Kaoru Chapter 4: Potion Musou!

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Translator’s Note: Cut from the official Picture

Blue Pot.pngBlue Pot 2 : Blue Potion

Yellow Pot : Yellow Potion

Purple Pot : Purple Potion

Red Pot : Red Potion

Kaoru Chapter 4: Potion Musou!


「Uhm, would you like to buy a healing potion?
A blue potion that can heal any wound with only one silver coin
or a yellow potion that can heal any internal damage or fractures, it’s only five silver coins!」(Kaoru)


Even the hunters also want to help Kaoru, but they all have bitter smiles on their face.
With a silver coin, they can drink 3 to 4 mug of Ale.
With another coin, they can buy a sufficient amount of meals and drinks.

No matter how much motivated they are, they can’t spend a silver coin on medicine made with weed grass medicinal herbs that a loli carries around.
But there was no sign of selling at all even though Kaoru thinks her pricing was cheap.

Why can’t I sell it?
Apparently, some hunters are hurt.
Are you planning on saving money by using recovery magic later?

Well, if I think about it, only when the party goes out and there isn’t a healer in your party that you need to rely on healing potion.
If you have a healer, it would be easier to rely on him to manage party health.

In case you are in town, the healing cost will be cheaper because there are the professional healers that stay in their shop and in town they don’t need to worry about MP.

Maybe the wound can be healed at a price of about 1 cup of alcohol at the town or something.
Then, was the price I set too high?
No, but hunters that go for a hunt will need potions when going out.
If I make it too cheap, I will have problems with various things.

What should I do…

A middle-aged hunter called out to Kaoru that was wondering.


「Hey, Young Lady.
Do you think you can rub my right leg?
I get injured some time ago, and my right leg is getting sore when the weather change.
I’m sorry for my alcohol breath for a young lady like you.
But I will give you a reward,
uhm … How about two sausages?」(Hunter A)

「That… I will do it!」(Kaoru)


Kaoru is up for it right away.
She has confidence since she has been giving her father and mother a massage from time to time.
Because the middle age hunter is about the same age as her father, Kaoru feels no repulsion at all.
It’s just the same as doing it to her father.

I do not know if this hunter just tries to make an excuse and let me have something to eat or not.
Anyway, I will thank him by giving him a proper massage for his right leg.
For some reason, he feels really comfortable.
See him like that, other hunters are fidgeting, they begin to ask as well.


「I’m next! Please give me a shoulder massage, I will give you two bird skewers」(Hunter B)

「Please give me a back massage, I will give you a boar meat’s steak!」(Hunter C)

「Hey you guys, all your pay is only food!
I will give you a grape juice!
What do you think?
It’s far more valuable than those dishes they offer!」(Hunter D)

「Damn, then here is fruit!
You can choose whatever you like!
Ah, but the peach is useless, it is too much for you!」(Hunter E)

「Ku~, damn! Don’t get ahead of yourself, I will give her the peaches!」(Hunter F)



The food and drink corner suddenly becoming somewhat noisy and the Receptionist lady gently raised her eyebrows.
It seems her mouth is lifted a little.
After a while, the Hunters reach an agreement that it isn’t good to pay Kaoru with food or drink anymore.
So the payment now isn’t food or drink but copper coins.

When Kaoru is happy with the reward changing to coins, she happily helps the hunters for a while
And then the door of the guild was suddenly forcibly opened.


「Someone, bring me to the doctor, he got seriously injured!
Please ask the clinic to open immediately!」(Female Hunter)


A female hunter in the middle twentieth or late half rushed in and cried out loud.

A moment later, a good-looking middle-aged man about 30 years old carried a blood-covered man around 20 years old, they’re all equipped with a sword and armor so they must be the vanguards.


「He got hurt by Gray Bear! Hurry up, please bring me the doctor!」(Male Hunter)


The Male hunter who carried the injured man shouting.

This is an emergency situation, the Receptionist lady also left the counter with a serious look on her face. But what she said …


「I’m sorry, the doctor is currently traveling to other villages and he is not going back for a while.
The pharmacist is also in the neighboring town and it’s unknown whether he will return tomorrow or later.
Any hunters have knowledge about first aid treatment or medicinal herbs, please help us.
We must at least help him somehow」(Receptionist)


The hunters on that party’s expression become despair with those words.
Even if anyone saw it, it was obvious that it was not an injury that some amateurs can help.
They only lay down the injured person on a table with a blanket and stand out stuttering.


「What are you guys doing?
Why don’t you cast healing quickly!
Why aren’t any healer willing to help him.
Besides, if you don’t have the healing spell, then please offer an advanced potion on hand because his life is in danger!
You can worry about payment or something else later.
Why are you just standing there?
Hey, hey!」 (Kaoru)


To Kaoru which began to shout suddenly, people can not understand what she said and keep standing there.


「E~ei, I will do it then!」(Kaoru)


Pushing away other hunters who stand in the way, Kaoru comes next to the table where the injured man lay down.
Since the armor was already removed.
She pulls out the knife from the waist of the middle-aged man in his party standing nearby without permission, and start cutting the clothes.
Blood continued to flow from the exposed wound.


「Hey, … Hey …」(Man)


Ignore the voice of the confused man. There is no time to explain right now.


