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Author: FUNA

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As the Baron called, man named Rish was brought in. Of course, he is the leader of those soldier before.


「Baron-sama, what do you need me for…?」(Soldier)

「Shut up! Give back what you robbed from this girl, now!」(Baron)


His extra income is lost. he glared at Kaoru but as the Baron already gives order, he can’t help but return it. He takes out the item he robbed from Kaoru from his pocket and handed it over to the Baron.


「This is it, right ?」(Baron)


Kaoru takes the watch from the baron and after gazing at it carefully…


「Ah, This is certainly it, but … it has been broken」(Kaoru)

「No, no~o …」(Baron)


The Baron’s face that was turning red from anger, now changed to blue.
Rish isn’t sure about the circumstances so he keeps standing in silent.
Actually, the jewelry hasn’t broke nor taken apart.

And Kaoru dropped a bomb.


「There must be a person who doesn’t want Baron-sama to have the medicine.
After the captain takes it away, he also destroys it just to make sure of this.
So when Baron-sama got hurt, it will be hard to cure him.
Such an awful person he is. How can he do something like that.
No-one will have any benefit if Baron-sama got hurt…」(Kaoru)


As Kaoru says that, she is looking at Rodolf, the eldest son.

Rodolf who was glared at by Kaoru, blinked for a moment. But he immediately noticed the meaning of her word and changed his complexion.


「What exactly are you trying to imply…」(Rodolf)


And when the Baron looks at Rodolf and the only thing that entered his eyes was the appearance of his eldest son shaking with a blue face.
Rodolf is shaking as if Kaoru’s remark spots on.
Yes, if the Baron dies, his eldest son Rodolf will inherit the family and becomes the next Baron.
Rodolf, his eldest son may have a sense of crisis as the Baron seems to favor his second son.
Rodolf also invited his little brother to go hunt for the first time in the next week …
In a room wrapped up in heavy silence.
It was uncomfortable.

And Kaoru breaks the silent.


「Excuse me, can I go home already?」Kaoru)


There was no way they could let Kaoru go. She was invited to stay at the guest room.
Now, Kaoru will repair the artifact and of course, she doesn’t forget to get permission from the Baron to prepare the necessary items from the maid.
After getting in the room, Kaoru put the cloth on the door knob to prevent peeping from the keyhole. And she start relaxing inside.
She leaves the curtain of the window open.

The guest room is on the 2nd floor, even if she leaves the curtain open, she still can’t be seen unless the other person climbs the window.
For now, I asked the maid to bring some tools, such as scissors and file.
Even I should get it when I run away, but I have no money, so I should do something like this.
I asked a lot of food, such as sweets and sausages.
It’s almost time for me to have lunch. I don’t eat much when I have lunch with the Baron so I asked the maid to bring it to me.
Of course, not to eat but to put it in the item box. Now, the preparation for escape has proceeded smoothly.

Oh, there’s no problem about water because my Potion Maker can make any liquid type to drink.

At lunch, the atmosphere was bad.
Well, if the Baron consider it calmly, he won’t suspect his twenty years old son.
It seems he really let his son off without questioning anything. Too bad.
However, I couldn’t see the soldier leader Rish-san. Is he fired?
When asking, they are like


「Is your twisted arm hurt?」

「You don’t have to worry about him who use violence and taking away your important things」

「You can be at ease in repairing the artifact」


Did my「Maya」work? Or he will just be sent somewhere else.

A that’s right, 「Mayoru」is to act like a Maya Kitajima in 「Glass Mask」manga to deceive people. (T.N: Don’t ask me, I don’t read Glass Mask)

The conversation during meals is bland. Because Nobles and commoners have no common topic.
The Baron asks me how the repairing process, I told him please wait a few days.
If he thinks that I’m keen repairing, he may think that I will not run away.
I’m staying in the guest room for some time.
And finally dinner time.
After having finished dinner safely, I ask the baron again.


