Kaoru Chapter 3: Tentatively in the potion!

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Author: FUNA

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Translator’s Note: Cut from the official Picture

Sport Drink : Sports Drink. Search Google I think it was this one gwnuke2

Blue Pot.pngBlue Pot 2 : Blue Potion

Yellow Pot : Yellow Potion

Purple Pot : Purple Potion

Red Pot : Red Potion

Kaoru Chapter 3: Tentatively in the potion!


For a moment, I felt relieved, but I endured it with a foot stretching.

Alright, Yoshi, I’ve gotten used to it!

Well, This is what is called a 「different world」.
Uhm, it seems to be called Vernie.
After that, Celes (Goddess Celestine’s nickname) accept to become my friend with great pleasure.

And she holds me up for a while, complains about a lot of things, various strategies to approach 「that one」
Finally, I’m freed and released to this world.
It seems only when she did that explanation, her intelligence became higher.

After that, she was completely returned to the flower garden.

Let’s see. Apparently, this place seems to be a small hill, with some sparsely grown trees around,
this place is quite high so I can see quite far ahead.
There are some buildings from afar, even they don’t have walls surrounded.
I should be aiming at that settlement first
But before that, I need to confirm my body function, I need to check it properly.
If there is a defect, initial malfunction, I will file a complaint against Ceres.

At that time, I will complain and request additional services!
That is why I looked up and jumped, I took a look at my body and touched on various results.
Apparently, it seems to be my body properly when I was 15 years old.

I can’t check the face because there is no mirror, but it seems that there is no problem in the visible range and the touched range.
No, it will be fine even if my body hasn’t been accurately reproduced.
For example, physical strength and muscular strength are increased
or the area around the chest is strengthened, I don’t mind if you make those mistakes, Baka Celes!

I don’t feel that it has changed since they should be a couple of centimeters when I was 15 years old.
I guess I was about 157 cm.
Weight was a bit heavy in old days.
It was because club activities and eating were more important than body maintenance, then, I did not think about dieting …
It was young. (Anxiety)

So, the problem is my asset.
Well, at the age of 22, I could say I was as much as B, but sadly now it is completely A.
No, it’s rare value!
This is the status symbol of some 20 years old people on Earth!
Ceres was also there.
You got it all right, right?

I wonder if that’s why Celes was so glad to become my friend?
Ah, thinking about it, her figure can change freely.
Wait for a second, let’s calm down first.
It isn’t the time yet, I’m only 15 years old right now …

The confirmation of my body is over.

Next ability check.
For the time being, the most important is the potion maker skill.
I will put my right hand out and try to remember it in my head.


(Sports drink taste, physical fitness restorative, come out!) (Kaoru)

*I imagined a bottle of sports drink.*


After a moment there was a bottle that looked like a certain famous sports drink on the right hand.
I take off the cover and drink, it is a bit sour taste of sports drink.
Because I was not tired, the recovery effect is unknown, but I trust Ceres about this for now.

Of course, it is the item box to check next!


(Item box, open!) (Kaoru)


I devote my right hand to the air in my mind.
Although it doesn’t have to be distinguished.
Since this is the first I using item box, I want to try to be cool in a sense. (Chuuni)
My hand entered the space without anything, and inventory list emerged in the head.


「Out of stock」


… Yeah, I knew it.

But it was okay if you mistake putting something in here, Ceres.

Well, I do not mind … at all of you make a mistake here.

No, I have not been disappointed at all.

Not that I thought that it contains various kinds of tools such as god swords and useful tools. I’m telling the truth.

Next time meeting, I will tell Ceres about the story of a gold pika and the story of a blue cat that can be stored thing in his pocket.

(T.N: In case you don’t get the refer

025Pikachu_XY_anime_3 Doraemon_(2002).png

Language skill can’t be confirmed unless I meet humans.
Okay, let ‘s aim for the settlement first.
If I go down the hill appropriately I will see the highway or something.

Kaoru stretched her body and walked towards the bottom of the hill when lightly pounding the pants.

Clothes, shoes etc were dressed by Ceres by this world standard.
Well, if I get thrown out naked (T.N: Like Anri), I will be troubled.
I’m glad to have precaution and asks Ceres.
Yes, really. I really felt it. It is dangerous.

After I started walking for a while, I noticed small animals like squirrel were staring at me from the tree branches.


「Hey there, the squirrel on that tree, is this the way to the town where humans live?」(Kaoru)


With a casual saying and laughing, the little animal replied.


「Yeah, that’s right. Go straight」(Squirrel)

「Oh, thanks a lot, I was saved!」(Kaoru)

「Well, that’s good! 」(Squirrel)


After continuing walking silently for a while, Kaoru stopped and put both hands on one tree.

