Mile Chapter 121: The city that I visited before


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Mile Chapter 121: The city that I visited before


「We will stay in this town tonight.
And if there’s a request that looks good,
we will clear it fast and earn a little more money」 (Rena)


About 10 days since Red Oath departed from the capital.  That evening, the girls arrived at a small town. Rena suggests staying at this town and everyone nods.

By the way, everyone decided to not use the money they earned in the kingdom on the trip.

It is meaningless to live luxuriously with earned savings on a training journey.

The money saved up until now is sealed.

And, during this trip, Red Oath will only use the money they earn.

No, actually everyone intended to increase their stock more and more.


「Well, before going to the inn, we need to visit the guild and collect information first」 (Rena)

「Oh!」 (Mile + Maevis + Pauline)


Although we don’t know if the guild has any interesting request, we will not visit the inn first.

In some cases, there’s a possibility of going out for a request immediately or be invited to the residence of the client. Even that probability is really low, but … we can’t help it…

When the girls opened the door of the guild, as usual, the gaze of the hunters who were there was concentrated on them all at once.

No matter what city’s guild, this is just how it is.

This is already the habit of the hunters so it can not be helped.

And, as usual, it was divided into those who lost interest, those who wonder what kind of girls they are, and those who looked down at strangers … NOT.


「Hey, that girl …」 (Hunter A)

「 Isn’t that “Copper slashing” girl?」(Hunter B)

「A hunter girl that was the pride of our town, she has returned …」 (Hunter C)


Four girls of “Red Oath” are confused with the reaction of the guild.


「Ah, Mile-san!」 (Laura)


When other hunters heard that screaming from the reception desk, more and more people gaze at the girls.

Mile checking her memories and finally remembered.


「Oh, Raou-san!」 (Mile)

「It’s Laura!」 (Laura)


While listening to the receptionist’s voice correct her name, Mile mutters.


「I thought that something’s familiar about this town but now I see …」 (Mile)


After that, the guild master heard the news came running down from the second floor and grabbed Mile’s hands with teary eyes.


「Welcome back, I will reserve the dinner for you tonight, please wait for a little until I’m done with my work!」 (G.M)


That being said, Guild Master ordered Laura to reserve a restaurant and flew (T.N: I guess Author mean “ran fast”) back to the room to finish the remaining work.


「What does this mean?」 (Rena)

「 Hahaha …」 (Mile)


Rena stares at Mile and makes her feel awkward, and she explains to other girls as well.


「In other words, that Guild Master was the one who recommended you to the hunter training school?」 (Rena)

「Ah, yes」 (Mile)

「Well, he was our benefactor! It was because of that person that we met, …
But then again, he shouldn’t have to suffer the trouble of giving Guild Master a recommendation the first time meeting a girl.
He must be either a fairly good person or a naive idiot.
So, which one of them should he be?
I didn’t see him as a “very good person” though」 (Rena)

「Ah uhm…, good person!」 (Mile)

「Huh?」 (Rena)

「As I said, he is a nice person!」 (Mile)

(Oh that’s right, there’s another naive idiot here, … ) (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


The three girls correctly understood that.

As the girls confirm the request board there’s only a request for the herb collection.

So they decided to skip work in this town and go to the next town tomorrow.

Laura-san who finished the reservation for dining hall returns, the Guild Master also comes down from his room on the second floor.


「Well, let’s go!」 (G.M)


The girls didn’t complain as they get treated. Red Oath gladly followed the Guild Master and Laura.

The dining hall was a small shop as this is only a small town.

The first floor is a dining room and a kitchen, the third floor is the shopkeeper’s residential area and warehouse, and the second floor is a guest room.

As it was so, Mile took a room at this shop before eating. It is safe even if you eat so much you cannot move.


「You came back and I welcome you!
That graduation exam, I had been watching with Laura.
No, it was a wonderful fight …」 (G.M)

「Did you come to see it?」 (Mile)


Mile is surprised by Guild Master ‘s words.


「Of course!
It was me who recommended Mile and it’s also an important graduation test!
No, actually thanks to Mile’s graduation with excellent results.
My recommendation was also highly praised and got a rank up, I also got a new year “Guild Master Excavation Award” and even our Guild became more famous.
All thanks to Mile!」 (G.M)


The guild master is overjoyed.

And a fun dinner party began.

Although she didn’t directly watch she had listened from other hunters.

Laura is also excited as she brags about Mile’s tale such as 「Great sword slashing」and 「copper slashing」etc.

