Arge Chapter 112: At midnight, only two people

Felnote 1
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Cut scene “Spend the night with Felnote unlocked”


Arge Chapter 112: At midnight, only for two people

ED: Bullin



*yawn…* (Arge)

When I opened my eyes, there were artificial lights.

I got up while narrowing my eyes due to the brightness that made me feel like I’ve just returned to the former world for only a moment.

“Ah … you can’t sleep as well?” (Felnote)

After having finished my meal, I was really sleepy, but I’m also amazed that I woke up.

And looks like Felnote-san is checking the equipment. 

Right now everyone is sleeping on the beds that the golems have brought.

“…The time, is it late at night now?

This big safe is illuminated by artificial lights and has no windows, so I don’t know the sense of time at all.

Still considering that everyone is sleeping like this, probably it’s night-time now

“Well, you should be able to sense it, it’s midnight right now” (Felnote)

“… Felnote, did you stay up late?” (Arge)

“I was sleeping properly, I woke up just now.” (Felnote)

And then Felnote came and gave me a hand to get up.

I asked her with an upturned look.

“Do you understand the time?” (Arge)

“Roughly, but it’s a biological clock trained in the knighthood, you can trust it.” (Felnote)

Felnote proudly pounds her hand on her chest, and it’s shaking, after all, it is big.

She tied her hair like usual.

I’m getting off of the bed while holding her hand.

“What happened, do you want some tea?” (Felnote)

Because there was no reason to refuse, I obediently nodded.

She guided me to the table and sat there.

Felnote-san prepares the tea, I already saw it many times in the kingdom.

Even though it was only a few months ago, I somehow missed it, so I’m feeling relieved.

“…What?” (Felnote)

“No, I thought it was nostalgic somehow.” (Arge)

“It’s strange, right? I’m also thinking like that.” (Felnote)

While I was looking at the familiar sight, preparation for tea was over.

It is a beautiful girl with silver hair reflected in the liquid poured into the cup.

I was invited by a scent like black tea, it was a nostalgic taste.

“This is…” (Arge)

“I brought it from my house because it’s expensive and hard to find” (Felnote)

“…Felnote-san, you really pursued after me?”

“Yes, to have a word with someone who went out without saying goodbye.” (Felnote)

That is what I heard in Sakuranomiya.

I was honestly surprised that she came out of a country where she was born just for that.

Her personality is serious, so I thought that she might be angry. But I didn’t think she would follow me even to this place.

And, as she said, I already heard it at Sakuranomiya. So I won’t ask what did she do that for anymore.

What I want to ask now is different.

“…But why?” (Arge)

“Why for what?” (Felnote)

“I mean, I wonder why you’re chasing after me, and even left the country.

I am glad that I could meet you again, but even I didn’t know where I would go.” (Arge)

Felnote-san’s just looking at me, she closes her eyes and sighs.

“Well … even though you only stayed with me for a while I somewhat got used to you. To the extent that I got frustrated.” (Felnote)

“…That’s all?” (Arge)

“That’s not all, even so, isn’t that enough?” (Felnote)

Felnote-san sighs and tilts the cup. She brews more tea and she stared at me.

“I was worried about Arge and I was annoyed that I was left behind,

that was the same as that spirit … we were lonely” (Felnote)

“Ah…” (Arge)

“I picked you up and brought you home.

You have healed my eyes.

We were living together.

Well, you were always messed up … but still, it was really fun.” (Felnote)

“…Is that so.” (Arge)

“So, I will not leave you, I’ll protect you. I decided so …

Of course, there is also a purpose to make you live a decent life.” (Felnote)

After finishing the word with a smile, Felnote-san sits in the chair.

If Felnote-san herself already decided, there’s no reason to stop her.

I’m somewhat embarrassed with her frankness, and while diverting my eyes, I drink the tea.

And then I placed an empty cup on the table.

“How about a refill?” (Felnote)

“No, it’s okay now” (Arge)

“Well then, how about here?”

Felnote-san gets up from the chair and comes up to me.

