Average Potion Maker Goddess Chapter 07: Fugitive, temporary goddess

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Author: FUNA

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Blue Pot.pngBlue Pot 2  Blue Potion: Instant Heal any wounds or injures

Yellow Pot Yellow Potion: Instant Heal any internal organ damage or bone fracture

Red Pot Red Potion: advanced potion, it can make the body ANEW even from life threaten situation.

Noire Pokan Face
Noire’s Pokan Face

Average Potion Maker Goddess Chapter 07: Fugitive, temporary goddess

Kaoru has successfully escaped from the baron’s mansion and the town without fail, and she continued to run away.

She had been walking non-stop from last night. It would be a big problem if the Baron moves his troops. So she had to watch out for the pursuers as she moved.

After leaving the town, she had change her hair colour once again from blonde to silver. She also changed the maid clothes to other clothes.

She had stored a number of foods and there’s no need to worry about food for a while, and she can make drinks anytime she wants.

Now the only worries left is if she can reach the destination without being attacked by bandits or beasts.

If possible, she wants to replenish foods and secure a vehicle, but this world isn’t so sweet.

When walking, she notices the noise and looking backwards, there’s a sand smoke in the distance. From the noise, it must be fast horse.

Just to be safe, she gets out of the way and hides behind the shade of the trees.

Well, I don’t mind having a break right now. I’m not that rush.

If I frequently check the back, I can easy spot the riders and avoid them.


The place that Kaoru aiming is the capital city.

The capital is where the population gather the most people, it’s convenient to hide in the most crowded place.

There are many aristocrats in there as well, but on the contrary, it also prevents aristocrat from doing whatever they like. And Kaoru can gather information at the Capital city easier, too.

After accumulating knowledge in the Capital, she will consider whether to live there

And the library is the most attractive thing to Kaoru.

As for now, she hasn’t thought about going to other countries yet. She must get the necessary information first before choosing a country.

She arrived at the next town around evening. Of course, she doesn’t stay.

This town is still close, there’s a possibility that the baron pursuers coming here is high. Kaoru isn’t stupid enough to stay here

Even if she already changes her hair color, it’s still dangerous if there are people who know Kaoru.

But Kaoru is still selling and buying things though.

As for tonight, Kaoru leaves the town and sleep in the forest. She put out the bed and spread the「animal-repelling medicine」she created.


After 3 more days walking, Kaoru arrived at the next town.

Four days after escape. A considerable number of days have already passed.

I wonder if the baron gave up yet.

If he tries to capture a girl who isn’t his citizen, at a place far away from his own territory, it will be a crime that not even a baron can get away with.

The baron can’t claim any rights about Kaoru.

If pursuers appear, Kaoru could make big noise and ask others for help.

Oh, speaking of which.

Regard of my escape, what did the baron think about the situation in that room?

I wonder if he found it was strange.

Or he might plan to do something dangerous.

Or he just gave up and forgot everything.

Well, I don’t think he can forget about me easy, I must be a big fish for him.

Well, in any case, it has nothing to do with me. Now that I ran away to the safety zone.

In any case, it seems that it will be okay to stop by at the town soon.

And in the last four days, there are only merchant horse carriages other than pursuer’s rider. And I have been hiding away from all of them. I have been walking non-stop, because I have potion to recover stamina, the distance I travel is far greater than an average teenage girl can travel alone.

In other words, I must be out of the assumed search range.

I also changed my hair’s colour to silver. So I don’t really worry about it. In the first place, my food is exhausted already.

Kaoru decided to stop at this town.

The money Kaoru got in the guild are only four small silver coins. It is about 400 yen equivalent.

It’s only enough to buy two large skewers in a stall. And two big skewers was firmly held in Kaoru’s hand.


And Kaoru has zero money. She had changed her clothes in the shade before entering the town. Right now Kaoru is wearing the maid clothes.

When selling things from the baron’s house, it’s too suspicious for a commoner girl.

There is a high possibility the shop keeper will think those things are stolen goods.

How about change to baron’s daughter’s clothes?

No, the nobles won’t try to sell thing by themself, it’s still suspicious.

After a while considering, Kaoru chose the maid clothes.


A certain antique store.

A young maid enters the store and gently approaching the shopkeeper.

「Oh, I’m sorry, my master told me to sell this and buy today’s ingredients …」(Kaoru)

A girl wearing the maid clothes looks at the shopkeeper with sad looking eyes while holding the Candlestick in her hand.

