Mile Chapter 95: Good evening from the darkness

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Mile Chapter 95: Good evening from the darkness

「… Let’s go」(Mile)

「Oh!」(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

In the darkness, the「Red Oath」start moving out.

Their aim is infiltrate the tent where prisoner is.

Mile have sufficiently accustomed her eyes to the darkness, but many of the beastkin have night vision as well as their good hearing and smell abilities.

Can we hide without cardboard for camouflage. (T.N: Metal Gear Solid refer)

But we can’t afford to do that. So we have to do our best with what we have.

Three girls nervously think so.

… Yes,「three girls」are nervous.

The other one is …

(Actually from when we begin to chase those beastkins, I already cast barrier to block all particles of smell and air vibrations so that they won’t leak. They will not notice us, unless we are standing right before their eyes…) (Mile’s inner thought)

Mile isn’t nervous at all.

「The suspicious one is the hut in front of us.

There are more people compared to other huts.

Besides, the reaction seems to be more human than other beastkins …」(Mile)

Actually I can understand more in detail, but it’s too much to explain if I say that.

This would be sufficient.

「Let’s go…」(Rena)

Rena nods to Mile and gives signal. Everyone nods and going smoothly between the trees.

「… Get down!」(Maevis)

Maevis instructed with gesture in a small voice and lies down.

If they don’t get down, the beastkin who patrol nearby may see them.

Because they were a bit late to lie down Maevis thought that they were spotted for but, but the beastman didn’t notice anything.

And when she is looking at the back of that beastkin, there’s something like wings …

「Bird race Beastkin …」(Maevis)

「Oh, bird!」(Rena)

Rena sighs a relief with Maevis’s word.

「Bird-san patrols around at night …」(Mile)

Mile isn’t convinced but she doesn’t complain.

Anyway, the security is weak. The girls are thankful for that.

Well, with beastkin line of thought.

It’s un-think-able for ordinary human to move in the forest at night. Let alone infiltrate the camp of beastkins that are superior in vision, smell and hearing. It’s impossible to find this place before the sun went down.

And the female hunter party that fought with them already run away. They would run straight to the human village at the outer edge of the forest …



The 「Red Oath」finally reached the targeted hut.

Like the other four, this hut was poorly made that it’s impossible to think that it was built with「an attempt to build a camp」.

It seems like they simply cut the obstructing tree that was growing in the place where they were excavating and made them with whatever they got.

That’s why there was a little gap between the wall part and the roof of the hut.

No, maybe they did it on purpose to『get lighting and air』

Anyway, that gap was a very convenient for Mile to look inside the hut and use magic.

Mile crawled up the wall, peeked inside through the gap. After confirming the situation inside she casts magic.

「… Sleeping medicine fog, wrapping those beastkin…」(Mile)

And the two guard beastkin fell asleep on the spot.

Mile did not realize, but it’s only her who can get an outstanding effect with such appropriate spell.

For other people,『It will not have effect unless they can send their thought wave with exactly imaging in their head』

But Mile has an authority level of 5 for nanomachines. Even if it’s not a thought wave but an 『 instruction 』, it would still be effective.

Therefore, nano-machines will work just by saying appropriate things lightly.

In any case, Mile’s instructions are 『Orders』for nano-machines.

What Mile doing is simply 「I’m speaking what I thought」…

The entrance of this hut is facing the other hut so the girls can’t simply walk in.

They can’t afford to risk, so everyone, following after Mile, climbed the wall and get into the hut through the gap.

「… U~u!」(Pauline)

Even though they heard Pauline’s groan, Rena and Mile neglected it with expressionless face.

Perhaps a certain part of her body got stuck because they are too big. A certain part in her body …

Despite being able to get into the room smoothly, Rena and Mile feel very unpleasant.


To save oil and candle, the beastkins use firewood indoors. When hearing the woman voice, Mile looks at the corner of the hut that was slightly illuminated by the flame.

That corner was divided like a prison with a solid wooden grid. There are a dozen people captured in it.

「Dorobo… (どろぼ…) No, we are hunters who received the search request」(Mile)

「Why are young girls like you receiving such un-reason-able requests …?」(Hunter)

Middle-aged hunter-like man who heard Mile’s reply muttered so because he can’t retort with loud voice.

Others are staring at the guard beastkin that won’t wake up with a strange face because it’s unreasonable.

