Mile Chapter 120: New Journey

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Mile Chapter 120: New Journey


「Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!」 (Reni)


When Mile told Reni about the long-term expedition, Reni shouted loudly as expected.


「…Was that so」 (Reni)


However right after that, she was unexpectedly calm accepting it. Everyone thought that Reni was going to make a fuss and cry.


「What’s with your attitude, I can’t believe you!」 (Reni)


Reni-chan is sulking.


「When we are running an inn, I know there will be a time when we need to part. It often occurs.
It still is far better than to go hunting and never return again, or to become a chunky meat lump.
Actually, it’s far better, because you just go on a journey for learning. This is just a simple farewell.
Also, won’t you come back again someday? It’s not like we can’t meet each other again」 (Reni)


「Red Oath」girls are agape as they admire Reni who is more mature than they thought.

And the unfortunate guests who had eaten steak stopped moving their forks around 「a chunky meat lump」part.


「But then, you can’t have “no restriction for using hot water” in all bathrooms, I mean, it will be difficult, isn’t it?
Even if you decide to use it sparingly, the cost to hire a hunter to make hot water is much higher than if were to do it.
You wouldn’t get much profit for the effort, would you?
That’s why you can’t make much profit while we are away, the bath service is almost essential for attracting and advertising purposes. Isn’t that right?」 (Mile)


Reni-chan is bombarded with Mile’s words. (T.N: mean Mile asking one after another and doesn’t allow Reni has a chance to reply)

Yes, while the girls were absent, Reni had refilled the water by hiring orphans. Heating water with kettles was cheaper and faster than hiring a magician with free meals.

What Mile said was true.

After all, when counting the water tanks for all the blocks, we would need something 3 meters tall, 4 meters wide and 50 centimeters deep for the required water volume, all in all, that’s about 6 tons.

Besides, we also needed to consider the amount of hot water required to add to the tank supply for keeping the showers running.

We have to pump up hundreds of buckets of water from a well a certain distance away, heat it up, and carry it to the tank. Each bucket is as much as 10 liters of water.  It was too much labor.

Even if we ask fire magicians to heat up the tank, we need at least more than 2 magicians and of course that many fire magicians will never stay conveniently at the inn every night.

However, if we limit the number of shower rooms to one, we only need to fill 1 meter multiplied by 1.5 meters multiplied by 50 centimeters.

That’s right, without Mile’s magic, it takes a considerable amount of time and expense to prepare the bath and hot water.

When the inn limited the hot water usage, the amount of guests that can use it is also limited.

Only when 「Red Oath」 stayed, the inn could earn money with 「 no restriction for using hot water」 in all bathrooms.






「When we are gone, it will be painful to manage the bath.
Without raising the price, you can’t make a profit.
The time and effort requirements are too big, it will just be a burden for Reni.
It might be better to break down the bath … 」 (Mile)

「No! Don’t do it!」 (Reni)


Reni-chan is obstructing Mile’s worrying words.


「Actually, the management of the inn was going well. And… because it’s family-run, no labor costs are required.
Besides, if we tear down the bath, our inn will be just one of the common ordinary inns in the capital.
Now that our name is selling well, thanks to the bath service the sisters have been attracting customers.
So we can’t afford to lose the bath service here at the same time you are going on a journey… 」 (Reni)


Reni-chan keeps speaking.


「We are an inn, the visitors who stay at the inn have no homes in this town.
Most of them are travelers, I was prepared for you sisters to travel someday as well.
But I’ve already decided at that time to keep the bath even if we can’t get any profit from it.
No matter how painful it is …」 (Reni)


Reni has a determined eye as she said that.


「Reni will not give up, no matter what happens!」 (Reni)








「Mile, what are you doing?」 (Rena)


In the inn’s room Mile wears a cloak over her undergarment (下着).

She is practicing something bashfully, The other girls watching her with a shocking face.


「Ah…, no, It’s just a Nake Mante (エトウランゼ), in preparation for the ending …」 (Mile)

「Don’t tell me something that we don’t understand!」 (Rena)


(T.N: FUNA sensei, with all respect, this isn’t good. It has a negative impact on children’s education)


And late at night.

Mile came out of her bed and left the room quietly.

Three other girls quietly followed after.

This time, Pauline was also properly included.

Actually, they don’t think that Mile will run away. Unlike last time, Mile is in her underwear.

And Rena thought.


(What are you planning to do if you come across someone?)  (Rena)


Actually, a lady was never allowed to go out like this.

Rena and other girls are safe because they wore a cloak over their sleepwear.

This time Mile doesn’t use detection magic. Not because it was troublesome, but because she can’t enjoy the thrill when she aware of her surroundings. Of course, when necessary, Mile will use it without hesitation.

That’s why Mile who was sneaking around at the time didn’t notice the existence of the other girls. And where she headed is…


 (……bath?) (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


Yes, Mile was heading to the bath.


