Arge Chapter 116: A place of mistake

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Arge Chapter 116: A place of mistake

ED: Bullin

Cyril Big Safe
Cyril Big Safe – Corridor

“They won’t stop coming … desu no” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan raises her voice and kicks off the nearby golem. Her beastkin’s leg strength blew the golem’s metal body away like a ball.

“Fox Fire 『Sun Flower』!” (Kuzuha)

Her flame magic engulfs the golem’s body with the shade of a flower and burns it.

More golems come closer while walking past the remnants of their fellows who were destroyed.

“I think that about 200 have been destroyed … Wind-san, please.” (Arge)

I cast the wind spell against the crowd. Although the golems tried to resist the wind, they messed up and got blown away.

“Please carry my will” (Richelle)

Richelle-san shot her lightning arrow and the golems gathered with the wind. Countless light pierced through the flock of golems’ machine bodies. And a moment later, all those golems exploded from the inside. Looking at the defeated Golems and the incoming Golems, Richelle-san sighs.

“It is troubling that we must battle with endless things that don’t fear death.

Unlike living things, it seems that there’s no drop in morale due to damage” (Richelle)

That point is indeed troublesome and tiresome. Golems are trying to fulfill the command from their Owner faithfully. They are machines without consciousness. They are not afraid of enemies nor mourn a fallen ally.

They kept coming to fulfill the desires of the Owner of the Big Safe without emotions, just faithfully.

They are trying to capture me while pointing their weapons to Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san. This is undoubtedly the will of Igu Jisuta, the Owner of the Big Safe.

… Why is she willing to go this far?

Felnote-san was also concerned that there would be a battle, and I was also thinking about that possibility.

However, I didn’t think that she would go this far or even try to hurt Kuzuha-chan.

I understand why Cyril is important to her. Even so, this is too much.

“Where are we now desu no…!? Where shall we find Igu Jisuta-san desu no!?” (Kuzuha) (Ima, dono ataridesu no……!? Somosomo igujisuta-san wa, doko ni iru ndesu no! ?)

“We reached the upper level already … Maybe she is in her room” (Arge)

The upper layer; her room is at the end of this vicinity. Maybe she’s there.

There are also possibilities that she’s in Cyril’s room or the factory district producing golems, but they are in the top layer of the Big Safe. If the place with high possibilities is above. Then we should go up.

The Cyril Big Safe is pyramid structure, the floors will become narrower as we go to the upper layer.

Because there are production places nearby, the number of golems also increases.

The more we climb upwards, the more golems are coming. I rushed towards the golems and slashed at them using the magic artifact katana 「Dream of Water Lily」

“You are in the way…” (Arge) (邪魔です: Jama desu)

Even though I know they don’t understand my language, I somewhat felt troubled and complained. And they just ignore it; more golems are coming.

“I’m sorry but I’m tired of seeing the same face over and over … Fox Fire, Hōsenka” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan also seemed to be frustrated, and gradually used stronger magic.

A flock of fireballs are aiming at the golems and burns them.

The golems exploded together from Richelle-san’s lightning arrow, and the aisle is now filled with a burning smell.

Zeno-kun is gonna cry if Igu Jisuta-san needs the repair expenses later, including the unexpected ceiling, but now’s not the case.

I shook the katana to cast away a useless thought for the moment.

“Both of you, how are your magic power?” (Arge)

“No problem, with only this amount consumed, I can keep shooting for another half day” (Richelle)

“This much is still nothing!” (Kuzuha) (まだまだ行けますわよ: Madamada ikemasu wa yo!)

To be honest, our group faced no danger.

Kuzuha-chan can make alter ego’s and use powerful magic, and Richelle-san also can use a widespread attack (AOE) with higher firepower than I thought.

I also have the cheat capacity of magic power and there’s recovery magic for any urgent means. We are heading towards enemy base and I’m her capture target.

Felnote-san and Zeno-kun are facing more danger than us.

Thinking of war potential, we don’t have to worry about Felnote-san but Zeno-kun is a bit uneasy. I guess he isn’t weak, but with a lot of enemies like this. I hope he is safe.

I also worry about Neguseo, but if he faces danger, he should get in touch with me.

I already informed him about the problem yesterday and I think that he’s still okay for the time being.

Going up the stairs has become troublesome as we stepped on it a couple times. Moreover, we are running while battling with golems.