「I’d like to have a child with a wavelength close to me to help me, is it okay?」(Kaoru)

「What is the wavelength?」(Baron)

「Oh, it means that compatibility of magical power wavelength」(Kaoru)


The Baron easily accepted it. That girl will be the one watching Kaoru and reports everything later to him. He think it was good.
After looking at the servants thoroughly, I chose a maid apprentice girl with green eye and long blond hair to the shoulder, she is around 12 to 13 years old.
The Baron didn’t know nor think my age is about 15 to 16 years old.
After that I told him that I wanted to return to the room and continue the repair.
At night, when everyone at the mansion went to sleep except for the night shift.
When Kaoru opened the door of the guest room, a guard soldier was standing there.
Of course, that guard isn’t an escort but a guard to keep Kaoru from escaping.


「Please call that girl」(Kaoru)


The watchman nods and called the maid apprentice girl who is waiting in the nearby room.
After a while, the maid comes in. Kaoru tells the maid that she has been working even since.
And now she can’t continue working with an empty stomach.
The girl went out right away and after about 20 minutes, she came back while pushing a serving table with light snacks and tea pots, dishes etc.
Pretty quick. Well, since rumors say that Kaoru is a big eater.
Was this originally mean to be the late night meal?
The maid entered the room, closed the door and pushed the serving table close to the table.
Kaoru lightly pulled the girl’s hand and drew her near the bed.
She pressed a handkerchief on the face of the little girl who was not understanding the situation.

And the maid apprentice girl falls asleep right away.
Kaoru quickly store everything in the room in the item box.
First, costume chest. There were several dresses, they must be the baron’s oldest daughter’s.
I wonder if the baron prepared it. But I’m not that fat as his daughter.
Next, Kaoru store the candlestick, the painting on the wall, the desk, the chair, the bookshelf, the carpet, the replacement sheet in the cupboard, and the sheets, the cupboard itself was also stored.
Of course, Kaoru also stored the dish on the serving table that the maid brought in. She didn’t store the serving table itself though.

After storing most of things, Kaoru took off the girl’s maid clothes.
And she changed to the maid clothes while storing her clothes.
Kaoru put a sheet to cover the the girl’s body then gently dropped the girl from the bed and stored the bed.
Then Kaoru put the Towel that the maid brought in on her shoulder.
Next, Kaoru uses scissors to cut her hair that originally reach the shoulder to about the same length as a girl lying on the floor.
After that, she rolled the towel with the cut hair and stored in item box.
She also wore a white brim removed from the girl.
And the final touch, a potion.
Kaoru drank a potion with the effect of changing hair and eye color.

After checking, Kaoru pushed the serving table. Gently open the door and leaves.
The blonde maid apprentice bows to the guard standing outside of the room.
Then she walks while pushing the serving table slowly toward the cooking room.
A guard soldier isn’t interested in a child so he doesn’t bother to check or ask the maid.


The selection criteria for 「the girl with same wavelength as Kaoru」were as follows:

Hair color significantly different from Kaoru, length of hair which is considerably shorter than her while height with body similar to her.

An unlucky girl who fulfilled the condition was sleeping exposed on the floor where even the carpet was taken away.

She had Inhaled the medicine 「Sleep instantly if you breath in even just a little with no adverse effects remain」

Because right now is late night, there’re almost no people beside the night shift guard.
When there’s no-one else looking, Kaoru stored the serving table in the item box and quietly left the baron residence.
Even if she encounter someone, she will behave as the apprentice maid and tell them the guest girl asked her to get something.
But she didn’t meet anyone in the way and Kaoru succeeded sneaking out.
After that, Kaoru escaped from the town.


***Next morning***


The baron made a big fuss.

When he goes to the guest room to hear the report and ask Kaoru about the repair progress. He saw the door open and when he entered. It was a vacant room that didn’t have any furniture, there’s not even the carpet left.

