Kaoru Chapter 13: Singles (Alt name: Break off the marriage just as intended)

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Kaoru Chapter 13: Singles (Alt name: Break off the marriage just as intended)

ED: Lowe


「I do not want to become the queen, it’s one of 3 worst title ever.
There’s no privacy.
I can’t freely make friends with anyone unless they are high rank noble.
I always have to smile and have grace even when chatting with friends.
My children are taken care of by a nanny.
Family members can’t always have the meal together.
And I have to attend events and parties with aristocrats and royalties from other countries all the time.
And I have to give birth and keep giving birth to more children, my daughter will be given away to another country or another land for diplomacy.
While my husband will sleep with a lot of women in order to have more children.
It’s not fun at all, that isn’t life」(Kaoru)


The queen who was aware of the uproar and was approaching to see the situation was rigid …, Oh, she fainted.


「It is similar to the Marquis and the Earls. I won’t be able to get out of the mansion.
Whenever I go out, it was a party with other nobles.
Because my rank is still very high, I won’t able to make friends easily.
The only one I can talk to is my servants, their position is too low so it’s not friendship, just an employee who obeys orders.
My husband will be absent from work, and my parents-in-law will only tell me to give birth to a baby
As I already become the bride, a person of that house,
I must listen to my husband’s parents.
I’m not allowed to go visit my own parent’s house unless they agree.
And the grandchildren belong to my husband’s family …
And the worst thing, my husband will be allowed to cheat on a dutiful wife under a thing named『Because a lot of children are needed』
And I must live with other mistresses …」(Kaoru)


A few noble wives are crumbling down. They are looking at other male nobles who seem to be their husband and wondering if that’s true…


「In that respect, I heard that a baron and his family is nice.
They still have a status as a nobility,
but they don’t have the problem from the power struggle.
There’s a little distance with the servants as well.
To the point, we can talk and drink tea together as friends.
My children are also brought up by me with a nanny and lullaby maid…
Living in a small house with my children, celebrating with the people in our territory.
And I will live happy with my family until I grow old」(Kaoru)


The eyes of the noble daughters who were aiming for the high-ranking nobility are swimming.
As parents, the low-rank nobles want to marry their daughter with aristocrat rank as high as possible, but they don’t want to make their daughter unhappy.
And the high-rank aristocrats who have their son also frown.


「That’s why, for me, the best option is to marry the son of a rich merchant.
Or become the bride of a lower aristocrat.
Which doesn’t get restricted or overwhelmed by high-ranking or live a luxury boring life
If there’s a need for work with the country, I can leave it to my parents in law,
who is originally aristocrats that have advanced education」(Kaoru)


The party venue went quiet.


「Well, I do not care about such things!
I want your wisdom and knowledge!
If you have that intelligence and that beauty,
I can make use of that to govern this country …」(Fernand)


Fernand cries out loud.


「Wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, and beauty.
It is all condition that you can make use of me.
Even if you like human beings like me, it’s nothing but using me …
What about my intention?
What about the heart of one human being, Kaoru?
Such a thing isn’t worth at all to the prince, isn’t it? 」(Kaoru)

「Well, that is …」(Fernand)


Cat got Fernand’s tongue.
Kaoru picks up a dish from the top of the side table and she hits to the corner of the table to break the plate for holding food.
Kaoru picks one of its fragments with her fingers.
Everyone in the party gaze at her.


Sha! (SFX)


Kaoru cuts her right cheek deeply with that fragment.


「Wh… what …!」(Fernand)


Her blood is flowing out.
Fernand can’t move and his mutter voice can’t be heard while other Noble Daughters screams.
The other aristocrats just stood while stunned in there.


「Here you are,『a foolish and ugly woman』.
Right now I’m just an ugly commoner little girl with no value, no advantage for the Prince.
So you can not use me anymore」(Kaoru)


As she said so, with no one stopping her, Kaoru walked away from the venue.
The venue was wrapped in silence for a while.
And the first words that were released …


「What a rant! I thought she was a disrespectful commoner but she was splendid」(Earl)


An Earl raise his voice to concede Kaoru.


「If she becomes the first prince’s fiancée while still being a commoner,
it will become a source of confusion for politicians and diplomacy.
She even throws her own beauty and the queen seat by herself!
And she also makes herself a villain…
Despite being a commoner, she chose the country’s well-being rather than herself!
Such loyalty!」(Earl)


Although Kaoru was somewhat aggressive.
In order to protect the prince’s face,
The Earl planned to「make it a good story」
Because all he said is praising the commoner girl, no one complains.
Besides, if the reputation of the first prince falls too much,
the faction who are in favor of the second prince Gislan will grow strong.

The Earl is making the story like the commoner girl does all that for the country’s well-being and for the prince by hurting herself.
He thought so and it was a brisk move.
The place is thrown by momentum.

Other nobles’ voices of admiration began leaking out of the venue following the Earl’s words. The Earl’s measure was going well.


「Fernand, you, what are you trying…」(Alan)


Alan turns his attention to Fernand who is falling to his knees.


