Asley Chapter 2: Magic, Magician and Swordsman

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Author: Ichino Sei

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Asley Chapter 2: Magic, Magician and Swordsman

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 01 a.jpg

Then I and Pochi reached the river, and after playing Janken with Pochi.
Pochi won so we went to the downstream.
As we were walking along the river, there was a wooden bridge to cross the other side of the meadow.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 02-1.jpg

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 02-2.jpg

「Oh, we finally come near the town!」  (Asley)

「Well, it’s because I won the Janken.」  (Pochi)


By the way Pochi is having a 「foot janken」 instead of hand like me.


「No, even if we go upstream, we still have a chance to find a town」 (Asley)

「Yeah yeah, let’s do that. There seems to be a road, we should go along road, we will easy to reach the town that way」 (Pochi)

「The place we lived was an unexplored place, I did not know well because the last time I was looking for a town properly eighty years ago. But … well, I guess the Hermit Candidate have something to do with it」  (Asley)

「Have you got such a title? …. I don’t think that Master have different title from me」  (Pochi)Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 03-1.jpg

No, You are a dog, aren’t you

「What do you mean?」 (Asley)

「From the moment a person become a magician,
the personality that matches that individual is formed.
It seems that this is not master’s personality,
something different, hmm, I can’t say it well」  (Pochi)

「Each person has their own character.
Did you say you know about people better than me?」 (Asley)

「Of course I know, as long as I see a traveler,
I keep track of them,
listening to their words and actions,
watching the surrounding people in rare cases, etc.
And I also read a certain amount of books about conversation.
That’s why, in my eyes Master is kind of abnormal individual that will stand out a lot 」 (Pochi)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 03-2.jpg

There was something wrong about her, like a way to care about fine details, but what she is talking about isn’t wrong.
When I thought my familiar is even better than, I’m kind of feel down but then our journey only just began, I still have time to improve.
When the surrounding began to get dark, I started using light source magic and I saw Pochi has a reaction.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 04-1.jpg

「What’s wrong?」 (Asley)

「Monster Odor … and this is human’s … smell?」 (Pochi)Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 04-2.jpg

「Master, there are people in front us and they are attacked by monsters!」 (Pochi)

「Okay, I will run away right now!」  (Asley)

「No, not that!」  (Pochi)

「What?」  (Asley)


Hmm, the cold gaze of Pochi hurts.
Apparently it seems like I have to help those people.
From what we can sense, there are about 6 Zombie Road (ゾンビロード: Zonbirōdo)
Because we are also close to water, there are about … 10 aquatic monster Marine lizard as well (マリンリザード: Marinrizādo)


「Listen, let’s go help them, RIGHT NOW」  (Pochi)

「Yeah ,okay. Help them retreat to that place」 (Asley)

「I understand.」(Pochi)

「…Uhm… Hoi hoi no hoi! You guys, please run this way!」(Asley)

(T.N: Hoi hoi no hoi is Asley’s chanting)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 05 c.jpg

As I shouts I start casting magic, a  guy and two girls surrounded by monster are running toward here with Pochi’s help.


「  FFRK_Mighty_Guard_IconAir wall!
Oh, this’s bad!
Pochi, I’m missing two of them!」  (Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 06-1

A magic parttern is activated and create an air barrier.
I stop the pursuit of the monsters, but my timing is off and the two monster passes through the barrier.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 06-2.jpg

「I will take care of the Lizard! You guys, I will leave that zombie for you」(Pochi)

「I… I get it」 (Man)


The people are swordsmen, aren’t they? But why did you leave the Zombie Road to a warrior-like man?
From Pochi’s location, Zombie Road would have been closer.


「Hey, Pochi what are…?」(Asley)

「I do not want to chew zombies! Nails will get more dirty than necessary!」 (Pochi)

「Oh, for that, I can agree」(Asley)


Certainly, the smell of Zombie isn’t nice and they are also dirty.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 07 c.jpg

「Master please take care of monsters from outside of the wall!」 (Pochi)

Now this familiar even order his master.

「…… Hoi hoi no hoi, Grand Needle!」(Asley) (T.N グランニードル: Guran’nīdoru)



I heard the screams of monsters’ fallen from the end of the pitfalls that I made on the ground.
Needle hell in the hole … There will be no survival.
The pitfalls will return to normal when the effect time expires.
At the same time, there’s a bell sound in my brain told me that I just level up.
Pochi quickly beat Marine Lizard, a swordsman-like man cut the zombie road.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 08-1.jpg

「Thank you for saving us, I’m Riido.」 (Riido)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 08-2.jpg

「 It’s nothing, I’m Pochi and my master is Asley」 (Pochi)

「Hey, that’s my line!」 (Asley)

「Ladies, do you have any injuries?」 (Pochi)

He ignore me.