Shopkeeper opens his eyes looking at Kaoru.

「…I dit it!」(Kaoru)

Kaoru get 6 silver coins.

If I stay at the inn with dinner and breakfast, it will cost 4 pieces of silver coins.

4 pieces of small silver coins for hot water or towels etc,

I still have 1 silver coin and 6 small silver coins to buy food before departure tomorrow.

Okay then, let’s go to the inn.

「Two meals and one night stay, five silver coins」(inn keeper)

…The big town inn has higher price than the rural town. Damn it.


A few more days to reach the Capital.

When I think about it, there’s an open place that is next to the highway. And there is fresh water running down from the mountainside beside it.

「Ah, that’s good!」(Kaoru)

Kaoru scooped water by hand to wash her face.

She can make a potion to replace water, but washing face with mountain fresh water is nice. She can also wash her body or take a bath.

And she decided to stay here tonight!

Still, I’m not going to sleep in the open space that can be seen from the highway.

I go into the forest a little and place the bed in the invisible place that passersby won’t see.

After enjoying plenty of fresh water, Kaoru put out the bed in the tree and sleep.


「Still not arrive yet ~na no?」(Unknown Loli) 「Mada, mada na no?」

「Please wait for a while until we find a place to stop the carriage, away from the highway」(Female Knight)

A female knight about the late twenties try to calm the restless little girl around 10 years old down.

「See, I told you to finish it before departing …」(Boy)

A boy arround 12 to 13 years old scolds the little girl.

「But…, Onii-sama …」(Loli) (Datte~e, onii-sama…)

That was an aristocrat horse carriage and 6 cavalry soldiers deploying back and forth to protect it.

In the carriage, there are 4 people on board: one boy and, one little girl, the female knights and one maid servant.

The aristocratic siblings are on their way to the visit the distant grandmother who was ill with their escorts.

Now, the little girl who wants to go to flower picking.

The little girl can not endure the desire, asks the driver to park the carriage as soon as possible. But if they stop the carriage in the highway, it will become an obstacle to the other carriage. So the driver is looking for a suitable place to stop the carriage.

「There’s a good place over there!」(Female Knight)

The female knight tells the captain to stop at an open place.

Looking at it again, this is certainly a nice place. Fresh water flowing from the mountain.

The girl can wash her hands after finishing. Perhaps this is some kind of resting place.

When the carriage was parked, the little girl hurrily gets off and the boy follows while saying「I will follow you as well」

And a little girl runs into the forest, the female knight, the captain knight and the boy follow after her.

Of course only the female knight accompanied her.

The remaining knights are guarding the carriage. The boy and the captain are waiting in the open space.

It is more likely that you will encounter the bandits on the highway than in a very shallow part of the forest.

And after the little girl finished picking flowers, she returned with the female knight captain to the place where everyone is waiting.

And they saw  the captain and the boy kept staring at the back of the forest.

The female knight and the little girl come closer and look at that direction.
… There was a goddess there.

A small space between the trees.

There is a big bed that is settled there.

It was a big size bed that couldn’t be carried there with a lot of trees surrounding it.

There are no traces like dragging or scratch on the tree around there.

And on top of that, a young goddess with silver thread as smooth as silk, wrapped in pure white costume sleeping.

The four of them stood without being able to speak for a while. Then the little girl takes all her courage, steps forward.

「Yu, Yunis!」(Boy)

The little girl didn’t listen to the boy and kept walking.

And finally she went to the side of the goddess, she called out to the sleeping goddess.

「Goddess, Goddess!」(Yunis) 「Megami-sama, megami-sama!」

Hearing the little girl’s call, the goddess opens her eyes slowly, turns her face to the girl.

「Ah~h! Be quiet!」(Kaoru)


The goddess gets up from sleep, and her eyes are quite bad. The girl thought.

But after fixing her hair and clothes, she looks quite beautiful.

「So, Goddess sometimes wants to take a sleep on the ground …」(Yunis)

「Well, Sleeping in natural forest will recover my goddess power …」(Kaoru)


If I’m saying appropriate things, they will go away soon.

I took out the baron’s bed to sleep last time

And I changed to the most comfortable white dress as a sleepwear to have a good sleep last night. It seems I overslept a bit, the sun was rising quite a while ago.

