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Kaoru Chapter 2: Wishing goddess!

When I noticed it, I was in a white area.

Well, this is my second time so I’m kind of getting used to it.

When I turned around, there was a blonde haired Bishojo; her age was about 15 to 16 years old and she froze with a surprised face.


No, what am I so worked up for?


「Are you the administrator goddess of this world?」 (Kaoru)


When I asked her, the goddess-like Bishojo finally moved and responded.


「Yes, that’s right, I am Celestine; I’m the administrator! Welcome to my world: Vernie!!」(Celestine)


Somehow, the tension is high. This is a kind of a troublesome person …


「Uhm… I heard the story from the God who manages Earth, and … because I’m also in his care, so …」(Celestine)


She’s too tense. Her way of speaking is kind of annoying … but my future is in her hands and the other party is a goddess; I should calm down and listen!


「Ehehehe~ I’m really grateful to you!」(Celestine)


… Why the appreciation? Because I don’t understand her, I’ll try to ask as calmly as possible.


「Well, why are you thankful? Aren’t I troubling you somehow ?」(Kaoru)

「No, It’s not like that! I really appreciate it!」(Celestine)


Then she slowly told me about the circumstances and I manage to understand it.

Apparently this goddess, she seems to really respect the god who manages Earth.

He must be quite famous among the managers; he’s a very respectable person …

No, he is a 「God」not a person, and among the young goddesses, he has a good reputation.

That was why Celestine was delighted to be in charge of this world, that was in the same family system with Earth, that was managed by that god.

But there was no opportunity for her to make direct contact with her senpai god.

Even so, she wants to have a group social gathering and district exchange meeting. (I wonder if there’s such a thing)

But it was impossible for her to talk directly to her senpai god; it seems she was only looking at him from afar.

And then, there was my case.

The senpai god that she longed for came to see her directly.

More than that, he lowered his head and asked a favor.

It was something she was really delighted with.

Therefore if I had anything I wanted to ask, As an apology from her senpai god, she’ll as much as possible try to do it.

She was really happy,「How fortunate I am; I will help you a lot!」

And that was the story.

Well, I don’t mind about that, instead, I’m thankful for being saved, but …

This is a detailed meeting. I am desperate because my life depends on this.


「In the meantime, that God promised me a cheat-like ability,
the ability to speak, read, and write the languages in that world,
a body rejuvenated with my original genes.
Ah that’s right, are there any inconveniences with my original body?
Like something that stands out or that I can’t have any children, … 」(Kaoru)

「No, black hair, black eyes are somewhat uncommon,
but there is no such thing as discrimination.
And there are no differences in physical matters, so there is no problem with having children」(Celestine)


It was safe.


「Well, I have decided on the promised cheat …
But before that, I have a question.
Are there any magic in this world, or monsters and people in a profession of hunting them?」(Kaoru)


It was a very important question. The answer to that would change the cheat that I chose and my life policy from then on.


「I don’t quite understand about cheats, but that person, he told me
『For my sake, would you please give her a superior ability she will need to survive』
And about what you asked, in this world, there is everything: magic, monsters and hunters」(Celestine)


Alright, as planned!


「Okay then, about the cheat, I’d like to ask for
potion making ability that can create potions with any effects that I like.」(Kaoru)

「… What is that…?」(Celestine)

「『A potion making ability that can create potions with any effects that I like.』
Because civilization is behind the times when compared to Earth, I am afraid of getting injuries and illnesses.
If I’m bedridden with any illness or that I would get a horrible injury, I would die with a lot of suffering.
That is my request.
It is just an ability to cover a small part of the disadvantage that came because of that god’s mistake.
Goddess, do you think it is too much to ask?」

「… Alright, alright! It’s okay! I just want to hear what kind of ability it is because I don’t understand it!」(Celestine)


Alright, I’m going further with this condition! I took a look at the goddess while thinking how to get the best bargain from her.


「Oh, it is inconvenient if I don’t have a container to put the medicine in.
What kind of containers are good …
Like a small test tube to carry around …
But if want to store a large amount, the small tube would not do.
And in the shop, we will need a stand for it, too.
How about an aluminum cap, if it is an aluminum cap, then there would be a problem with this world’s civilization.
… What should I do … 」(Kaoru)


I took a look at the goddess face. Yes, it was a face that said 「I don’t know anything about that too…」


「This is troublesome, so do you think it’s okay for any kind of container to appear as I want with the medicine?」(Kaoru)

「Well, okay, a container will appear as your desire」(Celestine)


Alright, I got her word!


「This is the cheat that god promised me」(Kaoru)

「Is that so? Well, let’s start the creation of your body」(Celestine)

「Oh, please wait a minute!」(Kaoru)


I stopped the goddess. Yes, I did it to a goddess.


