Mile Chapter 127: Current situation

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Mile Chapter 127: Current situation


「What, is this …?」 (Marcella)

Despite saying that, Marcella knew it was some kind of letter.

She received the bamboo stick that seemed like a letter…

And, first of all, turned inside out … There is no sender’s name.

However, Marcella was aware.

The voice that whispered those words from outside the door.

And, somehow she is familiar with these three people.

With her memory she knew that she saw them somewhere before, but from something that wasn’t really human.

And she runs the full rotation of 『Adel Simulator』 …

「Lower the intelligence to Adel level, subtract common sense and the ability to read the mood, and multiply the ditziness by 5 … 」

When Marcella runs the simulator, Monika and Orianna keep looking at the three girls of Red Oath.

And then.


Suddenly, Marcella protruded her right hand to an empty space next to Maevis.

Monika and Orianna are startled because they don’t know what’s going on.

And the space where there should be nothing distorted, a shadow that’s in shape of a person appeared. And Marcella grabbed that person’s collar.

「Gya~a!」 (Mile)

「Hii~i!」 (Monika, Orianna)

Monika and Orianna raise their voice as they are startled.

「I knew you were there!」 (Marcella)

「Why, why …?」 (Mile)

Marcella held a proud pose before the completely miserable Mile.

Monika and Orianna’s eyes grew large just looking at what happened.

Mile has already cancelled the transformation magic through optical manipulation.

She then returned to her original face and silver hair.

However right now, she had a face like she witnessed something unbelievable.

In any case, Nano-chan should have blocked everything perfectly, such as sounds, smells, signs and so on.

That’s why she thought it was absolutely impossible for her to get caught!

When Mile thought so, Marcella calmly replied.

「… Why? isn’t it obvious? That’s because you are Adel and I am Marcella. Do you really think that I can never find you?」 (Marcella)

While Marcella is saying all that, tear started accumulating in the outer corner of her eyes.

And Marcella hugged Mile tightly.

「Uu…」 (Marcella)

「Adel!」 (Monika)

「Adel!」 (Orianna)

Following after Marcella, Monica and Orianna also hugged Mile from the left and right, and started crying wailfully.

Looking at that, Maevis feels like crying and somehow Rena is pouting while inflating her cheek.


And even while hugging Mile with overflowing tears, Marcella was still observing Rena’s expression from the side.

(… they are our rivals, aren’t they) (Marcella)

As for Mile, she just kept crying without noticing anything.

Actually she felt like there was something scary happening. Maybe that was Pauline again.


「… so what is the situation after I ran away …?」 (Mile)

Finally after everyone calmed down, it was time for information exchange.

For the time being, Marcella answered on behalf of the 3 people while Mile kept the soundproofing and vibration blocking barrier.

「We had some connections with the royal palace, and we got quite accurate information. First of all, it’s quite hard to say this. Adel, your father passed away. It was the punishment for killing your mother, grandfather and trying to take over the Askham family by driving out the only legitimate successor that was you Adel. Even with just one of those three crimes, it would be enough to sentence him with death. In the end, he was sentenced to death 3 times, that’s why his death sentence couldn’t be avoided with whatever he had in defense. Well, no one raised a voice to defend him anyway … And, Adel, even though your father was married into your family, he had no formal inheritance, right?  What’s more, he had already been executed. Thus Adel officially succeeded the Askham family. And by the order of his majesty the king, until you, the rightful heir comes back and take over the reigns in the Askham territory, a royal magistrate will take care of the administration for the time being」 (Marcella)

After hearing all that Mile just nodded.

Because that man is the blood father of Mile, Marcella was somewhat considerate for Mile.  She had a pained face while telling Mile news about her father’s death, but Mile wasn’t concerned at all.

Although it wasn’t officially heard, she could still get that result after detailed analysis of Adel’s memory before and after awakening. She had judged that probability was quite high.

Adel didn’t have a lot of memory or good memory about that man before awakening.

There’s no feeling or anything.

No, if there was anything, he is the bad man who killed her gentle mother and grandfather. He and his family also abused Adel before her awakening.

For Mile, that man was just that kind of person.

After all, for Mile, her only real father is the father that taught her about distances and navigation in her previous life.

「… Is that so … How about the other people and the Askham family?」 (Mile)

Marcella continued the explanation, although she was surprised a little by a straight Mile.

「Your step mother also got punished by her sins. Other people who were found guilty of having accepted bribes or did not fulfill their duties accordingly, were also punished」 (Marcella)

「Then, my half-sister, what happened to Prissy?」 (Mile)

「Oh, that girl. Everything was done by her parents, her behavior was a problem but that’s not a sin. His Majesty had pardoned her. However, such a young girl who lost her parents and also lost her identity, you can somehow know how dark her future is. She was considered to be taken to the monastery. But the parents from your father’s family want to save her. They can’t save their son nor they feel like want to save him. But their granddaughter can still be saved. His Majesty also allowed that. Apparently our country was blessed with a merciful king. Your sister was no longer an aristocrat, and had no right to succeed. She is now just a commoner, I wonder if she can grasp that kind of happiness …」 (Marcella)

「I’m glad…」 (Mile)

Although she was bullied in various ways, after all it was just a child’s harassment, it wasn’t serious enough to be punished.

As Mile knew that she was going to have a proper life without getting serious punishment, Mile reluctantly leaked such words and smiled happily.

(After all, Adel is such a person. That’s also why she became our friend! ) (Wonder Three)

(Mile didn’t hold a grudge against anyone…) (Red Oath)

The old and new friends thought about similar things.

「And then, Adel-san, you are the successor of Askham family. Right now, you are the Askham family head, Adel von Askham. A royal magistrate is taking care of the administration of your territory with the order of His Majesty the King. But you already come back, you can take over the reigns in the Askham territory if you want. So what are you going to do…」 (Marcella)

「Well, the errands in this country are over, so let’s move to the next country soon!」 (Mile)

「Oh!」 (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

「Eh?」 (Marcella)

With Adel’s sudden words cutting her story short, and as the other girls also moved to stand up, Marcella can’t help but be surprised.

「Wha, wait, wait, where are you going! Monika, stand up in front of the door! Orianna, block the window! Hey, don’t you run away!」 (Marcella)

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  9. Lower intelligence to Adel level, subtract common sense and the ability to read the mood, and multiply the ditziness by 5
    So here is the summary of Adel:
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    3. She can’t read the mood
    4. She is a ditz

    You know she lack of common sense and can’t read the mood so why can’t you predict that after she hear everything, she will run away, Marcella?

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