Mira chapter 49: Elder

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Translator’s Note:

As Reader suggest I change how Mira talks again. She talks like Gandalf, not shakespearean.

I will try my best with the online Thesaurus

Mira chapter 49: Elder

Forest Village
『Ancient forest of prayer』- Hunter Village

The black knight is standing up again to face Alfair.
Even if it suffered a severe blow, it wasn’t destroyed yet. And it start restoring with Mira magic power.
Mira turns her hand to the dark knight and cast another magic.
The magic pattern appears from the ground and sticks to the Black Knight.


[Summoning · Mutation: Dark Lord] (Mira)


The change was abrupt.

Spirit Weapon. As the name suggest, It is man-made weapon that have a spirit inside. The spirit will respond to user’ magic and engulf the weapon itself with magic. That magic weapon can even cut through the armor of the dark knight. And as a result that swordsman can end the battle with one slash.

So right now, Mira use her magic to reinforce her black knight

The black knight after finished the reinforced is completely different. 

The black knight has its helmets, armor, gloves and leg guards covered with countless blades. (Unlimited Blade Work)

The Black knight is looking like a borcupine now. With only one large sword in both hands, it already lost once, then what about it battle with enemy with all your body that covered with swords.

Mira reinforce her black knight with such intention. And what the black knight become is a figure stained with insanity will give fear to anyone.

Alfair inscribes to a black knight.

He realized that the movements of the dark knight had been reduced and, therefore he still can win if he’s doing his best.

Beside, the Dark Knight with full power. That was what he wanted.

However, what Mira presented was far beyond what he expected. The instinct of Alfair understands that the presence in front of you is heterogeneous.

That is why he trembled. He thanks God for today’s chance.

It is an indicator, a new target. This is a revelation.

Alfair keeps down the his joy and runs. There is no need for a signal to start again.

In this case, it is obligatory for the weak to move first and the strong man to take it from the front.

Let’s give this black knight his best shot.

The sword that Alfair swung down was blocked by the jet-black knight who shifted slightly and the sound echoed to the surrounding.

However, it wasn’t  big black sword from its hands that prevented it but the blade from its armor.

The blade armor makes the black knight has movement. However, it’s never mean to use for protection. Because it’s embodiment of destruction. The Black Knight use his main weapon grasped from its both hands attacking Alfair.

Alfair instantly raises his sword according to the expected trajectory from the black knight movement to block. A strong shock hit the whole body. It is a powerful hit that both arms are about to blow away.

Alfair’s hands become numbed with brute force. But he still tried to use all of his power to hold his sword.

And the jet black knight moves to attack again. Alfair holds his sword in vain while distorting his expression in agony. The black knight blows him away.

And the jet black knight is repatriated by Mira.

In the center of the training square, Alfair was falling to the ground. But his expression is cheerful, looking up to the sky satisfyingly while both his hands and shoulder still trembling.


“Aa …, I couldn’t even get a single hit on the dark lord. Aa… this is a good feeling. Na… aa …, by the way, I still didn’t know your name yet, young miss” (Alfair)

“You may call me Mira” (Mira)

“Mira-sama … so, how was my performance?” (Alfair)


Mira is slightly taken back when Alfair calls her with -sama. But it doesn’t really matter. Mira thinks that Alfair is an opponent with respect worthy.

She bends down next to Alfair’s face and hands him an Apple au Lait.


“Here is my「impression」
You are a strong man, stronger than the first dark knight.
However, from that point onwards you still need to take a step forward” (Mira) (T.N: Impression in English)

“Is that so … By the way, do you think I have growth?” (Alfair)


Upon receiving Mira’s words, Alfair looks up at Mira and asks about what he was most curious.

He isn’t defeat once for the last five years. So there is no opponent who can measure exactly how much his own abilities are.