「Someone, bring me the most powerful wine here! Hurry!」(Kaoru)


Several people came running to the food counter and brought a bottle of wine immediately.
When Kaoru took it, she drinks it in her mouth and spits in the man’s wound.
The injured man who had lost consciousness until now scooped up and screamed.
That’s painful.
But it’s better than dying!

No one else around her can move so she is trying her best.
Then Kaoru took out one potion from the pocket.
It’s a Yellow Potion.
Then she hands it over to the female hunter.


「Let he drinks it. There is only one yellow, please don’t spill it!」(Kaoru)


Even if she wanted to say something but when she saw the expression of the imminent Kaoru, the female hunter silently nods and received a yellow potion.

And then she moves the head of the injured person and helps him get up, after that she put the yellow potion in his mouth.
She grabs his chin, open his mouth and pour the potion in the mouth.
She can only pour a little inside.

Then she repeated twice and three times, all the yellow potion was poured into the throat of the injured man.

At the same time, Kaoru poured the blue potion directly into the wound.
She spits wine before to disinfect.
Now she applies the blue potion directly to the wound itself.

After pouring the first blue potion and think it isn’t enough, Kaoru pours the second one into the wound.
The potions took effect immediately.

The blue potions slowly close his wound and stop the bleeding.
The yellow potion will heal any internal organs damaged if he has.
It also regenerates the lost blood.
The face of the injured man slowly recovers from pale to normal.
His fast breathing also becomes stable.

Because he got seriously injured and it’s been some time so he lost a lot of blood.
It was a life-threatening situation.
If Kaoru prepared a red potion beforehand, she would use it.

But she somehow saves his life with the Yellow Potion.

Blue potions directly applied to the wound was also effective.

After that, everyone has a look at the injured man’s condition, they understand that he was saved.
The female hunter is hugging the injured male, who she thought that she would lose him forever.
And the middle-aged man is stunned and fell down to the floor.

I was distracted by injured male and did not notice, but the middle-aged man also had quite a deep injury on his left arm.
Blood is still flowing out.
Were he is carrying that injured man with this arm,
Kaoru is admiring the toughness and mental strength of this middle age man.

However, he is still bleeding.
Besides, if this is a deep wound, it will take a considerable amount of time for complete recovery.

In the worst case, it will not be completely healed and leave some after effects.
For such cool middle-aged man to become like that.
Kaoru can’t accept it.
He is a treasure of mankind.
Kaoru silently presented the last piece of the blue potion to that man.


「Oi, young lady!
You don’t need to use this precious medicine.
This level of injury is nothing…」(Male Hunter)

「Shut up, drink it now!」(Kaoru)

「… O~ ou!」(Male Hunter)


He was stared at intensely by Kaoru, and the middle-aged man received the potion obediently and drank it.
The deep wound on his shoulder was healed immediately.
Some hunters in the guild muttered when everyone is silent.


「It’s a miracle …」(Hunter G)


The next moment, the hall exploded with cheers.


「Ooooooooooooooooo !!!」(A lot of hunters)

「Young lady, young lady, young lady !!!」(A lot of hunters)

「To think I ask you to massage my legs! What am I doing …」(Hunter A)

「No, you helped me who was hungry, I’m thankful. There is no problem!」(Kaoru)

「What a fool am I, why didn’t I buy that medicine with a silver coin?」(Hunter ?)


Hunters keep shouting and surrounding Kaoru. It is a hell picture.

Even if there’s an angel here.

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  1. Chappy o arigatai!

    Is it just me or was Kaoru mistook that her potion’s prize which actually so cheap for the people in this world just like Mile? I find it quite funny to be honest.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. She is still safe… she can still pass it up by saying it was a potion she recieved from someone else but surely this novel and the author doesn’t work that way and she will drop the bomb that she made em herself but this type of development is to be expected as she was thrown into that world suddenly… Mile atleast was able to live as an infant…tho i dunno why she’s so dumb in many ways possible hahaha (it is a compliment like … genius?) . . .
    She didn’t inquire to her friend as to what level of potions existed in this world and the level and existense of healers and doctors… that’s another part she messed up. It is important! And … the inn just tried to rip her off right? To do that to such an angel… throw some Punni potion bomb to that inn… (i’m an atelier series fan)

    Also from the images, i like her slanted eyes and the way she look kinda smug… of all expressions i like being smug the most lol… she looks like she will slap you with a pocari bottle in the face anytime she feels like it.
    -i will also try to edit this one… well i will try edit every chapter i read here… the novels are Mile, Kazane and this… Arge of course.

    [Estelion’s Secret Imouto’s Secret Editor Cyan]

    Liked by 3 people

  3. She thought because it is medieval magic world, there are miraculous healing magic that can close wound, she mix game mechanics with reality didn’t she?


    • Celestine explained that there was magic when asked about it.
      So basically healing magic is a luxury or nonexistent.


  4. Called angel cause she doesn’t think twice to use OP potion to save peoples, pretty and kind. And the potion is of course too cheap for silver coin


      • By which, you offer to heal the first wound free of charge, then sell off the next one after. Any hunter would basically leap at the chance to take along a bit of insurance once you show that your medicine actually works and isn’t just snake oil.

        This is a reasonable strategy to adopt even if you don’t know that healing magic is rare. Even if you assume it’s common it’s understandable that most people would be suspect you of being a crank or a scammer.


  5. Why wouldn’t they buy a potion made of weed from a loli!?

    This is outrageous and I pray they receive divine retribution from the lolicon god who called upon a meteor on his first descent on land.


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