I Said Make My Abilities Average Chapter 1 Manga

Disclaimer: I didn’t owe the manga nor the novel chapter

Everything belongs to their respected Author

I just simply copy / download from internet and paste it here.

Raw: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/comic/24587?track=list

Novel Author: FUNA sensei

Mangaka Artist: ねこみんと Neko Minto sensei Pixiv acc

Support the Author and Mangaka, buy a copy whenever it ready in your country

Because I can’t find the raw for chapter 2 so I can’t continue scans

By the way,

I said my translation is AVERAGE.

So don’t go and complain with me.

And because this version isn’t good.

Don’t UPLOAD IT in Bato.to YET

I already read comments from Bato.to

As they wish, I will do them a favor that never upload manga there ever again.

Ironically, I never get insult like that in Mangafox or Mangahere.

Mile C01-01
Mile C01-02

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Mile C01-04
Mile C01-05
Mile C01-06
Mile C01-07
Mile C01-08
Mile C01-09
Mile C01-10
Mile C01-11
Mile C01-12
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Mile C01-19
Mile C01-20

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Mile C01-22
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Mile C01-25
Mile C01-26
Mile C01-27
Mile C01-28
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Mile C01-30
Mile C01-31
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Mile C01-33

Translator’s Note:

Excuse me, any reader good with native English ?

Please proof-read the manga for me please.

Unless a English Native give my scans/translation a Okay, I will not upload it on Bato.to


  1. Tsu at japanese end can also be long vocal or repeat hi”tsu”= Hiiii
    Okaa-sama = esteemed mom/mother
    Arigatogozaimasu=thank you
    Outsu= Ouuuu!!
    Futsu= Fuuuu!
    Gotsu= Gooooo!
    Hitsu= hiiii!

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  2. 13.


    Ojii-chan = esteemed grandfather
    Obaa-chan= esteemed grandmother

    Every edit comment for 10 page

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  3. If Adel/Mile’s memory from previous life Kurihara intact. Doesn’t it means she already above average from beginning cause she called genius before she died and had logical ways of mind more advance than current world (see: kenja no mago)

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  4. I present these possible corrections with humility. I could be wrong, but am hoping to help!

    had enlist me there
    => enlisted me there
    => had me enlist there

    What kind of place it is…!
    This is awkward. “What kind of place is it” would be a question, but it could be a rhetorical question which would justify the lack of a question mark. Alternatively, something like “I wonder what it is like” or “What a place it must be”…

    she can be sold with high price
    => She can be sold for a high price
    “with a high price would, I think, be technically correct, but it feels awkward. Sort of “a high price would accompany her” rather than “the high price would be exchanged for her” if that makes any sense?

    We get profit this time!
    =>We’ll get a profit this time!
    Again, not really incorrect, but it it doesn’t feel like English.

    It’s gonna kill me, too
    This is a bit difficult to say, but it feels to me… That would mean that it is going to kill me in addition to whatever else it has done.
    It’s gonna kill me too
    Would mean that it is going to kill me in addition to killing that other guy. The more specific one seems to fit here.

    It’s gradually bigger…!
    If you are going to continue a word over al ine then you should hyphenate it.
    It’s gradual-
    -ly bigger…!
    But you could probably get away with getting a bit more snuggly with the word-balloon’s borders.
    Also, bigger is generally an adjective and gradually would generally apply to a verb, so it feels a bit awkward. Gradually growing would feel nicer to me…

    great expectation from me
    =>great expectations of me.
    If the expecations were from her then she would be expecting things.

    This girl is a genius that appear one in hunders years!
    =>This girl is a genius that appears once in a hundred years!
    But that bubble is already cramped…
    =>This girl is a once-in-a-century genius!
    Oh, that hyphenation is awkward with a word bubble, and I don’t even know hyphenation well…

    become observed with me
    =>become obsessed with me
    Probably? I am really not sure what exactly is meant here. It sort of feels that they becomae obsessed with observing her… “wanted to control weverything”? Controlled my life”?

    I’m just love to learn
    =>I just love to learn
    =>I just loved to learn
    The latter is past tense, and this is a past life…

    about idol
    =>about idols

    in high school graduation ceremony
    =>in the high school graduation ceremony
    =>in high school’s graduation ceremony

    falls from the bike and about to be hit by the truck
    falls from a bike and is about to be hit by a truck

    you are… …already passed away
    =>you have… …already passed away
    =>you are… …already dead

    girl gonna discovering basic theory
    other star series
    =>girl is discovering the basic theory
    =>girl is discovering basic theories
    =>other star systems

    won’t this way weasier to talk?
    =>isn’t this way easier to talk?

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  5. Mile looks like a squirrel while munching jerky before regaining memories.
    This is too sweet and fluffy.
    The middle school aged mile looks sharp .
    The high school mile looks lonely and mature.

    I wonder if average induced hyperglycemia is covered by health insurance.

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  6. Continuing rechecking
    interlocking Nerve = good reflexes


  7. hehe seeing Adel have trouble using magic was refreshing…
    hmm? why is Red Oath there? Is the mangá gonna jump all the first arc? what about the Wonder Three? Their interactions are pretty funny


  8. this is good, but pace of this manga is so weird
    well i think it’s normal for chapter 1 for manga adaptation of ln/wn
    thanks for translating this ^^


  9. i don’t know if this already pointed out or not, but at the scene where Mile poured water to a cup and handed it to the old lady, she said “here you are”
    i believe it should be “here you go” instead but i’m not a native as well so i may be wrong >.>


  10. hey, i love this, and I think contacting manga here and manga town to get this put on would improve the accessibility of the manga if you want. also, i am good with native English so I can proof read if you want since you are my favorite translator.


  11. 23.
    –> however this invidual is about to be killed
    well its wrong tense right? since later narration comes back to past tense…
    –>however this invidual was about to be killed
    –> at least my life has its meaning
    well it ended already so it -had- a meaning right ?
    –>at least my life had its meaning
    –>i’m not asking for this …
    emm not sure if this is what she is trying to say… tense seems wrong. most likely should be
    –>i have not asked for this (since she asked in the past and now she has to face consequences)

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  12. Funny comment from the Reddit thread:

    “If you guys are ever hoping for a good translation of this, give up now. Estelion’s Secret Imouto has been killing novels on novelupdates for months and they show no sign of ever stopping. Nobody ever picks up and re-translates shit they touch, probably because the bad translation by proxy makes the original writing look awful. Ratings keep dropping, readers stop reading, and 90% of the reviews of the novel mention the bad translation. Can’t even tell them how shit it is without being called an asshole either, and the site just allows this shit to keep getting uploaded. No standards on that shithole.

    Their shit is straight up WORSE than MTL. They go to the original web novel page and literally hit Google Translate. They don’t fix the grammar, and if there’s a cute japanese word that they like they’ll literally untranslate it and add a shitty TL note that you thought you’d only ever see in parodies mocking fansubs. You know “All according to Keikaku?” Well yeah, there are people doing literally that. It’s fucking unreal how shit it is. It actually pisses me off. They should be fucking banned.”


  13. thanks for the hard work. i dont have much to comment on the quality of the translation because it’s fine as it is.. 🙂

    if this will be a regular thing.. i’m on board in following this series ^^..
    as i recall about half a year ago, i think i saw this chapter but translated in thai? or Vietnamese… not sure of the language used but it did came out earlier that the english trans


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