Mira Chapter 50: Paradise of small animals

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Author: Ryusen Hirokunu

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Translator’s Note

* Thou = You, When “you” is the subject of the sentence.

* Thee = You, When “you” is the object of the sentence.

* Thy = Your, Possessive form of you. Commonly used before a noun that begins with a consonant/consonant sound (like the article, “a”)

* Thine = Your, Possessive form of you. Commonly used before a noun that begins with vowel/vowel sound (like the article, “an”). Also used when indicating that something is “absolute and understood”.

* Ye = You, Plural form of “you” when addressing a group of people.

Mira Chapter 50: Paradise of small animals



(I met with the elder and I could confirm the evidence that Soul Howl have come here.
That means I was right about the deciphering of required material. Then what he is seeking next is the Holy Grail of the Shinryin temple.
If I follow this lead, I will certainly be able to catch up with him) (Mira)


After saying thanks to the Elders, Mira left the place.
At that time, She didn’t forget to hand over the vine girl who was most pleased with a large amount of confectionery, and get fruit as souvenir from the trees.
It’s one of the fruits that Elders often give to those who came to seek their roots.

One errand was completed.
And Mira plans doing an item collection request from her friend.
The destination is close to the [Ancient Forest of Prayer], but walking will take hours.
That’s why Mira called Pegasus, Pegasus seemed to have been worried for a long time and kept licking Mira’s cheeks for a while.

After Pegasus calmed down, Mira gets on his back and flies to the shore of the lake near there.
A lot of flowers bloomed and it became an oasis of small animals in the open space in the forest.
A small waterfall flows down from a small rocky mountain by the lake, and it gives a pleasant sound of water.
The sweetness of the flowers mixed with the blue scent of the forest, Mira had forgotten the time and was staring at the sight.


(It was such a gorgeous place … ….) (Mira)

Mira Pegasus

In Mira’s memory, this place was not overflowing with fantastic color like this.
This may be also a change after 30 years, Mira realizes again the greatness of time.
Mira and Pegasus, standing on the banks of the lake that can be mistaken as paradise.
Some animal similar to a squirrel with golden fur approach the Pegasus.
And as they approached his feet, they rushed up the body of Pegasus, and they relax on his back.
Then some other small animals in the neighborhood gathered and began to stick closely to Pegasus.
Mira is surprised at the sight but she shows a smile to the figure of Pegasus which is decorated like a Christmas tree.
Pegasus himself did not seem to be annoyed, and he accepted the small animals admirably.

This phenomenon happens because Pegasus is a sacred beast.
For animals, their safest sanctuary is to stay by his side.
Mira finds a blue rabbit on the back of the Pegasus.
This is a Pure Rabbit, and its hair is famous as a lucky charm.
And more than anything, its curious eyes is unbelievably adorable.
Ark Earth Online is always coming out on top about fantastic and cute ranking by fans.
And this is the first time Mira meets a Pure Rabbit directly.
Even if it’s an extremely vigilant creature but it’s looking at Mira with curious eyes.
Witnessing such a thing, Mira’s eyes were nailed to the cuteness of pure rabbit which she saw only in the screen shot.


(Seeing it on screen shot is already cute but see the real thing is whole new level …) (Mira)


And just before Mira’s extended hand can touch.
The pure rabbit who saw the appearance of a girl approaching, jumps in fear and hides in the feet of Pegasus.




Gets outright rejection, Mira stiffens while still stretching out her hand.
However, immediately after that the Pegasus raise his voice.
He was like speaking in a small voice. As a result, the Pure rabbit who ran away once again fearfully returned to the front of Mira.


「This is …, did he tell it something?」(Mira)


Mira looks towards Pegasus, and Pegasus gives his head as much as to say that he wants me to praise him.


「Good boy」(Mira)


As she stroke such head of the Pegasus, Mira returns her line of sight to the Pure Rabbit.
Its blue long ears sticking out swiftly move as if to explore the surroundings.
Mira who finally failed to endure in that cuteness figure, touches its blue fluffy fur.
Even though it is small, its body temperature transmitted to her hand is warm, there is a certain life there.
Mira kept gently stroking as for not to surprise it as much as possible.
Whether it worked or not, the Pure Rabbit is happy to leave Mira doing so as if it know that Mira is not malignant.
And when she can no longer endure its loveliness, Mira gently hugged it.
At that time, the Pegasus is shaking his body in protest.
At the same time, the Pure Rabbit who was crying in Mira’s chest jumped suddenly and fell down on the ground to ask for forgiveness in front of the Pegasus and showed posture of submission.


