Kaoru Chapter 15: Hesitation

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Kaoru Chapter 15: Hesitation


A few days after that, Kaoru was officially accepted, and the workshop paid the referral fee to the Working Center.

With her knowledge and experience, she easily grasps everyone’s working habit.

Because everyone tends to work over time and forget their meal, she saves labor by making simple Rice-balls or sandwiches. Of course, she still cooks proper meal when everyone finished their work (not just on break).

Most of her work is organizing and cleaning the workshop. Thanks to 「Kaoru special deodorant」that she explained to everyone 「It made by mixing tea and fruit juice and other various ingredients」, the stench of the room was also improved dramatically.

In this way, the Kaoru has established a firm position within the workshop.

And thus when she was able to spend her free time, she often went to the library. The usage fee of the library remained high as usual.

「Uhm, Acil-san, what are you making?」 (Kaoru)

Kaoru asked Acil after seeing him using an unusual tool to build items for raising some funds instead of researching.

「Ah, I’m making a bottle, there’s an order from a noble acquaintance.

He need something light and durable to store liquor but doesn’t change the taste of the liquor. Because the buyer is a noble, I can sell it at a good price.

Well, It can’t compare with beautiful silver item. Though it should be enough for everyday use」 (Acil)

Unlike other staff members, Acil-san is a noble.

However, he is the third son of a Baron house.

Because he is the last child, he is the last one that have a chance to succeed to the house.

As a result, his father, the current owner made Acil-san working.

No, it isn’t neglect or anything. He left Acil to choose his own future

He has good brothers, family and friends.

Back to topic, he is making a container, then …

I wonder if I can move a little sooner than I planned.

「Ah … that’s right. Actually, an acquaintance of mine is making glass containers. Because she was making it as a hobby, she didn’t sell it nor had shop to do it. But right now, she wants to sell some to get a little money … Can I borrow a small portion of the display shelf?」 (Kaoru)

That shelf used for displays finished products, to show the technical capabilities of the workshop. It can serve as a reference for ordered customers, and it’s also a selling item with a price tag.

Since this workshop was mainly made for order production, there was enough space on the shelf.

「Well, I guess it’s probably okay, but you must get permission from Bard-san」 (Acil)

「I understand, I will ask」 (Kaoru)

And Bard gives permission easily. It’s a request of a girl who worked well, cooked delicious food and improved their living after all.

「Ooohh …」 (5 men)

Looking at the glass container, five researchers include Bard have lost their words.

「What a beautiful …」 (either 1 of 4 men)

「The one making this have great creation skills, not only it has great design but also the transparency and radiance of this glass … What is it, just what is this …」 (Acil)

Kaoru 「Friend’s hobby handmade product」was an amazing item.

The bottle made of shining crystal glass, and had symmetrical stylish design body and a large lid part.

The lid was in the shape of a goddess with a wing, and had a presence that distinctive than the bottle itself and which was the main. No, surely the lid must be the main.

(T.N: I have no knowledge about glass making or chemical, if you spot any mistakes please tell me)

Crystal glass. It is made by adding lead oxide etc. to the glass raw material, and it is really transparent and it glows which are not comparable with ordinary glass.

It’s rude to name this a glass, because a glass which is a noncrystalline substance can’t compare with this item.

Anyway, it is much more expensive than glass, and it can’t put into practical use here.

Originally, people in this world make glass works by cutting glass and forging. So crystal products may not have a very fine workmanship in some cases.

But this was very fine workmanship. Rather than forging, it cuts crystal to every single detail.

「Kaoru-chan … I wonder if we can meet this person who made this …」 (Acil)

「Oh, the artisan lady. Her house is strict. It seems she secretly making this with single-handedly during her free time while hiding it from her family. She is mainly helping with her family’s work after all. And she also isn’t good with men (phobia) …」 (Kaoru)

「This is made single-handedly and during free time between family business,

… single-handed …」 (Acil)

Oh, everyone seems taking damage other than the fact that they can’t meet the artisan as well.

「Okay, I can help finding buyer for her instead」 (Acil)

Oh, everyone resurrected.


And, the display on the commodity shelf was canceled.

It can’t be help, display it will make a fuss. And if customers think that is the technology of this workshop, everyone will in trouble if customers demand it.

For that reason, Acil-san used his connection, brought it to an aristocratic auction and sold it.

… after all that I got three gold coins. I paid six small gold coins as a commission to the workshop.

Comparing with food expenses of the workshop, this is about one month worth. And that glass container is actually…

「The ability to make medicine that have any effect that you wanted, that medicine will go into the container as you thought at that time」ability

Yes, Kaoru was able to earn money even without potion sales or knowledge cheat.


Peaceful days as a helper passed.

Occasionally Kaoru sold crystal glass containers for money so she could go to the library as many times as she wanted.

In the item box, there are enough food, change of clothes, knives, flints, blankets etc.

She prepared them for unforeseen circumstances.

Well, as long as nothing happen, she doesn’t plan to run away.

I already got knowledge similar to ordinary citizens, and a steady workplace.

Not that I don’t want to enjoy this life right now, but I don’t want to be a helper for a lifetime.

I got a cheat after reincarnated, so I want to live more freely.

Besides, I got a guarantee that I can give influence to the world, from the goddess who is the only god of this world.

A potion may well be useful to someone for a while.

Well, I shouldn’t rush, I must wait a chance …


One day, when Kaoru was cleaning the entrance of the workshop, a vagrant child passed by and a rolled paper scraps fell.

Kaoru picked up the paper waste and put it in her pocket.

People is cleaning, pick up thrown away garbage. It seems quite natural scenes but other may think it’s strange if the viewer sees it.