「It seems like he was trying to take over that girl at the right time. And get his majesty the king’s approval by announcing that girl as his fiance…」(Fabio)


Fabio seems sorry.


「But if she really became your fiance, this might have been a fun day …」(Alan)


In that word of Alan, Fernand regrets his foolish action.
But the broken dishes can’t return.


「Tomorrow, please go to see her with Alan.
I can’t go there anymore.
I think you should introduce her to a work or a job.
Because with that wound, she can’t work at that store anymore」(Fernand)


Fernand, in a small voice muttered to ask his friends.




It hurts, it hurts, it hurts a lot, so painful !!
As soon as she left the venue, Kaoru drank a pain-killer and a bleeding stop potion right away to stop the pain and bleeding.


(Yeah, nobody chased after me. Now proceed with the escape from the capital plan!) (Kaoru)


Kaoru goes straight to the outside gate.
Kaoru runs on the street in the night with a small stroke, everyone on the street turns their eyes to her.

A girl from 10 to 12 years old wearing a superior maid dress exclusive to the royal palace.
She is pretty cute, however, her eyes are quite bad and her face has a wound.
Everyone can’t help but wonder about her.
Kaoru arrived at the gate at last and spoke to the gatekeeper.


「Excuse me, I will leave!」(Kaoru)


When it becomes completely dark, both the gate for the carriage and even the gate for the pedestrian is closed.
And it only opens and closes only when there are rare occasions of the nightly visitors.
At such time, the voice of the girl who seems to be still young want to「go out」

The good gatekeeper came out of his standby position with a lamp.
Depending on circumstances, he planned to persuade and detain.
There are various dangers outside the wall barrier at the night.


「Why … Uwa!」(Gate Keeper)


The gatekeeper has a surprise voice when looking at Kaoru’s face.


「I brought an arrogance of the aristocrat, so I have to leave the city soon …」(Kaoru)


On her cheek, there was a deep cut.
Even the blood was stopped, it was a bad wound.
If it’s a sharp and beautiful cut, it may heal to the point un-noticeable.
But the would like meat plucked will leave a big scar.
For a young girl, it was too much difficult for her future life.

It can not be helped if she need to escape from the aristocracy that may further harm her at any time.
From the perspective of risk, it may be a little better if she goes outside.


「Please wait a moment」(Gate keeper)


The gatekeeper after returning to the waiting station, he brought out something and gave it to Kaoru.
A leather bag containing water, snack-like foods, and five silver coins.


「This is …」(Kaoru)

「Please take it with you」(Gate keeper)


As he said so, the gate-keeper opens the gate gently.
Kaoru lowered her head to the gatekeeper and went through the gate.

After walking a little, she immediately makes a healing potion and drinks it.
The cheek’s wound completely healed and disappeared in an instant.


「Oh, I’ve got the Royal maid’s clothes, …
Well, whatever.
This may also be useful in various ways!」(Kaoru)


The blood traces can be cleaned with the potion.
I will be going to the neighboring country Balmoa Kingdom’s capital city Gurua.


「Well, let’s go!」(Kaoru)




A few years later. (Translator Spoiler: Not a time skip)


The City gate-keeper was hurrying his way home with an awful face.
Last year, his cute son had an accident and got injured.
Fortunately, his son is still alive, but his right eye was blind and the left eyesight was also greatly reduced.
Thinking of the future of his son, it was unavoidable that his heart became heavy.


(Only If I can get the「tears of the goddess」from the rumors) (Gate keeper)


A yellow medicine that is stored in an elaborate glass vial.
However, such secret medicine is hard to obtain even for aristocrats, let alone commoners like him …


「Welcome home. A little while ago, a girl brought something that is addressed to you」(Gate keeper’s wife)


After hearing that, the gate-keeper opened the wrapper of the small box that was put on the table, as his wife said so.

Several items and a letter were in the box.


(From whom, what is it …) (Gate keeper)


He began reading the letter, in the meantime, his face is gradually distorted with amazement.
He grabbed one thing out of the box and called out to his son loudly.


「Joshua, Joshua!!」(Gate keeper)


His son Joshua, was surprised by his father’s eager voice and tried to look at his father even though he can barely see anything.
The gate-keeper let his son drink the liquid filled in a small bottle with trembling hands.
Next moment…


「What? …my eyes … I can with my eyes …? Eh, there is no scar, why?」(Joshua)


A man holding his son and shedding tears non-stop.
On the table, there’s a letter that is in the box and some items…


「Thank you for helping me before.
I’m returning the one I borrowed at that time.
I happen to get the thing called 『tears of the goddess』,
I will give it to you in return for your kindness,
so please accept it」(Kaoru’s letter)


… and the familiar leather bag together with 5 silver coins.
He knew the girl who ran off from the capital a few years ago when working as the gatekeeper.
The girl that he helped a few years ago.
His flowing tears won’t stop.


「Goddess …」(Gate Keeper)

Translator’s Note:

tomorrow, I will translate Mile again instead of Kaoru just as promised.

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