「… What did thou say this time …?」(Mira)


Mira who can not understand the situation just tilts her head.


「What’s going on, Pegasus」(Mira)


Mira stroking the saying so. Pegasus began to push his face against Mira’s chest.


(Hmm … I don’t get it…) (Mira)


While using her hand stroking Pegasus, Mira gazes around.
The Pure rabbit still crowned with its face down.
Again, Mira wanted to enjoy its blue fur, but there is certainly no end if she kept doing it.
Mira has confidence that she can play with the Pure Rabbit forever, but she comes here with purpose.
She will not be able to keep playing with the small animals.
Mila felt a bit of a heartbreak but despoiled the animals on Pegasus’s back.
Then, somehow the animals start gathering around Mira this time.
That was because Mira was recognized as Pegasus’ boss.
Even when she walking towards the small rocky mountain at the entrance of the labyrinth, the small animals still chase after Mira.


「Do not follow me, I will be going to a dangerous place」(Mira)


But the small animals couldn’t understand what Mira said, the most active golden squirrel is completely loose at Mira’s shoulder.
Pure rabbit also hugs her with an loose face.
「Anyway, you can not enter the labyrinth with me」Mira desperately to withstand temptation.


“【Summoning: Catsith】” (Mira)


Mira decided to call a person qualified as a negotiator.
A small magic pattern appeared in the air, a kitty came out with a hat and coat looked like a magician.
He lands up with both feet aligned.
And he takes a placard taken out of nowhere with score 10.0 point. And Just before it disappears, the magic pattern spews confetti snowstorms and shows more stunning productions.

Mira Vol 4-6

「Called and I will come out, Nya Nya Nya Nyan
It’s been a while, so I decided to try it over, Ringmaster (Danchou), how many points?」(Catsith) [T.N: Danchou is leader of a delegation (body, party)]

「Tis six points」(Mira)

「Nyan desu~to!」(Cat-Master)

(T.N: “Nyan desu to” is the cat version of “Nan desu to” It’s a way you respond to another person when said person says something so despairingly shocking. Kind of means like “Say what?” Or “What did you say?” )


On the placard where Cat-master turned over while taking a reaction, the effect line expressing startle was drawn.
To the fineness of the art, Mira breathes a heavy sigh.

Even Cat fairy Catsith isn’t an advanced summoning, but he is the few that can speak the human words.
His ability isn’t suitable for direct battle as a whole, but he has excellent skill as a scout and has special skills to collect information from animals as well.
In other words, he can help me talk with animals as a translator.


「Nice! The grandfather is becoming a young lovely girl! This is superb, please score ten points」(Catsith)


Catsith looks up at Mira and jumps over with Nyan while swirling the placard written as 10.0 with both hands.
In the surroundings, small animals were distractingly distracted from the appearance of Catsith.


「Why do thou always behave like this
… well, whatever thou say.
First member, I have something to ask of thee?」(Mira)

「Nyan Nya~ri ~to!」(Cat-Master) (T.N: I have no way to translate this as well)


Catsith salutes with a standing posture. The placard in his hand turned backwards with [Beautiful! (Bishi~!)] written on it.


「Can thou tell these animals that the place I will be going is dangerous so they must not follow?」(Mira)

「With honor of my life,  I can accomplish it ~Nya」(Catsith)


Catsith takes a fighting pose and his placard characters change to [Rely on heaven and earth deity]
The first member who starts talking 「Nya-nya-nyan」with other animals and when he jumps into the middle of the small animals he talks with「Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya~」
After a while, the small animals are disbanded.
At the end, Catsith also talks to the golden squirrel on Mira’s shoulder as he climbs on Mira’s body.
The golden squirrel convinced, jumped down and climbed straight to the tree nearby.


「The task is completed~nya」(Catsith)

「Um, good work」(Mira)


Catsith jumped down from Mira’s shoulder, in half turn twisting, took off his hat from his head and takes a salute pose.
Mira praises him and raises the cat up.
It can’t be helped, Mira uses him as a substitute for little animals have gone away.


「It’s ticklish~nya」(Catsith)


Despite saying that, Catsith has a loose face and limbs in happy.
His placard word [more!] shines brightly.
Mira started walking towards a small rocky mountain while stroking the cat’s throat.


