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  1. Wow feels so much more different, it looks/feels much better. If I had to comment something it be that I can’t find the home button to get to get all the newest, coolest posts. Unless of course I scroll all the way down to the footer and press view all post button. Please make a home button in the side bar :*(

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  2. Good luck with your new website and translations

    Let me do some somments about the projects in waiting

    – Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku. I think that the MC is too much naive I think
    – I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated WN, Kuishinbo Elf and Naked is still being translated for the translators
    – Black Healer, Last Boss and No Cheat I cant find the WN version too. It is probably that, as I commented previosly and Arge and Mile to be carefulm sometimes when these stories are licensed the web novel is erased
    – Festin de Vampire isn’t licensed, simply the original author dissapeared without explanation

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  3. This new setup is much more clean and easy to use, quite a good pick of design.

    It’s perfectly “Average” considering how you like to translate novels with “average” characters XD

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  4. I nicked some devices from around the place. On smartphone, tablet or iPad the site looks really nice. Its easy to use and works well for reading. But using a laptop without touchscreen and a larger screen just feels weird.


  5. I can’t seem to find anything regarding this, but will Sword Saint’s Disciple be receiving more updates? The last one was in August.


    • Please help me proof-read the latest chapter.
      Just post it in comment is find. (Because I can read comment anytime by phone)
      I will fix it as soon as possible.

      For example if you spot a mistake, typo, write in comment like this:

      How doo you do?
      >How do you do?

      I will know it right away, and fixed it as suggest as soon as I get home.
      Right now I have THE KIND SOUL reader GUEST_EDIT that help me with proof-read but I’m worried that I might over-work him.

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  6. Loli – san , I just want to ask.
    Did you allow people to copy your work then paste on another site without giving Credit to You or This Website?

    Cause I found some , and they did not gave any credit to this web.

    Just asking , because I don’t know if the Owner of ‘that’ account actually could be you.

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  7. Thanks for all your hard work! I really enjoy Mile, Kaoru and Mitsuha. I wonder when will the next Mile chapter be uploaded? Cause it’s been almost 1 month since the last chapter

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    • Well, actually I prefer if you help me proof-read and tell me about my mistake in “that chapter’s comment” whenever you you spotted a mistake.

      Example: Read Sei manga chapter 5-4, spot a “mistke”
      comment in Sei manga chapter 5-4 with
      “mistke” => “mistake”

      Because I have too many chapters , even if you tell me on mail, discord.
      I still don’t know where that mistake is.
      And I must spend time to find that mistake, on what chapter in the recent update.
      But if you post a comment, I can click on it and go straight to the chapter with mistake to fix it.

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  8. The site is pretty and stuff but i cant seem to navigate properly and search for some mangas and chapter, idk maybe its just me cause im using a phone, ive read that you dindt like your stuff on other sites such as mangadex so i went here


    • NO NO, it’s not like that.

      I just didn’t like they upload my (not fixed yet) draft.

      I don’t have a group (Proof-read, Editor) so I upload my draft in here, my page first.

      And Guest_Edit, a kind soul reader will help me proof-read in less than 1 day. I will also fix it as soon as he suggests me the correct words.

      So if any other manga site just be patient wait for 24 hours delay, they can have the PROPER / FIXED version.

      But they ignored it and upload my draft, some readers read and spot mistakes,
      and they INSULT me, calling my translation trash or something like that.

      I don’t mind share my translation as long as readers enjoy it.
      My purpose is spread my beloved Novel / Manga to as many people as possible after all.

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    • Because this is a free translation.
      I work alone and from free raw source.
      I don’t need money.
      I only need the reader help with proof-read and grammar-check for my mistake so that I can fix it because I really bad at English.

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  9. Maybe you could disable this Thank You For Coming Today thing?
    Whenever I want to see the newest arrivals, I have to scroll this ugly thing.


    • You can always never come and read anything my site at all to not see “what I love” which you called “this ugly thing”

      I believe there are peoples PIRAGE my works elsewhere for you to read as well.

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      • I like it! It’s friendly.

        Plus, it takes more energy to write and post a comment about something small that irritates you in a big way than to get over it or (on average) to use an extension for your browser that will let you block all parts of all sites that irritate you. Good luck!

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  10. Question, are you planning on picking Arge up again after you’ve done work on your other projects?
    and if so might I inquire when that might happen?
    also thank you for all your work.


    • I never drop Arge in the first place.
      It’s just I release Novel in batch (an ARC worth of chapters = 30 to 50 chapters) now.

      In Feb, I will release 50 Mile chapters daily (50 days)
      In April, I will release 30-50 Arge chapters daily (30-50 days)


      • okie dokie, thank you for telling me. I was just inquiring.
        Thank you for your work and have a wonderful day


  11. Are you still translating…;
    Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!
    Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!
    Here you name it as Mile.
    if you don’t. Pick it up again I don’t like how the people from Asian Hobbyist is translating this novel.


  12. Sorry to ask you this but you’re the only one came to my mind.
    Can you please consider translating wolf lord’s lady manga? It’s on comic walker and 5 chapters up so far

    Ill help with anything if needed!


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