Arge Chapter 120: Itte kimasu (We are leaving)

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Translator’s Note:

Imouto = little sister

Ane-san = big sister

Hahaue = esteemed mother

Arge Chapter 120: Itte kimasu (We are leaving)

ED: Bullin

Cyril Big Safe – Desert Land

The sky is clear blue and sunny

While thinking that it would be good for an afternoon nap, I’m calling the red-haired spirit girl.


“Igu Jisuta. Is it really okay?” (Arge)

“Of course it is!” (Igu)


Igu Jisuta proudly raises her chest as she says that. Behind her is a large amount of food.

There is no meat, mainly vegetables, and cereals; I am glad that there is also bread.

The day after we solved the misunderstandings and knew more about each other. I decided to start traveling again.

Igu Jisuta told me that we can take our time. even so, I have to escort Richelle-san. I can’t afford to relax here forever.

I stored her prepared food in my blood bag and I bowed to her.


“Thank you very much, Igu Jisuta” (Arge)

“E hehe, my lovely Imouto will be on a journey, so of course I would prepare at least this much” (Igu)


Igu Jisuta caresses my head as she says that.

My soul from the previous life is a man, but my body right now is a girl. Even if she treats me like a little sister, it isn’t wrong.


“… Argento” (Igu)

“Oh, yes, what is it?” (Arge)

“Antares city was already destroyed, It can’t be referred to as a home, so you can think of this place as your home” (Igu)

“…Uhm” (Arge)

“If you need anything you can come back anytime, that’s it.” (Igu)


A Place that Argento Vampear can come back, not Kuon’s house. It’s not where I was born, but I don’t mind returning here.


“…Thank you” (Arge)


I understand the meaning of her words, it makes me quite ticklish.

Still, I know that it isn’t a bad feeling. So I accepted that feeling.


“That’s why, everyone, please take care of my cute Imouto properly” (Igu)

“… I will protect her even if you don’t ask. But suddenly behaving like Arge’s ane-san with that smug face makes me quite angry.” (Felnote)

“Mu, what is this Felnote-kun. If you don’t like it, how about I leave this Cyril Big Safe alone and follow you guys?” (Igu)

“What about your official business …!” (Felnote)


She is probably serious, but this place is supporting the entire world’s economy. It would be a lot of trouble for the whole world.

Zeno-kun’s face has become blue, so we’d better stop it before he faints.


“Igu Jisuta, please don’t say something so unreasonable. Everyone will help me and I can protect myself too” (Arge)

“Muu, but … but. If only I didn’t have this role I would go too.

Then how about bringing 30 large golems as your bodyguards?” (Igu)

“Stop it” (Arge)


I can store them in my Blood Bag, but their excessive strength is too overpowered.

What does she think we will fight against that needs thirty of such massive weapons to protect.


“Gu~nu~nu…, but looks … Kuzuha-kun said it herself! I don’t want to regret it later!” (Igu)

“It’s okay, our most serious problem regarding food has already resolved” (Arge)


Richelle-san’s meal is the biggest problem in this trip, so I’m thankful that she solved it for us.

However, it seems that Igu Jisuta is not convinced. But after a while, she gave up.


“Mu~mu~mu … Everyone, I will say it again, please protect my precious Imouto neatly!” (Igu)

“Arge-sama, what’s the Spirit getting angry for?” (Richelle)

“She told us to be careful not to eat too much” (Arge)


As it became a little troublesome, I changed the translation.

Igu Jisuta had behaved strangely or she seems to be overprotective since yesterday. Even though I got used to it, I was a bit tired.

I think she is very gentle, but she is excessive in many ways.

I wonder why she was like this though, doesn’t she get tired?

In any case, I can’t stay here forever.

She told me that it is okay to return and I am going to do it, but now I have something to do.

Because I promised to escort Richelle-san to her hometown in the Demon Continent.


“Well then, Igu Jisuta … uhm …” (Arge)

“Well, 「Itte kimasu」could you say that?” (Igu)

“Uhm … Itte kimasu” (Arge) (We are leaving)

“Um. Itte rasshai” (Igu) (Have a good trip)


I am not going to say 「Sayonara」

I also said that to Satsuki-san, but this time it’s definitely a different word from that time.

I got a home to return someday, I meant words like that.

I’m still puzzled to be treated like that, she called me her Imouto.

Still, I didn’t want to deny it.


“Well, I pray for the safety of your journey.

And I would be happy if you sent me a letter sometimes. So I can know about your safety every now and then” (Igu)

“…I understand” (Arge)


I never used a mail-order shop in this world.

In the first place, I do not know what kind of letter is being conveyed.

Well, I can ask Felnote-san later.

I think it’s troublesome, but I also like to know, so I think that I can do it occasionally.

For this lonely girl.

I respond to her by waving my hands, and I get on the carriage.

Felnote-san and Richelle-san also get in the carriage.

Only Zeno-kun is sitting outside to move the carriage.


“Is it alright – desu ~no?” (Kuzuha)

“Yes, I have finished my greetings properly, It would be nice if you greeted her too Kuzuha-chan” (Arge)


Kuzuha-chan who always properly said goodbye in such cases didn’t come out this time. She smiles and asks a question with a strange feeling.


