Kaoru Chapter 5: The story is different!

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Author: FUNA

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Kaoru Chapter 5: The story is different!


Kaoru was confused.
The story is different.
Yes, it is different from what she heard from Celes.
When she noticed that the story was different, Kaoru thought.


「Oh, this. Ceres is the weird one」(Kaoru)


I got an answer instantly without any other information and without reconfirming.
Reason for that is simple.
Well, of course, there is a perfect reason to convince anyone.

That’s because it’s Celes.
How is it? Perfect?
There is no room to doubt.

I thought it was strange.
Even though the hunter gets life-threatening injuries, no one casts healing magic.
Nobody sells potions.
Everyone makes a fuss at the lower level potion and middle-level potion I used.

Celes clearly said:「Magic, monsters, and hunters exist」

So I thought that the hunter is equal to the adventurer.
Well, that was not so far off.
There are certainly ferocious beasts called monsters.

The problem is magic.

There was magic in this world.
That was true, as Celes said.
However what I thought was「There are magicians and clerics at hunter’s party, using attack magic, auxiliary magic, recovery magic, etc.」
or 「I use my magic item or a medium as a catalyst to cast magic」Or something like that.

Yes, 「Hunter」 and 「Hunter Guild」 play a similar role as 「Adventurer」and 「Adventurer Guild」like the story on earth, such as material collection, mission, escort request, etc.

However, there is no magic.
There is no magic at all!
The battle is all physical.
Using spear, sword, ax, bow, and arrow, various others.
It is completely the same as the history of the earth.

Magic is something that some countries research and a scholar learn it for a lifetime. Until just before the death of old age, all they can do is:「I can make a few ml of water from my hand」

or 「light a candle with the fire from the fingertips」

That was magic in this world, the number of scholars that can use it is only a few in ten of thousands!!


Celes, why did you say 「there was magic」if it’s only that kind of level !!!

Ha ha ha …

Certainly, it seems that there is no magic what was practically used.

For example, the ability for dragon to breath fire.

The ability for the dragon to fly with that kind of body and wings.

The invincible defense power of the dragon from its scale.

It’s all a dragon! … miserable!!

That is information that I heard variously from the hunters.
Treatment was like Medieval Earth: drinking medicine made from herbal medicine, medicine for fracture, splints with big scar with needle and thread.

Of course, there is no potion in this world.
And conclusion.


A magical drug of the miracle that doesn’t exist in this world.
The curative effect of wonder.
A helpless little girl without any history behind can build.
I wonder what happen will if this info gets out?

Let’s get away for the time being.

Next morning.
The hunter guild’s main hall.
At one side of one wall is the reception desk.
The food and drink corner is on the other side.
There is a kitchen in the back.

The office work of the guild seems to be on the upper floor.
So all staff members are sleeping there.
And this main hall on the first floor.
It is in a chaotic state, which has not been cleaned up from yesterday’s stupid event yet.
Some hunters awake and suffer from a headache, some are still standing at the table, some are sleeping on the floor, etc.

Kaoru was sleeping at a corner of the wall.
After waking up, she cleans up the bed.
Yes, I only clean up the bed.
Foodservice corner?
I don’t know such a thing.

By the way, as a proper Japanese adult, Kaoru always work on time or 5 minutes sooner, she can’t stand being loose in time.
She had asked Celes to make a watch.
It’s not a brand name watch but it won’t break even if you hit with a steel pole.
It can withstand water pressure up to 100 m.

Solar rechargeable so there is no need to worry about running out of batteries.

Anyway, it is made by the goddess.

The display time is in accordance with the rotation of this world, and of course, there is also an alarm clock so I won’t oversleep.
I didn’t drink alcohol, so I had plenty of time to think after collecting information last night.
Conclusion. Get away from here quickly!

That’s why, after I cleaned up my bed in the morning.
I said my thanks to the kitchen staff and various people.
If I have enough time, I will have a look around the city and run away… but only the idea is sweet.

Apparently, I had been marked during the night.

I caught it as soon as I finished clearing up the bed.


「Brat, are you Kaoru?」(Soldier) (Kaoru is called with kisama)


I was late…
Five men armed with armor and sword.
There’s one man with slightly better equipment that seems to be a leader.
This is a gang group, working under a powerful person and name themselves security guards.

Last night, I found someone who wasn’t very drunk and asked various things about this town.
Information is money, information is life.
So, the lord of this town and some villages in the vicinity is a baron.
He seems to be a typical aristocracy that raises the heavy tax, love money and do any necessary for career advancement.
And all citizen around here hates this lord.

Well, I can hardly imagine the aristocrats to be liked by the commoners.

Baron is the lowest aristocrat except for the knight which is the last ranking and can’t govern the land.
His family was his wife, two sons, and one daughter.
He knew about what happened last night, he was delighted about the opportunities for money making in his land and this was …

5 soldiers for one girl, isn’t this too much?

Well, maybe they’re wary of hunters getting in the way and me trying to escape?


