Kaoru Chapter 17: Merchant Chief

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Kaoru Chapter 17: Merchant Chief



「Why, why is Kaoru here… ?」 (Johann)


Johann’s eyes are open wide.


「Well, I come to cure your daughter’s illness …」 (Kaoru)

「Wait … so, Kaoru-chan … is a goddess …」 (Johann)


As expected of a merchant, he knows the valuable information.

It seems that he had grasped the rumor that’s yet widespread.


「Well, Something like that」 (Kaoru)


Johann reassures his wife and son. Meanwhile, Kaoru takes off her mask.


「Let her drink this」 (Kaoru)


Johann received a small bottle from Kaoru with trembling hands. He pays close attention so that it will not overflow, he carefully pours into the mouth of his daughter that lays down in the bed.

The face of his daughter who was suffering gradually better and her cheeks change from pale to a slightly pink. Her breath became calmer and stable.


「Oh……」 (Johann + wife +son)


Johann couples and their son are amazed. The daughter recovered. Everyone thought so.


「Why, why is Goddess blessing us … ?」 (Johann)


Johann asks Kaoru with trembling voice.


「I am indebted to Mr. Merchant in various ways.
And I know, you are doing some good deeds like giving foods for the poor」 (Kaoru)

「Oooooo ……」 (Johann)


Johann cried. To think that his actions have been rewarded with his daughter’s life.

He has almost given up, but the goddess knows it properly. He wonders if his own belief has saved his daughter.


「Thank you very much, you are really an angel …」 (Johann)

「No, no, calling me Kaoru just like before is okay, Mr. Merchant」 (Kaoru)

「But … well, that would be better, for sure」 (Johann)


Truly a successful merchant, he has a fast understanding.


「So, how should we repay you?」 (Johann)


Actually, I also got a lot of offer people I cured. But I have never taken any money from poor people.

I was only receiving a feeling of appreciation. Or get one radish in the kitchen, or a cloth or tools for the children, and so on.

But all of this was the 「preparation for the time to oppose nobility and rich people」that may happen someday.

But I can’t dress up myself because it cost a lot of money. Therefore, I will need 「 a nice dress as thankful items from him」


「Well … I don’t really need anything …
Ah, that’s right!」 (Kaoru)


This might be a good timing. Because I will need it soon, maybe.


「Could you give me something to wear, like clothes for noble …」 (Kaoru)


Well, it will soon become difficult with just a dress of Baron daughter from that old town when I need to attend a big party.


「Ha ha, leave it to me.
I, Johann Abili, will use all the power of the Abiri Trading Company…」 (Johann)

「No, no need to go that far!」 (Kaoru)


Then Kaoru was guided to another room, and another woman servant begins to take measurements.


Oh, I should remember the merchant’s name soon. That’s right, Johann.



*** Two weeks after the visit of Abiri Merchant Company ***



From the morning, Acyl-san is acting strangely. He keeps glancing over at Kaoru, avert his eyes and sigh.

Did he fall in love with me?

It’s no wonder that Kaoru thinks so. It was rather obviously suspicious behavior.

Kaoru had improved the sloppy living conditions of everyone in the workshop. She also seems to be interested in research, she often watches everyone working.

There’s absolutely no attitude of criticism like other women. Indeed, as a bride for a poor researcher, she was an ideal woman.

If he can wait about 3 more years, he can take Kaoru as a fiancée and have her take care of his daily life.

However, Kaoru wasn’t 11 to 12 years old appearance seen from people in this world but 15 years old.

Still, Kaoru herself thinks 15 years old is still early and doesn’t want to get a marriage partner yet.

Although Acyl is noble. Normally Noble like him often aims to be a knight or bureaucracy, but Acyl doesn’t seem to care.

I think that Acyl is a good person. However, as a husband and as a partner to share my life with is a bit …

Having a small technical studio with two people, making small children happily isn’t a bad thing, but I want to do more …


「Kaoru is sort of good …」 (Acyl)

「Wa~ waii」 (Kaoru)


Finally came!

「Actually, there is something I want to ask of Kaoru」 (Acyl)

「Yes…」 (Kaoru)


Acyl’s face becomes serious.


「Kaoru, about that, would you be my betrothed…」 (Acyl)


As expected!

Kaoru is somehow trembling.  From behind, Brian 16 years old and Alban 19 years old drop the tools, they hold in hands.

Eh, you guys as well? Perhaps, it’s peak time of my life.


「…for one day?」 (Acyl)


I knew it.






I demanded an apology and explanation. Apologies for what you did on making me feel disappointed by being strangely cautious.

