Arge Chapter 111: One line of the strategy conference

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Translator’s Note:

Another chapter that isn’t cliffhanger yet.

Arge Chapter 111: One line of the strategy conference

Cyril Big safe

“… So that means Arge-san isn’t Cyril?” (Kuzuha-chan)

“That’s it, so I will leave here quickly and I want to continue my journey.” (Arge)


After completing a brief explanation, I replied to Kuzuha-chan’s question to confirm.
Right now, we’re gathered in a room like a guest room.
Everyone is sitting around me.


I am like a central figure and feel a little uneasy. But it can’t be helped in this case, let’s endure it because I am the center.


“I agree with that, but how will you go out?” (Zeno-kun)


This time, it’s Zeno-kun who asks the question.


“I think that we need to be as peaceful as possible. I will try to convince Igu Jisuta-san.” (Arge)

“I am thankful, as a merchant I can’t make that spirit-girl my enemy” (Zeno)

“Well, no matter. If she doesn’t let us go out silently, we have to push through by force.” (Felnote)


Felnote is already considering about the battle. She is checking the equipment. she draws a long sword and looks at it in a relaxed state.


“wait, you want to forcibly get out …?” (Zeno)

“That’s not the case.
I mean, it’s possible even that spirit girl learns that Arge and Cyril are different people, she still won’t accept it and want to keep Arge as her important person replacement.” (Felnote)

“Ah…” (Zeno)

“It seems to me that that spirit is trying to think Arge is her important person somewhat forcefully.
So even if you deny it with all your might, she still won’t accept it.
She might even forcibly take Arge.
And when it comes to that, it won’t be amusing.” (Felnote)

“It seems she has the power to manipulate the golem, so it would be hard to win against her.” (Zeno)

“Zeno, there is another problem … can we get the carriage out?” (Felnote)

“I don’t know how the golems secure the carriage … to be on the safe side, I will try to get the carriage when you girls are talking to her.” (Zeno)

“I can talk with Neguseo from here, so I will inform him first.” (Arge)


Neguseou has a higher intelligence than a normal horse, he understand my words and we also have a blood contract, so I can have a conversation across the distance like a telepathy.

I’m already telling him so it would be fine for now. If there is something, he should work with his own judgment.


“Because I will defend Arge, I will go with you.” (Felnote)

“Because only Arge can communicate with her, Richelle-san better be there, too” (Zeno)

“Then, Kuzuha-chan is accompanying Zeno-kun.” (Arge)

“Please wait a moment!” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan is raising her hand to the utmost, waited until all the gaze gathered on her, and she lowered her hand


“I’d like to go with Arge-san to talk with Igu Jisuta-san.” (Kuzuha)

“…Why?” (Arge)

“Because there’s something I want to talk with her” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan’s eyes are serious when she said that, it seems she has decided on something.
She had the same face when she learned that she lost her mother.
I don’t know what Kuzuha-chan is thinking, but it will be difficult to stop her like this.

But it won’t be good to let Zeno-kun go alone.
After thinking for a while, I spoke to the person sitting next to me.


“Felnote-san, can you go with Zeno-kun to get Neguseo?” (Arge)

“Will you be all right?” (Felnote)

“Yes, Kuzuha-chan has her alter ego, so she can deal with the golems” (Arge)

“… After securing the carriage, I will go help you immediately.” (Felnote)

“Yes, please, Felnote-san” (Arge)


And we decided. After that, I get Richelle’s consent


“Mogu?” (Richelle)


As usual, Richelle was eating.
She has cleaned up the sweets spread out on the table all by herself.
That huge amount of sweets, it fits in Richelle’s stomach.
How she eats is elegant, but her speed and amount is outrageous.
Even if I see it over and over, I still can’t get used to it. I wonder where did she fit all of it in her stomach.

Anyway, just in time for good eyes, let’s cut out a story.


“Um … I’m eating it because no-one else does so, am I bothering you?” (Richelle)


The Dark Elf is talking in a state where the cookie is checked in her mouth and tilts her head.

It seems that her brown long ears shake vertically together because she’s simply happy rather than following the head movement.


“I want to talk to the Owner of the big safe so we will climb upward. I want you to follow me.” (Arge)


Richelle nodded in return to my word.
She drinks the tea in front of herself, she took a breath and smiled.
It is a smile that purple eyes make.


“Spirit, she seems to be lonely” (Richelle)

“Huh?” (Arge)

“There must be some people she is waiting for, and that’s not Arge-sama, is that right?” (Richelle)

“… you understand well” (Arge)

“I can only listen to Arge-sama’s words as I’m watching the surroundings, and I thought so.” (Richelle)


With a smile, Richelle-san stands up.
Overlooking the missing sweets table, she’s satisfied with a breath.
When she noticed that everyone’s eyes gathered on her, Richelle-san gave a dignified voice.


“Let’s go, if anything happens, I will protect you with my bow.” (Richelle)

“… I wonder what she is saying” (Kuzuha)

“It isn’t about Harahachibunme (腹八分目), is it?” (Felnote)


It was an aristocratic feeling, but it was ruined because of the lack of words.


“Well … for now, Richelle-san was convinced of acting with me” (Arge)

“Oh, that’s right … Is she still just eating cake?” (Felnote)


While everyone was talking, Richelle-san kept eating alone.
As I spread it to a platter, these sweets are the first come, first served.
Because she was eating happily, there is no problem.


“Well then, I, Kuzuha-chan and Richelle will go talk with Igu Jisuta-san.
Zeno-kun and Felnote-san, Can I ask you to secure the horse carriage?” (Arge)

“What are you going to do?” (Felnote)

“Well, for now, I will just …” (Arge)


When I’m still talking, the door suddenly opens and interrupted my words.
What went into the room is shiny bodies that I got used to a bit. They are golems.


“…Shall we do it tomorrow, then?” (Arge)


I saw Richelle looking at the dish that was being carried with glittering eyes, and the word to continue was decided.
Either way, I am told that we are going to sleep here today.
We can stay overnight and then move.

It’s been a while since I slept in a safe place, so it should be good for everyone.
I can sleep without worrying anytime and anywhere, but Felnote-san and Zeno-kun seem to have kept the watch every night.
Everyone didn’t feel like opposing, just watching Golem lining up cooking.


“…Are you still going to eat, Richelle-san?” (Arge)

“Arge-sama, have you decided?” (Richelle)

“No, I was thinking about a black hole a bit now.” (Arge)

“Black hole?” (Richelle)

“That being said, the meals seem to be delicious” (Arge)


It is troublesome to explain, so I decided to distract her with the meal.

Dark Elf
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  2. I haven’t been reading this for a while now but now that I came back to it… I still say it’s one of the most fun reads that’s still going on :3


    • Don’t worry.
      Everything will end well. I won’t spoiler how.
      I love this Novel because even it’s mainly sad story, tragedy but show up how character move on and live happy.
      The anime I love the most and make me the person I am now is Angel Beat.
      A Very sad story but I’m happy that they can overcome it and find happiness.


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