[T.N: 天魔: Demons (Buddhism vocabulary) , Primal Forest is in katakana]

Primal Forest’s Demon Maze lies behind a crack in a rocky mountain adjacent to the lake.
Mira enters the crack while putting Catsith on her head.
As soon as she enters, it becomes a steep downhill slope with the width enough for only one adult to pass.
The rockly with shape like footsteps is really cold.
Right now Mira is far from the entrance, she can barely hear the sound of the waterfall, the light didn’t reach place this far.
However, the place arround Mira was illuminated brightly.
It’s all thank to Catsith, he has skill <Cat Searchlight> which emits light.
Because Mira puts him on her head, whenever Mira turns around, his light also adjusts automatically.


「Suspicious~nya, a very suspicious technique is set up ahead~nya」(Catsith)


As Mira continues to descend, the passage gradually becomes gradual bigger, it eventually turns into a horizontal passage.
Catsith glanced at the end of the road and raised his voice.
A myriad of emblems that shone like fluorescence were carved into the front rock.


「Hmm … this is… a barrier was set up here」(Mira)


(T.N: カラナック = karanakku => Karanac)

At the rock, there was a written 「Primal Forest’s Demon Maze Management, Adventurer General Association, Karanac Branch」

Mira murmurs while stroking the back of Catsith’s head, and takes out the passports of prohibited areas received from Leonir.


「Hmm … this is …」(Mira)

「Nya-nya-nya, the sign of art had faded away」(Catsith)


The moment Mira took out the pass certificate, the passage test began to glow, part of the text engraved on the rocks faded and lost its color.
Mira doesn’t have any idea how it works, but from what Catsith said, It was possible to pass this set up with this.
As Mira progresses step by step, the emblem near her becomes thinner at the same speed as her steps.
At the same time, the emblem that she passed through reclaims its color.
The further Mira goes through the passage, the stronger Catsith’s lighting barrier becomes.
And then a small light started to appear in the direction of travel.
After going further from there for a while, the long passage was over and Mira got out into a big space.

It was a dense jungle.
There is light similar to sunlight, but there’s no sun on the top and the ceiling is dark.
There are countless ivy hanging around.
And the light was falling from the tip of the ivy.
Green leaves that receive light are fresh, unknown flowers are blooming.
The trees are high enough to look up and expanded the field of view.
For a long time, people kept coming through the dark and narrow rock path to reach this breathtaking place.


「Ringmaster, we finally found the secret place~nya」(Catsith)


Catsith jumps off from Mira’s head and screaming「Ny~a~hoo」towards the jungle.

Of course, this isn’t a mountain nor a secret place.


「Thank for thine hard work so far」(Mira)


Mira returns the pass certificate to the item box and starts walking


「An adventure has yet to be seen… wait for me ~nya」(Catsith)


(T.N: Sonna in japanese mean like no way, Catsith changes it to Son~nya)

With a sad voice, Catsith chases after Mira
On the placard, the written word is [Son~nya, rubs my body, ~nya] and Catsith’s cry of regret in front of an unexplored area was noted.
Moreover, from the misprint by mistake we can know how regret he is.


「It can’t be help…」(Mira)


Actually Mira doesn’t really dislike Catsith’s reaction, she lowers her hand.


「Ringmaster is the one who understands me ~nya. I will stay with you for a lifetime ~nya」(Catsith)

「Aren’t thou going to follow …?」(Mira)

「Well, isn’t that fine ~nya」(Catsith)


Catsith threw the placard which was written with「sincerity」high and then jumped up to the air.
When he landed, his costume was transforming into an adventurer like thing.
And then he catched the falling placard with his head, the words is [ready, but regrettable] and like a dying message, it rolls to the side of Catsith.


「Well … I suppose I will go」(Mira)


Mira looks around and takes a leaf that are about the size of a child from nearby vines.
And, while holding that leaf, she walks to the side of the plaza.


「Abandonment is harsh ~nya」(Catsith)


Catsith got up in a hurry, and chasing after Mira.


After walking a while Mira and Catsith stand against the rock wall behind the jungle.
There was a big crack and a slope that continued to go down deeper.
And this is the entrance to the Primal Forest’s Demon Maze.
The slope is steep and the surface is smooth like a glass.
So it is impossible to climb up once you go down.
This is a common feature of all dungeons called Demon Maze, the entrance and exit are separate.
Mira puts Catsith on her head and asks him to illuminate the slope.


「It is pitch black ~nya」(Catsith)


Catsith turns his eyes and his feet gleefully.
He doesn’t hold the placard anymore. With both hands, he firmly holds on to Mira.
At least he understands what to do promptly.
Mira squats down and lays the child-size leaf in her buttocks.