「I am okay. Rina is injured …」 (Girl)

「Onee-chan, tis is but a scratch」 (Rina)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 09-1.jpg

「Would you please heal Rina with recovering magic?」 (Girl)

「Master, please.」 (Pochi)

「You are three people party and there isn’t any magician?
Well, it’s not time to say such things …
Hm … there is a little poison on your would」 (Asley)


From Rina’s forehead, I can see her sweat a lot.
She is also bleeding from the right upper arm … Isn’t this serious?

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 09-2.jpg
And the moment she heard poison, Rina’s older sister’s face stiffens.


「Can she be cured?」 (Girl)

「Aa, Onee-san … um …」 (Asley)

「Ah, I’m Mana!」 (Mana)

「Well then Mana-san, please holds Rina’s arms firmly, Riido-san please hold her firmly from the back」 (Asley)


Two people to do according to my instructions. Perhaps they are worry about Rina.


「Rina-san, it will be hurt for a moment, be prepared for it.」 (Asley)

「Yes」  (Rina)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 10-1.jpg

「… Hoi, FFRK_Haste_Icon clock back & stop」  (Asley)

(クロックバック & ストップ: Kurokku bakku& sutoppu)

「Gu~u!」  (Rina)


Rina’s body is bounce with the spell.
Immediately after that the wound on Rina’s body was blocked, a deep green liquid jumped out from the wound.
Okay, thanks to Mana-san and Riido-san holding, Rina didn’t jump too much.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 10-2.jpg

「Okay now … I have healed your wound … 」  (Asley)

「That detoxification magic seemd cure the poision but did it really heal Rina?」 (Mana)  (T.N: I choose using cure for poision and heal for recover HP)

「Green liquid has popped out right now, it’s the poison, so please rest assured」  (Asley)

「Magic that combines detoxification and recovery … No way, it’s compound magic, there are not even 10 magicians in this world that can use such spell …」  (Riido)

「Compound magic is the Grand Needle I use to defeat those monsters a while ago, this is just Magical Overlay」 (Asley)


Compound magic itself is not uncommon so far … so what’s going on here?

Asley Manga chapter 2 Page 11  a.jpg

「Compound magic」  (Mana)

「and Magic Overlay?」  (Riido)

「Are you the reinforcement from the Magic Academy?」  (Rina)


The expression of everyone brightened somehow. What does reinforcement mean?

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 11 c.jpg

「No, I’m not the reinforcement…」  (Asley)

「So how can you use such high magic that even hard for wizard graduated from Magic Academy?」  (Mana)

「How did you cure my injuries?」  (Rina)

「Eh, I just multiplied the magic to rewind a specific part and control time with magic.
The amount of blood that you lost will not return to its original state.
Because I rewind time so it will also return to the time you get hurt and you will have some pain.
I can’t reclaim blood with rewind magic but I thought it would be better to rewind time」  (Asley)


Well, it seems that they don’t understand it much?
Everyone is shaking their heads.
From what I see, Riido-san, Mana-san and Rina-san are swordsmen.
So they don’t know about magic,
but … I heard of a Magic Academy just now,
I get the impression that the world right now, people can use magic is rare.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 12-1.jpg

「I don’t really understand Rewind, but time control magic is a lost ancient magic! Then, …why, you know? 」  (Riido)


Wow … this has become troublesome.
It is an atmosphere that I have to make it less conspicuous.
Can Pochi manage this situation here?
Well, it can’t be helped.
I looked for Pochi and asked for help.
Pochi also seemed to notice it and close his eyes while spit out a sigh.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 12-2.jpg

「We are traveling magicians. We have nothing to do with the Magic Academy. And please don’t ask questions about the details of the trip」 (Pochi)

「Well, but that is …」  (Riido)

「Aniki, they save our life, let’s not talk like that」 (Mana)

「That’s right Onii-chan!」  (Rina)


So they are three brothers and sisters.
Riido-san seems to be a first brother at the top.
His body is also big and muscular.
His brown hair is cut carelessly.

Mana seems to be a middle sister…
She has a very sensuous body, if she make use of her body many men will be tricked, she has such an impression.
She has long wavy hair of mixed tea and red colour.

Rina is a small petite swordsman.
Even if you look at her body, it seems like she isn’t an adult yet (Author’s Note: 15 years old).
I feel a sense of incompatibility with the unbalanced long sword in her waist.
It looks like she tries copy her older sister’s hair style but a little shorter.


「Ah, I get it. I’m sorry, Asley」  (Riido)

「So, why did Asley-sama come here?」  (Rina)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 13-1.jpg

Rina’s words tickle me. No matter how you look at me, I’m not a person suit to be called with「sama」


「I stayed away from the world for a long time and just started traveling again recertly to see how the world change.
And I’m lost, and when finally I found a way and I encountered you guys」  (Asley)


I explained the current situation. And it’s all true. I just don’t say the details.