“I’m not good with something like parting with a family member” (Kuzuha) (家族との別れですもの。水を差すのは野暮、というものですわ: Kazoku to no wakaredesu mono. Mizu o sasu no wa yabo, to iu monodesu wa)

“… Was it something like that?” (Arge)

“Now Arge-san is her Imouto, so I’m her imouto’s friend. I already promised and talked with her yesterday, so I am fine.” (Kuzuha) (Kondo wa Aruje-san wa imōto to shite, soshite watashi wa imōto-san no o tomodachi to shite. Kangei shite kureru to, kinō yakusoku shite kudasaimashita. Dakara, watashi wa ī ndesu no yo)


I sat down next to Kuzuha-chan who is happy to talk.

There is no point. Because the carriage is wide, there is no need to do so.

I just wanted to do that. No meaning behind it.


“… Arge-san” (Kuzuha)

“Yes, Kuzuha-chan?” (Arge)

“Thank you very much” (Kuzuha) (Arigatōgozaimasu)

“Fu~e?” (Arge)


I was puzzled for a while. I did not know what she thanked me for.

Perhaps I made quite a stupid face. Kuzuha laughed and her fox ears were trembling.


“For staying by my side when I lost my hahaue”  (Kuzuha)

“… But I just stay there?” (Arge)


I didn’t call out to Kuzuha-chan who was mourning her mother’s death at the time.

I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t even call out and touch her to comfort her.

I was just staying there by her side till she stopped crying.


“But I’m really glad about that” (Kuzuha) (Sorede yokatta ndesu no yo)

“Really?” (Arge)

“Because you are there, my loneliness has been filled in.

If Arge-san wasn’t there at the time, I wouldn’t have easily gotten over my sadness …

And yesterday, I would have been unable to reach Igu Jisuta-san” (Kuzuha) (Datte, sorede watashi no sabishisa wa umatta ndesu no. Ano Toki Aruje-san ga inakereba, kitto…… kinō, igujisuta-san ni o sekkyō nante, dekimasendeshita wa)


Kuzuha-chan somewhat shyly smiles.

Certainly, If we didn’t meet that day, perhaps Kuzaha-chan may have become like Igu Jisuta.

If you say thanks in that sense, I can be satisfied. What I did is not a big deal, but if that helped her.


“… then, you are welcome.” (Arge)


I thought that I could obediently say so.


“… So when Arge-san faces any hardship, I’ll be with you by all means” (Kuzuha) (Dakara Aruje-san ga tsurai toki wa, kitto watashi ga soba ni imasu wa)

“Is that so?” (Arge)

“Yes, because for me … Arge-san has become an irreplaceable person …” (Kuzuha) (Ē. Datte, watashi ni totte wa…… Aruje-san wa mō, kakegae no nai hitona ndesu mono)


My heart feels wonderful and warm with Kuzuha-chan’s words.

I don’t know well what this feeling that sprang up in my heart is.

Still, this feeling makes me realize that I can feel the warmth of my heart.

So for now, let’s follow the feelings I have.

“…Thank you” (Arge) (T.N: I can’t find any good picture for this so I choose a picture from the same artist)


“…………” (Kuzuha)

“What’s wrong, Kuzuha-chan?”

“Ah, no, about how you smiled just now, can you do it again!?” (Kuzuha) (A, ie, sono, i, ima no warai-kata, mōikkai yatte itadakemasu no!?)

“… I was smiling? I didn’t plan to do that …” (Arge)

“That was really pretty! So please once more! Smile again!” (Kuzuha)


Although Kuzuha-chan is asking me to do it, I’m in trouble if she asks so suddenly.

Originally, I was not even conscious of doing something like smiling.


“Er … like this?”

“Uhm, this is cute, too but it’s a bit different …!” (Kuzuha)


And, I was practicing smiling for a while with Kuzuha-chan, I didn’t know why she had such a high tension for this.

The goal of our journey is still far away, I don’t really know what my friends are, but I’m very confused. I even suddenly have a big sister.

Still, my chest somehow feels warm.

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  1. Thanks for chapter.
    I glad Arge add more important person. Felnote(Wife?),Kuzuha-chan(Best(?) friend),Neguseo(Partner?),Satsuki group(Friend),Richelle(Blackhole?), Igu Jisuta(Elder sister) and Elsee(Yandere Stalker).
    Ah I forgot minotaur name but he is almost same status with Neguseo.
    Btw I only added Female Into important person list except Neguseo and Minotaur.


      • D’aww. I’m not so sure about how this arc was handled (Igujusta needed a bit more fleshing out,a bit more bonding with Arge before turning full yandere if she’s going to become a family member), but still… that resolution tickles my feels. Yorokobe, Kuon Ginji, born again Argento Vampyr. You have a place to come back to now. You have friends, you have family (because honestly…Kuzuha is more of an imouto than a best friend at this point) and you have a marvelous girlfriend (even if you don’t realise it yet). And your adventure has just began!


  2. Ahh i want Arge to get a growth spurt and grow up into that last picture already !!! Also i want the wedding with Felnote to happen !!


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