“Fu~mu, because I’m not a swordsmen, I can’t really judge your power.
If I must say, it depends on your own efforts.
An acquaintance of mine is also doing stupid things like you.
But he has slashed a lot Dark Lord Mutation Black Knights of mine.” (Mira)

“Slash a lot of Strong Dark Knight that I just fight? … then, can I also…?” (Alfair)

“As I said, it all depends on your own efforts” (Mira)

“That’s right … That’s right, if it require effort, that was what I am best at … I will definitely become stronger someday.” (Alfair)


Alfair’s eyes looking up at Mira filled with determination.


“Would you please be my opponent at that time?” (Alfair)

“Well, I’m looking forward to your growth” (Mira)

“Haha, I will get through the hell” (Alfair)


Then Mira taught Alfair that he can contact her any time if he pass the message the union. because he is an adventurer in the first place, he must know how to use the union.

Alfair, after he get enough power he can contact Mira anytime and she also promised him a rematch. He has a satisfying smile and tries to get up. Mira gives him a hand and holds his sword but for some reason he wanders his eyes elsewhere in a hurry.


“Is something the matter?” (Mira)

“No, nothing! Thank you so much for today, I will chill out a bit and I will return home, and thank you for this too!” (Alfair)


Alfair answers in a hurry and he thanks Mira for the Apple au Lait.

Somehow his cheeks were stained red.

The cause was simply because when Mira bent over her body to help, he caught a glimpse of Mira’s underwear.

Mira herself doesn’t notice, only wants to swing the sword that she is holding right now.

It was Alfair who was too pure.

Mira returns the sword to Alfair and gets back to the inn from the training square.

People are sparse in the dining hall, so Mira can sit straight at the counter seat and ordered the shopkeeper for herbal tea and honey tart.


“It was later than I expected, did anything happen?” (Inn Keeper)


The shop owner pours herb tea into the cup and turns his eyes to Mira.


“At first I thought that that young man just love the Art, but he was a battle idiot, he wanted to fight as soon as I summoned the dark knight.” (Mira)


Mira lightly shrugs her shoulders, but a pleasant smile appears on hers face.

Talking with Alfair make Mira remember an acquaintance of her. And that acquaintance also really love swords.


“Oh, is that so?
Well, it seems that Alfair begins to love art five years ago.
At that time, his sword skill that he was really confident couldn’t  even touch her opponent at all.” (Inn Keeper)


The shop owner puts herb tea and honey tart in front of Mira while remembering stories heard by Alfair long ago.

Mira was interested in a wizard that Alfair’s sword couldn’t  even touch.

If we make backward calculated from his current ability, he should have considerable skill back then.

But that wizard can perfect win him in a PVP, she couldn’t be an ordinary wizard.


“That was … an interesting story” (Mira)


Mira urges the shopkeeper to continue talking while eating the tart.

After thinking for a while, the shopkeeper started talking while arranging what he heard.


“That wizard, um… it was about five years ago.
Around that time, there was a exciting rumor.
A Herb collector while working on a mountain, It seemd that he came across with a demon of a humanoid type.
It was a horrible demon, and the collector already prepared for death.
However, suddenly, when a woman wearing a foreign-style costume with a high cut (T.N: cheongsam? maybe) came down from the top of the mountain and defeated that monster in a blink of an eye.
According to the collector’s story, that person is a wizard woman with a funny accent, and she was also burning the demon’s body” (Inn Keeper)


After that Alfair heard about this, it seemd he requested a duel with her and lost.

From what he told me, there was a big difference in their power, he can’t even touch her, let alone fight her.


“Certainly, she was not an ordinary wizard” (Mira)

“Well, after that is what you has listened from the rumor. After lost to that woman, Alfair went out of the village to challenge everyone who are said to be strong.
Then it was about a month or so, as you can see, he came home as a swordsman who admired wizard than anything else.
I wonder what kind of fight they had.”  (Inn Keeper)


When the shopkeeper concludes that story, he begins to wash dishes.

Occasionally moisturizing her mouth with herb tea, Mira calmly takes a bit of the sweet honey tart and think about the inn keeper story. She is quite concern about it.

After that, Mira changes the topic and enjoys talking with the inn keeper.

And from what the inn keeper tell her, it’s seems that this is a village made by the hunters who make living in the『Ancient forest of prayer』

Because they will not encounter strong monsters unless they come too far in the forest, it means that adventurers can earn enough sustenance if they are good enough. The income of this village most coming from that.