「I see…」  (Mana)

「You see … I’m only lightly dressed, and I would like to know if there’s any village nearby…」  (Asley)

「A, a~a… We are the people of Fall Town (フォールタウン: Fōrutaun),
which isn’t far from here…
If you want, we can guide you, you are our benefactor of life after all.」  (Riido)

「Right now?」  (Asley)

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 13-2.jpg

With my words, the three responded and answered.
Reinforcement …?
I can predict that the life of these three people is extremely severe.
For that reason neither I nor Pochi ask any further questions.

If we go to Faltown, we will know how it is.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◆

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 14-1.jpg

While keeping light source magic we were walking along the road.
Riido is walking ahead, Rina and Mana on both sides and me on the back.
I also wanted to know their current fighting power, so I used appraisal glasses secretly from behind of the three people.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 14-2.jpg


Is Smash Slash an original skill? I have not heard of it.

I healed everyone, so this is probably their maximum HP.


This girl is having HP and level closer to me. Is MP higher than Riido a characteristic of girl?

Maybe there is an advantage of MP in the gender woman.


In the first place, it will be impossible for this girl to wander around here.

But her MP is unusual for a swordsman. She probably is qualify for a magician girl. Why didn’t she become a magician? Her age shouldn’t be too late to change now.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 15-1.jpg

「Master … Master」 (Pochi)


Pochi speaks to me in a small voice


「What’s the matter?」 (Asley)

「I can’t say that it is a good hobby, I understand the intention, but I think that it would be better if you got the approval of the other first」 (Pochi)

「Ah, sorry … I will be careful」 (Asley)

「Very well」 (Pochi)


It certainly isn’t a good hobby. When peering at the opponent’s abilities, it’s necessary to get permission first.

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 15-2.jpg

「Mu~? I found monster ahead, the number is one … but it’s big!」 (Riido)


Pochi say it’s big. Then It should be easy to find it.
The light source magic that I am activating now only light a small radious,
so I can’t spot any monster outside of this light …
But it is really big, right ?
I skipped the light source magic to the front, and the first thing we noticed was…

Asley Manga Chapter 2 Page 16-1.jpg

「Chimaera! It already noticed us! Becareful!」 (Pochi)


What appeared in front was a large monster that was eight meters long, with a head of a lion, a torso of a goat, a tail of a viper snake.
It’s probably a monster equivalent to rank B, unless the party have two swordsmen level 40 and one magician, this monster is hard to handle.
But there are Pochi and me here, there should be no problem this time.


「Ku~, why did it comes to a place like this?」 (Riido)

「Riido-san, escort Mana-san and Rina-san!
Pochi buy us some time!」 (Asley)

「I understand!」 (Riido)

「Okay!」 (Pochi)


Both Mana and Rina are shiver with fear. This would be hard. Battle in the presence of low level people, the escort is the most important task.


「Gaaaaaaaaaa!」 (Pochi)


It’s Pochi’s special skill  lulu-wild-growth「Gigantic」.

When he uses that skill, his body will grow to about 6 meters,
he may even beat that Chimera down before I activate magic.
But well,… Pochi is …, he just buys us some time.
Maybe because he want us to earn some experience value.
It seems that Chimera is also frightened by a gigantic dog-wolf that appeared in front it.


「Hoi no Hoi no Hoi no hoi! Hexagon barrier!」(Asley)


Evil appearing in the Hexagon magic pattern at the feet of Chimaera, they emit a pale lightning and envelops the chimaera. And they constrained the Chimera, on feet, tails and mouth.


「Alright, kill it now!」(Asley)


Chimaera is a very powerful monster with magic resistance.
Of course, there are such 「magic」as countermeasures against such monsters.
This Magic Art (summon magic) is different from normal magic, the hexagonal star demon Art ,  Activate by drawing lines.


「This is … !?」(Riido)

「Please hurry, we don’t have too much time!」(Asley)

「A aaa!」(Riido)

「Let’s go, aniki!」(Mana)


Riido-san and Mana-san raise a brave cry and head towards Chimera.
It seems that Rina-san don’t attack.
I stand in front of Rina-san and watch out for the action of the Chimaera.


「Rina-chan, you don’t need to afraid, it’s a monster you can defeat if you deal with it properly」(Asley)

「Ah … that … but it …」(Rina)

「Gwao Oooo!」(Chimera)


Rina-san is almost faint by the Chimera roar when Riido-san and Mana-san slash it. However, it seems that the effect of the barrier begin to fade.
The pale lightning binding the chimaera is still shining though.