And she struck her head on the tree as she was.


「Conversation and reading and writing in all languages. Conversation and reading and writing in all languages!」(Kaoru) (Raw repeat it twice)


Ceres …, the choice of where to put in the service is strange!
I didn’t need to talk or write such small animal’s letters.
I thought about write letters but I got scared so I stopped thinking about it for the time being.

The sun has been leaning a lot.
It seems that it will take a while to reach the town that was visible.
It was a while since I travel and it seemed to be safe without incident, but it was quite far from then.
If you look from a high place, there are quite a distance even if you can see it.

I have the knowledge but is this …?

Because I really love books, I have read various books, I am familiar with mathematics.

In the school, I also choose the science subjects, I deeply respected the mad scientists that love science, and for research, they don’t regret it even if they sacrifice everything… (T.N: FUNA sensei must love science a lot, Mile is 100% science even it was a magic world)

I don’t intend to do so myself.
On the way, I was thirsty and tired, so I tried drinking a recovery potion several times.
My tiredness was recover and my thirst was also subsided.


(But … even on Earth, there are also drinks that relieve yourself from tiredness.
The name is … fatigue flies with pon, Hirobo …) (Kaoru)


Because somehow became frightened, Kaoru stopped thinking.


(There are no side effects, right?) (Kaoru)


But if you drop me near the city I won’t need to walk this far!
After all, it is dangerous to leave things to Ceres.
There is no offense, but her criteria for judgment are a bit strange.
Well, since her scale of all criteria are different from humans, It can’t be helped.

From now on, I will do my best on my own.
Anyway, I stroked my chests that I was dedicated to fixing clothes by myself.
Somehow I got stuck with what I could stroke with no resistance at all. (Ceres no Baka)

When the sun (or so it calls) sank down, Kaoru arrived at the town at last.
It was on the verge of being completely dark and barely see anything.
There’s no wall, there’s no gatekeeper either.
Apparently, the access is free.

Well, in a small local town which isn’t the capital or a big city, there is no strategic value, various construction costs and maintenance costs to surrounding the entire circumference with a high wall, various kinds of expenses such as labor cost necessary for guarding the gate.

Because I will be troubled if I’m told that an identification card is required to enter and exit the town. So I appreciated this.

Kaoru created 4 potions to sell before entering the town.
3 blue pot s and 1 yellow pot.
All are Healing potions.
She wanted to make a little more, but Kaoru was empty hand and she didn’t have any bag.

It is obviously unnatural to keep a potion in your hands, and it’s problematic to show the item box suddenly without knowing the situation.

In the end, 2 potions are stored in the left pocket and 2 potions in the right pocket, the total limit is 4 potions.

Blue pot is a so-called lower rank potion, and it can heal some wound such as cuts, bruises, etc

Yellow is the intermediate level, it can heal internal organs damage, fracture and so on.

Red is an advanced potion, it can make the body anew even if it is a life-threatening situation.

But for now, I only make blue and yellow potions.
I decided that Red will be for a serious situation later.
For now, it is good to have enough money to have dinner and bed today,
so I don’t need to take unnecessary risks.

Kaoru entered the town and confirmed the fee at the inn located near central streets.
As soon as she heard the price.
She’s heading to a place arrange a job for Hunter, Hunter Guild.
The price of the inn was four silver coins with dinner and breakfast included.


(Well, if a silver coin is about 1000 yen or so,
the Blue Potion will be sold with 1 silver coin,
the Yellow Potion will be about 5 silver coins.
Or if at least I will sell everything with 5 silver coins, I will be okay tonight) (Kaoru)


And I arrived at the building, a building that anyone will know it’s hunter guild.
Marks are designed with swords and spear intersected, hunter guild signs and also written in letters.
Alright, I can read it.

Because the sun has fallen.
And this is medieval time so the road quite dark and every house are closing their doors.
Perhaps they are only working or coming out of their houses during the daytime.

Well, it’s kind of hard to enter.
But if I don’t enter it, I won’t have tonight’s accommodation fee and dinner …
I ready my heart and open the door.
In the mind, I shouting let’s go but actually I just silently open the door.

But there’s a doorbell attached to the door, it made a loud noise with the “Karan Karan”, and the gaze in the guild concentrated on the entrance.
The busy hours of reception have passed, most of the windows (reception booth) are uninhabited and only one is open.

Night window, is it? Nobody is in line.

The other side is prosperous.
Many hunter-like people are chatting with food and drinks with a lot of arranged tables.
There seems to be a counter that provides dishes and drinks on the back.
Yeah, it’s such a facility.

