Arge Chapter 117: Call my name

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Arge Chapter 117: Call my name

ED: Bullin

Cyril Big Safe
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Cyril Big Safe – Golem Factory

“I’ll say it again, I’m not Cyril.”  (Arge)

“No, there’s no doubt that you are Cyril, I’ve been with Cyril for a long time and I’ve been watching you.

I’m on your side more than anyone and know you better than anyone.” (Igu)

… As expected, my voice doesn’t reach her. She heard me but she isn’t trying to understand. Even though she is looking at me she sees me as someone else.

She glares at Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san with cold eyes, which is opposite to the smile for me.

“Are you the one who spewed lies to my Cyril and treated her as a different person” (Igu)

“I did not do it!” (Kuzuha) (Shitemasen wa yo!)

“It’s you, who is doing it. I had patience because Cyril seemed to be having fun, but I can’t take it anymore. Stop misleading my Cyril?” (Igu)

“… I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it seems that Arge-sama’s words don’t transmit” (Richelle)

Igu Jisuta raised the cane. Although the effect is unknown, I know that golden stick is a magic artifact.

“Come 『Ringing golden trees』I shall take my Cyril back” (Igu) (『鳴り渡る金貨樹』)

The moment she pressed the cane to the head of the gigantic golem, there were a lot of noisy sounds just like spreading coins on the floor. With that sound, there’s an obvious change occurring. The movements of the golems have become clearer and quicker.

“Did the speed go up …!” (Arge)

“Gu~… their blows are also getting heavier! 『Beast Division』, come out” (Kuzuha) (Gu~tsu…… ichigeki mo omoku nattemasu wa yo! O-jū bunshin, tsuika shimasu wa!!)

“Well, simply, they just become quicker and stronger. Now, crush them.” (Igu)

Igu Jusuta-san casts enhancement to all the golems in this room. This golem army alone is already troublesome, now they even got strengthened. Moreover, not only small golems but large golems are also coming out.

“Until now I’ve never allowed anyone to penetrate so far. The weakness of these large golems is their size that can’t pass through the passage.

But now, you are already here; I will eliminate you now and get Cyril back.” (Igu)

Kokon. The cane glows in the gigantic golem’s head. Some large golems came from the door behind the room. Together with the golems, there were in the beginning, their total number is 6.

Besides, there are some medium-sized golems of about 2 meters that begin to appear.

“There’re still more of them…!?” (Kuzuha) (Mada fue masu no…!?)

“They were waiting outside, they are usually used for patrol and defense. This is Cyril’s Big Safe true defense force.” (Igu)

“Please carry my will” (Richelle)

Richelle-san, who is not familiar with the language, shot her lightning without reading the atmosphere. 

The lightning arrow spreading to countless light and defeated the golems.

However, it is only a small one that has been destroyed. Medium and large golems have been struck by direct hits, still standing there.

“… … Are you satisfied? As I told you, this is the real defense force of the Cyril Big Safe” (Igu)

“They are still able to move …!?” (Richelle)

“Richelle-san, step back!” (Bushiha)

Bushiha-chan pulls Richelle-san back, as her words don’t pass. A moment later, A large spear stabs the ground where Richelle was previously at.

“This time, I won’t let you land a hit on us…!” (Kuzuha) (Kondo wa atarimasendeshita wa yo…!)

“… Again, Please carry my will” (Richelle)

Richelle-san shot right away and they avoided the golem’s attack. And this time, her attack silenced a number of medium golems. It seems that her attacks can destroy medium golems with several direct hits.

While confirming that Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san are safe. I also readied my weapon「Dream of Water Lily」and slashed the golems. Looks like I can split the armor of the reinforced golems without problems.

“But this is truly …!” (Arge)

There are just too many. And not only are they also stronger and faster than before, but the density is also too thick. Even with my speed, I can’t avoid all of them and attack.

“Atomization…!” (Arge)

Because it becomes impossible to avoid alone with physical abilities, I continue to evade with vampire capabilities. But Kuzuha-chan and Richelle could not afford that, the balance between attack and evasion came to the latter.

“…Igu Jisuta-san!” (Arge)

“Cyril, why don’t we talk somewhere else?” (Igu)

“… I am not Cyril!” (Arge)

“No, you are Cyril, because I think so. I’ve been with Cyril for a long time and I have seen her forever, so I know about Cyril more than anyone else” (Igu)

“It’s undoubtedly so …!” (Arge)

Certainly, she was made by Cyril, raised by Cyril, loved by Cyril.

Necessarily, required and stuck close to each other. I already know it well.

Cyril Note’s word, Igu Jisuta-san’s words. And the two girls and traces of Cyril left in this Big Safe. I knew that both of them are only thinking about someone else.

I can’t do such a thing, and no one can do such a thing. I do not know how to think of someone and I don’t think that there will be a person who only thinks of me. (T.N: You can say that again, Arge ^_^)

I’m still looking for a person to support me, but it’s still hard to find such a person.

I need to tell her everything properly.

“If you are really so, you’ll understand, Igu Jisuta-san!” (Arge)

“… What are you talking about?” (Igu)

I close my eyes, take a deep breath, I need some more words for those who don’t understand my intention. I opened my eyes and rushed to the golems in front of Igu Jisuta-san to attack. I cleared up a lot of the machine arms and spoke out loud.

“You taught me a lot of things!” (Arge)

“Oh, yes, because it’s you that my memories are back, I can talk a lot about everything I can remember everywhere.” (Igu)

“Then why don’t you try to understand that I am a different person …?” (Arge)

“Because you are Cyril, aren’t you?” (Igu)

“No, I’m not. Unmistakably, Cyril’s lingering magical power is what gave birth to me but…!” (Arge)

“You are Cyril! You finally came back to me! I will protect you this time!” (Igu)

“I can understand your feelings … but … don’t impose your past impotence on me!” (Arge)

I go ahead and slash more incoming golems again. When their numbers became too many, I stepped back each time and went forward again. There’s also a choice to obediently get caught and get taken to Igu Jisuta-san.

However, I don’t want to give up. That’s just like admitting I’m Cyril.

I can not give up that I am a different person from Cyril Arcadia.

I have to go to her with my will and deny it.

“… There’s a person who is called out with that name” (Arge)

“Cyril …?” (Igu)

“Wrong” (Arge)

I was about to lose sight of who I was before. Even now, I don’t know how to define myself. I am a failure as a person in my previous world, and even if I reincarnated in this world, nothing has changed.

I can’t do a given role. I’m lost, I don’t know what to do but I am still alive.

I have someone who will call my name now.

“I am … Argento Vampear!” (Arge)

It’s a name that I thought of myself, even so.

If the surroundings call me so, it is certainly worth it.

To the extent, that I will not be replaced with the name of a person I’ve never met before.

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