Mile Chapter 125: To the nostalgic kingdom


Maid Adel
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Mile Chapter 125: To the nostalgic kingdom


「… and I was able to enter Ekland School!」 (Fuseliru)

The 10 years old girl’s name is Fuseliru-chan, an elementary student of Ekland school in the Capital. She is happily telling the girls so.

After that battle, the merchant team changed their formation a little.

The coaching carriage going as the vanguard. Red Oath had put all the bandits there. The bandits were cured a little to the point that they regained their vision. Pauline cares about the price the bandits would fetch when handing them over as criminal slaves to the guild after all.

And the second one is the carriage of the merchant group. All of「Red Oath」is aboard on this carriage. Should something happen in the coaching carriage, the girls would know right away.

The young couple and their daughter are riding in the next carriage.

And it isn’t good to show a young girl something dirty, that’s why the young couple and their daughter move to the last carriage.

The 10 years old girl, Fuseliru is riding the same carriage with the「Red Oath」

In order to make room for the wagon, some of the baggage was put in Mile’s storage.

The merchants are looking at it with envious eyes, and Mile was somewhat sorry.

And Rena negotiated the reward with the passengers. She didn’t want to make money with something like this, however Red Oath also couldn’t help for free, or the other hunters will be troubled.

So, even though it’s just a small token of thanks, the girls must get a reward.

Rena pushed aside Pauline’s frustration and asked the passengers to pay with a cheap price.

The passengers agreed with delight, not frustration.

And, at the same time, Red Oath were asked to accompany them to the destination in the capital.

The girls got the approval of the merchants and agreed on the contract.

Just a while ago, the passengers were about to lose their life and wealth. And now they get an absolutely invincible escort at a cheap price.

This is an emergency nomination request with agreement on site but the girls can treat it as a post-treatment request.

By doing so, it’s still a proper request, it will be handled formally through the guild and an extra fee will be paid (to the guild), but Red Oath will get credibility points.

Because Rena agreed with a cheap price, the extra amount of fee will be small as well, and Pauline had a disappointed face …

This time, the passengers don’t seem to be wealthy.

Even if we are heading to the same direction, normal hunters won’t usually want more trouble, protecting additional people at such a cheap price. It’s common sense to request an emergency nomination request at the site with an outrageous amount.


And now,「Red Oath」listened to various stories from Fuseliru-chan.

Mile couldn’t stay calm, she asks a lot about what she’s concerned about.

「Uhm, is there a cat in your school?」

Fuseliru looked a little surprised, but immediately answered happily.

「Ah, yes! He often visits girl’s room, 「Insect-Repellent-sama」 was pretty much living in the Ekland school as well!」 (Fuseliru)

「Insect Repellent?」 (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

「-Sama?」 (Mile)

Rena, Maevis and Pauline are surprised hearing that name.

And Mile cares more about the attached honorific 「-Sama」

「Yes, 「Insect-Repellent-sama 」 is the angel of the goddess.

He was loved by the three supreme onee-sama, the「Wonder Three 」

And she often visits the dormitories for beginners and intermediate students and repels all insects and rats for us」(Fuseliru)

「…………」 (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

When Rena looks at the quiet Mile, Mile was blowing foam with white eyes.


In the camping time, Fuseliru was joining the passengers in the carriage.

And after dinner.

「… Mile, is this country?」 (Rena)

「… Yes …」 (Mile)

「So now, we are heading to the your home country’s capital and we also have a double contract with a merchant and a carriage」 (Rena)

「…………」 (Mile)

Mile can not reply to Rena.

We can’t simply break the contract nor simply walk into the capital.

「So, Mile, what do you want to do?」 (Rena)

「I …」 (Mile)

「What?」 (Rena)

「Oh, I’d like to see my friends, that I left behind without being able to say goodbye!」 (Mile)

Rena lightly hits Mile’s head with Ponpon.

「That’s fine, you are only 13 years old. Let us spoil you sometimes too. Even if you are the one who teaching us at the training school, but we are much older than you and we are like your older sister」 (Rena)

「U, u~e, uee~e~e…」 (Mile)

Mile clung to Rena and burst into tears, Pauline smiled gently and Maevis extended her hand excitedly…

Apparently, it seemed that she wanted to take over Rena.

However, it seems that Rena doesn’t want to share, and Maevis dropped her shoulders.


A few days later.

The merchant group and the coaching carriage arrived safely at the capital.

Then the girls received the request completion certificate from each group.

Since the merchant always deposits a certain amount of money in the guild, the reward will be handed over from the guild.

The coaching carriage pays their fee directly to Red Oath.

And the request are voluntarily from passenger, it is not from the manager’s request through the hunter guild so they need to pay directly.

If hunters do request that doesn’t pass through the guild, they get the full fee without points.

But if they treat it as a post-treatment, you must pay the share to the guild.

Normally, there aren’t many hunters treat it as a post-treatment, because they will lose some fee.

However, since 「Red Oath」wants achievement points to a faster promotion of rank B.

They also don’t have trouble with money. So they report it to the guild.

Four girls headed to the guild with the coaching carriage and the merchant group went separately in front of the commercial guild.

Mile remained in the carriage before passing through the town gate, as soon as the girls separated from the merchant, Mile entered the back alley.

And as soon as she returned to the main street, Mile’s hair had changed to blond hair, and her eyes turned brown, her face became an unfamiliar face.

Hair and eyes were changed pigment. And her face is camouflage by optical conversion process.

