Mile chapter 87: Suspicious Man

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Mile chapter 87: Suspicious Man

Kingdom – Forest Village – Hill

“What …” (Old man)

The old man is somewhat angry shouting at the words of the girls.

Of course, Mile had absolutely no intention to give the Wyvern to such a stupid man from the beginning.

She just played a little and hoped that a man accidentally leaked the information.

“But then, he will die!” (Old man)

“It is natural, it is proof of being subjugated …” (Rena)

Rena returned with the most brilliant answer to the old man’s anger voice.

“But I want to take Low … the Wyvern alive!” (Old man)

“So, you should know that if you combine all together. The cost will be no less than 100 gold coins.

Because we won’t get the rewards plus the bonus for capturing it alive and minus the fee for handling request failure.

And the most important, we will lose our evaluation points” (Rena)

Just like Rena said, no matter how much money he pays, Rena has no intention of delivering the Wyvern.

Even if it says that a man gives a considerable amount of money, we still refuse because we can’t accept the stigma of the request failure and the loss of credibility.

More importantly, if the Wyvern attacks the village again, it may kill more people next time.

“Gununununu…” (Old man)

It seems that more than 100 gold coins same with more than 10 million yen in Japanese yen, is too much of what he can effort. The old man thinks desperately.

At that time, Pauline was casual in talking naturally with him.

“By the way, what is the cow like thing that is grabbed by the Wyvern?” (Pauline)

“Oh, that is a dragon basket I ride, it looks like a cattle caught even if seen by a third person view … … … …” (Old man)

The word which he spoke like bragging suddenly became smaller and cut off halfway.

… There was a fool.

“Mile, is this old man your father?” (Rena)

“What do you mean by that!” (Mile)

Mile raised her voice in protest against Rena.

“This Wyvern, what is it called? Low-something?” (Pauline)

“Low breath” (Old man) (ロブレス: Ro buresu)

The old man replied to Pauline’s question like bragging.

“Although he can’t be compare with an acient dragon.

He can breath out for the first time, it is rarity as a wyvern, so I gave him a name.

A low level of Breath, so I made it short for easy calling『Low Breath』

“Monster Low Breath…” (Mile) (怪鳥ロブレス: Kaichō roburesu)

Compared the child to its parent to name him these days, this old man has a decent reason for naming. Mile can feel this old man’s affection for the partner.

Mile has admired obediently.

“I’m telling you, Wyvern isn’t a monster!” (Old man)

“Ah, hai …” (Mile)

Mile got scolded.

“But you’re using a Wyvern to attack people. What is your purpose?”

“Nothing in particularly … ” (Old man)

“Hah?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

“I said that there is nothing in particular” (Old man)

“Whaaaaaaaat?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

The answer to the accusation of Mile was too unexpected, the『Red Oath』raise their voice.

“But, it’s attacking the village …” (Mile)

“Any Wyverns would originally attack the village in its territory, right?”

“U …” (Mile)

Mile couldn’t deny the words of the old man.

“Then, this Wyvern …” (Maevis)

“It’s 『Low Breath』” (Old man)

The old man protest against Maevis’s word. Apparently, he seems to like that name.

“… That『Low Breath』, you are keeping him, right? Are you giving him instructions to attack the village …” (Maevis)

“I don’t keep him” (Old man)

“Hah?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

“As I said, I don’t own『Low Breath』.” (Old man)

“Then, what kind of relationship did you have with 『Low Breath』?” (Pauline)

The man replied graciously to Pauline who unusually shouts loudly.

“He is my friend” (Old man)

“Whaaaaaaaat?” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

“He is a friend of mine, he sometimes carry me with a dragon basket or I heal his injures. We are just friends. Do you think friend have anything to do with other friend eating their meal?” (Old man)

“…” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

The girls were stunned with their mouth open and the old man continues.

“Besides, I asked him not to attack those who didn’t harm him, especially women as much as possible.

If there’re people who asked the forest wolf not to attack any people other than those who attack him, especially if the woman

Or asked him not to kill or cause serious injury as much as possible even if he get attacked, is it still a criminal act?

On the contrary, isn’t the one who attack are at fault?” (Old man)

“…” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


It is outright suspicious and what he says is only a sophistry.

Even so, you can not catch it as a criminal unless you refute what a man is saying.

If there is no evidence, even if they are caught, they will become criminals on the contrary.

How can we … Three people, Rena, Maevis and Mile have trouble thinking

But Pauline said with a light tone.

“Well then, shall we deliver this 『Wyvern』through the guild?” (Pauline)

“As I said, Low Breath is my friend …” (Old man)

“Then, What ?” (Pauline)

Pauline emphasizes that it isn’t a name 『Low Breath』 but『Wyvern』, and it is only a monster to us.

