words, it was difficult to create a large amount of water and boil it with magic.
That is why they judge the ability of a magician by [How much water and how many times can you create?
And how long will it take to create again?]

To create enough water to fill the bathtub beside Mile, maybe only Pauline can do that.
They can fill the bathtub if we ask more people, still, the fee will rise.

And finally, Reni-chan’s mother told her an Evil Order.


“We will only hire a magician for boiling water and Reni-chan will draw water from the well”  (Reni-chan’ mother)




“Die! I will die for sure!
Please, onee-san!
Do something!”  (Reni-chan)

“Ah …” (Mile)


Reni-chan got backfired by having a big bathtub.
How many times does she need to draw well water in order fill that tub?
And it will be harder to carry it to the top of the water heater.
If they left her as she is, after six months Reni-chan is also trained and becomes a good hunter …


“No non nein nun!” (Mile + Rena + Maevis + Pauline)


『Red Oath』shook their heads all at once.
The four girls are worried about Reni-chan

As a countermeasure, Mile divided the tub.
Mile divided a part of a large bathtub into two Japanese bathtubs in general households and told Reni-chan only use it when Mile and Pauline were absent.

We still need a lot of water drawing, but it will be much less if compared to the last few days.
There will be less burden for Reni-chan.

“Oh, thank you onee-san!
I thought I was about to die!” (Reni-chan)


It’s still hard work for 10 years old like Reni-chan but as long as Mile is still in the capital, Reni-chan can rest assured.

Pauline issued a further help for Reni-chan.


“Isn’t it inefficient to use Reni-chan who can do other jobs at lodging for this kind of things?
Reni-chan should do reception and other work as usual and for drawing water.
You can hire the orphaned children.
It would be great for them to earn enough money.
You can also pay them with food.
Wouldn’t it be more expensive if we use magicians to create and boil water?”  (Pauline)


Reni-chan after hearing that, her eyes are shining.


“Go…goddess” (Reni-chan) (Me…Megami-sama)


Thus, thanks to the (dark) “Goddess”, Reni-chan’s life’s crisis and becoming muscular macho was avoided.

◎ Capital city – Reni-chan’ inn – room

“… Then, what should we do about Mile …” (Rena)


When the girls took a breather in the room, Rena asked about Mile.


“Ah”  (Maevis)

“I agree…”  (Pauline)

“Eh?”  (Mile)


Maevis and Pauline also agreed with Rena, while Mile still doesn’t know what Rena wants to talk about.


“When Pauline and Maevis’s parents’ home trouble is over.
I had been thinking about you, Mile.
Because of you, me, Pauline and Maevis managed to settle with our past and families.
So, now I wonder if there’s anything we should do to help you manage your place?”  (Rena)

“Yes!”  (Pauline)

“Of course, we will help!”  (Maevis)


Pauline and Maevis responded immediately to Rena’s words, but Mile’s mind is still on the cloud.


“Well … His Majesty, the king had his eyes on us.
And Maevis’ family are interested in Mile.
So, you don’t have to worry about your future when you retire.
You can become Maevis’ sister-in-law or a wife of some noble.”  (Rena)

“Well, let’s take a few days off. After that, we will start our next quest again!” (Maevis)

“Yeah, now let’s find something interesting!”  (Pauline)

“It’s nice!
Let’s choose a request that is more worthwhile, not just a simple task like hunting a goblin!”  (Rena)


Apparently, it seemed that they decided it without Mile.

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    • In the left column of this page, you can see the cover of volume 5.
      In that cover is an image of one of the first “rocks” she found in the academy.

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  1. Wait. A. Second…

    If Millie’s authority is 5 (average of god’s 10 and normal of 1(?)), then her life time would be average of what?
    God’s infinite to fly’s 1 day? Bacteria’s few hours? So infinite / 0.0xx days or so that’s = infinite. Or is it an average of the main humanoid species, ’cause she’s part elf / dwarf / human?

    I go for the immortality option, not because it’s plausible, but because her reaction would be fun =P.

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    • As a minimum the average between ancient dragon and the shortest living organism (AFAIK bacteria are almost immortal, as they reproduce by division, but the new bacteria are same individual split in two). As a minimum a few thousand years.


  2. [Please correct me if I’m wrong] If only their knew that the King set their eyes on her because 1) She’s a pure blood noble – a Countess at that!, 2) she is *abnormally* strong, 3) The goddess act she did that’s causing both the king, princess and captain of the knights to grow pale and bald every second she’s not found….

