Mile Chaper 103: To Hermolt Town

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Mile Chaper 103: To Hermolt Town


After dealing with the beastkins, 「Red Oath」 and 18 people safely get out of the forest and were on the main road to Hermolt Town.

Even though they call it mainroad, it’s only a small mountain road that is enough for one horse carriage to pass, and in order for 2 carriages to avoid each other, you have to use the evacuation space in some places.

As first, everyone doesn’t plan to stop by the「Village in front of the forest」because we don’t want to involve the Villagers.

But now, they don’t have to worry about the Beastkin’s pursuit unit.

Still, they spent more time to deal with the beastkins. So if they visit the village now. They will be late to get to Hermolt Town before dark. That’s why they didn’t stop.

And no one complained about it.

「If there is a prisoner of war … if there is a prisoner of war, the amount of remuneration will …」(Pauline)

「Geez! I get it.

You girls (ne-chan-tachi) already took prisoners of war but for our convenience that you must release them!

I will tell the guild properly.

And we will add it to your total rewards!

Hey, guild ne-chan, is that right」(Hunter leader)

「Yes, I will also confirm it from my side!」(Teffie)

As Pauline continued to persistently murmur too much, the Escort leader finally lost his patient and made promises without confirmation.

And the leader remembered Pauline’s appearance that broke the beastkin’s feet happily.

If his opinion recommendation end up unsuccessful then… and his body trembling just by imaging.

「… By the way, Doctor Kulereia …」(Mile)


When Mile suddenly spoke to her while walking, Doctor Kulereia turned around.

「Well, do you know Teresa-san of the Hunter Guild Kingdom Branch?」(Mile)

「Ah~ …」(Kulereia)

When heard Mile’s question, Doctor Kulereia had a tired face as she replied.

「Again, how many times is it until now…

Well, she seems young, so there are many people thinking she is an elf or a half elf, but both her parents are ordinary people …

Well, there’s a possibility that elves’ blood sleep her ancestor in many generations ago.

And by chance that blood awaken in her who is just an ordinary human being」(Kulereia)

「Whaaaaaaaat?」(Red Oath + Teffie + Hunters)

Not only Mile and Red Oath, but also Guild Master’s daughter Teffie and escort hunters were also surprised.

Apparently Teresa was quite a celebrity in that direction.

「… In the guild, we don’t dig up personal things. So none of us dare to ask her about that.

But everyone thought she was an elf or a half elf …」(Teffie)

Teffie is amazed.

For women, the secret to keep youth is worth a thousand gold.

If that person is an elf, they can peacefully give up. But if that person is the same human being as them. They can’t help but get jealous.

「Gigigi …」(SFX)

Apparently, it seems Mile stepped on a landmine.

The Capital and this Hermolt town aren’t so far.

The distance of 5 days travel is 「Relatively near」in this world.

Moreover, both of them are same citizen and guild staff of the Kingdom.

It was not weird to have an exchange between the guild staff.

「That girl …」(Teffie)

Mile was like fly away, frightened by the terrifying Teffie murmuring.


And evening.

Before the sun settled, everyone somehow arrived at the Helmort town. And they headed straight to the guild.

On the way, several hunters saw the party and those hunters rushed to the guild branch in a hurry.

Perhaps, those hunters are familiar with the guild so they run to inform the guild.

And when everyone arrives at the guild.

「Tef…f…i…eee」(Guild Master)

The guild master was waiting in front of the guild. As he saw Teffie, he’s spreading his arms and running at full speed with a face full of tears and a runny nose.

「Teffie!」(Guild Master)

The Guild Master was quickly avoided by Teffie before he can hug her. And he caught up with Doctor Kulereia who was behind Teffie as it was because he couldn’t see well with tears.

「Aaaaaaaa ~ !!」(Doctor Kulereia)


「… That’s why」(Mile)

Mile reports to Guild Master who has swollen both cheeks. As he listens, he scratchs and nods.

Mile reports with a 「Request completion report」

Within the 「Red oath」, it seemed natural that Mile, who seemed to grasp the full picture of the incident this time, was assigned a reporting role.

Three other girls usually treat Mile as 「A little disappointing child」, but they knew that her ability to compile and explain the report was superior to them.

And the report of the investigation team was scheduled after Mile’s report ended.

And the 「Red oath」withdrawn.


「… After this, we will report to the lords as soon as we receive a report from the investigation team, we will consult with you at that time to decide the amount of compensation, please come here again tomorrow.

It was hard work this time. And I will never forget that you saved everyone …」(Guild Master)

In truth, he would have liked to say that he was thankful for saving his daughter.

But right now he is a guild master so he can’t say things like that.

「Red oath」nodded and left the conference room.

「… It’s over, is not it?」(Maevis)

「Good work …」(Pauline)

The Client probably wouldn’t expect all of the survey team survived.

Furthermore, nearly half of the missing hunters were rescued as well.

The other hunters would have been a victim of strong monsters or something that’s hunting in different area.

Even just half of hunters were saved are good enough.

Maevis and Pauline are also having satisfied faces.

「Then, we will pay three times the price of dinner for today, we can have a special gorgeous meal, is it okay?」(Rena)

「Oh!」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

Everyone agreed with Rena.


The next day, the 「Red oath」are coming to the Hunter Guild in the morning.

Of course to receive the reward.

After receiving it, they planned to head to the Capital by foot.

When we went to the reception desk, everything was handled properly and I was given a reward immediately.

「Checking the cause of things happen in forest fee.

Deal with a number of dangerous monsters fee.

Special remuneration for rescuing Doctor Kulereia, an important person and her team.