(No matter how many times I did this before, I’m always feeling excited) (Mira)


In other words, this slope is like a long slider.
As Mira smiles a little happily, she moves her waist forward as if to drag her buttocks and stops just before the slope.



「It’s the beginning of adventure ~nya!」(Catsith)


Kicking the ground with both feet, Mira starts to slip down the steep slope.
While slipping smoothly and accelerating rapidly, Mira is slightly overwhelmed by the sensible speed beyond expectation.


(It was fun when playing games …, but when this comes to reality … tis a little …) (Mira)


Wind pressure blowing over her whole body, she must turn a lot as the slope is curve not straight, and she feels like falling with this speed.
As she slips down further, she feels internal fear because she can’t see far in this darkness.


「Ringmaster, let’s do it ~nya!」(Catsith)

「Be patient!」(Mira)


The slider is twisting many times to the right and to the left and Catsith screams every time.
Whether want it or not, Mira must keep herself calm.
And about five minutes passed after she started going down, the goal light is visible in sight.
As she was experienced, when a long long slope finished, Mira was suddenly thrown into the light. With a slight floating feeling, Mira changed her posture in middle air.
Her trajectory draws a parabola. And she gradually pulled by gravity and descending slowly and evently she lands to the light impact.




Mira landed with butt go first, but there was a previous guest there.
That was Catsith who slipped down from Mira’s shoulder earlier.


「Oops, sorry. Are thou okay?」(Mira)

「It’s okay, Ringmaster was light」(Catsith)


After Mira gets away, Catsith stands up and answers with appealing.
And in his placard taken out from nowhere, there is a written [it was also a man’s dream to be laid under a girl’s buttocks]

And then Mira and Catsith turn their eyes towards the surroundings, it isn’t the dense ratio like the forest before, this is a space covered with deep green, some light pass through the ceiling.
The illuminated landscape had an undulating wavy tree stretched around it, which continued a long way.
It is one of the scaffolds made of wood that Mira and Catsith landed.
In their back, there’s a rocky wall rose to the top of the sky and countless vines are wrapped around trees that stretch out as if they are tangled.
From afar, some singing echoes, the air was clear.


「New area ~nya … I found a new place in the back of the secret place ~nya」(Catsith)


Catsith looks around and raises his voice of excitement.
And he pierce the placard written [Catsith Expedition] on the ground, but the tree on the ground was hard, the placard falling down.
The first member stares at the placard that collapsed gloomily.


(Well then, how many can I find …) (Mira)


Mira walked out, searched for a suitable place nearby and checked if there was any object of interest.
When Mira starts to move, Catsith hurried runs after her.
After searching around the trees that overflowed in the field of vision for a while, Mira was able to find the desired item that was falling behind the leaves.
A seed of a size large enough to wrap in the palm that emits light as if it were pulsating with a deep green color.
It is the seed of founder, that Solomon had asked Mira to collect.


「Okay, first one gets…」(Mira)


Mira picked up the founder’s seed as she murmured, and then she raised her line of sight and again looked around the surroundings.
Primal Forest’s Demon Maze. It means the original forest, but actually this place isn’t really a forest.
Everything here is only part of the countless branches of Gofel tree, the father of all trees.
In other words, all visible ones are gofel trees, which means that there is a possibility that founder seeds are falling in all of this place.
However, it also means that we can not specify the sampling place, in the past, many players struggled while staring at their feet.
Mira breathes a small sigh as she holding the founder’s seeds while remembering such a thing in the past.


「Ringmaster, you need more of this ~nya?」(Catsith)


As he climbs on Mira’s shoulder, Catsith asks as he pointing to the seeds in Mira’s hand.
Mira puts Catsith on her head a little from her shoulder as she answers.


「I need about 9 more of it, but I have to look for it in a blatant way, I may not be able to find all of it」(Mira)


Mira complains but the turning point was then.
Catsith goes down to the arms of Mira, sniffs or smells the smell of the founder’s seeds in her hands. Then he jumps off and searches for surroundings.


「Over there, it has the same sign ~nya!」(Catsith)


Catsith says so and confidently points out several branches ahead.
However, as opposed to his behavior, he puts the tongue out of his mouth.
The placard of the first member was written  [taste ×]


「Hoo … Do thou realize it somehow?」(Mira)

「It’s a very distinctive seed, if you have a sharp sense of sneezy, it will be easy!」(Catsith)


Catsith raises his cat paw like a thump up as he talks to Mira.
His eyes is sharp and full of confidence, but his tongue still points out.