Yes, it’s impossible for a vagrant child to have expensive paper, and easily throw it away as garbage.

Kaoru spreads the paper waste from her pocket in the kitchen and read the letters written there.

「The mother of the child in the poor ward.

Serious and sincere

She worked … wonderful … raise her daughter

but suffered … serious injuries by aristocracy」 (Paper’s Note)

A vagrant child can write is already a talent, of course we can’t expect he to write using proper words.

Kaoru make schedule for tonight.


After finishing the dinner at the workshop, Kaoru clean up everything.

And after making late-night snacks, she got out of the workshop, she changed to easy-to-move clothes.

Everyone is keen on work and research, and no one notices that.

Even if she got noticed, she can just say that she went out for shopping.

As she walked a bit, she could see the vagrant child in front of her.

He began to walk and Kaoru followed after with a sufficient distance.

Before she knew it, there were several vagrant children behind Kaoru as well.

While keeping the distance, they follow Kaoru while watching the surroundings.

As they keep walking as it is, they arrive in front of a shabby hut in the poor ward.

The boy who lead ahead stopped and gestured like a signal.

(This is the place …) (Kaoru)

Kaoru changed the color of her hair and eyes, hidden her face with mask, wrapped in mantle and entered the hut.

「…Who?」 (Loli)

The young girl asks the suspicious person wearing a mask that went into her house without permission …

Even she is just a young girl but she tries her best to threaten the suspicious person. Even without any words, Kaoru understand this young girl wants to say「I must protect my mother who is in bed after being injured! Even with the cost of my life!」

「Use this on your mother」 (Kaoru)

「… Who are you?」 (Loli)

The young girl asked back without loosing her caution.

「Uhm…, I’m Celes’s …」 (Kaoru) (T.N: I’m Celes’s friend)

「Celes? Who?」 (Loli)

「Ah, Celestine, do you know her?」 (Kaoru)

「!!!」 (Loli)

There’s no one in this world doesn’t know the name of goddess, even just a child.

Also, there is no-one dare to name their daughter with the name of the goddess.

In this world, the goddess isn’t an imaginary one, because she sometimes appeared. The last time is several decades ago. It’s a 「real god」who saved people and gave an oracle.

「I’d like to give your mother some medicine, is that okay?」 (Kaoru)

「Um!」 (Loli)


「I’m done. Thank for the information and sorry for the trouble」 (Kaoru)

「Well, I and everyone will escort you back to the workshop」 (Boy)

「Yep, please」 (Kaoru)

As a result, the boy went ahead, Kaoru followed him with some distances and pretending to be irrelevant, other children followed after Kaoru and keep watching until Kaoru return to the workshop.

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  1. Something doesn’t make sense here.

    Kaoru followed the boy.
    But then Kaoru been followed by several different kids.
    Later Kaoru changed the color of her hair and eyes.

    Even if the boy escort Kaoru. Who is this boy? He can write and have expensive paper. Surely He is not from shabby hut, small ward

    And when Kaoru change color of her hair and eyes. There are other boys/kids following her
    Doesn’t this mean the cats is out of the bag (the secret has been found out)?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey….”Those orphans are goddess vanguard (Kaoru give them the title)” … isn’t that children crusader all over again ?


  3. Yes… Yes. After they became dependent on her it’s time.

    [I wonder if I can move a little sooner than planned.]

    I expect savage things from our new Goddess Kaoru.


  4. So she made a spy squad to find people that need help.
    But she still using Celestine’s name instead of her own. So she not planning to start her own cult yet?
    Or is it just saving people as a hobby? like a certain baldy cape?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Suggestion:
    Kaoru was officially “acept”->”accepted”

    she “easy”->”easily” grasps everyone’s working habit.

    Most of her work is “tidy”-> “tidying/organizing” and cleaning the workshop

    And thus “”->”when” she was able to spend her free time, she often went to

    He need something light, “”-> “and” durable to store liquor but doesn’t change the the taste

    He left “the future to the free will of Acil”->”Acil to choose his own future”.

    That shelf “is a shelf that”used for displays finished products, to

    goddess with a wing, and had a presence that “was unknown to”-> “more unique/distinctive than” the bottle

    make glass works by cutting crytal and “lengthening-> “forging” (heat the glass then pinch and pull, lengthening to get the shape it wanted”

    Rather than “lengthening”-> forging, “use all cuts”it cuts” crystal to every “”->”single” detail.

    「Oh, the “producer”-> “artisant” lady. Her house is strict.

    she secretly making this “with one-handed”->”single-handedly” during her freetime while “hiding”->”hide it” from her family. She is “the main”-> “mainly” helping with her family’s work

    「This is made “by one-handed”->”single handedly” and during

    … “one-handed”->”single handed” …」 (Acil)

    the fact that they can’t meet “producer”->”the artisant” as well

    And if “everyone”-> “customers” think that is the technology of this workshop

    Acil-san used his connection “and”->”,” brought “”->”it” to an aristocratic auction and sold it.
    “… and then”->”after all that” I got three gold coins.

    workshop, “an”->”a” vagrant child passed by

    People who “clean up”->”is cleaning, ” pick up thrown away
    garbage. It seems quite natural

    to have expensive paper, “or”->”and” easily throw it

    As “I”->”She” walked a bit, “I”->”She” could see the vagrant child in

    Before “we”->”she” knew it, there were several vagrant


    • fiuh what a tiring day =.= i hope i can live in somewhere that have a shorter and more easygoing school schedule… i hate national+ private school… *gusu* wanna go to school in another country but its too expensive TvT not enuff money


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