Cathia Chapter 2-9: Lost lives

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Author: Nikaido Fudo

Cathy Falling

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Cathia Chapter 2-9: Lost lives


“Awaa ah!” (Cathia)


The balls of the feet, the side of the calf, the side of the thigh, the side of the buttocks, the side of the back.Naturally after flying, I will be falling to the ground …

Well, what is it again? The landing method when descending in parachute or something … Five points landing? is it?

Oh, I’m falling down!

Desperately recalling the image seen in the previous life, while fully activating the aura for the protection of the body.
And I land on the ground as follow.

It hurts, but I was alive! My heart is beating faster from the fear of falling than the fear of battle with the Wyvern.


“Cathia-chan, you are amazing! You are really amazing, amazing big fool! Are you alright? Do you get hurt anywhere?” (Fina)


Fina-san rushes over while saying all that.
No, even if you don’t say that, I will not be stubborn again.


“Well, I don’t want to do it again” (Cathia)

“Naturally! Next time, we need to sonsult the strategy beforehand!” (Fina)

“…Okay” (Cathia)


My landing cause an impact on the ground.
And I must say, this onee-san is strong.
By the way, Neil-san is lying on the ground with a rebound from my landing with my full power aura.
Well, sorry.


“Amazing, you are really something else, I can’t never guess that you can defeat the Wyvern with only three people” (Commander)


A middle-aged commander came walking while speaking out.


“But to think you can even fly to the sky and slash the Wyvern?
I doubt my eyes …
There are many things I want to ask but I will not persue it
And I am sorry because there are still a lot of thing we need help with.
So will you help us?” (Commander)

“Yes, of course” (Cathia)


Misery of this village …
Just because I knocked down the Wyvern, I still can’t simple go away.


“I can use healing magic because I can use water attributes!” (Fina)


The healing magic of this world is a water attribute.
The degree of treatment of simple limit to heal bruises on the surface.
Maybe because it’s difficult to imaging the healing magic.
So, the doctors are somewhat rare.


“Well then, the Elf lady please helps healing the injured people,
Swordsman lady please helps carry the bodies,
And the brother over there, are you going to sleep?” (Commander)


Post-treatment is also hard, but it’s a necessary job.
Fina-san is running to the injured people to heal them.
But then, I saw a person wearing a robe with hood from the shadow of the building try to run away.
Something is strange.


“Who is that guy? Hey, you!” (Commander)


The commander also notices him and yelling.
So that man isn’t a soldier?
I have a bad feeling.
I immediately wrapped myself with aura and stand in front of the suspicious person.


“Hi~, don’t come …” (Suspicious man)


From the voice, that person seems to be a male.
He tries to threaten me and pulls out a knife.
From his reaction, it seems necessary to capture him.
While thinking so, I approach that man and twist up his hand that hold knife, then turn his body around and step on his knees to make he loses balance.
His knife falls to the ground and I have safely captured him.


“Damn! Why is someone like you appear her in a frontier …? Such heathen …” (Suspicious man)

“You* , you are an empire’s agent ?” (Commander) (T.N: Omae: rude way to call you)


The commander responds to the word heathen.
And other soldiers are coming and restrains that man for me.


“I don’t know what kind of method was used, but did you order the Wyvern?” (Commander)


The commander asks that man.
Certainly, considering the the un-natural behaviors of that Wyen and an Empire’s agent in this place. We can see that this man must know something.


“Shut up!
The empire finally gained the power to follow demons!
This is all Baal’s guidance!” (Suspicious man)


So he is talking in an impulse instead of hiding?
We can be convinced from the movement of that Wyvern, there must be a human giving instructions to it. It also explains why even attacks from the blind spot can also be avoided.
But how did he manipulate it?


“Die, die, die!
The heathen monkeys are eradicated!
Only the empire is recognized by God…” (Suspicious man)


As he speaks, the man’s eyes swayed, drool coming out from his mouth and he falling to the ground.
The commander has struck the man.
That abusive phrase is un-bear-able after all.


