Mile Chapter 111: Trample

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Translator’s Note: This chapter will reveal Mile is the world strongest with her Average Abilities.

Welcome to the most Average Chapter. There can’t be any chapter as Average as this chapter.

Solo 3 Ancient Dragon un-scratched with a lot of of Chuuni.

Beside Raws have totally 222 chapters and this is chapter 111.

Mile Chapter 111: Trample


「Ho, are you still standing …?
However, there is no way that you can win.
If you obediently surrender and speak everything, we will spare your life」(Beldetes)


Mile replied back to the words of the Ancient Dragon Beldetes.


「You mean, If you obediently surrender and tell me everything, I will spare your lives, all three of you …」(Mile)


「Ha ha, you are an interesting fellow. It’s regrettable that you are a human being…」(Sherara)


Ignoring the reactions of Ancient Dragons, Mile casts spells.


「Nano machine!」(Mile)


The air around her is trembling with a Pi~ in sound. And she speaks out loud.


「Nano machine! Eye, command, yuu …」(Mile) (T.N: that’s not a mistake or typo, I must write it like that)


Mile instructs Nano-machines in Earth’s language, so no-one can understand what the magic she is conjuring.
But even if Nano-machines don’t know the Earth’s language, they have no problem understanding what Mile said because they can receive her thought waves.
Besides, somehow, God seemed to have given Mile a little too much of service.


「As Kurihara Misato, Adel von Askham and Mile, I ordered you, accept my order with the highest priority …」(Mile)

「It’s no use doing this over and over again.
There’s no way your magic can pass our three Ancient Dragons’ defensive magic…」(Beldetes)

Hi~yugo, do~o n! (SFX)

「What…」(3 Ancient Dragons)


The three Ancient Dragons are amazed that their defensive magic was destroyed by a single spell.


「Well, that’s kind of … It’s impossible!
The defense magic that was casted with three of us, was destroyed by a human’s fire lance spell…」(Beldetes)


Mile who heard of that, had a grin smile.
Yes, she wants to say it once in her life.
She can’t stand the pleasure that she has a chance to say that one line from the anime series she watched.
And that one line that Mile says is.


(Translator’s joke: Don’t be stupid, do you think I need to use a fire lance to destroy your magic shield?)

「… the spell just now isn’t a fire lance, it’s just a fire ball …」(Mile)


However, in reality, it was a fire lance that Mile released with full power.
Bluffs and threats are important in a battle.
But why did Mile’s magic suddenly have such ridiculous power?
… Yes, Mile had heard the reason from the Nano-machines after the first time she used her awakening power.

The Nano-machine’s explanation was as follows:


「According to the data queries’ result, in your previous magic exercise, the order of the instruction has been clearly instructed to the Nano-machines, thus the efficiency had been higher than usual, and the magical effect has been amplified approximately 3.27 times」


Then, if the authority level 5 Mile clearly instructed the order directly to the Nano-machines?
Yes, the result was this.


「Im… impossible… It can’t be…
Everyone, we will attack, please use your full power!」(Beldetes)

Go o ~u! (SFX)


And All the three breaths were blocked just before they can hit Mile and was dispersed.


「How can this happen, such a thing …」(Beldetes)

「Thunder Bolt!」(Mile)

Whoops! (SFX)


Lightning strikes the first Ancient Dragon, Uensu.
Uensu fell down to the ground with a big sound, fainted with white eyes.


「Lightning? It’s magic to manipulate nature!」(Beldetes)


Apparently, the Ancient Dragons didn’t know the concept of electricity
It looks like they can’t use thunder magic.


「Do you feel like surrendering, yet?
Oh that’s right, since this magic can be dropped from above, it’s useless to hide.
If you don’t surrender…」(Mile)

「Uooooo~o ~!! 」(Beldetes)


Beldetes rushed toward Mile.
He doesn’t allow anyone to attack Sherara, absolutely.
And with how this attack magic is used, he can’t prevent attack magic from above.
Once the girl before him used that magic to attack, he can’t even become Sherara’s shield.


