Arge Chapter 115: The former knight frustrated

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Arge Chapter 115: The former knight frustrated

ED: Bullin

Felnote’s POV

“They sure aren’t playing around …!!”  (Felnote maybe) 「ふざけるんじゃないわよ……!」

Clearly, they swung a flock of weapons at us without hesitation. They used capture arms against Arge and weapon arms against us. This clearly showed the will of the Golem’s owner.

… It’s not a joke! !

I don’t know how strong the spirit of the Big Safe is, but I will not hand Arge over.

In the first place, Arge and the person she is looking for are different. Although they may be similar, the person named Cyril and Arge are definitely different individuals.

… I guess she should know it, too.

Surely, she must understand somehow that Arge is a different person. But she’s ignoring that and trying to make Arge her own. It isn’t funny with such a messed up story

“It’s going to be absurd to try replacing the one you love with someone else!”  (Felnote)

I don’t know if she can hear these words. But even if she can hear it, she will just ignore it.

I know how sad she is, without seeing your loved one for centuries.

But there are many things that can not be replaced in this world. What has been lost will not return, she has to accept it. I can see how much she enjoys talking about the past with important memories left behind by the one she loves. And now she is about to sneak into someone else as a substitute.

“Do not disturb!”  (Felnote)

I put my anger on the sword, I slashed at the golems with my emotions and threw them away. 

It’s a nuisance that their movement doesn’t stop unless I damage them to a certain extent. 

I do not understand what Zeno said about “Machine”, but if they are not living things, I don’t need to hold back. 

In the past, when I was still a knight, I had battles with monsters with a number advantage.

In that sense, for me, Golems are only “a little tougher monster group”.

“Zeno, I’m over here, do you need help?” (Felnote)

“No, I’m still fine!” (Zeno)

He spoke to me with a desperate appearance, but from I have seen, he is coping with the golem’s attack properly. Avoiding them with minimal movement, in some cases intercept them with a dagger or magic. 

His movement is inferior to me, and the person himself probably is trying hard at his limit. Still, as he himself declares, that is still within the scope of saying “I’m still fine” 

… I’m breaking through the golem group while slashing them. It’s quite dangerous for Zeno, but we must break through before more golems come.

Rather than attacking, Zeno is just protecting himself to survive.

A Merchants occupation is more dangerous than a knight when they have bad luck.

They belong to an organization called a commercial guild and are allowed to enter and exit from any country on the condition that they will not work for the benefit of a particular state. 

They are neutral and they don’t help any country or receive protection from any country. That means “There is no place to guarantee their safety” 

To survive, they must cross many dangerous areas. If they hire a bodyguard, they will barely get any profit. So they often travel alone to save money.

At first, we met, so we could travel together to Sakuranomiya while I protected him on his journey until we met Arge. I know his ability and I trust his words.

If he say it’s okay, I don’t need to worry about him and just clear the golems in the front. 

“Because the horses were kept at the lower layer, our destination is still far!”  (Felnote)

“I am okay, I will not hold you back …!”  (Zeno)

“A good reply, shall we proceed…” (Felnote)

We must check the horses’ safety quickly and go to help Arge. 

… I don’t think that they will kill the horses. They are simply trying to capture Arge. 

Originally, the other party isn’t interested in anything but Arge. 

There’s a high possibility that the horses are safe, including the carriage.

It will be a pain to lose the means to travel here. 

To this mission, the dark elf who doesn’t have enough of a fuel capacity for long journeys, and Arge is who’s too lazy to even walk; she only wants to sleep. 

Most importantly, that black horse that Arge had brought is Arge’s favorite. 

To think someone lazy as her will do things as bothersome like give him food, water and occasionally brushing his fur.

The name sucks, a joke name Neguseo, but It can’t be helped because this is Arge that we are talking about. 

I do not know if she is serious or that is her intention, but she has a distinctive sense.

Anyway, I don’t know if the horse is aware, but Arge carefully treats Neguseo.

She will be grieved if the horse dies. I don’t want to see Arge grieving. 

“Generally … it’s not enough”  (Felnote)

It reminds me of last night. Arge sucked my blood directly for the first time. 

I was bitten in my left wrist and I still have a lingering feeling 

Of course, my wound was cured by Arge’s recovery magic, so it feels like a mere illusion. 

Still, I remembered it and my heart got excited. It was a good time for me last night. 

After a long absence, I was able to touch Arge more than before. 

What I feel when she is sucking my blood is somewhat comfortable. Feelings that make me feel warmth in my chest, I want her to keep sucking my blood. It was painless or I should say it was great. That was such blood sucking.

I don’t mind letting her suck my blood every day. I can even say it’s the best.

It was a shame after that.

“I wanted to pamper you more …!”  (Felnote)

“Felnote-san, what kind of story are you talking about …?” (Zeno)

“Nothing, nevermind it!” (Felnote)

It is my heart’s scream that I have missed it now.

If Kuzuha didn’t get up then I would’ve slept in the same bed with Arge.

Of course, I don’t feel like blaming Kuzuha, but I feel like I wanted to sleep with Arge a little more.

I will shake the blade in order to clear up my mind.

I have no grudge against the golems, but they are bad guys that stand in our way.

While aware of the hurdle, I accelerated further.

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  1. last pic…. Kuzuha with more asset…

    not that i mind…. i’m on side of lolis with ‘little asset’ on them ~


  2. Felnote…
    It was the best huh…
    Miss Former Holy Knight addicted to getting her blood sucked…

    It seems Aruji-sama’s blood sucking effect is comfort to the point of being extatic :3


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