Kaoru Chapter 11: Stalker

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Kaoru Chapter 11: Stalker

ED: Lowe

「I’m coming again …」(Fernand)

Kaoru has a wry smile.

This guest is Fer-san, a friend of Alan-san and recently he keeps visiting Kaoru.

Even when the dining hall still in busy time, he keeps inviting Kaoru to his seats, asking her a lot of things…

If he keeps doing such a thing, the consultation shop may be banned.

Because I only have permission to do it in 「my free time」

In the first place, at the busy time, we can’t keep up shops order with just Eme-chan and Agarte-chan.

Even Alan-san adheres to the rules properly …

That certain customer keeps looking at Kaoru while eating soup pasta aka udon … which is one of the dishes made by Kaoru. It was popular and was added in menu.

He has beautiful blond hair and the face isn’t bad, but with Kaoru there’s only one impression.

(Creepy…) (Kaoru)

First prince Fernand had a strong interest in Kaoru, he worked hard, tidied up his work and went to the dining room where Kaoru worked everyday.

He isn’t like the king, so Fernand’s work has never been so many in the first place, he only doesn’t have motive.

And, for some reason, he didn’t invite Fabio and he was just like a sociopath.

Alan had returned to his estates the other day and was absent for a while.

Fernand didn’t know anything and he was unconsciously disturbing other people.

Up until now, everyone was always ready to serve him as he called. He had always live in the castle, it’s everyone’s job to prioritize the prince only after the king.

Because of that, Fernand easily forgot the reason why Alan told him that the consultation shop only open at a considerably later time after lunch.

Despite the fact that Alan said clearly that 「Only after the shop receiving the last order, consultation shop will be available, as other waitresses will cover the work for Kaoru」

「No matter what situation, others must adapt themselves to serve him」is his common sense as well as Royal family’s common sense.

And Fernand had finally gone and done it. Like:

Calling Kaoru in a busy time.

Or while there are other consultation people waiting for their turn, he interrupts without a care.

Persistently pursues to the point that Kaoru doesn’t want to talk any further. Like asking personal information of Kaoru.

In the beginning, Kaoru also corresponded neatly. Because he is Alan’s friend so she tried to put up with him.

Kaoru also seriously answered questions that he don’t know or stupid things about national policy.

But Fernand’s question content and act gradually escalated to the point that Kaoru shouldn’t answer any more.

That was extraordinarily annoying act that Kaoru, waitresses and other customers can no longer accept.

There was a limit to everything.

Certainly, his payment was good.

But even if he gives out a lot of money, people still get angry.

In the end, Kaoru asked the shop master for permission.

Because the master knew that Kaoru was also in trouble with the other waitresses and customers, he agreed right away.


「I’m sorry, I can’t afford to serve Fer-san anymore. Please talk to other clerks when you are ordering」(Kaoru)

The next day, Fernand still neglected Agarte-chan nearby and requested Kaoru to serve him even though she is far away. And Kaoru refused him right away.

The other customers also heard that and were kind of relieved.

He can’t understand the meaning of what Kaoru told him. After a moment’s blank, Fernand became furious.

「What, what are you saying! How dare you do such things!」(Fernand)

Kaoru answered calmly.

「I said that again and again, repeatedly many times before! You are troubling other customers. I’m already at my limit! We are also already at our limit! If Fer-san wants to order and get served, from now on please ask other waitresses. Of course, my consultation shop will not accept Fer-san’s request any more!」(Kaoru)

Fernand stands up from where he sits and is staring at Kaoru.

「But, I’m a customer! How dare you do such a thing to a customer …」(Fernand)

「Master also agrees that Fer-san doesn’t have to come to the shop anymore if you keep ordering only me」(Kaoru)

From the surrounding, other guests begin to voice out their admiration.

「What, what …, what …」(Fernand)

Until now, there’s no-one ever dare to refuse Fernand’s request except his parents and two friends. He is frustrated by the situation that doesn’t work like he wants and he is swallowed by anger.


Fernand suddenly grabs Kaoru’s arm and tries to drag her out.

「That hurts! Please stop it!」(Kaoru)

He doesn’t care about what Kaoru said and still trying to drag Kaoru.

「Come! You aren’t a woman for this place. You are coming with me!」(Fernand)

Eme-chan and Agarte-chan and guests also stand up and close the way Fernand goes.

Also from the kitchen, the master and the chefs that he hired also came.

「How dare you, don’t you know who I …?」(Fernand)

After talking half of sentence, Fernand finally noticed the cold eyes from the surrounding and the eyes filled with the hatred from Kaoru, Fernand stop his words.

His head finally cools down and he regrets.

In such a situation, what on earth was he trying to say?

Saying the name of the royal family will only press mud to their name!

He released Kaoru’s arms that he had grasped, Fernand quietly left.

「Everyone, I apologize for making a noise」(Kaoru)

For Kaoru to apologize with a frowning face, customers are like

「It’s not Kaoru’s fault!」

「I will always protect you, so don’t worry! 」etc

They gave her warm words. Of course they saw everything and they love Kaoru.

That’s why all the guests who were in the store earlier, were standing up to help her.