And only three girls drinking a little wine, excluding the under-age Mile.

No, in this country there’s no age restriction for drinking, it’s only 「self-regulation」of Mile with memories of the previous life.

Instead, Mile tries to give Rena a hint.

As long as we keep it in moderation the one who is paying won’t feel uncomfortable.

But for the guild master who gained a rank and salary increase thanks to Mile, that was a trivial thing.

And the Guild Master keeps asking Mile about some great events or interesting things.

And Mile tells him about a various thing, for example, 「Ancient Dragon and survey activities of beastkins 」of course the amount of information limited.

The Guild Master is pleased with the valuable information.

For the guild master, other hunters up until now only brought in troublesome things on a daily basis. Hearing such interesting stories is really great.

Sweet life, this is the best day ever.

Such words floated in Guild Master’s mind.






Next day.

Although the Guild Master is somewhat drunk, he still isn’t late for work.

But as expected, he didn’t go to work before the rush hour in the morning as usual.

He went to work right on time in the morning, the second bell (9 am) which is the regular attendance time.

As a matter of course, the receptionist gets to the office earlier than the Guild Master.

And Guild Master talked to Laura who is doing business at the counter without any worry about the wine smell left from last night when she isn’t serving any customers.


「Did everyone in the「Red Oath」come here today?」 (G.M)

「Ah, yes, they came early in the morning. After greeting everyone including other hunters at that time and they left, but …」 (Laura)


Guild master nods with Laura’s answer.


「Ho ho, It’s nice to be young.
They arrived only yesterday but already went working without a break.
So, which request did they take ?」 (G.M)

「Nothing」 (Laura)

「Huh?」 (G.M)


The Guild master was agape with Laura’s answer.


「No, because they headed to the next town and we didn’t have any escort requests, so they couldn’t receive any requests.
They were saying that they will hunt for animals or material collection that were the permanent request on the way to the next town」 (Laura)

「Huh?」 (G.M)


Guild master can’t understand the story.


「Well, weren’t Mile and her party coming back to this town to settle here…」 (G.M)

「What are you talking about, Master …
They are a promising newcomer with a lot of expectation right now.
They can’t live in such a rural town like this with hardly any request.
They just dropped by while on the move」 (Laura)

「Ee…eee~…eee~…!」 (G.M)


The guild master collapses on the floor with despair on his face.

It was only half of a happy day …






「I hope that there will be an interesting request in the next town!」 (Mile)

「Interesting request… NO
We should take up a request with good reward, Mile-chan!」 (Pauline)


Pauline correcting Mile’s remarks while walking on the highway.


「No, as a matter of fact, I’d like to have a request with high credit points, so that we can become B rank and then A rank Hunter sooner …」 (Maevis)


Maevis is also saying her wish.


「Well, then we will only get fun, good rewards and high credit point requests.
Anyway, we will go to the next town!
And at the same time, we will hunt monsters and animals for material purposes!
Right now, we have insufficient power, insufficient knowledge, insufficient experience, and above all, insufficient gold coins!」 (Rena)


Three girls smile bitterly with Rena’s words.

However, this is a journey of learning, a journey of making money. So everyone replied like usual.


「Oh !!」 (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)


And because Red Oath has no fixed destination, Mile left everything to Rena who had experience with traveling when she was younger.

But Mile forgot an important thing.

She had run away from her country, reached this town and from this town traveled to the Capital in the past.

And now, the girls have traveled from the kingdom and reached that town.

Then, if the girls go straight this way, where will they head to?


(T.N: sound hard to understand but it as like this:
Adel from A -> Mile at town B -> Red Oath at C.  Now Red Oath at C -> travel to Town B -> A, what is A place ?)


And the 「Red Oath」went straight to the road opposite to the Capital’s direction.

They are looking forward to the requests in the next town.

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  1. Hahaha. Excited to see the reunion.

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  2. Just leave it to Mile to forget such little things as where she stayed for a month or a year.

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  6. there was a sentence I didn’t know what to do with it
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  7. Suggestion:
    「”Is not that”->”Isn’t she that/the” 「Copper slashing 」girl?」

    But then again, he shouldn’t have to “suffer the trouble of”-> “trouble himself by” giving “Guild Master a”->”Guild Master’s” recommendation “the first time meeting a girl.”->”to the girl, he just met”

    It is safe even if you eat so much “”->”until” you cannot move.

    After greeting everyone including other hunters at that time “and”->”then” they left, but …」

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