Arge Chapter 114: Promised destinations

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Translator’s Note:

Prepare yourself, Readers.

We have reached the “cliff” and it’s pretty tall, we will be “hanger” a lot

I will stop translating Mile for the next fews day and concentrate on Arge.

Question to readers:

Would you mind if I leave Desu~no, desu~wa in Kuzuha dialog ?

Arge Chapter 114: Promised destinations

ED: Bullin

Cyril Big Safe


“… Thank you for the meal – it was very delicious”  (Richelle) (Gochisōsamadeshita. Taihen oishūgozaimashita)

We have become familiar with this scene in the last few days.

Richelle-san finishes the mountains of food and bows gracefully.

After waking up, everyone was having breakfast.

As we planned yesterday, I would persuade Igu Jisuta-san and leave this place.

Felnote-san is having wry with this familiar scene

“Now, I’m worried about resuming the trip …”  (Felnote)

“To secure food, I must do my best as well…”  (Kuzuha)

“Thank you Kuzuha-chan. We will arrive at the ocean soon, then you can fish, so I think it will be a little easier.”  (Felnote)

“… What about the day when you couldn’t catch anything at all?” (Arge)

“Arge, please stop saying such scary things!” (Kuzuha)

I thought it would be better to worry about the worst, but Kuzuha-chan was getting angry. Even though she isn’t as much as Richelle, she still eats well, so the food situation is a serious matter.

I hope we can secure food somewhere before arriving at the sea.

However, let’s concentrate on what to do now.

I have to tell Igu Jisuta-san that I’m not Cyril.

It probably won’t be easy. Felnote-san is also worried that the other party may forcibly capture me and we must fight.

Even so, I’m not going to take the place of Cyril. I’m Argento Vampear. Even if I also feel sorry for Igu Jisuta-san I need to tell her that. Cyril and I are different people, even though we are not completely irrelevant. As I promised Cyril Note.

“Well, then shall we go?” (Arge)

I looked at the tableware and I said to everyone so. Everyone nodded to my words and got prepared.

Felnote-san is checking her sword and equipment.

Zeno-kun is correcting his clothes as well.

Kuzuha-chan strokes her tails and confirms her clothes

Meanwhile, Richelle-san is…

“Ah, there were some rice grains left” (Richelle)

“You can still eat more?”  (Arge)

“No problem, it is called Harahachibunme (Richelle)

“… that, what are you talking about?” (Arge)

“It’s a Harahachibunme, isn’t it?” (Richelle)

This time it was a correct answer, so I didn’t say anything.

And while I’m trying to open the door.

There were some golems appearing in the corridor. They were there as if to block the road, lining up their mechanical body side by side.

“… What does this mean?” (Kuzuha)  (Kore wa, dō iu koto desu~no)

“They came to pick me up, right?” (Felnote) (Omukae, to iu koto janaidesu ka?)

“So they’re things to pick us up” (Kuzuha)

At that moment, the golems moved.

It has extended two fingers of its arm towards me.

It is clearly a move for the purpose of capture.

“n…!!?”  (Arge)

I avoided the arms with a reflexive movement. These arms seem to be able to stretch beyond its appearance.

“Arge!” (Felnote)

“Wind Sickle (Kamai-tachi)” (Kuzuha)

Many of the arms that have approached me are being torn by slash and wind.

Kuzuha-chan and Felnote-san destroyed them to protect me.

“She noticed us earlier than I expected … !” (Felnote)

“She might be able to hear what we talked about somehow” (Arge)

Like the contract of my blood, there seems to be the ability to command the golems even if she is away, and this area is managed by Igu Jisuta-san. So, It isn’t strange that she could eavesdrop somehow.

I want to reach Igu Jisuta-san and talk right now if possible.

“If I get caught here, isn’t it easier to meet with Igu Jisuta-san?” (Arge)

“Only Arge is guaranteed safety” (Felnote)

As Felnote-san says, I’m the one important to Igu Jisuta-san

To be exact, Cyril Arcadia, her precious person.

And as if they can hear Felnote-san’s words, a group of golems moved. Another arm appears from their body. Apparently, it seems that only two arms are stored in their body.

But instead of using a two finger arm for capture, this arm is equipped with weapons.

Sword, spear, axe, sickles, and hammers.

The Golems’ eyes made a ferocious gleam and shined the passage.

“Is it a defense equipment…?”  (Felnote)

“They don’t seem to be able to talk, so it seems impossible for us to get caught peacefully after all.” (Arge)

“Well … Arge-san! Let’s go!”  (Kuzuha)

“Yes, I understand. Richelle-san, we will go up while intercepting, are you okay with that?” (Arge)

“Leave it to me, Arge-sama” (Richelle)

“Kuzuha, I leave Arge and Richelle to you, please be careful”  (Felnote)

“Yes, I will protect them properly!” (Kuzuha) (E e, kichinto omamori itashimasu wa! !)

Everyone enters into their battle stance and repel the golems’ attack.

Kuzuha-chan changed her body immediately and began to release her magic.

Felnote-san took Zeno-kun and went forward to break through the golems.

I also take out weapons from the Blood Bag.