The gaze at the moment was on me, and when I caught a glimpse of them,
everyone quickly returned their eyes and returned to chat.

Well, here I thought I will be a scene called「Hey, this is not where women’s children come」

Or 「Hey, Ojo-chan, come over here and join us a little」or something like that?

Do they ignore me?
No, actually I don’t want you to get involved, but how should I say it, …
uhm… a woman’s pride, I feel like it was scrapped …

No, nothing!
For now, I will quietly go to the open window.
Maybe because I came over at night.
The receptionist lady who seems to be deadly tired.
No, I do not want to be told 「My eyes are so tired, I don’t want to work」

Since there are no other open windows, I must ask her.


「Uhm, excuse me!」(Kaoru)


I was stared at!
But I can not withdraw here.
It is lodging and dinner.
Because I drank a lot of potion, my stomach is full of liquid, I want to eat proper solids meal, and I want a fluffy bed.


「Well, will you buy the potion here?」(Kaoru)



Ah oh…


「Potion, what medicine? If it’s medicine, you should sell it to a pharmacist or a doctor. Why are you bringing it to the hunter guild?」(Receptionist)



I see, the potions were purchase or sell here …

But then, at least step next!


「I’m sorry, I just came to this country and I don’t know anything …
I can not eat or stay without selling this…
Um, where are the pharmacist and the doctor …?」(Kaoru)

「Both of them aren’t open at such a time, and the doctor is absent for a while traveling around other villages
and the pharmacist has gone to his daughter who got married to the neighboring town, something like a grandchild was born.
Well I think he will come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow 」(Receptionist)


Ah oh …, I’m finished …
Kaoru crumbled down on the spot.
Both dinner and fluffy bed are out.
Why didn’t you prepare several pieces of silver coins, Ceres!
…The answer is simple. 「Because she is Ceres」

Baka Baka Aho! Tears drop!

And then the receptionist somehow help Kaoru, but whether she had a mind of mercy or she was quite like a cute little girl like Kaoru is unknown.


「Well, I guess it can not be helped.
Until now tomorrow morning, I will be helping you with my authority.
Because I am an honorable official staff I allow you to stay,
But I’m telling you it is only tonight!
Even if you are crying in the next day, there will no next time!」(Receptionist)

「Yes, please!」(Kaoru)


Those who drown also grab the straw (beggar can’t be chooser). Kaoru was desperate.


「Well, first of all, I will lend you a folding bed for an emergency nap of an official,
but you can’t put it in the staff only area, so please sleep at any corner of it.
Don’t complain about the board is stiff or the blanket is thin because I will beat you if you say it!」(Receptionist)

「Yes, please!」(Kaoru)

「Next is the meal, but I’m not going to lend you money, You must manage it yourself.
I will allow special temporary business so you can sell the potions to the others hunters who are drinking over there.
Earn meal fee by yourself like: rub other shoulders, taking care of them, etc.
Another way is dividing the cooking directly… However!」(Receptionist)


The lucky receptionist slammed the counter with Don*.


「However, since prostitution is absolutely unforgivable!
If you do such a thing, you will also be kicked out of here and the man who bought it will be half killed, so remember well!」(Receptionist)
(T.N: Just say it straight as Yes Lolita No Touch, Tsundere Office Lady)


I was stared directly by her burning eyes.
Even I can talk like normal with God or Ceres, but this isn’t an opponent I can say no.
In a hurry, I lowered my head and thanked her, I quickly flew to the eating and drinking section.

If doctors and pharmacists are absent, there is plenty of chance to sell potions.
Meanwhile, in the eating and drinking section, the shouting of the receptionist is heard aloud.
Whether they plan to do it or not.
After hearing that sound, no hunters dare to do something even if this pretty little girl or plan to sell herself.

Her age seems to be 15 years old, but it is only for the Japanese to the last.

Westerners 12 to 13 years old and they already look like Japanese high school students, and they may even look like college students sometimes.

Of course, the opposite is also established, and Japanese adult Japanese women are often seen as lolita in Westerners’ eyes.

And Kaoru was seen here around 10 to 12 years old. Of course, she was lucky because the Receptionist saw her so.

If she thinks that Kaoru is 15 years old as an adult in this world, Kaoru may not have had such warm compassion.

If you are an adult, do something about it yourself, put up with the night hunger and sleep at the eaves.

After all, Lolita and Bishoji have a lot of benefits anywhere in the world.

Translator’s Note:

Fu fu fu, I can’t wait to translate next 2 chapter.

Kaoru maybe really smart but she isn’t any better than Mile

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