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    • That would be the king of Adel’s birth country. The other girls don’t know about Adel as of yet, just that Mile fled her place of origin for fear of death. The king they are talking about is the king of this country, who was present at the graduation test of hunter school.

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    • actually thats a bit wrong.
      1) this is a different country not mile original country
      2) mise is only viscountess not a countess
      3) as this is not mile home country the king dont know about mile goddess play

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      • She is a viscountess.

        Countess would be correct if she were an ‘average’ noble (not really, since there are more lower ranks than upper ranks, typically, but average the way this god calculated) but the author made her an ‘average person’ using the same calculation method:

        “Royal Family, Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount.
        Slave, Commoner, Retainer, Baron, Viscount.
        Fifth from the top. Fifth from the bottom. Yep, certainly in the middle…….”

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    • they’re all talking about the king of their current country, not Mile original Kingdom, the Goddess act are only known on Mile original kingdom, and it’s ordered to be kept as a national secret

      but well, the king in the current country indeed know that Mile are ridiculously strong and also a noble on the run

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    • uhhh.. how can they catch up if there’s already none of them left? her shitty dad already executed, it’s not clear what happened to the step mom and step sister but it seems they had the same fate, what left are only her family inheritance that currently on hold by the royal family

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      • Well, the “word” I’m thinking of is that she became the hear of the family as a result of all that. Because she ran away so thoroughly, she doesn’t know all that.


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    I guess Mile has no knowledge of hand lever pump. It would be less work than pulling water out of the well with a bucket, and if they can make pipes or something similar, they can connect the pump to the bath and won’t have to carry water there. What’s left will be the heating.

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  6. Yay for cheap child labor! But in all seriousness, Mile’s troubles are debatably the most difficult to solve. Rena had to get over past trauma (talk it out), Pauline needed to take down a corrupt merchant (bit of scheming and force), and Maevis needed to deal with her protective family with a bit of force and showmanship(don’t worry men, Maevis will grow her hair long again when she becomes a Sword Saint master or something, cause it won’t bug her at such a skill level). Mile, on the other hand, is technically (doesn’t know and formal procedure not done) a viscountess who is also supposedly the unknowing vessel of a Goddess (big draw from the royal family of her home country). Bit of a pain to deal with it in a way besides avoiding/putting off for a while.


    • It’s pretty much solved already lol. The issue with her family is already done (she’s already recognized as the true heir of her family), the Goddess bit is mostly done (as the Royalty are already trying to carefully tread about that issue) and Adel’s friends have sworn to protect her.


  7. About 30 lines of explanation on water magic: In summary, water magic works by having the nano-machines collect water from the air, but because there’s a limit to the amount of water they can get from the air around the caster most people can only get small amounts of water. For large amounts of water, the nano-chans will open a portal to a water source to get around that problem. Meaning MIle is opening a small wormhole whenever she refills the tanks.

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    • There’s also explain to get water. The nano-machine cold down the air for H2O to become water.
      They can trasport water by storage and space time magic.
      They can steam hot sea water to get salt. Cool the steam to get water,…
      Too long that I don’t even want to translate.
      It doesn’t change much to skip them.


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    I quite like the current format afterall

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  10. Greetings and thanks for the chapter. The corrrections will be listed below like always

    the girls finally leaving while Maevis saying that she would ask her master next time -> the girls finally leave while Maevis tell them that she would ask her master next time

    Bandits only aim a foolish stingy merchant that don’t hire escort hunters -> Bandits only aim at foolish stingy merchant that don’t hire escort hunters

    both Mile and Maevis become a yes-man listen to Rena’s complain -> both Mile and Maevis became a yes-man listen to Rena’s complain

    So『Red Oath』didn’t have to do anything -> So『Red Oath』didn’t have anything to do

    you can hired the orphaned children -> you can hired orphaned children

    I would say you can correct this with two different sollutions so pick whichever you like
    It would be great for they to earn enough money -> It would be great for them to earn enough money
    -> It would be great if they can earn enough money

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    Well … His Majesty, the king had his eyes on us.
    And Maevis’ family are interested in Mile.
    So, you don’t have to worry about your future when you retire.
    You can become Maevis’ sister-in-law or a wife of some noble.” (Rena)

    the one who said this is miles. She’s saying that the king and the princess has eyes on her, and if she came back, she’ll be forced to Accept her noble position. That’s why rena maevis and paulin changed the topic swiftly..

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