And the fee for rescuing 9 missing hunters.

Also even a little, the guild will also pay honorarium」(Guild Clerk)

「But giving us the honorarium when they are losing their weapons, it didn’t sit well with me…」(Rena)

Pauline also nods with Rena.

Mile when saw that figure of Pauline was shocked.

(And it is unbelievable! This is just like TV TOKYO got a special program said that the earth is going to be destroyed. But this is a rarer event compare to that!) (Mile’s inner thought)

TV Tokyo is an amazing television station that keeps broadcasting regular programs quietly, even when there’s a World War or a Major disaster occurs.

Western Sun TV, East TV Tokyo are said to be japan’s pride.

For TV circle to broadcast about adventurer, no this must be about Hero.

And Mile was a faithful TV watcher in her past life …

(T.N: Help me to fix about this info if you spot any mistake please, I translate it literal from what Author write but I don’t really understand much about TV Tokyo or Sun TV)

「No, that’s not the case. Think about it, no-one can get the honorarium if you need to do all that.

When you’re rescuing the hunters on site, Not only you must protect the hunters but also confirm their lost equipments there, check the surrounding to find the stolen weapon, confirm the payment, … etc

There’s a possibility that things went bad and we end up unable to rescue the hunters at all with the time we waste to confirm and check …」(Guild Clerk)

With explanation of the receptionist, Rena somehow accepts it.

「Well, then it can’t be helped …」(Rena)

「And we also add compensation for releasing the beastkin prisoners and compensation for information gathering」(Guild Clerk)

And the receptionist placed a leather bag on the counter.

「Ooooooooo!」(Red Oath)

Red Oath are amazed at the quantity of gold coins which was much more than they expected.

It is impossible that the contents are silver coins or copper coins.

「By the way the guild master wants to talk, I’d like you to come and visit us in his room as soon as possible, please」(Guild Clerk)

As the receptionist ‘s words,「Red oath」walking towards Guild Master’s room with a light feeling, thinking that he wants to thank for helping his daughter, detailed explanation of the reward or something.

And the Guild Master and Doctor Kulereia greet the girls in the room.

「I want you to go back to the beastkin’s camp site in the forest again, you are requested by the lord」(Guild Master)

「Eh?」(Red Oath)

Red Oath are surprised by the sudden request, the guild master continued.

「This morning, I sent out the report to the lord.

And he asked you girls for a nominated request.

All the involved hunters and Doctor Kulereia were also clients」(Guild Master)

「Eh, the hunters of the escort party weapons …」(Mile)

「It was just a side free quest. You don’t need to do it if you can’t.

And you don’t need to return it if you don’t want」(Guild Master)

「Oh, I see…」(Mile)

Mile was relieved by the reply of the Guild Master.

If they had to find and get back the stolen weapons after returning, It was somewhat troublesome …

「If you do something wrong with beastkins, the relationship with the whole beastkin race will deteriorate.

In the worst case they may return to a revealed hostilily against humans.

Do you understand that? 」

Four girls nods to the Guild master.

「So it is impossible for the local lord to judge thing lightly and move army unless he had the country’s judgment …

However, we can’t leave the beastkins alone.

It takes a lot of time to get messenger from the Capital.

And if we don’t know the purpose of the beastkins, the same thing may be repeated again.

And … 」(Guild Master)

「And?」(Red Oath)

「The Lord wants the treasure that the beastkins discover」(Guild Master)

「Ah …」(Red Oath)

The Red Oath are convinced.

Te dije
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  1. Suggestion:
    Even “we”-> “if they” call it mainroad (change to third party starr from this line or not?)

    but they knew that “the”-> “her” ability to compile

    The other hunters would have been a “sacrifice”->”victim” of strong monsters

    After receiving it, “we”->”they” planned to head to the Capital by foot. (Again suggest to third party)

    If “we”->”they” had to find and get back the stolen weapons

    The Guild Master was quickly avoided by “Tiffy”->Teffie

    “Mevis”->”Maevis” and Pauline are also having satisfying faces.

    With explanation of the receptionist, Rena somehow “acepts”->”accepts” it.

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  2. 1st comment:
    Guild master caught up with Doctor Kulereia who was behind Teffie

    Next scene Guild Master has swollen both cheeks.

    Loli no touch punishment get slaps right and left lol

    2nd comment:
    Rena refuse honorarium because the hunter are losing their weapons.

    Pauline also nods with Rena.

    Wow, the sun rise from west

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  3. dango wodered for quite a while why the narrator is in first person dango? it’s not in mile point of view nor rena nor pauline nor maveis point of view so dosen’t the narrator need to be nutral dango?

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  4. Hello! I’m wondering if you could respond to an email I sent to you earlier this week or on discord, whichever is more convient. It’s a rather important message related to your content so I’d really appreciate it if you could find time to contact me ASAP.


  5. I find it interesting how the other Red Oath girls make fun of Mile, for her lack of common sense and call her an idiot when, with the exception of business, she’s pretty much better than them at just about everything…

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  6. Little disappointing girl…
    She is indeed, but something to be thankful about… i know 3 grils are full of gratitude about it deep inside… fact that the melon could’ve been eaten by some old man if Mile is not a little disappointing girl. I don’t know if the runaway noble could’ve been married already worse… back to being dress up doll, if Mile isn’t a little disappointing girl. Well, Red might’ve been in hard mode, or maybe Insane difficulty… if Mile is not a little disappointing girl who gave the easy mode with cheat option for the 3 players 🙂

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  7. Pauline is a rotten girl to the core,there is not gapmoe anymore,is only the big boobs dark girl . I Don’t like her


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