She pulls out her dagger and puts it on her wrist.

“tsu …!” (SFX)

I felt a sharp thirst at that moment, and I understand her intention.

“… Bloodsucking. You haven’t drunk any for a while, have you?” (Felnote)

“Ah…” (Arge)

As Felnote-san says, after drinking Iris’s blood in the Republic, I haven’t sucked any blood until now.

I don’t have a blood sucking impulse yet, but the primary reason is another thing.

I remembered when Elsee sucked my blood in Rencia village.

Even though I wanted to forget about it I still remember it until now.

Elsie said 『When a vampire sucks blood, the vampire will be giving to their prey what the vampire wants the most』

And for her, it was a pleasure.

“tsu …!” (SFX)

Then, what is it that I gave to my partner?

Until now, there has only been one time that I’ve sucked blood.

That was in the forest of the kingdom, against a mercenary called Chrome.

At that time, the situation of Chrome was a bit strange.

Perhaps it was my blood sucking that gave her something.

Speaking of what I want, a nap and a person willing to take care of me.

How will that feeling affect the partner?

Even though she only cuts lightly, there’s still blood coming out of Felnote-san’s wrist.

My instincts are awakening. How long can I endure to put my fangs on the thin white skin in front of me?

But, if I do it, I don’t know what will happen to Felnote-san.

Just as Elsee told me at that time. I do not know anything about myself.

I turned my face like escaping from the blood-sucking impulse that came up.

“What’s wrong?” (Felnote)

“I’m sorry, Felnote-san, can you do that just like before?” (Arge)

“… So, you really care about what that blooded princess said to you after all?” (Felnote)

“…Yes” (Arge)

Because I thought that there was no meaning to hide it, I obediently answer.

In the first place, Felnote did it when she was in the kingdom.

She cut her wrist and poured the overflowing blood into the teacup.

It seems that she knew about it and presented her hand directly without doing so now.

“Arge, you don’t have to worry” (Felnote)

“… What is it?” (Arge)

“What a vampire is, I also know. I’ve fought during the knighthood and sometimes got sucked directly.” (Felnote)

“…Really?” (Arge)

“I know what it’s like to have blood directly sucked from me.

Nevertheless, I thought that I could let you drink my blood, so do it.” (Felnote)

It’s a firm decision and trust in her eyes. I can understand that much as well.

Even if I can’t read it from her eyes, I can still understand it if she’s telling me that much.

“So you don’t need to worry about sucking my blood” (Felnote)

Felnote-san declared with a smile without any doubt in her eyes.

I’ve always been a lazy person, that didn’t care about a thing while having a hollow presence for anything.

If she can believe me like that, there is nothing I can say in return.

“… You are really a stubborn person, aren’t you?” (Arge)

“Well … I couldn’t agree more.” (Felnote)

There are no hard feelings in Felnote-san’s eyes as she said so.

It’s a gentle line of sight looking straight at me.

“Well, Itadakimasu ne” (Arge)

Pulling Felnote-san’s wrist towards my face slowly and touching her skin with my fangs.

The feeling of my fangs stabbing her skin echoed to the back of my brain.


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  1. As to what Arge gives when sucking blood… mmm… must be pleasure with love…
    Felnote simply want that 🙂

    My serious guess would be relief and comfort tho… Felnote wants to be relieved hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dam cliff hanger…. -.-
    will they just stop after the blood sucking? or will there be something else after that?


    • I think manga art (BTW – 1st chapter got scanlated!) conveys personality and emotion more consistently than the LN art. 47agdragon’s drawings of Arge sometimes seem saucer-eyed and expressionless, but that’s never true with SAKURA’s depictions of her in the manga. I guess that speaks to the difference in necessary skill sets between an illustrator and a mangaka.

      Hmm, looks like they actually got a pretty experienced person to draw the manga: It shows in the quality of the artwork.

      (On the other hand, 47agdragon’s depictions of Elsie are always… quite expressive. Only the other characters sometimes seem slightly blank-faced. Perhaps Elsie is 47agdragon’s favorite character?)


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