Arge Chapter 121: Memories and future

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Arge Chapter 121: Memories and future

ED: Bullin

Cyril Note Room

“… I did not know that such a place existed” (Igu)


I’ve been managing this place as the spirit of the Big Safe ever since the day Cyril was gone, but I didn’t know that there was a hidden passage.
I am walking slowly at a place I don’t know, located in a corner of library facilities.
There are traces of destruction from traps here and there, so Cyril wanted to hide something here.
It isn’t easy to uncover family secrets, but the one who came here is also a family member in the first place.

Argento Vampear. My Imouto born out of Cyril’s magical power.
I am walking to this place now because She told me to visit here.
Following the traces of traps, which have been stepped on all the way down to the lower layer.
The stairs ended earlier than I thought, and the iron door welcomed me.


“… I will enter, Cyril” (Igu)


Even though Cyril isn’t here, I’m still calling her name as I open the door.
The first thing I felt when I stepped into this place was a peace of mind.
Shades of furniture, the arrangement of books.
This place was definitely created by Cyril’s character.
On the desk in the middle of a calm room like a study, there were a lot of things that look like a diary.
Argento told me to read this.


“But isn’t this ancient spiritual language?” (Igu)


The letters written on the front page are Cyril’s letters.
I understand that, but I can’t read the ancient spiritual language.
Ancient spiritual language ​​is a fairly old language, which is almost ruined now.
There is no-one else using it besides ancient dragons, spirits, and dark elves.
Because what I learned from Cyril is republican language, which is easier to use, I don’t know this language.

Still, I was told to open it, I sat in a chair and tried to open it slowly.
The feeling of paper is pleasant to the hands, and the turning sound echoes in the room.
I closed my eyes for a little to feel the scent of the paper.


“Yo~, baka yarou” (Cyril Note)

“… !?” (Igu)


She suddenly appeared before me, a face I knew.
This is definitely the face I knew,
I’m familiar with how she raises one hand or her tone.


“Cyril … !?” (Igu)

“Point deduction!!” (Cyril Note)

“Aida ~!?” (Igu)


At the moment she said so, she hand-chops me.


“That hurts, Cyril!” (Igu) (I, itaiyo Shiriru!?)

“I’m not Cyril” (Cyril Note) (Shiriru janai tte no)

“Look-alike?” (Igu)

“That’s right because there are three people in the world that are similar.” (Cyril Note)


Even from head to toes she is similar to Cyril,
But it seems like she isn’t Cyril.
I have mistaken her for Cyril just like Argento, but this time I must properly talk to her.
Because this girl herself said that she also isn’t Cyril.
And Argento told me to come here, is she the reason?


“Nice to meet you, Igu Jisuta … I am Cyril Note, an artificial spirit whose purpose is to keep Cyril’s memory in here” (Cyril Note)

“… Ah, you are the same as me” (Igu)

“Well, considering the time I was built, I should be your Imouto” (Cyril Note)


Her voice and tone are similar to Cyril, but I understand that she is different if I listen carefully.
Same as Argento. She is similar to Cyril, but she is someone else.


“Well then, let’s talk about it slowly.

Cyril left here some words and memories for you” (Cyril Note)

“Is it good?” (Igu)

“I was settled here to tell you about this when I couldn’t return anymore. It was neither good nor bad” (Cyril)

“… Then, after you tell me everything, can you leave this place?” (Igu)

“…why?” (Cyril)

“Because I had a good time, it’s natural that I want to be with you” (Igu)


Both circumstances that she is here and why I am here are clear.
And if her role is over now, then she should be free.


“Sorry, Cyril Note” (Igu)

“Why are you apologizing?” (Cyril Note)

“I think that you must have been lonely” (Igu)


If I noticed this place sooner, then she wouldn’t have been here all this time.
Just like I was waiting for Cyril, she was also waiting for me here.
To think that I kept her waiting this long.
It can’t be helped that I feel guilty.


“I am not Cyril” (Cyril Note)

“But you are still like my Imouto” (Igu)

“… is that so?” (Cyril Note)


She is wondering about what I said.
It seems she finds it strange.
She looks just like Cyril when she doesn’t know what to do or say.
Cyril taught me a lot of important things …
This time I am going to do so.
I wonder how should I teach her.
To this new Imouto who has lived only with her role and knows nothing else.


“Anyway, can you stop calling yourself Cyril Note? It’s like a role rather than a name” (Igu)

“… Then what should I be named?” (Cyril Note)

“We should be considering that from now on” (Igu)


I thought that everything would be okay.
I didn’t give up that Cyril would come back someday.
I believed that she was still alive.
So I waited for her ever since.
However, right now I have something else that I’m looking forward to.
There is a person who says that she will return.
And a person that I want to teach a lot of important things.
I am not alone anymore.


“There is a lot of time, so let’s talk, not just about memories in the past, but also the present, the future. Not only about Cyril, but also about you and me.” (Igu)

“… I got it.” (Cyril Note)


When I grasped her hand, I realized that she was “acting like Cyril”
I’m sure she thinks that there’s no choice but to imitate Cyril because she was never outside of this room.
The most important thing to me is that you are here and I think that’s good enough, so I firmly grabbed my Imouto’s hand.

Author’s Note:

With this chapter, Cyril Big Safe edition epilogue, we finished with this arc.

Arge, Kuzuha, Igu Jisuta. They’re all still immature but they finally realized their feeling. The feeling that no-one can replace anyone else.

I hope you will cherish something important to you that is hard to replace.
Well then, thank you for your support and see you in the next story.

Translator’s Note:

With this chapter we done with this arc.

Next arc still isn’t finish released yet. And I won’t translate halfway.

From tomorow I will translate Mira, Manowa, Asley, Sword Saint.

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