「What do you want? I have been told by my mother that I shouldn’t talk with strangers even if they give me candy」(Kaoru)



A man who seems to be a leader staring at Kaoru.


「The lord calling, come quietly!」(Soldier)

「But I’m not a citizen here.
I will obey the lord at where I live
But why do I have to obey someone else who has nothing to do with me?
For me, he is nothing than a lord of an unknown land.
He is an unknown person, he is just trying to bring a girl to his house, and even letting his subordinates do it, not he himself …」(Kaoru)


Too many words, blood rise above the men’s head.


「This… this brat …」(Soldier)


The soldier raises his voice, hunters begin to notice and start gathering around.


「Chi~, come!」(Soldier)



The soldier grips Kaoru’s hand, and forcibly pulled her out of the guild.

Even if the Hunters want to stop, but the opponent is soldiers who are under the direct control of the lord, they are moving by orders of the lord.

Nobody could do anything, only standing to see the men take Kaoru away.


(Well, isn’t right now a good time to escape?) (Kaoru)


But for some reason, Kaoru doesn’t escape, is she is worried that she will be killed or afraid of the soldiers? is she waiting for a chance to escape, Or…

Kaoru gently lifted the edge of her mouth (T.N: Grind* or Smirk*)


「Oh, soldier, please don’t touch that!」(Kaoru)


Kaoru began to follow the soldiers quietly by herself, she asked the leader who grabbed her left hand so.


「Ah. This? what is this …?」(Soldier)


Since Kaoru began to follow him, the leader now looses his power a little.
He only holds Kaoru lightly while keeping his guards instead of dragging her around.
As he heard Kaoru say that, he asked back.


「It’s expensive, It cost more than a few gold coins」(Kaoru)


The Kaoru showed him the watch and said so.


「A few gold coins!」(Soldier)


When he looks closely, it’s an unusual jewelry item that he has not seen before. The man smirks.


「If it’s such an important thing, I’ll keep it.」(Soldier)


The man forcibly took away the wristwatch from the Kaoru ignored Kaoru’s complain, and put it to his pocket. Kaoru becomes sadly depressed.


(Well, it’s an extraordinary income. Of course, he will act like that…) (Kaoru)


And the leader stopped smiling. We arrived at a manor house.

Although among aristocrats, Baron is the lowest except knight.
He shouldn’t have enough money to build a manor like this.
And was it necessary to have this prosperous appearance?

Kaoru was brought into the house and was guided to a place like a reception room.
The soldiers handed Kaoru over to the servants in front of the room and left.


「We have brought Kaoru-sama」(Servant)


An employee who takes over Kaoru told the interior, and bring Kaoru into the room.

In the room, there are two young men one around 20 years old and another one around 16 years old,
a girl around 13-14 years old.
A fat man seems to be the baron himself and a wife-like woman.

It may be due to the luxury life and lack of exercise that everyone is a bit overweight or is it a genetic? Everyone’s face seems round …

However, I remember the situation and keep that comment in my head.


「You finally came, Kaoru」(Baron)


The Baron smiles.
No, it feels somewhat disgusting.
However, this is a big service.
After all, a noble’s family welcomes a commoner citizen.
Moreover, this baron is known as someone who doesn’t treat commoners well.


「I’m grateful for your invitation, Sir Baron」(Kaoru)


Kaoru returns words with courtesy. She remembers this when she watches the movie before.

「Ho ho, this is …
Sit down there, welcome to our mansion」(Baron)


Baron is quite surprised with Kaoru’s courtesy but still remember to have a full smile and tries to sweet talk with Kaoru.

Baron got a report last night.
A hunter’s party got attacked by a brown bear and one male hunter is heavy injured.
Well, it’s not something he cares about.
But the report also says that there’s a magical medicine to cure the heavy wound in an instant.
Besides, that medicine was brought by a little girl who seems to have no backup.

He doesn’t really believe it.
But what if it’s true?
It will be an opportunity to gain a huge amount of money, no, it isn’t just that.
A drug that instantly recovers those who are about to die.

Just thinking, how much money will the aristocrat who has been injured during the fighting or accident willing to pay, or he may even add conditions for appealing …
He may even appeal to the Royalty.
He might be promoted.
A high rank like Marquis will not just a dream anymore!

More fortune is that girl appeared in his territory!
Luck is smiling with him.
And right now, that girl is in front of his eyes.
Without being afraid, she returns with a courtesy thanks and sits down.

He heard that there were four medicines.
Not just one, she had four, and she tried to sell it at a ridiculously low price.
That means that there will be more medicines and they are easy to obtain.

If he can get the recipe, production means and monopolize the recipe for that medicine!
Usually, he will use force to get it.
But this time is troublesome, what if this girl doesn’t have sufficient information or she dies easily with torture.

Besides, it will be trouble for the producer mean if this girl turns out to be a daughter of a doctor.
If any harm comes to her, her father may not co-op with him.
So for now, it’s a good idea to treat her in a friendly manner and to get the info.
This girl is only a daughter of a commoner, but he tells his wife and children to treat her gently, so it would be fine.