The inn keeper also brags his son is the best warrior in the village beside Alfair who is an outsider even he seems to be active in the village.

Mira listens listened to most of the inn keeper’s story and found it kind of amused, she finished her meal and thanked the inn keeper.

After returning to the room, she went to sleep while making a schedule for the morning.

The next morning. Mira wakes up pretty soon and she prepares to leave. After buying a large amount of sweets and she flies away from Hunter Village.

A sky of the 『Ancient forest of prayer』 spreads before her eyes.

She can see the great forest is hazy and a big tree that penetrates through clouds.

That Sacred tree is her goal.

Before such a magnificent scene, Mira was awe on Pegasus’s back for a moment.

And she was moving the hand under the clothes. She was in a hurry in the morning, so the clothes around chest is bad.

For a while, she was struggling to remember what she had been taught by Mariana to fix her clothes.

When she finally fits her clothes in good condition, she’s looking at the sight that is not an exaggeration to say that it is the real pleasure of fantasy world.


(I wonder why I was so desperate …) (Mira)


For a moment, Mira is wonder.

However, after satisfying that her outfit performance was fitted, she nodded with『Well, it is perfect』.

It was more than two hours flying. Mira kept changing posture many times when riding Pegasus to keep her crotch pain away.

At first she sits on the center,

then she changes to sit 2 legs on left side then right side,

she is even lying down on the Pegasus’s back while grasping around the Pegasus’s neck.

And arround the time when the sun raise high. She can see the enormous city walls and even the castle walls of the Glendart Empire royal castle, which is regarded as the largest in the continent in her sight.

After keeps flying over hours from the morning in the『Ancient forest of prayer』 , Mira has arrived at the Sacred tree.

『Ancient forest of prayer』
『Ancient forest of prayer』- Sacred Tree

Branches and leaves that cover the sky block almost all of the light from the sun.

However, the surroundings were wonderful and bright. There are a lot particles of light that can pass through.

There’s mana overflowing from the tree and the roots of the sacred tree are glowing by mana instead of light.

As a result, The Sacred tree spreads mana from its roots, the surrounding forest became a powerful spiritual area.

The Pegasus descends on the root of the Sacred tree where the magic signs drifted. Mira jumps off from the Pegasus’s back and looks up.

Particles of light that pass through from the sky and the glowing brands illuminate the whole place make a fantastic picture.

As if observing visitors from the sky, the flowers are turning towards the girl who doesn’t have any fear even in this dark place.

Due to the uncertain surroundings, the Pegasus becomes anxious.

Mira tells him that it’s alright, and asking the sacred tree.

“Elders, there is something I want to ask of you, please show me your appearance” (Mira)

Mira talked to him. Then a whispering wind blows through Mira’s cheeks.

And the noise gradually spreads throughout the whole spiritual area of ​​the spiritual area.

And Mira remembers this situation. It is a sign. It is the Lord of 『Ancient forest of prayer』. The tsukumogami of the Sacred tree「Riyokuin shiou no mikoto」.

The particles of lights begans to disappear and the darkness covered the area.

The sound echoes. The sound that crawls the ground.

Something approaching from behind.

At the next moment, the shadow of Mira is shown on the front wall.

When Mira turned around, there was a large ball light floating in front of her. That ball of light floating arround Mira as if to check her.

After a while, that ball of light falls to the ground, and begin to change its appearance. It mimics a human appearance as tall as Mira’s height.

Its change takes about ten seconds or more.

An elderly man appearing, a somewhat resembles a person wearing leaf robe appears in front of Mira’s eyes.


“What for?” (Elder Spirit) (Nani-yō ka)


Low, muffled sounds are emitted from the elder.

His shining eyes are looking at Mira, and his appearance gives an eerie impression.

Mira only seen him once before, is unintentionally back down a step.


“Sorry for disturbing you.
I want to know for the last 30 years is there anyone came here for the elders’ roots.
If you know, would you please tell me?” (Mira)


When Mira asking him about that, the elder keeps staring at Mira and checks his memory.