“What you said is just『This Wyvern has a human acquaintance』,

what we are doing is simply catching 『A wild Wyvern that attacked a village and killed a lot of hunters and soldiers by request, and hand it over』

And your demand right now is like saying to a police officer who is trying to arrest a murderer 『Don’t catch or punish him because he is a friend of mine』

You are just his friend, you don’t have any responsibility for him.”

“Huh … ” (Old man)

As expected of Pauline.

If you say that you aren’t responsible for the Wyvern’s actions, we only have to treat it like that.

Then, Pauline gives a finishing blow.

“It seems tough to carry him alive, we might get injured if it rampages on the way …

How about give up the extra for capturing it alive and kill it?

Even if we will get additional amount of about 10 gold coins for capturing it alive, it’s better to eliminate the risk in the middle of transportation. 30 gold coins and a successful addition point of request success are enough, don’t you think?” (Pauline)

Since this man lived as a magician until this age as hermit, he seems to have appropriate knowledge and ability.

However, thinking from the past actions, his social skill is low.

It is already overwhelmingly low.

Rena said “The father of Mile” was too accurate of a line.

He probably become like this because he lives his life that have a little exchange with human beings.

As soon as the girls realize that Pauline is planning to fuel the man, Maevis and Rena are giving a helping hand.

“That’s right, it might be a fool to lose everything, regardless of a little additional fee” (Rena)

“Yes, we should do so!” (Maevis)

“Well…!” (Old man)

“Eh, we don’t have to do that, right?” (Mile)

After all, Mile and this man were similar.

“Hmm … apparently you seem to have a kind heart that is different from the other three … 

Your silver hair is really pretty, it’s a disappointing that you only have modest breasts …” (Old man)

“Sh… shut up!” (Mile)

The old man is surprised with Mile’s sudden changed of attitude, he doesn’t realize that his compliment is a rude remark.

“Well, you somehow remind me of the appearance of Elsie. For being part of the party that captured 『Low Breath』, you must be healthy and strong …” (Old man)

The old man is trying his best to get on the good side of Mile.

“Well, I will give it to you.

Rejoice, I will use your body for my cute Elsie’s heart! (Mad scientist Wyvern Tamer)

“Just what is with that. There’s no reason to be pleased with that!” (Mile)

Screaming Mile.

Rena, Maevis and Pauline standing still on the rapid expansion of the story.

And『Low Breath』is somewhat relieved, thinking that the topic have separated from himself.

Translator’s Note:

These Wyvern chapters from now are plain stupid, I wonder where did the Author refer it from.

2 more chapter for this stupid old man that I want to kill right away.

Please hang in there. Only 2 more chapter and we will begin new arc.

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  1. I think it’s better to make it evaluation points instead of evolution points… it makes me think of pokemon… though it makes me wonder how would Mile turn out if she evolved…


  2. I was worried when I saw it sudden;y jump from 86 to 97 and thought that I somehow missed a lot of chapters. Luckily it was just a typo and this is chap 87.


  3. Thanks for the update

    Seen mistakes

    “We are just friend just friend”
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    Three people, Lena, Mevis and Mile
    It is Rena and Maevis


  4. “Mile, is this one your father?” (Rena)
    Correct to:
    “Mile, is he one of your fathers?”
    If there is (one) than it should be plural
    “Mile, is (this person/he) your father?”


    • While you are right in a way, there ARE instances of “this one” being grammatically correct. I don’t think this is the case, I just wanted to point out that while it DOES say “one”, that doesn’t mean it’s singular or plural. It’s just…normally used in archaic speech, iirc. It definitely should NOT be “is he one of your fathers” though.

      However, I’d agree with what you’re suggestion at the END. “Mile, is (this person/this guy/he) your father?” Any of these would work, so it’s all down to how the person in question USUALLY talks (so I’d say “this guy” is probably the best, since it’s Rena talking here). ^^

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  6. Thanks for the Chapter!!

    Poor Mile, i thought that she learned from her mistake, because she is a person who learn, but it looks like she’s just overly ‘idiot’ sometime, weellll that part when Rena call that old man ‘Mile’s Father’ somehow it was hurt, but then again she deserved it..

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  7. Well that was needlessly complicated.
    Even if you use the Self Defense excuse for the people the Wyvern killed, There is still the fact that it is stealing livestock and is therefor a thief.


  8. They really let the wyvern go free? Red Oath is going to be out a fortune and the weyvern will still terrorize the populace. Nothing productive done here which is terrible. Both the village and wyvern are just as bad off in this conflict that created the subjugation quest in the first place.


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