Kaoru Chapter 12: Party (Alt name: Break off the marriage just as intended)

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Kaoru Chapter 12: Party (Alt name: Break off the marriage just as intended)

ED: Lowe

Θ Evening. The front gate of the castle, Entrance for pedestrians.

A noble girl is calling out to the gatekeeper.

「Well, I’m invited, so can I go through?」(Kaoru)

The gatekeeper is surprised.

Of course, he know that the party will be held today. There are also many aristocrats invited.

However, when a noble comes, they usually come with carriage. With family crest of their house.

At least, there’s no such thing as a noble daughter walking alone for sure.

The girl is wearing a dress that is obviously poor to go to the party of the royal palace.

But wearing a dress like that at least means she isn’t a commoner.

And more than anything, she had an invitation card.

If he doesn’t let her go through.

If he forcibly repatriates the nobleman’s daughter who has an invitation letter properly, his head will fly.

Literally and physically.

Besides that, Her eyes is bad, she must be someone who got accustomed to bullying the subordinates, no doubt! His instinct is telling him “do not defy her!”

The girl briefly bowed to the gatekeeper and comes through the gate.

Kaoru wanders inside the royal palace, she’s looking for a suitable room.

And she found it, the dressing room.

Well, it’s a universal room for ladies, like correcting dresses, tightening corsets and correcting makeup.

And Kaoru changes from Baron’s Daughter’ dress to Baron’s maid dress. These clothes are really helpful.

After changing clothes, she gets out of the room and searches for female servant who seemed to be dignified.

「Excuse me but I was told to go to the party …」(Kaoru)

When she heard Kaoru’s voice from behind, the woman turned back towards Kaoru with a bloodshot eyes.

「Supporter from the aristocracy!?

Do you have any experience in serving!? Can you walk arround with 5 to 6 glasses in the tray?」(Maid)

Kaoru is quite afraid of her eyes … let’s not touch that subject for now.

「Yes, I have experience of serving as a waitress …」(Kaoru)

「Great, let’s get into work!

Looks for the clothes that fit your body in the room over there then change clothes immediately!

After that, come to the venue with drinks!

If you get another instruction from the person in charge at the scene, follow their order!」(Maid)

「Yes, right away!」(Kaoru)

Kaoru runs to the room for changing clothes.


First Prince Fernand was looking around at the party venue with a sullen face.

Alan who just returned from the main house in his territory a few days ago approaches Fernand and calls out.

Of course Alan was dressing like aristocracy today.

「What happened Fernand, having such a buddhist face.

I heard that today is the party to pick up your fiance, but if you make such a face, no one would dare come close to you」(Alan)

 Alan who just returned to the Kingdom, he has look to visit that shop to know about what happen between Fernand and Kaoru.

「I was just looking for someone」(Fernand)

「Huh, looking for someone…」(Alan)

Noble families always bring their daughters to meet Fernand one after another.

So things like Fernand searching for people himself has never happened before.

Alan who knew about it is really surprised.

「Fernand, if the prince makes such a buddhist face, how can noble daughters dare to approach you…」(Fabio)

「You too?」(Fernand)

Fabio who just appeared, saying the same thing as Alan. Fernand replies with a tired face.

Fabio continues talking.

「Speaking of which, I saw a girl that look like Kaoru a while ago. Why was she in this place … But she was somewhat busy … so I didn’t call out to her …」(Fabio)

「What! Where, where did you see her?」(Fernand)

Fabio and Alan are surprised at Fernand’s reaction.

「Well, she was around there, just a while ago …」(Fabio)

Fernand walks quickly to the direction Fabio pointed to. Fabio and Alan following after him in a panic.

「Hey, what’s wrong, suddenly walking away like that!」(Fabio)

Alan and Fabio are surprised by Fernand who walks in a cheerful spirit different with his grumpy face just a moment ago.

「Oh, I thought that she ignored my invitation, but it seems like she was really coming」(Fernand)

With Fernand’s words, Fabio has a monstrous expression.