「Master, Finish it!」(Pochi)


It’s impossible for me to keep such high tech magic art forever.


「Hoi no Hoi no hoi! Take this. Icicle Pillar!」(Asley)


The magic is flying over the head of Chimaera and expands its size  and becomes a huge falling Icicle Pillar
Along with the tremendous sound that shakes the earth, the body of the chimera is penetrated by the  Icicle Pillar.


「Oh yeah, success! Now …」(Asley)


Riido-san and and Mana-san are surprised by the appearance of the ice pillar, but they were on the next action faster than my command.


「Nuri ~yaaaaa~!」(Riido)



When Riido-san and Mana strike through the head of the lion, the game was decided.
At the same time, the level up bell sound rang in my head.


「It’s over, Rina-chan」(Asley)


I placed my hand on the Rina’s shoulder and gently called out to her.


「… Yes, thank you …」(Rina)


The girl had tears in her eyes got up and grabbed my hand slowly.
I guess this was the situation I really want to have if I was in this age too.
I try to remember my feeling and emotion 5000 years ago,
but memories seemed to be foggy.


「Let’s do it, horns and fangs of Chimaera! If we get this, we can make better equipments for me, Rina and aniki!」(Mana)

「Mana, the MVP of this fight is Asley and Pochi, we should give rare material to Asley」(Riido)

「Eh … well …」(Mana)


The expression of Mana when she hearing that is dark.


「Oh, I don’t mind, please use it for the three of you, I get the eyes of Chimera instead」(Asley)

「Eyeballs ? I never heard any use for such material?」(Mana)

「The eyes of Chimaera are materials necessary for weapons strengthening ceremony … even I say it, I don’t really understand it myself…」(Asley)

「Master, you should be a bit more thoughtful」(Pochi)


I also noticed after saying that!
I should say anything is fine.
I got caught up, so I was in trouble.
The three of them stare at me for a whole,
but they get distract when Pochi shrinking.


「But we are really saved.
I’m really happy that we can defeat the monster that my father wasn’t able to win」(Riido)

「… You had such a past?」(Asley)

「A few years ago, this fellow came attacking Faltown. My father who was the strongest in the town at that time fighted admirably, but due to the scar of the battle…」(Riido)

「Wait a moment, Chimera attack the town?
What had the guild been doing?
If they take measures, It shouldn’t be the opponent you can’t beat.」(Asley)

「Master, that story is in the past, we should head for Faltown first」(Pochi)


It was. I was digging again what I decided a few years ago.
There is no reason to be get worked up just like Pochi said.
Really stupid, I am …


「Well, I’m sorry … Let’s go then」(Asley)


We started walking again with the same formation as before, we aimed for Faltown.
On the way, Rina is walking a little slowly and comes to me.


「Um … Please don’t worry too much about it」(Rina)


I felt relieved a bit with Rina shyly words.


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  1. Might I recommend you use a different word for ‘magic’ in the case where he says that “magic is different from magic”. I assume that one of the was something like ‘majutsu’ or ‘mahou’ or something, so sometimes to separate those two I’ve seen people use terms like ‘sorcery’ or ‘magic arts’ or something.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Ummmm, Pochi used a paw…
    I am pretty sure that paws can’t make scissors. I don’t think that they can make rocks either…
    Asley was defeated by Pochi, who can only play paper.
    I think that my respect for Asley’s common sense has fallen, which is odd…
    It feels as though, I have a cup, and the water in the cup represents my respect for Asley’s common sense. And there is just a little puddle in the bottom of the cup. And I have a bucket, and water in the bucket represents my lack of respect for Asley’s common-sense. So I tip the cup into the bucket and sea-level suddenly rises by ten metres, and I can’t help but think that there is something wrong with the amount of water that left the cup.


  3. thanks for the chapter! i know it makes more sense for it to be called faltown, but falton (pronounced faultun) sounds better in my head, Again just a suggestion do with it what you will

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  4. Uhhh, I feel there is something off in your choice of words. Altough I know I’m half a year late to this chapter it still kinda bugs me. The reason I’m kinda unsure about your grammar is because no one else seemed to care. Maybe it’s just me.

    But there is something I’m really sure about, is that you mess up “have and has” and “present and past tense” a lot.


    • Yeah, at that time I still don’t know proper English yet.
      I’m not English Speaker, my country don’t use English for work as well.
      Until April 2017 (11 months ago) it was the first time I decided to translate. And started to learn English.
      Sorry, at that time I was only have 4 months English Experience so I mistook a lot of things.

      My bad points are “tense” and “same/similar pronoun words”


  5. Asley reminds me of Shiroe from the anime Log Horizon
    aside from the fool title both are VERY good with magic


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