(Are you going to take a bath one last time?) (Rena)


Rena thought so, but Mile stopped at the wall without entering the bathroom.

And she use soil magic without chanting.

Then a hole opens on the ground, the soil began to form a wall of a tall well. And then the soil become hardened like a rock.

After that, Mile makes a small fireball with fire magic and drop into the well.

After checking the inside the well, Mile looked satisfied and was about to return to the room …


「Huh…, everyone!」 (Mile)

「Stop sneaking out by yourself!
Everyone is your friend!
No matter whether it is a good or bad thing, you need to consult us before doing anything.
Everyone will be doing it, and everyone takes responsibility!」 (Rena)


Maevis and Pauline nod to Rena’s words.


「…………I’m sorry」 (Mile)


Mile was scolded by Rena, but she was a little happy for some reason instead of depressed.





「Thank you for taking care of us for a long time!」 (Rena)

「No, no, we were taken care of in various ways, like a souvenir on the way home from work, a bath, …
Thanks to that, the occupancy rate of the guest room rose and the net profit rose.
We really appreciate it」 (Reni’s mother)


The girls were slightly shy when being told so by Reni’s mother.

And Red Oath was sent off by Reni’s family and other guests who currently stayed at the inn.


「They already left」 (Reni’s parents)

「Yes, they left …」 (Other guests, maybe)


When hearing everyone said so, Reni who still smiled until then began to cry


「U~eee…」 (Reni)


Reni clung to her mother and cried.

Her mother pats her head, but Reni never stops crying.






A few hours later.

Reni comes to the yard and realizes the existence of a well that suddenly appeared next to the tanks of the bathroom.

If we think about it, there’s a well at a few dozens of meters away.

That means there was the water line running in the basement around here.

If we dig around here, we may make another well.

Of course, everyone knew it but they didn’t have the money to do such a construction.

And with this, the labor of drawing water drastically decreases.

No, the effort to pump up is unchanged, but the distance to carry is almost zero.

If this is the case, the wages paid to the orphans will decrease …

No, because we need less labor now, should we expand the bath and aim for an increase in revenues along with the bath fee?


「Ahahahahaha … 」 (Reni)


And Reni was thinking.


(Onee-chan, It would have been nice if you made a roof too…)  (Reni)


As expected of Mile, she didn’t think so far ahead.






While walking with everyone, Mile was thinking.


[ I should have attached some useful mechanism to pump water from the well.

However, such a mechanism tends to break down.

Once it breaks down, it can not be repaired, and it makes no sense when that happens.

Besides, if Reni’s inn has such a thing, they must watch out for merchants and the authorities.

Then, how about something that can’t be copied?

Make an upper half golem body that works with only one function「pull out water」

Yes, but should I call it a Robot instead?

Because it’s this world’s first robot, of course, the name is 「Ro-bi One / Robo One」 (ロビー Ro bi Ichi)

But everyone in this world doesn’t even understand the concept of a robot, so if I don’t do it well, it will be treated as a monster.
Because it is placed next to a well, it will be called as 「Idomon

But there’s no one in this world that can understand the meta that I thought of ] (Mile’s inner thought)


Mile cried in her heart about the cruelty of this world.


「What are you thinking, why are you look like irritated or frustrated about something.
Well, finally, a new journey for “Red oath”
We will spread our name and I’m aiming for B rank!」 (Rena)

「After that, I will be aiming for A rank and become a knight!」 (Maevis)

「Make money and start a business on my own!」 (Pauline)

「… Uhm, I’d like to get the happiness as an ordinary, mediocre girl …」 (Mile)

「Let’s do it, everyone!」 (Rena)

「Oooh !! 」 (Pauline + Maevis)

「That…」 (Mile)


Nobody has heard Mile ‘s words.






A few days later.


「Excuse me, I heard that the female hunter party, 「Red Oath 」 is staying here …」 (Kulereia)


The one who appeared in the inn was Dr. Kulereia.


「Eh? Who are you, what do you want from the girls?」 (Reni)


It isn’t uncommon for someone wanting to meet the 「Red Oath」and try to do it at the inn.

Reni thinks that this girl also wants to join the party and replies the same as usual.
In other words, return to them with a blunt reply.


「Oh, I’m sorry, please tell them that Kulereia came」 (Kulereia)


As expected, even though the other party she is talking to is a child (who was having a conversation on the job) Dr. Kulereia is still using polite words with Reni.
But the answer was rude and cold.


「Big sisters of 「Red Oath 」already left」 (Reni)

「Huh…?」 (Kulereia)


It is still only 1 day after the previous request. So Red Oath should be resting and on vacation for a while. The doctor who thought so was surprised.