「Invitation, are you …?」(Fabio)

Then that girl …

Fernand finally caught sight of Kaoru, calling out to her loudly

「Why, why are you wearing such clothing!?」(Fernand)

「Well, I am a serving maid, isn’t it natural to wear a maid clothing?」(Kaoru)

While returning words calmly, Kaoru thought.

(As expected, he really planned it …) (Kaoru)

The surroundings quieted down because of the commotion between the little maid and the first Prince.

「I’m not talking about that! Why did you serve as a maid when I invited you here?」(Fernand)

(((Invitee ???))) (Nobles)

The surrounding nobles are surprised.

But Kaoru responded indiscreetly.

「Well, You delivered only an『Invitation to the party at the castle 』without an explanation or anything else.

Anyone would think that you’re asking me, a commoner child to serve as a maid」(Kaoru)


Fernand cried out with surprises. And he immediately shouted in loud voice.

「Viscount Aleman! Where is Viscount Aleman?」(Fernand)

「Yes, I’m here!」(Aleman)

Viscount Aleman, who was also in the venue, came straight away.

Fernand stares at him and said.

「Viscount Aleman, I certainly have told you to deliver『My invitation, the dress and shoes and a letter』. Did you really do as my order? What’s the meaning of this?」(Fernand)

「Well, I certainly delivered those things!」(Aleman)

The Viscount is shedding sweat when answering.

「Kaoru, he said so …」(Fernand)

When Fernand says so, Kaoru answers.

「Oh, this person? Yes he came to our shop.

Well, he just handed the invitation to enter the castle with only one word『Receive』from the window of the carriage …」(Kaoru)

「Then, the dress and letter…」(Fernand)

「I don’t know anything like that」(Kaoru)

As he heard that, the Viscount desperately denied it.

「That was a lie! I surely delivered the box with dresses, shoes, and letters!」(Aleman)

「Box? Maybe it’s about the baggage that was delivered next to us?」(Kaoru)

「Huh?」(Aleman + Fernand)

「Well, another person seems to have put down some luggage and placed it in the store next door …」(Kaoru)

「Well, what happened to that baggage?」(Fernand)

Fernand yells.

「Of course, He didn’t say anything to me, so I have not touched the baggage addressed to the other store without permission.When I check it later, the recipient seemed to have carried it and the box was gone. That’s it. 」(Kaoru)

「Then both the dress and my letter …」(Fernand)

Fernand staring at Aleman, he is furious.

「What the hell are you doing…」(Fernand)

Fernand’s voice as it sounds from hell.

「I will listen to it carefully later, Viscount Aleman」(Fernand)

The Viscount was pale and trembling.

「There’s a mistake, but in the end Kaoru is here, it’s not a big problem」(Fernand)

Fernand grasps Kaoru’s arm.

「Come on, I will introduce you to everyone as my fiancée」(Fernand)


The surrounding nobles, Alan and Fabio and Kaoru herself also shout with surprised voice.

「Why are you saying such stupid things!」(Kaoru)

Kaoru shakes off Fernand’s hand that is grabbing her arms, to take her to the front stage.

「You will not be able to do such a thing with a commoner!」(Kaoru)

「Such a thing can be easily solved, I will have you adopted as a daughter of a noble somewhere」(Fernand)

With Fernand’s words, Kaoru refutes.

「It will be different in turn! Get engaged after adoption and Get adopted after engagement. It’s not funny, you are really strange in your head. Beside, this just mean『You decided to change my original status to daughter of a Noble after getting engaged to me』But no matter how you do it, threatening others not to touch or pry on my original status. It won’t change the fact that『I was just a commoner, just a servant, not a daughter of the noble』Because everyone here already saw it. This will become such a joke, laughing stock for everyone to gossip, and of course this news will spread to the nobility of another country as well!」(Kaoru)

Fernand has bitterly face glared at Aleman again.

「And the most important problem still remains!」(Kaoru)

Saying so, Kaoru stares at Fernand and point her finger.

「Prince, have you ever confirmed whether I would like to be engaged with you?」(Kaoru)

Fernand was confident that if Kaoru knew that he was a prince. He didn’t think that Kaoru would ever reject him.

