Kaoru Chapter 10: Kaoru’s Side Job

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Mile Chapter 1 Page 1

ブランデル王国郊外 007359-blue-jelly-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-right Outskirt of Brandel Kingdom

アデル・フォン・アスカム 007359-blue-jelly-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-right Adel Von Askham

十歳 007359-blue-jelly-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-right Ten years old

「水よ集え、我が許へ」 007359-blue-jelly-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-right「Water gather at my side」 (Adel)

「水球生成…!」 007359-blue-jelly-icon-arrows-arrow-thick-right「Water Ball Creation」 (Adel)

Mile C01-01
Mile Chapter 1 Page 1

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Kaoru Chapter 10: Kaoru’s Side Job

ED: Lowe

Kaoru was doing a side job between waitress’ work.

Of course, it was officially recognized by the owner and colleagues.

Contents of the work is a「consultation shop」.

She gave advice to client’s consultation, answer questions and so on.

It’s an operation only for a short time after the shop received the last order.


Well, the entrance fee of the library is a bit high, and I am very very very interested in buying books …  ( T.N: she really repeat it 3 times)

That’s why, I decided to do some side job and earn more, that’s right a consultation shop.

Talking with various people may be useful for information gathering as well

I will give 40% of my income from my side job for my colleagues.

By dividing it to the waitresses, it will be 20% each.

Sometimes, I will have a big guest like Alan-san. When we share, other waitress will get one silver coins each.

It is a nice amount for little girls so they are quite pleasing.

At time like this, they usually have a「Share Dance」

I reflect on my previous failure and will not sell anything for a while.

As a wise girl, I will earn with wisdom.

Because I am living in with meals being provided, I don’t have trouble with my life.


At first, there was no one trying to consult with Kaoru.

That was natural. Who would think about asking a little girl 10 to 12 years old about their problems or seeking advice to them? Kaoru feels quite down when there’s no customer at all.

However, there was a turning point.

An elder asked Kaoru about his trouble.

Perhaps he just wanted someone to hear his complaint with 5 small silver coins as the request fee … it’s equivalent to about 500 yen … He gave up the drink that day to pay the fee.

「I will retire soon and give everything to 2 grandchildren.

But I was in trouble because I couldn’t choose how to divide.

However I divide it always seems『 unfair』.

My son has already passed away and I don’t want my grandchildren to have a grudge among themselves …」(Elder)

Kaoru answered. Of course her setting was “Yeah, that’s easy to solve! I heard it somewhere before”

「Then, why don’t you let one of your grandchild divide as he like until that grandchild of yours thinks it’s fair.

Then, let the other grandchild chooses whichever he like first, so that no one complains…」(Kaoru)

The elder had a pokan face.

Kaoru’s colleague waitresses and other guests who were listening were also surprised and gazed at Kaoru.

「I see…」(Several people)

After that, other guests who’re listening began to ask questions and consult with Kaoru

After the few days, the news spread and Kaoru’s number of customers gradually increased.

There were some guests who just wanted to talk with Kaoru, but customers are customers.

The price is 5 small silver coins at minimum. There is no upper limit.

Depending on the content, the customer may decide the price and topic and Kaoru tells only for the amount of info corresponding to the fee.

「There are two villages, each village has one Sacred tree. The villagers argue that which tree is higher but they don’t dare to climb the Sacred tree to measure it …」(Guest A)

「Measure the shadows at the same time」(Kaoru)

「There are 2 goddess statues with the same weight, one made from iron, one made from wood, which one is bigger…」(Guest B)

「Just sink them in water and see which one raise water level higher … why do you want to know such a thing ?」(Kaoru)

「Uhm, my boyfriend cheated …」(Girl A)



Among them, a customer named Alan-san began to request from time to time.

I felt he was like a falling aristocrat or a crushed merchant, but the person himself looks like a hunter.

At the beginning, it was a fun half question, but as we speak he began to ask many questions and consultations in various ways.

Because Alan-san was paying good amount of money and often came. My colleagues Eme-chan and Agarte-chan were delighted with him.

The two of them often dance the「Sharing Dance」when Alan-san consults.

And Alan-san seems to have「heavy pay」5 silver coins today as well.

Did he pay handsomely today because he is coming with friends?

And after finishing the request of Charles-kun and Boman-san, the merchant father and son who took care of me when I came to the Kingdom, I went to Alan’s table.

Well, Charles-kun, I hope he will be a good merchant later.

「So, what do you want to consult today?」(Kaoru)

Fabio can’t immediately come up with an appropriate question for a civilian child like Kaoru, so he says what he still has in mind after work.

「Well, how can the nobility increase the income of the territory …」(Fabio)

Although Kaoru was surprised for a moment with an unexpected question, she immediately returned the question.

「In what sort of area do you manage? farm, commercial, some other industrial estate and short-term or long-term things …」(Kaoru)

Although Fabio just simply said what he has in mind, he didn’t expect to hear all those things from Kaoru so he was a bit taken aback.

「Well, it’s an ordinary territory, what will result quickly …」(Fabio)

After thinking for a moment, the girl replied.

「Well, it’s five silver coins, but you have an introduction by Alan-san, so I will give a big service …

First, I will lower the tax for farmers, merchants, all taxes, about 20-30% 」(Kaoru)

「Won’t tax revenue fall if you lower taxes?」(Fernand)

From the side, Fer-san retorts right away.