There’s no magic that can manipulate drug system in this world.

There were 18 people captured in the hut. 16 males and 2 females. One of them looks as young as Red Oath girls.

The survey team in request have six escort hunters, two scholars, one guild staff.

Well, the men around 40 years old doesn’t feel like a scholar at all.

There’s only one man about twenty years old and a young woman with good appearance, which seem like someone who grew up in good environment.

They must be the scholar and his assistant.

They are not wearing any armor but clothes easy to move.

Lastly, a lively girl in her mid-teens.

Although she’s wearing leather clothes, it focuses on mobility more than protection.

Perhaps this girl is the daughter of the guild master.

Others seem to be escort hunters and ordinary hunters who happen to be caught. They seem like a male-only party that don’t include women when receiving a dangerous request.

「… How much time did we have?」(Rena)

「Well, it’s okay, they replaced watchmen just now, probably no one will come until dawn」(Lady)

The assistant lady answers Rena’s question immediately. As expected of the assistant of a scholar, she works fast.

「I need to ask just in case, are you the guild’s investigator party ?」(Mile)

Mile needs to confirm.

If the answer is 「No, everyone is just ordinary hunters」. It will be a big problem for 「Red oath」.

「Ah, yes, there are six escorts, a scholars, an assistant and the daughter of a guild master. 9 people, fortunately we’re all safe.

After that, there are 2 hunter parties got caught, 9 people more, and totally 18 people got caught here」(Lady)

After hearing the lady reported that everyone in the investigation team was safe, 「Red oath」girls felt relieve.

To be honest, the girls are worrying that the probability of survival is really low. Now they can finish their request without having a bad feeling.

Ecological environment was out of order, prey decreased, If they meet hungry monsters and get attacked, it was not amusing at all.

We can say that they were fortunate to be captured by the beastkins.

In fact, the number of missing parties isn’t only two. So they are either killed while resisting the beastkins or were attacked by strong monsters.

「Well, we’ll escape for the time being, as for the story, we will listen slowly after getting away」(Rena)

「roger that!」(Mile + Rena + Pauline)

Everyone in the 「Red Oath」instantly responds to Rena’s instructions, but the captive hunters are like…

「You say to run away …

But the other party is the beastkins.

Their vision, nose, hearing are good.

They also have stronger physical strength, faster movement than us.

I do not think we can run away.

However, if only you that they still don’t know about, they won’t give chase.

Please, tell this information to the guild and the lord! And we have large scale force…」(Hunter)

「I refuse」(Rena)


The leader of the escort party have a dumb face when Rena cuts off his request halfway.

「If we can’t take you home with us, the amount of reward will go down!」(Rena)

Yeah yeah, next to Rena, Pauline also nods.

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  1. I already cast barrier to block all particles of smell and air vibrations so that they won’t leak. They will not “see”-> “sense” us, unless we are standing right before their eyes…)


    • Or may be “find”

      And aren’t bird have bad eyesight on night? Why are they place as guard at night?

      Reference Papi “monster girl” harpy


      • Owls and a lot of hawk varieties have great night vision, so I can actually see it going wither way.


      • Actually, while Papi has really bad night vision, in that same Monster Musume series there was a convention where they met a lot of extra-species, one of while was an Owl-type Harpy which had excellent night vision.


    • Adile is like the lead from one of those detective series. Everywhere she goes, there is always a murder… But she is too average to have done it!


  2. As per game quote: “Gah, all you care about it’s the reward!”
    That’s our Rena…
    And again, thanks 4 the chap.


  3. Rena is so relieved that it was a birdkin… coz’ it’s bird brain? -_-
    Why is bird-san a night guard indeed… if it’s batman it would’ve been perfect.

    … … … This involves a lot of human lives… … …
    So that was thw original goal of requesting Mile … pff


  4. Escort leader is an ingrate.
    3 young girls with a promising future(One with a huge asset) and your everyday average kid went to rescue you and the first thing you do is demand even more.

    They should rescue those 17 people pronto.


  5. 「Bird race Beastkin …」(Maevis)

    「Oh, bird!」(Rena)

    >>>Rena said: night-blind or nyctalopic or hemeralopia

    They ask:
    「Dorobo… (どろぼ…) No, we are hunters who received the search request」(Mile)

    Mile answer: im thief//robber….Ah no, we are…..


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