「But with only this, it may be possible to survive, but it seems to be rather an inconvenient life with low civilization level and bad public security …」(Kaoru)

「Well, it’s because it’s this world.., so please endure it …」(Celestine)


The goddess says so with a troubled face.


「Well, I know that, but the god of Earth says 『I’m asking the local manager to help you if you have any hardship』and you also said you would help me!」(Kaoru)

「Well, surely I said so … then, what kind of things do you want?」(Celestine)


All right, I did it!


「It is an item box」(Kaoru)

「… What is …?」(Celestine)

「It is an item box」(Kaoru)

「What, what’s that item box …?」(Celestine)


I will explain as soon as possible, I have been waiting for her to ask.


「It is impossible for me to continue walking with the equipment and tools necessary while traveling in this world.
I need water and food, and if I carry money or valuable items,
I can’t be relaxed in a world where I can’t trust even an inn or a bank.
In other words, I can’t save money no matter how much I work.
It is difficult to move to other cities by myself, how can I live easy, now?」(Kaoru)



The goddess is troubled.


「Therefore, I need it.
It is an item box!
With unlimited capacity; the items will be stored in a different space; the items won’t get damaged or old because the time will be stopped inside.
I can put anything in and get out anytime I want and no-one but me can take it out.
If I put money and luggage in this, there would be no need to worry about money and luggage getting stolen.
I also don’t need to worry about carrying a lot of heavy luggage and slowing my traveling speed.
And, as I can store as much food and water I like with that, it’s absolutely necessary for my life」(Kaoru)

「What is that … It’s a useful thing, is that an「item box 」? And are you using it in your other world?」(Celestine)

「Oh, no, on the Earth, it’s easy to move with luggage and there is not much to worry about since the public order is good, so… ha ha ha …」(Kaoru)


I somehow managed to distract her.


「You will have a new body with your original genes and your age will be rejuvenated to 15 years old.
The gene is okay because “that person” provided your original body’s.
I think that the adult age is 15 years old.
15-18 are the marriage age for aristocrats and 15-22 years old for commoners, so it is quite appropriate.
That’s right. Since aristocrats are engaged early, it is quite common for marriages right when you become an adult at 15 years old.
When the aristocrats turn 18 years old and marry they would be seen to be in a late marriageable age,
A lot of them would feel unpleasant if they go over 20 years old.
In the case of commoners, marriage is early in rural areas, such as to reduce eating habits, increase labor and similar reasons, but in the urban areas it is usually around 17 to 22 years old.
23 is considered a late marriage, there’s no after 24 and when you are 25-26 nobody considers marry you anymore」 (Celestine)


No, no, no, that’s severe … I must do my best.


「The language is, as requested, the ability to speak in any language in this world together with the ability to read and write.
The potion making ability, that makes any kind of potion with any effect you like.
It will enter a container as you desire.
An Item box ability with unlimited capacity that stores item in another dimension’s space,
you are freely able to put anything in and take anything out from anywhere,
the passage of time will stop in that space and it can’t be used by anyone but you.
Is everything correct? 」(Celestine)


Yes, it’s perfect. Then, I should go with the final finish?


「Yeah, there’s no mistake, but I want to ask at last a few questions, is that okay?」(Kaoru)

「Yes, please don’t hesitate to ask me」(Celestine)


The goddess had a relieved face to finally finish. Alright, please listen.


「The first thing I’d like to ask is about the religion of this world.
Because there’s nothing as scary as religion, so what are the religions here?」(Kaoru)

「Oh, that’s easy, almost every religion is worshiping me, I am believed to be the sole god in this world. Although the notation and pronunciation of my name may differ slightly depending on the region and sect. But that’s it.
Doctrine and precepts also have some differences, but originally they are separated from the same things so they don’t have any great fundamental changes.
I had warned them about discrimination by race.
Well.., it is a relatively moderate religion.
I assume the devil is the only opposing enemy, but since they really don’t exist, there should be no problem」(Celestine)


Well, if there is only one religion, there should no problem, or would there be big problems?


「Well, will new religions be made or the current religion be made obsolete?」(Kaoru)

「No, I don’t really care, because there’s no other God.
I am the only one of this race who existed since ancient times.
For their convenience, I’m allowing some adjustments and freedom.
Even if a new religion is made, and to them there seems to be a new god
It would only exist because I have not denied it yet.
Well, I occasionally issue 「Oracles」to help humans avert a catastrophe or something like that.
My existence and role are irrelevant to faith, but if it is a good teaching to support the lives of people, it would be better for me to play as a fictional goddess.
However, the current religion doesn’t have that much of a big power anymore.
There’s no opposing power like a stagnation spreading, catastrophe or disaster for them to spread their influence.
Even if it is lost, there should be no problem.
In the first place, 50 years have already passed since I last gave an oracle.
But even now, it seems that they sometimes vomit 「a new oracle」or something along those lines of a lie.
Ah, now I got angry.
Just you wait, in a few hundred years, I will drop a goddess’ punishment …」(Celestine)


No, no, no, wait a moment! If you do it, please do it later where I do not know!