No, I didn’t plan to accept that! I intended to refuse it!

However, I just regretted something a bit.

According to Acyl’s explanation, it seems that his other brother, Cedric will have a birthday party after ten days. In order to search for Cedric’s marriage partner.

Cedric had a fiance from his childhood, but she died from an illness two years ago and finally got past through his sorrow. And now his father arranged this party to find another partner for him.

And because of a recent trend, many daughters of aristocrats and wealthy merchants want to marry lower aristocrats like Baron will come to this party.

Acyl’s father tells him to use this chance to find a bride that might come from an Earl or a Duke house.


(Why was there suddenly such a trend …)  (Kaoru)


Kaoru had forgotten what she had done at a certain Royal party.

And Acyl’s father seems to have hope that Acyl might find a nice girl, too. It seems that his second son is already engaged.

Acyl-san, hm…, if he arranges his taste properly and wears fine clothes, he may look like a decent looking noble, I won’t say that it’s impossible.

Acyl’s father had let him do everything as he likes up to now, but it seems that they were getting worried. This time was like an order than a suggestion, Acyl also is unlikely to decline this time.

However, Acyl himself still wants to do more research, he doesn’t feel like getting married yet.

It’s obvious that when he is married or the like, he can’t do any research as a hobby anymore.

… Thus, he is asking Kaoru.


「Please help me.  You only need to pretend as my fiance when you are at a party so that I can overcome this crisis!」 (Acyl)


He is amazing in some sense.


「But, I’m a commoner, I …」 (Kaoru)

「I’m not much better, just a third son of a lower aristocrat … and my parents will not complain about Kaoru, absolutely!」 (Acyl)

「Eh~」 (Kaoru)

「Please, I will not complain even if you fail, please help!」 (Acyl)


After a while the question and answer session continued, eventually Kaoru accept it.

However, Kaoru refused Acyl’s offer about preparing a set of dresses.

Acyl has finally convinced Kaoru by making a promise in the name of the goddess, however, Kaoru has a strange look.

And Kaoru demands a single condition. It was 「I will not be Acyl’s  fiancée but a female friend that is invited to come with Acyl」

Well, if the news that I was Acyl’s fiancée spread, it may affect my later marriage.  I don’t want the tag woman who got engaged and abandoned.

Because it’s super important, I definitely can’t yield here!

Acyl acknowledged by saying something, somewhat disappointed, but he thinks that’s alright.

After that, Acyl needs to ask his parents’ house to prepare an invitation card.

Well, maybe this would be an opportunity that I had been waiting for.

Kaoru asked Acyl variously about the party.

Also, I heard about the Lyotal family, Acyl’s brother Cedric, servants, episodes related to the calligraphers, whatever.

Information is necessary to make a strategy.






「Hi, Johann-san, are you there?」 (Kaoru)


The clerk is surprised with the girl calling the merchant by name.


「Can you please tell Johann-san that Kaoru come to visit?」 (Kaoru)


The clerk couldn’t oppose the word of her boss’s benefactor, and the clerk went to the back to tell the merchant chief the message.


「You came, Kaoru-san! Come to the back, how about tea and sweets!」 (Johann)

「Well, I almost have the dresses and shoes ready, so when do you need it?」 (Johann)


As expected of Johann. Good guess.


「I will attend the party of the Lyotal family after 9 days, at that time let me change my clothes here and can you please prepare a carriage?」 (Kaoru)

「Leave it to me, I also will go. It will be interesting.
Of course, I will pretend that I don’t know you and go with another carriage」 (Johann)




「But the invitation ……」 (Kaoru)

「What are you saying.
I am a shop owner of a large merchant company and I have a daughter of marriage age.
I get the invitation from almost all party.
Although I had refused all of them because of my daughter.
Fortunately, thanks to my angel, my daughter’s illness have also been cured.
This is a good opportunity for her to return to society.
After 9 days, we will also attend the birthday party of the Lyotal family」 (Johann)


As expected of the chief executive.


「Ah, that’s right, you don’t need to provide accessories」 (Kaoru)

「Huh?」 (Johann)

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    • I as male do have doubt or fear whenever I want to ask a big question to female. Even asking as girlfriend to a girl also feels hard. So I know Acil feels. “I want to ask her be my bethroted, but i fear she will refuse, after all we just met for a short time afterall, ok just say it for 1 day as an excuse using my brother’s party”


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    After a while the question and answer “”->”session” continued, eventually Kaoru “acept”->”accept” it.

    Acil has finally convinced Kaoru by “swearing to the”->”making promise in the name of” goddess

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