Mira is waiting for the answer while feeling uncomfortable.

Then, suddenly there are light illuminated the surroundings.


“What’s going on?” (Mira) (Nan ja?)


When Mira turns around, there are three light balls similar to what she saw earlier appeared, and they are also falling to the ground. They change shade to 3 humans figure.


A girl wearing a sakura robe,

a man wearing armor of bark,

1f5c00440b6e0db09da3a9a32e8848ff--i-love-anime-manga-anime.jpgand a girl just tangled with vines are standing arround Mira.


“I remember that person, as that person was my first offer, their impression still remain in my memory.

At that time, we thought that we have been forgotten, but they wanted my roots, so I gave it to them.” (Sakura Spirit girl) (T.N: genderless so I use they even only one person, I can’t choose he or she)


That’s what a Sakura spirit girl said. She tells Mira with a feminine tender voice.


“I also remember them, as a consideration for us, they present us delicious fertilizer. I wonder if they will come again” (Vine Spirit girl)


A vine spirit girl manipulates the vine skillfully and floats in the air, her young voice echo through the area.


“Calm down. Our guest is in trouble” (Bark wood spirit guy)


When a bark spirit man advises with a bold voice, the girls are somewhat dissatisfy but they are stop talking. 

Unlike the other three, the vine does not fulfill the role of clothing, so her body can be seen by Mira in various ways.

Although she is a girl right now but Mira quickly turns her eyes away from the Vine spitir girl.

The man was confirming the situation with Mira. Mira arranges the words that she just heard.

First of all, that person certainly came to seek roots here.

That person also give back some fertilizer in in exchange for the Elder’ Roots. But the spirit doesn’t remember the time.

First of all, since it was the first time the girl in question was requested for the Elder’ Roots, so it can be considered as “Soul Haul” ( ソウル ハウル” Souru hauru )


“Hm, in other world, there’s really people came, isn’t that right ?” (Mira) (Fumu, tsumari ja na kita to iu koto de machigai nai noja na?)

“That’s right” (Elder Spirit)


When Mira questions, the elder spirit answers expressionlessly. And then there’s a slight noise approaching as if responds to his voice.

A thichness root which is several times as large as Mira’s body, appears by breaking the ground.


“I see … this is it” (Mira) (Naruhodo no ~u…… kore ga sō ka)


The tip of the root was unnaturally cut, when Mira confirmed, it certainly have a cut trace.

It’s quite old, it must be quite a long time.


“May I ask you about the appearance of that person ? I’m looking for them” (Mira) (Washi no sagashi hito kamo shiren no ja ga, sono-sha no yōshi o kiite mo yoi ka)


Mira who has completed the purpose by confirming that someone was here. And for now, she asks whether there’s any other information.

The elder spirit begins to think, after a while he’s looking at Mira.


“That’s right … That was a black-haired man wearing a white mask that hide his eyes” (Elder Spirit)


The man squeezes his character from the bottom of his memory and says he doesn’t remember anything else. And the other three members seem remember the same way.


“Hm, from what you talk, that maybe him.” (Mira) (Fumu, a yatsu ni machigainai kamo shiren)


A mask that hide the eyes and black hair.

Soul Howl also had black hair, so that must be him unless he also change appearance like me.

And also the mask. There’s no doubt that’s him. But there’s a high possibility that other person can wears mask that cover eyes as well.


“So, in the end, did he say anything else ? Anything is okay.” (Mira) (Saigo ni nani demo ī n ja ga hoka ni nani ka itte o ran kattajarou ka?)

“In that case, I also was wondering what he will use our roots for, so if you ask me, um …” (Elder Spirit)

“…to fill a cup, … black …, something black … yes, he needs it for something like that” (Sakura spirit girl)


Instead of an old man, the girl answers while remembering, and her supplements have a lot of ambiguous part.


“Black, something right? … I get it.
Ryokuin shiou no mikoto-sama
Thank you for the information, this isn’t as good as that guy’s but please take it” (Mira)


As she says, Mira takes out some baked goods from the item box and hands them over.