“Take him away. From here onwards is the work of the information department” (Commander)


There was a bad aftertaste in his voice
The information about the empire can manipulate demons is important to the future of this country.
I hope we can draw out information from that man even a little…
For now I need to help carrying the remains of the victims.
Although I want to walk away from the scene with too much severity, but I thought that will be rude to the deceased and try to endure it.

I’m okay with looking at the burning body of the Wyvern.
But when I look at the dead bodies that shed blood, I remember my memories.
I wonder if there will be time I found myself in this state.
In a narrow back alley, covered in the blood.
I have an unpleasant sensation and a cold shiver to my spine.
It is useless to think about it.

I shake my head trying to drive out the unpleasant image.


“….a-san! Cathia-san! What’s wrong?” (Neil)

“Huh?” (Cathia)

“Somehow, you have a terrible face, are you tired?” (Neil)

“… Ah no, nothing” (Cathia)

“Is that true? Please don’t try the impossible” (Neil)

“No, thank you, Neil-san” (Cathia)


Thanks to Neil-san talking, I’m somewhat cheer up and distract from the depressed thought.
Well, it’s useless to thinkabout it.
Besides that, I must take care of things in front of my eyes.


“Onee-chan” (Loli)


As I noticed, a small dog ear child calling out to me.
The child is still very small so it’s hard to know the gender but … maybe she is a lolita.


“Yes?” (Cathia)


I carefully sit down and have the same line up with her eyes.


“uhm … thanks you for protecting us” (Loli)


After saying a word and hugging me tightly, that child ran to her parents.
Did she want to say thank?


“It was such a relief, Cathia-san” (Neil)

“…Yes” (Cathia)


For some reason, I felt relieved.
After carrying all the bodies, the reinforcements finally catch up and help repair the village. And then the soldiers begin to retreat.
The corpse of Wyvern was also brought back to find out if there was anything abnormal performing on it.
Six soldiers died in town, eight villagers are buried in the cemetery at the innermost of the village.
The remaining one in the village are only us.

The reason is because Fina-san want to draw a picture.
It seems that there are villagers who knew about Fina-san, and they ask her to draw a picture of everyone who died in the Wyvern attack.
Fina-san had come back to town and get the necessary tools and then came to the village again.
She’s looking at the viallgers face and listening to the story of their family, and she draws a picture “before the Wyvern attack”.
Among the families who talk about the deceased, there are still many people who will cry.
Fina-san is calmly listening to them and tries her best to make the image of the deceased in the picture.
And then.


“Uu, Ugu~” (Neil)

“…” (Cathia)


Neil standing next to me is crying with crumpled face.
It was already a level of flooding from the eyes rather than drop.


“…Are you okay?” (Cathia)

“Yes, I’m fine” (Neil)


I rub his back.
I can’t see it at all, but …
Well, because Neil-san is crying beside me, so I can be calm.
Even just watching it, it is a scene where my heart is likely to be crushed…
Somehow watch the families of various races gathered in the graveyard.


“Well, no matter what race are you, you will be sad when your family members die, aren’t they?” (Cathia)

“What’s wrong, suddenly?” (Neil)

“No, I just remember the imperial agent we caught earlier” (Cathia)

“Everyone can feel pain and sadness, but I think these kind of people are easy to forget about that fact” (Neil)


It may be so.
But When attacking, the opponent isn’t thinking anything about what he may cause to the villagers


“So, we must remember such a sight and work harder to prevent it” (Neil)


Everyone in the Raza family is beautiful…
I feel like I am a dirty person when I compare myself to them.
But maybe Neil-san voice is a bit loud?
And the surroundings have become quiet.


“…Oh, I’m sorry” (Neil)

“No, we must thank you. Please keep helping as many people as you can in the future.
Although it was kind of selfish, only young people like you can do it”  (Village Elder)


The Tesce village chief hits Neil-san’s shoulder.
Some of the bereaved families who cried but some of them also laughed while crying.
The heavy in a cemetery became a bit relaxed and Fina-san finished the last painting.


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