「Hmm, that’s great, First member」(Mira)


Mira picks up and holds Catsith in her chest, and then she runs through the sky with <Sky Walking> to where Catsith pointed to.


「It’s near here ~nya」(Catsith)


From Mira’s chest, Catsith points to the tip of a branch nearby.
And according to that word, Mira found the seed of the founder, where the vine of the branch entwined.
Speaking of Catsith, Mira knew that he can make reconnaissance as a scout to some extent.
However, Mira never thought that such feats would exist. She was pleased with the new reality compare to the game and asking Catsith the next place while holding him with both hands.


「Where next?」(Mira)

「Uu … nya, …over there ~nya!」(Catsith)


As he gets hold in Mira’s hands when she wanders arround the place. Catsith’s sharp sensation captures new reactions and indicates the direction with <Cat Searchlight>


「Oh great! Thank」(Mira)


It seems Mira is able to collect more than expected,
Mira who got up to the best feeling due to the synergistic effect with the new discovery
Mira praised Catsith as she stroked the body of the kitten many times over.

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  1. Nyan desu to!? is the cat version of Nan desu to!? It’s a way you respond to another person when said person says something so despairingly shocking. Kind of means like “Say what?” Or “What did you say?” But in more or less with the feeling of missing the goal by a milimeter in soccer. Not sure if that makes it clear to you.

    I think the tenma in labyrinth should be taken more separately. I’ve checked the beginning of the next chapter and it describes what the primal forest is and that would contradict with the demon part I think.

    Also, danchou can be translated as a leader of a group and since Cat Sith is more or ess doing flashy acts and such, I think he’s actually calling Mira a ringmaster, the boss of a circus group. Would make more sense overall than using.

    I still think using Shakespearean doesn’t work. I mean, Mira made a character that is similar to Gandalf and Dumbledore and acts appropriately, but those two don’t see them Shakespearean either. They talk more like a wiseman instead.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The little cat is wedged in her chest…. Well, I guess it’s a staple of some mahou soujou to have a small cute familiar there.

    I feel sorry for you dear translator. As someone whose used to roleplaying with a “shakespearean/archaic” speech pattern, I’m just glad they didn’t make it too hard. After reading the chapter, I tried to think how it would be said if she went “full throttle” with it:

    There’d be several sentences that’d be changed, even if the meaning would be the same.
    Mira’s [it is] would become [tis].

    Hopefully you won’t be frustrated with the translation later on. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It has to do with the catsith acting as if they’re a circus group, with Mira as the ringmaster and himself being member no. 1


  3. Catsith [it was also a man’s dream to be laid under a girl’s buttstocks]
    I already like this catsith he is a ma.. cat of culture XD


  4. After say thank to the Elders > after SAYING THANKS to the elders

    It one of the fruits that Elders often give to those who came to seek roots. > IT’S one of the fruits that THE Elders often give to those who came to seek THEIR roots.

    After Pegasus calm down > After Pegasus CALMED down

    standing on the banks of the lake that can mistake as paradise > standing on the banks of the lake that can BE MISTAKEN as paradise

    Some animal similar to squirrel > Some animal similar to A squirrel

    Pegasus himself did not seem to be annoying > Pegasus himself did not seem to be ANNOYED

    and he accepted small animals admirably > and he accepted THE small animals admirably

    their safest sanctuary is stay by his side. >
    their safest sanctuary is TO stay by his side.

    Mira finds a blue rabbit on the back the Pegasus. > Mira finds a blue rabbit on the back OF the Pegasus.

    its curious eyes is unbelievable adore. > its curious eyes is unbelievably ADORABLE.

    Even it is an extremely vigilant creature but it’s looking at Mira with curious eyes.
    Witness such a thing, Mira’s eyes were nailed to the cuteness of pure rabbit which she saw only in the screen shot. > Even IF IT’S an extremely vigilant creature but it’s looking at Mira with curious eyes.
    WITNESSING such a thing, Mira’s eyes were nailed to the cuteness of The pure rabbit which she saw only in the screen shot.

    Mira kept gently stroking as for not to surprise its as much as possible. > Mira kept gently stroking as for not to surprise IT as much as possible.

    Mira has confidence that she can play with Pure Rabbit forever, >
    Mira has confidence that she can play with THE Pure Rabbit forever,

    Mira starts to sliping down the steep slope > Mira starts to SLIP down the steep slope
    Mira starts slipping down the steep slope

    laid under a girl’s buttstocks > laid under a girl’s buttocks (WTF)


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