Because these spirit are called tsukumogami of the Sacred tree, some kind of gods, reasonable compensation is necessary.

And Gods often like the offerings from people.

Mira has bought a lot of sweets in the village for that purpose.


“It’s a human sweet!” (Vine Spirit girl)


The Vine spirit girl jumps joyfully and takes away the sweets.

She puts it in her mouth and chews with a full smile.

The Vine spirit girl is more pleased than she expected, Mira thinks that her choice isn’t wrong and she starts taking out the rest of the confectionery.

The Vine spirit girl holds the mountain of confection that is steadily accumulating one after another, but the bark spirit man grabs her.

This is, the god takes away the offering in the middle. Even they aren’t acting cheerful like the Vine Spirit girl, but the Sakura Spirit Girl, Bark Spirit Man and Elder Spirit seem to like sweets as well because they are seem happy.


“It’s been a while that we have human offerings. It was good. As for me, some excrete from you will be enough.
As for it has hidden magic power, some superior fruits may grow” (Elder Spirit)


The Elder Spirit who barely said any words until now, talks perverted words to Mira.

To summarize, whatever comes out of  Mira’s body which contents Magical Power will become a special fertilizer.

Their original are plants, even they are call Gods that living for a long time.

The girls and man also agreed with the old man’s words.

The only exception is girls, they are obsessed with sweets.

Mira was relieved that the prepared sweets are a good sacrifice.

If she doesn’t bring it, the worst. She might be forced to do a certain something.

Gods are terrible thing after all. Mira thought.

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  1. So you did it, good work and thanks. I only skimmed it, but what stood out for me for noew are two things: the summoning monster’s name; you translated it as dark road, but I would suggest dark lord instead since road makes no sense whatsoever; and the soul haul one was named rather often in past chapters as Soul Howl, but I’m not sure which is better.
    They’re somewhat minor things, so do what you want with these points.

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    • “Aa …, ha ga ta tan. Aa… this is a good feeling. Na… aa …, by the way, I still didn’t know your name yet, young miss” (Alfair)
      You didn’t translate ha ga ta tan 歯が立たん, a shorter way of saying 歯が立たない which literally means tooth doesn’t stand, but according to a few sources it’s an idiom you could say when you couldn’t even compete against an opponent or couldn’t even put a solid hit in the opponent, like in a fight in this case.

      In other words he’s saying he couldn’t even get a single hit on the dark lord.

      “Black, something right? … I get it.

      Ryokuin Shiba Ō no inochi-sama

      Thank you for the information, this isn’t as good as that guy’s but please take it”

      Ryokuin Shiba Ō no inochi should be Ryokuin shiou no mikoto (same kanji and it makes sense for her to speak to him at that time)

      I think that’ll make it readable enough for others I guess.

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      • I totally forgot another somewhat trivial something that may or may not be important in future chapters:

        According to the collector’s story, that person is a woman with a funny accent, and she was also buring the demon’s body” (Inn Keeper)
        In this sentence it wasn’t just saying 女性 woman, but 女性の仙術士, with 仙術士 being roughly translated as wizard. (or something else you’ve decided to name that type of art user)

        “Certainly, she was not an ordinary Art User”
        Same here, it should be wizard.

        Feel free to change them or not. This is the last one or I’ll spend too much time on this.

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    Still, this is just uneducated speculation on my part. You have done a decent job at a terrifying pace, so no complaints are warranted.

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      • If you’d like, I have a college level vocabulary, plus I’m a grammar nazi. I could help proofread or edit if it would make things go faster.

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  4. Hello! First I’ll like to thank you guys for the chapter 🙂
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  7. Quick notes: The other TL used “Soul Howl” instead of “Soul Haul” and also I don’t think mira should talk old english. She talks like an old man, not a shakesperean actor. it’s like saying an old british guy talks like a knight of arthur.

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    • She talks with ~ja at the end of her sentences.
      She talks like a PROUD old man (Gandalf in Lord of the Ring), not like a knight.
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      Shakespearean is easiest way to change.

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