“…Arge-san, that place! Isn’t it where they are building golems!?” (Kuzuha) (Aruje-san, are! Gōremu o tsukutte iru tokorode wa arimasen no! ?)

I’m looking at the direction that Kuzuha-chan is pointing. I can see golems appearing one after another across the large door.

“… We better stop the golems production first” (Arge)

There was a guide yesterday with Igu Jisuta-san over there.

It is one of the places that she was brought to, saying that I might recall if I look around.

To be honest, I can’t understand the production line of Golems that Cyril built at all.

Everything from replenishment to the creation of materials is automatic.

There are things that seem to be magical and there are things that are mechanically connected to them.

And from an amateur’s view like me, I still know it was “made with quite advanced technology”.

In other words, I don’t know how to operate it and if we want to stop it we have to break it.

Since it is a machine, it can not be repaired with magic after being broken.

It is honestly annoying to be attacked over and over.

“I will cut off the origin of golems. Both of you, let’s go” (Arge)

“Understood” (Kuzuha) (Shōchi shimashita wa!)

“Understood, but it’s strange, isn’t it?” (Richelle) (Uketamawarimashita. Shikashi, myōdesu ne)

“Richelle-san, what are you worrying about?” (Arge)

Richelle is thinking without stopping her movements of shooting the bow.

An arrow released with the same expression passed through the golem.

Richelle responds to my doubts while passing through the passage.

“The defense of the Cyril Big Safe is so strong and famous even to the Demon Continent.

From what I have heard, there’s never been an invasion of foreign enemies that can pass their defend.

This time we infiltrated from inside at the beginning. But … don’t you think the threat level is low?” (Richelle)

“… … certainly, it’s a bit odd …!!” (Arge)

I felt dubious after being told that, I had a bad feeling.

I frankly obeyed the sense of crisis that came in the moment of passing through the door leading to the production site.

I’m pulling both Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san who were close at hand to the sideways.

I’ve given up on Bushiha-chan because I don’t have enough hands for Kuzuha-chan’s alter ego.

The massive mass that came later crushed the floor.

Kuzuha-chan’s alter ego was involved in it and disappeared.

“Ku~…!?” (Arge)

“Arge-san, are you okay?” (Kuzuha) (Aruje-san, daijōbu desu no!?)

“Yes, I’m okay … I’m sorry, Kuzuha-chan, I couldn’t help Bushiha-chan” (Arge)

“No, it doesn’t matter … wait, Arge-san already decided the name as Bushiha-chan…?” (Kuzuha)

I think it’s a nice name. Because she is a part of Kuzuha-chan, she is Bushiha-chan.

“My apologies, Arge-sama, you have rescued me again” (Richelle) (Mōshiwakearimasen, Aruje-sama. Mata sukutte itadaite shimaimashita)

“I don’t mind, I’m glad that we’re all okay.” (Arge)

I thought that it was necessary to help, I’m glad that we made it. 

From the dust, I can see the huge sword that crushed the floor. It has a size that people cannot wield at all, and it was being carried by one Golem.

“… Isn’t it too big?” (Arge)

There was a gigantic golem that was likely to be 5 meters by eye measurement.

As far as I see, it can’t pass the aisle with such a size. Perhaps after being built here, it would be possible to carry it out with another route.

“You can rest assured that I will not hit Cyril.” (Igu)

“… That’s not the problem here” (Arge)

And she was over there riding on the head of the gigantic golem.

She narrowed her eyes that had the same color as a silver coin while holding a glittering cane like a gold coin.

“…Igu Jisuta-san” (Arge)

“Yes, Cyril. Will you wait for a moment. I am going to discipline the people who are planning to take Cyril away” (Igu)

Even when she looks straight at me, what Igu Jisuta is calling isn’t me.

That face is brilliant all the time. She doesn’t doubt what she is doing.

That is why that girl is sad. There’s nobody to stop her, a lonely spirit.

To end this, I took a step forward.

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Translator’s Note:

I thought the Golem is about this big




  1. I like Igu tho…
    Hmm … i’m thinking they can just grab her and travel with her

    But that seems impossible.
    First no one will.supervise Big Safe anymore… 2nd she’s too obssessed about Cyril… chances are… if Arge has an eye opener and the Safe can operate with just the golems alone… and Igu requested and they accept.

    Uuuun~ let’s just see


  2. The picture at the start of the chapter is what i would think Arge will look like when her body has the appearance of Felnote’s current age. I also imagine the Green Haired one looks like Chrome.


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