「Well, the next question.
In some circumstances, if the skills or thoughts from earth spreads and it affects at a large scale or even the movings of this world…」(Kaoru)

「Well, I don’t care, I’m working with stability in time and space.
I don’t plan to do anything with the civilization of this world.
So if a lot of the living beings seem to die meaninglessly, I would like to help or to just kill some time.
Although I do have some influence on civilization.
But I don’t care at all about trying to induce the civilization itself in a specific direction.
To that point, anything affecting the lives in the world and makes their lives easier, it would make you a fine pioneer.
It will be fine, wouldn’t it?」(Celestine)


If you think so, you should do it yourself, too. Well, that would be a common topic with god … Ah, I will tell her so.


「Well, how about you’d frequently appear to handle it?」(Kaoru)

「No, it’s a very troublesome thing.
It’s a tough task because I don’t love nor do I care about living things so much.
I don’t want to put up with it.」(Celestine)

「Well, but if your Senpai god knows that you are doing your best to do the same thing like him…
I wonder if he would be happy and proud as your Senpai.
He will also want to make a connection with you, and when he faces any trouble, he would come for a consultation …」(Kaoru)

「That’s it! Oh, why didn’t I notice it, I’m such an idiot!
Thank you, I will be ready to help out humans immediately!」(Celestine)


Even if you only want to have a conversation with the Senpai God, don’t you?

But if the administrator of this world is trying her best, then why not?

It will be easier for humans.


「Last question…
you don’t have to answer if you don’t want it, because I am just interested.
Well, are the Gods and Goddesses who manage the planets, … are they like human beings?
Well, I think that you are a high-ranking creature with a dimension far different from humans …
But the feelings of the Goddess or God, are somewhat close to human beings …
I’m sorry if I’m making you upset, but I really want to ask you even if you can’t answer …」(Kaoru)


I needed the courage to ask and listen to it, but even if I heard it, there’s no merit at all, but I couldn’t help it.

Otherwise, I am going to be unable to convince God’s treatment of me for various reasons. And I can no longer enjoy my new life.

Besides, it also concerns my last「wish」


「I see … Well, I don’t mind.
Then, let me briefly explain.
If you don’t understand us, it can’t be helped that you will be curious」(Celestine)


Apparently, she agrees to tell me. But the Goddess’s expression became serious somehow.


「Indeed, we are quite different living beings from you, humans.
We don’t have fixed body forms, my personality aside, my figure right now is only a provisional figure worn by human beings.
Also, the thought and the thinking speeds are different from you.
And the feeling of time is also different, as we are long-lived.
For that reason, even as I’m talking to you right now, parts of my consciousness are thinking in parallel.
One part is devoted to the management of this world.
At the same time, another part is investigating the distortions in the time and space, etc…
One part lowers its thinking speed to the limit, lowers the intelligence level to the limit and matches to you.
But, to be honest, it’s pretty fun.
If I must name it as an expression that you understand,
um – yeah, that’s right.
In a sense, the “me” here is somewhat like an infant or a passionate idiot, who has a simple mind that finds interest in one thing and blind to other things.
The “me” here finds talking to you is fun, while other branches of a higher intelligence level are managing the planet.
Ah, the respect for that person is true for my whole existence.
I think that the “me” here was supposed to have a strong feeling for that person because of that influence.
Well, we are the same individual after all.
The part, who is the administrator of that planet is also a part of that person.
The same goes for me.
That’s why that person was seriously facing you in his present state and promised to give you all those things.
To be honest, I think that it is a little overkill, but that’s also what wonderful about that person.
Therefore, I want to respect that intention and give you what you need as he requested」(Celestine)


After finishing saying all of that, it seemed that the serious expression of the goddess returned to the original warm feeling.

Maybe in order to tell that story 「She slightly raised her intelligence level」?

Otherwise, the difference from the previous conversation and this one was way too big.

And if she always had a high intelligence level, it would have been impossible for me to get an item box.

Or is it her「Service」while she was fully aware of it?

Well, I will do my best with the girl who is in front of me right now!


「Okay, I did not understand everything, but it seems that I feel that I somewhat like it.
Thank you very much, I heard everything I’d like to hear, then the last request is…」(Kaoru)


I swallowed saliva and said those word.


「Well, please become my friend!」(Kaoru)


The goddess blushed and opened her mouth halfway.

Well, because I have no friends in this world! Even on Earth, I only have two friends!

Translator’s Note:

I wonder if anyone realizes where Kaoru mess up yet ? just like Mile.

The author already gives us a hint but we won’t get it until 40 more chapter later.

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