「So, are you goddess Celestine …」(Yunis)

「Ah, I’m not Celes」(Kaoru)

「Ee !!」(3 people)

What does the goddess mean when she says she isn’t Celestine-sama, the only god of this world?

「I came from another world, Celes is a friend of mine, Celes told me to enjoy traveling in her world」(Kaoru)

I have not said any lies.

「So, you are goddess from another world! Celestine’s friend …」

Ah, that part is wrong, Oh well.

And I heard their story.

It seems that this brother and sister’s grandmother was in a serious situation.

And the two of them went to see their sick grandmother.

Even their parents tried to stop them, they didn’t give up, so their parents arrange the carriage and 6 escort knights to travel together.

Noble family tend to have early marriage. It’s not unusual to marry at 15 and give birth at 16.

So it’s normal to become a grandmother arround thirty to forty.

However, if the grandchildren already reach this age, their grandmother must be over forty years old.

In any case, she isn’t that old yet. She must’ve gotten an illness not from her age.

「Goddess, I want to help my grandmother, would you please give her your blessing…」(Boy)

A boy tells Kaoru so.

Good. For now, I’m just an unknown silver haired goddess.

I can help them but I’d like some settings to make it more flavorful.

「Okay, but you must tell me some sad story」(Kaoru)

「Huh?」(4 people)

「As I ask, tell me some sad story if you want my blessing」(Kaoru)

The setting of my secret medicine is the『tears of the goddess』

Everyone seems to have something to tell. After thinking for a while, the Captain suddenly begins his『sad story, hard to speak story』

「… That’s why I was swayed by that woman …」(Captain)

Okay, next!

「…Oto-sama is scary when he gets angry and scolds …」(Boy)

Okay, next!

「… Felissy-chan is really mean, you know!」(Fenis) 「De, hidoi no desu, ferishī-chan te ba」

Yes, next! … Was I choosing the wrong setting?

「Well, I guess this isn’t funny nor sad, but allow me to talk about something …」(Female Knight)

The last one is the female knight.

「I had a few marriage proposal when I was about 16 to 17 years old

But I spent every day to train, aiming to become a knight.

I refused everything because there was no time for such thing. I was always training.

Just recently, I finally realized that my friends, colleagues, juniors and sisters all got married and have children.

I’m 27 years old already. My hands are also rugged from swinging the sword too much. My body is all muscular without any feminine softness …

I wonder if I will be alone for the rest of my life.

If I have a second chance to start again from 15 years old, I guess I should marry back then …

No, it isn’t a big deal at all, such a story isn’t that sad」(Female Knight)

Goddess cries a whole lot! Her face is wet with tears.

She suddenly gives out 3 different potions.

「I was too sad, so I made totally 3 potions …」(Kaoru)

「Wa, ha~a …」(Female Knight)

Women knight has a Pokan face, wondering whether what she talks about was such a sad story.

「This blue one is for your grandmother」(Kaoru)

I gave the boy a blue potion.

「You should drink this red one.

But if you do not drink in front of trusted people, superiors, employers, etc., you may be in trouble」(Kaoru)

「Wa, ha~a …」(Female Knight)

「And this yellow potion can cure any kind of injury or sickness」(Kaoru)

Then I gave the red and yellow potion to the female knight.

This red, blue, yellow potion this time is just a color differentiation for distinction, not a rank like a healing potion.

「You should go now …

I will also leave here soon. The wave of divine force when the bed disappear will have a bad influence on human beings.」(Kaoru)

When the goddess said that, the four people left and they didn’t forget to thank her many times before leaving

As I threatened with God power, I thought that they wouldn’t stay and see the situation. But just to be safe, I watch the horse-drawn carriage and the escort riding guard go away from the gap of the trees.

Then Kaoru stored the bed and left that spot in a hurry. No, I can take my time.

Just a little more to the Capital of Brancott Kingdom.

I made those potions without thinking

But it was from the goddess who happened to descend to this place.

And even if a miracle happens, it has nothing to do with me. They won’t meet me again after all.

So I don’t have to worry. After all because it is a「goddess’ s work」

I wonder if that red one is working good.

I do not know if it has the perfect effect as I desired,

but well, even if the potion only give some of the effect I want, it will be good enough.

That story was too sad. I seriously got crying. I must be careful not doing so again after this

The big service for this time is just the「tuition fee」…

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