「So, what kind of request did they receive and where did they go?」 (Kulereia)

「I don’t know, and even if I know it, I will not spread Big sisters’ private information, which is our pride as an inn’s keeper」 (Reni)


Because it is a conversation on the job, Dr. Kulereia was using proper and polite words even for a child.

Even so, she was surprised at how Reni having a working adult attitude.


「Ah … I’m sorry, then, when will they come back …」 (Kulereia)

「I don’t know」 (Reni)

「That’s…」 (Kulereia)


Reni decided to tell only the things that don’t really affect that much to Dr. Kulereia.


「Big sisters of “Red Oath” had already left not went out.
In other words, it means that they left this inn and won’t come back anymore」 (Reni)

「Huh…?」 (Kulereia)


Hearing the shocking news, Doctor silently got out of the inn and ran to the Hunter Guild. With full force.


「Where did the “Red Oath” go? 」(Kulereia)


Dr. Kulereia yelled so as she dived into the guild.

Even this is also a conversation about her job, but she forgot to use polite words.


「 A few days ago, they already departed, but …」 (Receptionist)


Because being loud in the guild is troublesome for other customers, the receptionist who was talking to the hunter party was answering it from the counter.


「Where, where! Where did they go?」 (Kulereia)


Dr. Kulereia is no longer caring about anything like her surroundings.


「I don’t know」 (Receptionist)


And 「Red Oath」goes on a journey.

Seeking a new city, a new adventure, and new gold coin savings.

… In addition, an「average happiness」as well.

FUNA sensei’s note:

Let’s rest once, with good cutting!

There is no writing schedule and I’m a little fatigue …

(^ ^ゞ   I’m sorry, please let me rest properly for 3 consecutive holidays.

The next update is scheduled on Friday, October 23. (^ ^) /

Translator’s Note: the Golden time that FUNA sensei release dailies. Now is weekly.

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  1. thanks for the update

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  2. [In the inn’s room Mile wears a cloak over her underwear]

    What does she mean practicing this bashfully for the ending.
    Is it that? Some sort of play?
    I want to se… I’m curious for research purposes.

    [This time Mile doesn’t use detection magic. Not because it was troublesome, but because she can’t enjoy the thrill when she know everything]

    The thrill of getting caught?
    Was Mile such a “free” person?
    My impression of Mile is crumbling in a goo… bad way.

    Erofu is a yandere it seems.
    Mile seems happiness is just around the corner.
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  5. 「Ah…, no, It’s just a Nake Mante (エトウランゼ), in preparation for the ending …」 (Mile)

    「Don’t tell me something that we don’t understand!」 (Rena)

    I didn’t understand it too, can someone explain?


  6. How should we translate when Reni-chan calls R.O. sister or big sister. Change it to girls? Keep onee-chan? Keep it as is now?


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  8. Suggestion:
    we would need 3 meters “tall”-> “Height”, 4 meters “wide”-> “Width” and 50 centimeters depth (google WxHxD)

    It might be better to break down the bath … 」 (Mile)「”No good!”->”No! Don’t do it」 (Reni)

    In the inn’s room Mile wears a cloak over her “underwear”-> ” (下着). Underwear= undergarment

    This time Mile doesn’t use detection magic. “But It was”-> “It was not” because it’s troublesome, but it was because she can’t enjoy the thrill

    If we think about it, there’s a well “a”->”at/in a” few dozens meters away.

    Because it’s this world’s first robot, of course, the name is 「Lobby」 (ロビー Ro bi Ichi)-> “Ro-bi One/Robo One”

    In other words, return to them with “a salt correspondence- like”->”blunt/rude/sarcastic” reply.

    But the answer was “salty”-> “blunt/rude/sarcastic” and cold.

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    • “ロビー” should just be “Robby”, or maybe “Roby”. It isn’t “ro bi ichi” as you read it, but “robii”
      The character “ー” is the Chōon mark (long vowel), not the Kanji “一” meaning “one” (“Ichi”)
      I know there is no obvious distinction between them in the font this page uses. I was just suspicious of “Robot One” translation and c&p’ed the “ー” to check which unicode was actually being used.


  9. 『戦国魔神ゴーショーグン 時の異邦人(エトランゼ)』

    Most of them are travelers, étranger who will stay only temporarily.

    étranger エトランゼ
    Etou Ranze(江藤蘭世) エトウランゼ = Naked mantle synonym

    it’s a joke.


  10. for『戦国魔神ゴーショーグン 時の異邦人(エトランゼ)』
    Most of them are travelers, étranger who will stay only temporarily.

    étranger エトランゼ
    Etou Ranze エトウランゼ = Naked mantle synonym

    it’s a joke.


  11. for『戦国魔神ゴーショーグン 時の異邦人(エトランゼ)』
    Most of them are travelers, étranger who will stay only temporarily.

    étranger エトランゼ
    Etou Ranze エトウランゼ = Naked mantle synonym

    it’s a joke.


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