「No, if you lower the tax down to the last minute, there are many things that will happen as well, isn’t it?

So, what do you think would happen if the tax falls? 」(Kaoru)

「Tax revenue will fall」(Fernand)

Fer-san repeats the same thing.

「No, if the tax is lowered, farmers can afford to buy good farm tools like iron hoes, sickles,… with the money left.

Then the efficiency of agricultural work will rise and they can have some free time compared to normal.

They can collect firewood and hunting wild animals from the mountains or make handicrafts at home. So they can afford to live more and more.」

「But then, only farmers will get better and the lord’s tax revenue would have been reduced」

This time it’s Fa-san who retorts.

「I still haven’t finished.

Well, taxes on merchants are also decreasing.

Merchants need to pay tax when they carry the goods, merchandise enters the territory.

Pay sales tax when they sell objects, pay tax when they leave the territory as well.

They need to pay tax many times.

And then, here your territory with tax is 20-30% lower than the left and right territory. Or we can say that we have the lowest tax in the whole country.

As a merchant who carries the goods to our country, which region do you think they would want to visit?」(Kaoru)

「Ah…」(Fernand + Fabio)

「By lowering tax by 20-30% and with the number of merchants visiting doubled or tripled. With their higher tax, the left and right territory will lose its merchant, will their tax revenue be higher than us?」

「… … 」(Fernand + Fabio)

「And the sales tax is also cheap in your territory. The residents can afford to buy a lot and increase purchasing rate. Don’t you think that the merchants will love to sell their goods here. And, when they sold everything, they can have room in their cargo. They can’t make any money by leaving empty-handed. Even if the profit margin is lower than normal, a little is far better than nothing at all. They will buy something here to sell it elsewhere. And there are plenty of handicraft items made by farmers.

Those that farmers can afford to make when you lower their taxes …」(Kaoru)

*three men’s mouths open wide*

「Agriculture is out of the short-term condition. Well, is this enough for 5 silver coins?」

「Enough …」(Fabio + Fernand + Alan)


「Hey, who actually is that girl?」(Fabio)

「Well, can’t you see without being told? … An average waitress in a dining hall of the city?」(Alan)


Three men after returning to the castle began talking about Kaoru.

Up until now, what they know is:「can not raise the tax rate too much」and 「what is the limits of the people?」

Even though they think about「I will lower the tax rate so that people are able to live well」

But they didn’t even think too far about that.

In order to raise tax revenue, it’s important to determine the marginal limit of tax.

And only an excellent lord that is possible to do it.

In the end, they only do it for the administrator’s profit.

That young girl just lightly gives out a plan to raise both Citizen’s life and tax revenue and she laughed it like nothing.

Even she is still at young age but to think she has that knowledge and wisdom …

Of course, that is a plan that can’t be realized in real.

A tax cut plan calling in merchants.

That simply attracts the profits from the neighboring territory and the total tax revenue for all the territories will be decreasing by the tax cut.

Then, the profit as the whole country taking from tax will go down as well.

Also, there’s no doubt that plan will angry neighboring lords in the form of intercepting their profits.

However, the minimum requirement「a proposal to raise the territory with results in a short period of time」is fully satisfied.

That plan isn’t considering about nationalities and political.

「Now, I noticed …」(Fabio)


Fernan listens to Fabio’s words.

「That girl said 『This is 5 silver coins course』and 『Because agriculture is out of the short-term condition』」(Fabio)


「Well, if we specify agriculture as well, and pay more money. For example, 5 small gold coins, what advice will she give us?」(Fabio)

「Eee…」(Fernand + Alan)

「I want her」(Fabio)

「Ah, I also want her …」(Fernand)

「Well, But she is still a young girl!」(Alan)

「We don’t mean it that way!!」(Fabio + Fernand)


At that time the waitresses had a celebration at the cafeteria. With tea.

Anyway, they got their share 1 silver coin.

In the dining hall for commoner, they can’t receive tips and the waitress’s payment is cheap.

To get an extra silver coins like this is a huge blessing.

They are all thankful for their colleague waitress Kaoru. They are very appreciative.

「Fu fu fu, even without cheat, I can solve everything easily!」(Kaoru)

Kaoru was happy.

But she forget that was modern knowledge and having adult brain in child’s body is also enough to call a Cheat.

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  1. At least the author only updates this once a week, so you’re bound to catch up eventually. So maybe do another arc or two of this (depending how long) and then focus more on the others.

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    • yeah, i think kaoru flatly told her to break up in one word without even letting her finished her sentence are a lot funnier


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    • You guys read “Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter”? That’s some serious implementation of modern knowledge.


  5. thank you very much for the chapter, Kaoru-chan, that was administration cheat from modern knowledge, if only you know some character in other novel are also tried to use it and paid a hefty price for it, Alan-kun, call the guard, there’s lolicon on the loose

    – Did he (pay handsomely) today because he is coming with friends?

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    Tho prankly speaking… i can’t say Kaoru is a genius but more like she’s clever on her own way… and instead of calling her intelligent, it is more like she’s got stupidly good humor. Only few can come up with such answers on the spot! I can say the Farewell as fast as she did tho…

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    What it comes down to, do you have enough faith in humanity that you think a person would buy a quick bottle now, or actually believe they will think ahead a buy a better version of a tool they already have, for results in the far future?


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