Though her face doesn’t change the shape so much, the impression was changed greatly. Which makes it impossible to think that they are the same person.

Also Mile’s face wasn’t really well-known in this country, even if someone met Adel once before, there’s nothing to do with Mile.

It’s only bad when Mile’s identity as 「Adel」is revealed.

So, as Mile disguised herself, the four of them headed to the guild with a peace of mind.

And in their hands is a rope, the rope was connected with 6 bandits to its end.

The bandits were unloaded from the carriage just before the girls parted.

Both their wrists as well as the arms are tied to their body.

It wasn’t possible to run with full power because their neck was connected by a rope with 「a type of tying that would tighten if pulled」

Yes, it was an elaborate restraint to a degree that they absolutely can’t escape.

Mile had stayed a year and a couple of months in the Capital of Brandel’s kingdom.

But she has never entered the Hunter Guild here before.

She got tense and stepped into the guild. And a lot of people gazed at the doorbell ringing.

And they immediately lost interest with the young girl party. their line of sight return to original.

It is a familiar sight that has been repeated in many guilds for many times.

「I’m sorry, can you please help us do the completion of the escort request and post-treatment of the emergency request at this local site?」 (Mile)

「Ah, yes, here please!」 (Receptionist)

As Mile declared near the entrance, the emergency requester was a bit cumbersome in procedure, so the receptionist got out of the counter and gave the girls a guide to the consultation table.

Followed after Mile, Rena, Pauline, Maevis are the 6 bandits and the rope is held by Maevis. All of them going through the door into the guild all together.

「Wh…what!」 (Hunters)

The hunters who were sitting at the table seat and the guild officials across the counter are surprised.

「Ah, I’m sorry, please also pick up the bandits as well」 (Mile)

Mile, in a hurry, applied for the addition of processing. She seemed to forget about the bandits.

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  1. [However, it seems that Rena doesn’t want to share, and Maevis dropped her shoulders.]

    Rena called dibs no crying loli for you Maevis.

    To comfort a loli one must be a loli herself. Put yourselves in a loli’s shoes and see things from her perspective. Otherwise just smile gently from a safe distance.

    If she reverts back to Maevis-hime we can make an exception.

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      • translator-san. dango is a little worried because you don’t ever rest from translating.
        dango is greatful for chapter per day but dango think that you may want to do other stuff in your free time like freinds or games. besides if translator-san won’t rest then maby translator-san will grow a little tired of translating. so please take a day or two off for your own care dango.

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        • Don’t worry, 1 chapter a day is only about 3 hours a day.
          That was afford-able so I can keep it up everyday, only not-able for day with shift.

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        • Well, MTL-ed the whole chapter first.

          Fix the sentence one by one.

          When the sentence is impossible to fix and the meaning isn’t clear.
          I must copy that sentence in japanese raw.
          Use google translate to know how it read and guess the meaning. In case of some hard word, use google search that word in the internet.

          Lastly, pay attention to how the words read (google translate can tell us how it read), or you will miss some puns that Author want to say.

          That’s how I’m doing it.

          Getting help and cheer from everyone is the best thing ever.

          Side note: Unlike Web Novel that I can copy the whole, Translate Manga is really hard.
          Because I only remember some Kanji , it was really hard to find the right Kanji that I don’t recognize and use google translate or MTL-ed it.
          It took me about 30 minutes for 1 manga page => Translate, cleanse, typeset, …
          It took me about 9-10 hours to finish 1 manga chapter.


    • My above average common sense says materialize colored contacts or like guest edit said refract light with optical conversion.

      Dying her eyes the same way she dyed her hair is still beyond me.
      The way of common sense isn’t an easy one.

      If she can harden her skin at 6800 x 3.27 times maybe she can also change her pigment at will like noodly appendaged seafaring beings?

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Now, will she learn that she’s now a Viscountess with the favor of the crown, or not?

    Probably not.


  3. The most surprising story that Mile hear from Fuseliru chan
    Is the stray cat that she take care at academy before.
    it gets famous now above “average” cat as the “insect repelant sama”
    Mile get surprise and faint with white foam.
    May be “average” do contagious to everyone even a cat


    • I made a guess yesterday when I read the chapter about the wonder trio.It was impossible for a cat that was close to Mile and ate her food for a year to stay normal.
      Apparently she gave it a permanent anti-flea collar of nanomachines.The question si “only that?”


  4. I think even if Mile change the appearance with magic. It will get found out by “Three Wonders”. Because they already saw her figurine with her new hunter friends and there is also “Adel simulator”
    She should change all the Red Oath appearance to not get found out


  5. Thanks for the chapter(s)

    > 「Insect-Repellent-sama」
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    The angel of the goddess xD

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    fee will be paid (to the guild), but Red Oath will “”->”only” get “creditable”->”credibility” points.

    nomination request at the site “to”->”” with an outrageous

    Even “”->”if” you are the one “”->”who” teaching us at the training school

    and Maevis “excited extended her hand”->”extended her hand excitedly”…

    “And”->”” a few days later.
    The merchant group and the coaching carriage arrived safely at the capital.
    “And”->”Then/[after that]” the girls received the request completion certificate from “each”->”[each merchant]/ [merchant group]” and the request fee

    “And the passengers voluntarily requested not the managers through the guild”->”And the request are voluntarily from passenger, it is not from the manager’s request through the hunter guild”

    they get the full “price”->”fee” without points.


  9. Isn’t Mile mentally older since she has memories from her past life? I mean she used that name when she attacked the dragon. And now she easily discarded that and returned to being 13?


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