Three weeks from then.

After that, Fernand never showed up in the dining hall again, Kaoru was having some peaceful days.

Everyone in the shop and the customers are also happy as well.

And on the 10th holiday, Kaoru gathers information at the library again.

I was quite aware of this continent, or rather this world now.

About the neighboring countries, the political situation, etc …

On the west of this continent is Brancott Kingdom that have the shade like a peninsula. North and South are the sea. This country is surrounded by 4 countries. 2 countries on the east side and 2 on the west side.


Their political situation is stable, it is said to be a「live-able country」alongside with Balmor Kingdom in the west.

(It seems Ceres dropped me down in a good country) (Kaoru)

Kaoru was thinking about those things while cleaning the entrance of the dining hall before opening. And then a gorgeous horse-drawn carriage came.

「Hey, little girl. Is this place called『Manpuku-tei』 」? (Noble) (T.N: Manpuku = Satiety, Tei = Tea room or small restaurant)

The noble looking down on me from the open window of the carriage and asks me such thing.

Oh, by the way, it has a casual name with no such twists, this restautant …

「Oh, yes, that’s right …」(Kaoru)

There is nothing good to go against a nobleman.

No, I will go against him if necessary. Of course.

「Then, do you know a girl named Kaoru?」(Noble)

「If you are looking for Kaoru, I’m here …」(Kaoru)

I can feel an unpleasant feeling.

「What’s with that! Kaoru is such a girl!」(Noble)

The Noble raised his voice from the window. He was unpleasant with the little girl!

After a while, the noble takes out a letter and hand it over to the girl.

Of course from the window of the carriage. He didn’t bother to open the door.

「Take it」(Noble)

Kaoru stretched out her hands and received something like that letter. Because she couldn’t do anything else.

At the same time, a box of size was taken down from the other side of that carriage and it was placed beside the road.

Then the window of the carriage was closed, the person who dropped the box also returned to the carriage and the carriage left without any explanation.

「…what is this?」(Kaoru)

Kaoru got a bad feeling … This smells trouble.

I felt that way.

By the way, I didn’t touch the box.

They said nothing and the place where the box was placed wasn’t in front of the dining hall but in the premises of the store next to us.

Surely, that must be a delivery to someone else.

Touching it will make me a thief, yeah.

I have not received it and it is delivered to the other house.

And when Kaoru check the store later, the box was no longer there.

Yeah, the correct recipient seems to have taken it back.

Well, then the only problem left is this letter.

The content is an invitation letter.

The party will be held at the royal palace in the following week.

(Just like my premonition warning!) (Kaoru)

… I am not happy at all.


Viscount Aleman was unpleasant.

Aleman’s POV

I was entrusted with first prince’s personal invitation letter of his party that will be held in the following week.

That’s good.

It was not a mass created invitation letters but the first prince hand writing invitation. I was entrusted with that invitation directly from the prince, it is a pleasing thing.

Is the receiver someone the first prince care about?

If it’s really so, this will be a good news for me who was entrusted with such task …

But when I check, the receiver is a commoner!

What is this! I’m a viscount, and I must become a mailman for a commoner.

For a moment, such humiliation turned everything dark.

But with the invitation, I also need to deliver the box with the dress, shoes from the prince.

Is this commoner the first prince’s mistress?

Is he planning to announce his mistress to everyone at the party?

If that is true, it still be a good chance for me … let’s hurry there.

Different from what I think, the receiver is a little girl.

As expected, this is not a mistress. What is the prince thinking …

Since the invitation letter from the prince had to be handed out.

I handed it out from the window of the carriage as not to touch the commoner.

Since there’s no need for me to personally hand the box of the dress and shoes.

It was brought out by my servant.

I finished my work, I need to return soon.

Oh, how unpleasant …


Kaoru’s POV

Kaoru’s thought:

(I guess it isn’t good … maybe …) (Kaoru)

Of course, it was on purpose that I ignored that box.

And I can’t imagine the meaning of this invitation.

I want to have some backing. But what I wanted is not like this.

A considerable amount of food has been stored.

Of course the money I saved is in the item box as well.

From the last lesson, this time I have plenty of water. Because I can’t have bath or wash with only potion.

Okay, I already have my resolution.


Six days later, after the cafeteria closed, I told the staff that there’s an important thing I need to tell them so I gather the master and all the employees.

And I honestly tell them that I have been watched by great people, and was called tomorrow.

Of course, I didn’t say it was the royal palace, I had not told any lie.

Everyone is surprised and tells me “if I do not like it then I should run away now”

but I laugh and tell them that it will be all right.

Eme-chan and Agarte-chan is crying but they pounded me. Are they sad about their share going away?

No, sorry.

Everyone is sad.

It was the peaceful time we have for a couple of months.

I had grasped the info about country around here as well as the culture, the economy and others.

It’s about time to find a place to stay.

Tomorrow, I still worked during lunchtime like normal and then left the store.

I don’t escape.

I will go properly, to the royal palace.

This time I will do things properly to make sure there will no pursuers.

Translator’s Note:

Next 2 chapter “Break off the marriage just as intended” part 1 and part 2

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