[Then, what should I do?
… It is easy.
If magic is not good against this girl, I can kill her by crushing her with my body. It was just that.
There are no organisms that can endure a melee attack from a giant Ancient Dragon] (Beldetes’s inner thought)


Even if an Ancient Dragon is the biggest creature, they still have the fastest speed.
Beldetes rushed with his full speed.
With this, even if he falls by receiving the attack magic of his opponent, he can still crush her by crashing onto the opponent.


(…won!) (Beldetes’s inner thought)


Or so he thought, but he felt a little uneasy. He doubt why his opponent isn’t going to move at all.


(Is she just pressured by the force of a furious Ancient Dragon that she can’t move?! Or for another reason…) (Beldetes’s inner thought)


And Beldetes finally crushed Mile who did not move at all until the end.


「Aaaaaaa ~ ~!!」(Beldetes)


A silver sword pierced through Beldetes’s right foot that was supposed to crush Mile.
Yes, Mile is not only the best at using magic but also good with close combat using a sword as well.
The Ancient Dragon raised his feet in a panic.
And from his foot beneath, Mile appeared completely unharmed.
The injuries she has received until now has been already completely healed.
Even her hair has also been restored.
Unfortunately, her armor and clothes remained tattered.


「Why! Why didn’t you get crushed!」(Beldetes)

「Only idiots talk to the enemies the secrets of their skills, aren’t you also thinking like that?」(Mile)

「What, what …」(Beldetes)


Mile had thought that her body only had half the strength of the Ancient Dragon King until this battle.
However, she noticed that it isn’t so due to the 「broken bones incident」earlier.
…If you think about it carefully.

Her bones, tendons and muscles are of a size not comparable to the Ancient Dragon.
So there was no way the God can give her half the strength and power of the Ancient Dragon King.
Unless her skeleton was built with Orchalcum and carbon nanotubes formed her muscles…
The God (self-stated) knew it’s impossible to give human such Average Abilities, half strength and power of the Ancient Dragon King.

Yes, but only with「human being」
Then what had he done to Mile’s body.
Of course, that was 「passive body strengthening magic」

And unlike Maevis, Mile’s basic abilities are already half of the Ancient Dragon King, so God even made her body able to withstand any kind of strengthening magic.
And Mile is able to gather Nano-machines by herself with her Authority level 5.
Her strengthening magic is also multiplying by 3.27 times because she’s asking directly to the Nano-machines.

The Ancient Dragon King is 6800 x 2 times stronger than a normal human and was this world’s strongest being. But Mile right now is 6800 x 3.27 times stronger than a human.
As expected, even with that overwhelming power, it’s impossible to throw away the Ancient Dragon.
Her body right now can support at least twice that weight. Not to mention, she also had her Lattice Force Barrier all over her body surface.


「Well, it seems that you will not surrender.
So I will cut the neck of any living things before my eyes, not even an Ancient Dragon can resist my ultimate「neck hunting magic 」…」(Mile)

「No, stop it! Stop it, stop it!!」(Beldetes) (T.N: he really repeat it many time)

Zu ~un! (SFX)


At that time, when Beldetes cried out in desperate, the ground rumbled.
Everyone is looking the direction of that sound, the Ancient Dragon Sherara is lying on her back, opening both arms and both legs behind the Ancient Dragon Beldetes.


「… The completely surrender gesture of the Ancient Dragon」(Kulereia)


Until now, Dr. Kulereia was only standing with tension to keep defensive magic to defend other girls at any time. But right now she can’t help but be amazed by the scene before her.
Uensu was disabled and Sherara surrendered. Beldetes alone couldn’t keep on fighting.
And Beldetes himself already lost his will to fight.

Originally, he didn’t plan to fight.
If this could be resolved by talks, he would normally do it like that.
He lost his cool when realize Sherara might in danger before, because Sherara is someone he must absolutely protect

And now Sherara has surrendered, it’s not just a gesture like lowering the head as to say「Please talk with me」 but a rather a「full surrender gesture」
Due to a situation that is too hard to believe, he neither felt angry or hurt his pride as an Ancient Dragon. There’s only one thing he could do.
And Beldetes muttered.

「I Surrender …」(Beldetes)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I can’t wait to see how Mile manages to explain what she just did to everyone else.


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