The apprentice maid was lying on the floor. There is no Kaoru’s figure.
The baron got angry and beat the watchman up, and prepared to catch Kaoru.
However, the number of soldiers he had was small.
And Rish, the leader of soldiers was already kicked out yesterday.
Inevitably, the baron headed to the Hunter Guild.


「… You want us to form a search party and capture of a girl?」(Zilda)

「That’s right! Don’t worry about money, arrange a lot of hunters now!」(Baron)


Ignores the Baron shouting, the Receptionist answers calmly.


「You should know it, right?
The request is prepaid, no special treatment is available for the Hunter Guild, whether you are a nobleman or a lord.
In addition, we can’t accept a request that has no reward to any hunters other than those who found the girl.
Please prepare the request fee for each person in the total number of people you wish.
The search period will be depended on the request fee.
Also, please prepare a separate fee to reward the hunter who completes the request as well」(Zilda)

「Okay, let’s get the hunters ready, now!」(Baron)

「As I said, prepaid. After you paid, they will be ready」(Zilda)

「Damn! I will be right back, just you wait!」(Baron)


The baron rushed back to the mansion in a hurry to prepare cash.

The receptionist’s voice sounded at the main hall of the guild.


「Oh, my angel escaped!」(Zilda)

「Gahahahahahahahahaha !!」(A lot of hunters)


The hunters laughter resounded in the guild.


「Who would accept such a request!」(Hunter X)


One Hunter shouted, but the Receptionist denied it.


「Chit chit chi, you are so stupid.
You and everyone just accept the request and will get plenty of money.
And just report that you spot her from here and there. Like:

You saw her in the forest, but she escaped.
Or you only found a tip of the clothes in the middle of a cliff.
And even if the Baron questions you, you only have to tell him.
Occasionally, there may be some mistakes and misinformation, so it cannot be helped」(Zilda)

「As expected of 『Receptionist of hell, Zilda』, so evil!」(Hunter X)


The thick document stack went flying and hit the Hunter. And the guild’s laughters continue.

Translator’s Note

Achievement unlocked – Maid Clothes Obtained

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  1. What a savage…they are so evil, the womans…
    I don’t think she store all things in the room…


    • Well, she need to have furnitures to reduce her cost if she need to build her own Atelier.

      That’s remind me when I play Elona, almost all of my furniture in my home is stolen item…


    • I was thinking the same thing. Loli abuse is not acceptable.
      … By the way, did Kaoru take her underwear too?


  2. What the… i thought she’s gonna make the maid her accomplice but i was naive huh… Kaoru is a savage girl. My condolences Maid-san.
    And she won’t lose to Kaoru, Receptionist-san is savage too. And she’s named huh!
    And to call Kaoru her angel … pff- i can’t help but compare her to receptionist-san of LDM. We don’t know what’s running in her head too… xD

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    Such an smart Loli, Kaoru is. And she’ll make more incident or cases severer than this if I’m right.


  4. “Even I should get it when I run away, but I have no money, so I should do something like this.”

    . . .
    It just occurred to me that she could just literally have aqua regia with gold dissolved in it.
    The make a second solution simply to precipitate the gold out.
    Have a third potion to make yourself immune to acid burns while handling the acid solution.
    Problem solved.
    Why is this hard?


    • Heck, you’re not even bound by conventional chemistry. You could just have a potion that turns into gold if you piss into it.


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  7. I hope that the maid girl comes back later on in the story. I also want more of the receptionist. Pretty much if it’s a female character in this story then i want them back.


  8. Glass Mask is a manga about acting and MC is Maya who is obsessed with becoming her characters, she doesn’t act she becomes engrossed in the play becoming someone else.

    So the author probably ment acting

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  9. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Although it’s mostly a good end.. but what about the maid’s future? For someone who fired his trusted guard captain without any inspection.. that maid will have a dark future..


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