That’s what Kaoru’s guess from the baron’s mood.
And it was roughly correct.
While enjoying tea and expensive sweets for a while.
The Baron entered the main subject while suppressing his impatient heart.


「By the way, Kaoru, that medicine that you had, … Where did you get that, did you get it directly from the person who made it?」(Baron)


It finally comes. Kaoru already prepared the answer for that question beforehand …


「Ah, I made it myself」(Kaoru)

「Ee~e!!!」 (Baron’s family)


Not only the Baron but also his families when heard the story beforehand gave a surprised voice.


「Made it by yourself …」(Baron)

「Yes, my father who was a pharmacist lived in the mountains with abundant materials.
And I have been making medicine and studying it all the time.
Because my father passed away, I came to this town.
It was about 5 years old that I started living in the mountains, and I can not understand the city at all」(Kaoru)


The baron was about to collapse with too much pleasure.
Producer of medicine!
A girl without any family left or anyone’s back up!
The manufacturing method that hasn’t leaked anywhere yet! !


「Well, can you make that medicine here …」(Baron)


To the little trembling Baron, Kaoru responds quietly.


「No, it’s impossible」(Kaoru)

「Why, why?」(Baron)


The Baron from talking gently changed to shouting out loud as he heard Kaoru said that.


「That’s because the tools necessary to make the medicine were robbed」(Kaoru)

「When, where, and who robbed you?」(Baron)

「 The person who brought me here earlier」(Kaoru)

「Call Rish! Right now !!」(Baron)


The baron shouted loudly.
Yeah yeah, I will stir it.
To disturb the security …

(Translator’s joke:)

Just according to the keikaku (Translator’s Note: Keikaku means plan)

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  1. My guess hit the mark, because the receptionist never mention healer but doctor and pharmacist. Rest in peace for Rish to get frame and the watch will make the accusation seem right


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      • Unfortunately i can’t read raws. Everything here is new to me and i can’t really just reveal what will and only guessed it… considering the author and the fact that she was thrown in that world in a premade body instead of being infant or being born so i think she wont grow anymore since she requested that she ‘wanted her original body when she was younger’… not ‘revert back to being 15 yrs old. So my speculation is… she didn’t get younger. She’s made to look younger… she is still the 20+ yo girl who is already pass her growth spurt…naturally she may get old but to the point of just getting wrinkles but not grow anymore…or worse as Celes being Celes taken it step further and made her literally someone who wouldn’t age from that request and stay really eternal like that which is great hahaha… so i dont know anything more than about chapters that are translated…

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  4. So just to be clear, she can make a potion with ANY effect?
    Or is she limited to a few grab bag of effects with limitations?

    Kind of a big deal. Healing medicine is the least of the things she can do if she can, say, make flying potions, personal forcefields, long-term nourishment, immortality, fire bombs and so on. Heck, nothing stops her from making potions A and B, that when mixed, will create whatever substances you could want. (Effectively creating liquid materials that are portable and easy to measure out and transport and just needs to be “unpacked” to be used.)
    In which case, she is basically invincible and only isn’t because she just isn’t using her abilities to their full potential.


    • Yes, she can create any potion with any effect that she wants. Free of charge.
      Spoiler: Posion Cloud or Explosion Liquid still count as potion.
      The only think she can’t do is RAISING THE DEAD.


      • Celestine is kind of shit at her job then.
        Like, meh, who cares about consistent physical laws or the havoc that’ll wreak on them.
        I mean, at this point, she could probably refine enough weapons-grade plutonium to end all life on earth. Or just create a black hole to suck up the planet.
        And woops, just like that, your little pet civilization you’re responsible for is gone. The gods seem to care about professional responsibility, so that’s kind of a problem for Celestine.

        Were I doing her job, I’d probably just have the protagonist born to a family with just enough wealth and status. Just highly ranked enough that she has a good life and some opportunities, but not so highly ranked that she has any real responsibilities to worry about. And also have her born into a polity that’s reasonably secure from instability such as invasion or bloody political infighting or revolution. Maybe upload enough knowledge that she can defend herself pretty well from threats both physical and political. After that, you’re on your own.


  5. Ooohh compared to mile who does it without even realizing, she does it on purpose; goes for the kill even.
    So mile is lawful average while this one is chaotic average.
    What she lacks in breast she makes up with brain.

    Quite a cunning one we have here.


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  7. For once, a light novel author tries to deal more realistically with how nobility in medieval times would treat with someone with a unique or valuable skill. In competitive dog-eat-dog times, if someone like Kaoru doesn’t work for them, then that means she could go to work with their opponent or competitor. That would be terrible in multiple aspects. So either she works for them, or they find some way to prevent her from going to a competitor. It was like that in ancient venice where glass making and glass blowing was a secretive art. The artisans were basically kept prisoner to prevent the knowledge from being duplicated elsewhere in the world.


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