The contracted magic artifact from the other day「Dream of Water Lily」. It has an ability to cut things that aren’t real, but even an ordinary sword is sufficient enough for me to deal with Golems.

“Fu~…!” (Arge)

Golems aren’t living thing, they are machines, so I don’t need to hold back. It seems that they only care about me, they don’t point their weapons at me but use the capture arm instead.

I’m effortlessly avoiding those attacks with my speed and cut the golems one by one.

“Well then, I will also fight with you” (Richelle)

Richelle-san withdrew a few steps. Perhaps that is the best position for her.

And Richelle-san slowly raises her hand to the ceiling. I can see what Richelle-san is trying to do. It is because I have already seen it the other day.

“Wa …Wait a moment, you plan to call it here!?” (Kuzuha) (Cho, chottomattekudasai! Koko de yobu kidesu no! ?)

Kuzuha-chan noticed Richelle-san’s movements; hurriedly raising her voice to stop Richelle-san from calling her bow in the aisle, but those words didn’t make sense to Richelle-san because their language is differentAnd her dignified voice echoed.

“Flowing down, O heavenly flower. 「Flowing Flower Comet」”  (Richelle)

A blue meteor fell down in response to her magic words. And for a moment, I’m worried whether it’s all right. Penetrating through the ceiling violently, Richelle-san’s bow represented itself before her.

Richelle-san grasps her bow and slowly looks at the enemies.

She draws the bowstring and speaks the magic word.

“Please heed my wishes”  (Richelle) (願いませ: Negaimase)

The bow is shining with her singing like magic words. The bow shoots a light arrow that penetrates through the golem.

Even after getting shot, the golem still doesn’t stop moving

“…Oh, my attack seems to have a weak effect against a Golem” (Richelle)

Richelle-san saw the golem still moved after getting shot, then she spoke in awe.

Golems were certainly damaged by that attack. But It didn’t stop moving. Her attack had little effect on them. It’s because a Golem is a machine. Unless they receive a fatal damage, the golems will not stop.

This golem was made for battle, so it can still work if it gets a little damage.

“… Richelle-san!” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-san and her alter ego are rushing to Richelle-san who is still in shock and having a lot of weapons swung down at her. And then, Kuzuha-chan and her alter ego block all attacks and take those golems down.

As for me, I returned to the front of the room so that I could take a look at the situation.

“… It seems they are safely leaving” (Arge)

“Felnote-san and Zeno-san are gone! Now I can destroy them all together with my full strength!” (Kuzuha) (Mō ferunōto-san to zeno-san wa ikimashita wa! Watashi no zenryoku de, matomete hakai shimasu no!)

This is a compose magic done by Kuzuha-chan and Bushiha-chan, it surely will be super effective.

If the golems’ bodies were completely destroyed by wind or fire, not just a penetrating point attack, the golem should stop moving.

I’m also trying to release some wind magic to cover Kuzuha-chan. And Richelle-san is pulling the bow again.

“If that attack is not enough then I will increase it further.” (Richelle)

“Hah …!?” (Arge)

The light arrow which appeared this time was a purple color rather than gold.

I can hear the Tesla sounds.

Richelle-san narrows her eyes that have the same color as the light arrow to aim.

“Please carry my will” (Richelle) (運びませ: Hakobimase)

She spoke some majestic words and the light arrow was released.

The released arrow spread to countless numbers of light instead of flying straight. And those lights were aiming at the golems. Penetrated by the lights, the golem body had a lot of holes. 

And there’s a spark from inside the hole pierced, and eventually broke. It exploded from the inside, it crumbled down to shattered pieces.

“Oh … maybe, it’s weak to electricity” (Richelle)

“Thunder magic …!?” (Kuzuha) (Kaminari no mahōdesu no…!?)

Different from Richelle’s casual words, Kuzuha is really surprised.

Well, it is indeed magic of the lightning system, I can understand the current phenomenon.

Not only that attack had penetrated power, but it also burned the inside with electricity.

I don’t know exactly what kind of technology Richelle-san used, but it’s a super effective attack against mechanical technology used in the golem.

A machine is naturally broken if it is exposed to a high voltage of electricity.

“Richelle-san, so you can use this kind of attack, too?” (Arge)

“Yes, I’m raising the magical power and range with owner second authority, looks like it is (super) effective so what shall I do?” (Richelle)

“Richelle-san, please keeps using this to attack. Kuzuha-chan, if you attack, please use flame magic” (Arge)

“As you wish, Arge-sama” (Richelle) (承りました、アルジェ様: Uketamawarimashita, Aruje-sama)

“Understood!” (Kuzuha) (Shōchi itashimashita wa!)

Lightning and high heat are super effective against machines. I judged it like that and gave instructions to the girls. We’re breaking through the golem corpses that are filled with a burnt-off smell.

I need to meet up with Igu Jisuta and fulfill my promise.

Translator’s Note:

Most of the word in this chapter only mean effective and I can’t help but change it to “super effective”

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  1. Well it doesn’t really matter whether you add ”desu-no and desu-wa” because you already make it clear who’s talking.
    “Understood!” (Kuzuha) <— like this

    So I suggest you just do what you want. Some extra words won't make you lose readers.


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