「I hate it, I’m absolutely refusing to be engaged to the prince.」(Kaoru)


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  1. Kaoru is really smart, after this scandal will be more difficult for him to force her into a marriage Ku,fufufu!
    Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well, I wouldn’t be too sure of that. We’re talking about Kaoru here, so anythings possible. And I will not surprised if she walked out of there in one piece.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. i don’t get why people always describe/commenting kaoru eyes as bad, did there ever any line telling us such a thing? it’s not like kaoru has dead fish eye like a certain average evil goddess

    anyway, i tried to read the raw ahead with google sensei help, i can still read isekai smartphone, kuma, and arifureta no problem somehow, but, neither Mile nor Kaoru can be done, it’s just end up as a total jumbled mess of word, wonder if there’s big difference between how Funa-sensei wrote compared to other author?, or maybe the kanji that are used? anyway, thx for the chapter

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  3. ‘Besides that, Her eyes is bad, she must be someone who got accustomed to bullying the subordinate, no doubt! His instict tells his “do not defy” her!’

    Damn!! This gatekeeper is good. The prince should raise his wage or give promotion

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  4. Viscount Aleman get lesson. Do not do things half-heart-ly. Because of his pride and laziness he does not give the box directly and explain more detail, now he will take blame. Such is 2 deadly sin pride and sloth.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. And for Prince himself, if he really like Kaoru, he should not be “lazy”and asked for her directly, leave his “pride” and properly apologize. start as friend first to really understand if his feeling are not just some “greed” to have this rare maiden. From this world perspective Kaoru is almost adult age.


  6. Thanks for the update

    Warning, in the end of the chapter I’ve seen written “Alemann”

    I’m happy, it is very strange for a MC clearly rejecting a prince before everyone, characters willing to fully express their right, and the right to say to the royalty, “NO”

    Liked by 2 people

    • In the real world in the past, she would have been arrested for Lèse-majesté and executed, but I’m expecting some manner of plot armor from the author. The fact that it was all said in the open means she cannot use blackmail to defend herself or take back what she said.


      • I thought something similar

        But she neither has insulted to the prince nor has agradide him, she has just rejected a proposition. If this world is really as the medieval europe, she has, at least theorically, the legal right to simply reject

        And, as I’ve said many times in many websites with stories with a similar basic setting (S.XXI brain person in a medieval world either transported, reincarnated, transmigrated, etc)

        EVEN IF IT IS CONSIDERED THE NORMAL AND NO NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD DO, THE TRADITION ISN’T A LAW, AND AN INDIVIDUAL HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE.Obviosly if the person was part of a noble family s/he would can be disowned, but I think that a S.XXI mind people would be dtermined to do that if s/he want

        The only MC that I’ve seen clearly manifesting this right, openly, are from “The Reincarnated One Doesn’t Want to Cheat”, “Le Festin de Vampire” and “A New Journey of an Old Soul”

        Other thing would be that the Prince, considered ofended and humiliated, send assassins just for reveange

        Liked by 1 person

      • Just as Irina Akashira saying.
        Remind you, they are not done talking.

        Prince doesn’t give order then what soldier dare to interupt and decided to arrest Kaoru for Lèse-majesté.

        Of course, that was a wise choice of them. Their head will fly if they dare to interupt when the Prince is upsetting.

        Beside, no matter how selfish the prince is, he isn’t stupid enough to not understand what Kaoru saying is the truth.


  7. 「Fernand, if the prince makes such a buddhist face, how can noble daughters dare to approach you…」(Fabio) wait what? buddhist face? isn’t it supposed to be scary face? for girls don’t want to get close… but buddhist face isn’t it supposed to be peaceful?

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  8. This is perfect she gained the seal of dissapproval from everyone.
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    Be a laughing stock among the 5 countries!?
    There’s no way they will let that happen.
    Marriage impossible.
    Engagement not found.


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  10. BLESS THIS STORY. I really, really liked the intelligence and wisdom of our MC, as shown through the manipulation at the Baron’s and the consultations, but this makes her even better! She just completely shutdown that arrogant princeling! Yes!!

    Thank you for translating!


  11. Captain? Whats the title of the manga with the loli saying “uwooh!!”


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